@Viktor Larkhill Arrested For Spending $1,500,000 Rescuing Dogs! No Hope For Paws
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  • Kenneth Clark
    Kenneth Clark

    God bless Spotty... as far as I am concerned no amount of money spent on the love and care of these poor souls would ever be enough...


    We mourn with you Viktor. He is now a star looking down on you, telling you how happy he is.

  • Pamela J. Miller
    Pamela J. Miller

    I'm lucky to have met Spotty ... a real charmer. We appreciate all that Viktor and Maribel do for these dogs ... R.I.P Spotty.

  • Patricia Johnsonson
    Patricia Johnsonson

    Sorry you went through this. It’s sad that people feel they have to put you through this kind of stuff.

  • shantielives

    I’d bet that if you start a Go Fund Me for helpless animals and just share it all over the social platforms you could get these vet bills payed! Try it you may not regret it!

  • shantielives

    Mary Bell is a Spiritual Giant that has come here to show the Humans how to LOVE, I’m just moved by the respect that your Team show these poor animals! My God Bless You Always!

  • Rajinee Subramaniam
    Rajinee Subramaniam

    May God bless you.

  • Lisbeth Westmark
    Lisbeth Westmark


  • Lora Hargrove
    Lora Hargrove

    spotty life with amazing thank you so much I'm sure he's in heaven and one day you'll see him again and he'll be better and be able to do all kind of tricks and play with you forever I know it hurts but you did everything that you could do for him it's a room to grieve for him and make room in your heart for the new animal. In your future but nobody will replace spotty he lives within your heart forever🐕😇😇

  • Mary Robertson
    Mary Robertson

    Spotty is now free forever! He crossed the rainbow bridge, maybe he will find my doggie, Raz, to play with. R.I.P., Spotty.

  • Diane Giovanniello
    Diane Giovanniello

    Sorry for your loss, Spotty is in the Animal Kingdom in Heaven⭐️God Bless Spotty

  • Judy Gagnon
    Judy Gagnon

    I cant stand the ignorance some people have. And the police there, omg. Hopefully lessons are learned and they humble themselves.

  • Judy Gagnon
    Judy Gagnon

    The pain of loss is great. RIP Spotty......run free

  • Sigyn Regn
    Sigyn Regn

    You're all angels. R.I.P. Spotty.

  • Heléne HarIngenMedAttGöra
    Heléne HarIngenMedAttGöra

    Intresting story. 😆 Take care and stay safe from me in Sweden 🇸🇪😊

    • World Animal Awareness Society
      World Animal Awareness Society

      Thanks! 😃

  • Cindy Wilbur
    Cindy Wilbur

    You gave him a beautiful life and without you he would have had so much suffering and a much shorter life. God bless you all!

  • martina ficher
    martina ficher

    Goverment and taxpayer should pick up the bill. No laws to help animals in Spain at all and the Spanish treat their animals cruel- I mean who else would enjoy a bullfight,

  • Rosa A
    Rosa A

    I’m surprised I don’t lose weight with all this crying I do watching all these sad videos after all tears are water which comes out of me,but no still fat.may spot rest in peace lovely little dog with his little flipper feet bless him.x

    • collette boland
      collette boland

      God bless you rosa A,🌹🐕🐕

  • Omar Del Mar
    Omar Del Mar

    It's evil trying to stop good. But Good will prevail!

  • Leigh Terry
    Leigh Terry

    Btw, 💜😻🥰😘Victor I love you and all your people for helping so many abused and abandoned animals. It truly hurts my heart and soul that there’s so many sick, abusive people out there that would dare commit violent acts of atrocities against God’s most divine creatures. If they don’t get punished in this world, for what they have done, they will stand before the judgment seat of God, and I hope they will get what they deserve for hurting these poor innocent creatures. I’m sure God is smiling down on all of you for caring for these beautiful creatures, and rescuing them, and giving them hope & love again! 🙏💜✝️😻🥰😘🎁😺🐰🐶

  • Leigh Terry
    Leigh Terry

    I’m so deeply sorry for your loss; Spotty was a beautiful dog, and he was greatly loved by you, and he will take that love with him, until you see each other again in eternity. I just lost my 19-year-old cat to kidney failure, and it’s the most devastating loss a human could go through, to lose their animal companions. Animals are truly divine, and they glorify God just as they are. They are here to teach us much, mostly how to love and forgive unconditionally. I’ve been so blessed, in my lifetime, to have at least 25 rescues of my own. I started doing rescue work, 16 years ago, and I wound up with 14 cats, some disabled, and they were my greatest joy to have. Please remember Victor, your beautiful Spotty left this world, with his best friend by his side, and he knew that his fate was always safest in your hands. God bless sweet Spotty in Heaven Who is happy and healthy now, and he assuredly knows that you will be there in the wink of an eye, so he’s not sad because he knows he will be reunited with you, again. This time forever. God bless you and your family and all who loved your dear Spotty during this heart wrenching, heartbreaking, and soul crushing time of grieving. Sadly, I can no longer do animal rescue because I am gravely sick, and it’s crushing my soul to not be able to help more animals whom I love more than anything in this world.🙏💜✝️😘🐶🥰🐶🎁😺🐰🐶🦋🦗🐟☀️🌟💝

  • Daphney Tennard
    Daphney Tennard

    Rest in peace Spotty!... Victor you guys have did/ done all that you could for him and you did a good job!!! Peace and Blessings

  • Carmen Escoriaza
    Carmen Escoriaza

    So sorry forvyour loss😟😩

  • shirley hoy
    shirley hoy

    God bless you all xx

  • Richard Fallon
    Richard Fallon

    i feel your pain , my own little lady had to cross the rainbow bridge just before Christmas. devastating experience.she was 12 years old.

  • Goddessraven Love life
    Goddessraven Love life

    The hardest part about pet friendship and being their owner is losing them but sometimes the hardest decisions you have to make are the most humane and when you send them off to the rainbow bridge know that every pet you ever give love too is there waiting for you because the place that is heaven is so beautiful that all species all humans are there more peaceful and loving than we can ever imagine.I was that close to going there myself and I take comfort in knowing my pets are all there waiting its just the pain inbetween of losing them .rip spotty.Animals is are the unconditional love inside our hearts I had to make the decision to put our neautiful girl angel cat chanel down last year because she had lymphoma.The vet said that she may of lasted longer than any pet shed seen with lymphoma as I was using naturla vet products formulated by a vet

  • Brandy Sutherland
    Brandy Sutherland

    Don't give up your great fight Victor. You accomplish so much. God bless you and your family. Hugs and prayers.

    • Brandy Sutherland
      Brandy Sutherland

      @World Animal Awareness Society You're welcome. God bless you on your journey to help the animals. I hope you got your computer & I-Pad back.

    • World Animal Awareness Society
      World Animal Awareness Society

      Thanks so much

  • Choose this day whom you will serve! Yahweh
    Choose this day whom you will serve! Yahweh


  • Renea Sparks
    Renea Sparks

    Thank you for taking the time to help us understand what he went through and thank you for showing us all the love he was given though he was sick you didn't give up on him!! My heart is stronger because of you!! My heart is full because of you but I'm sorry for your loss !!! He was so lucky his life walked into yours!! God bless you all!!

  • Rhaina Inge
    Rhaina Inge

    Sorry about the loss of Spotty. But he had the best life. This is such a touching video 💐🌺💐💕Thank you 🤗

  • Andrea De la Fuente
    Andrea De la Fuente

    If I were a dog, I would really like to live with you! Lol. Thank you so much! NO CAGES! each animal has a story. Theres no two the same. They have different needs. God bless you both!!!

    • World Animal Awareness Society
      World Animal Awareness Society

      You are so kind

  • Marie Boyd
    Marie Boyd

    That brought me in tears.I love animals.Thanks a lot of what you do.God Bless you guys.

  • Alfie Smart
    Alfie Smart

    I would really like to know who are the people with thumb down?? who are you guys? do you have soul, compassion? instead to klick thumb down ask yourself can I help somehow? we all that have animals knows very well how expensive vet bills can be.

  • Herb of Grace
    Herb of Grace

    thank you viktor and crew, hope all is well you do amazing work

  • Julie iles
    Julie iles

    I love all the beautiful pictures of spotty...I am saddened but it's like u said n the pictures show he was happy n very much loved...so beautiful...I dont understand how people can hate u for all the good u do n have done...oh well i say ur truly amazing n i love all the stuff u do

  • Vegan Gem
    Vegan Gem

    I have been doing rescue in my small town for many years. I do it alone and I agree, that there is burnout. I only focus on rescuing a few at a time and I dont bring them home unless it is temporary. It is not easy to find a good rescue team, I have tried. Here, many of the rescues bad mouth each other.. instead of working together.. its really nice to see rescues cooperating and helping each other.. all for the same cause. That they lied about what Viktor does, got put back into their face.. here it is illegal to file a false report, I hope that it is there also?

  • Julie Colores
    Julie Colores

    This is crazy . you do what others cant do. Your the best viktor..the world needs you to keep helping these animals..they cant do this to you. 😠😇🙏

  • Genevieve Farinacci
    Genevieve Farinacci

    god bless you

  • M GS
    M GS

    😭😭..so sorry to hear about Spotty. He lived nine years next to fabulous people. Spotty’s new journey in a better place where he will never feel pain. 💕

  • brenda davis
    brenda davis

    RIP Spotty. I am in tears listening to the story of your life. What a wonderful life you had despite all your medical issues. Thank you Viktor for all the things you do to rescue and save the lives of these beautiful creatures.

  • Eva Moustaka
    Eva Moustaka

    No price is too high for saving lives, of any sort. One LOVE. ONE WORLD IN UNITY

  • glittermama

    I'm surprised you don't get a discount from the vets and other expenses you. have. Wouldn't they be happy to receive a tax write off? You do very important work. Not everyone can do this. Stay strong.

  • Carleen Miller
    Carleen Miller

    Maribel and Victor, my heart goes out to you in your sorrow. God Bless!

  • Deborah Killeen
    Deborah Killeen

    They are thanking you guys for such a loving safe home. The dogs are just so greatful and forgiving of us humans. God bless you wonderful dedicated people. Spotty is now looking down on you,pain free, so sorry for your loss Mirabell.

  • M. R. Molenaar Elzinga
    M. R. Molenaar Elzinga

    I have so much respect for this rescue organization they do a great job. Keep going Viktor.

  • Yolly Lardizabal
    Yolly Lardizabal

    Your a good person, that’s what matter. God bless you in helping these stray dogs

  • Peggy Scott
    Peggy Scott

    Thank you Maribel for your strength, love, kindess, and energy to care for these furbabies.

  • Doris Brinkerhoff
    Doris Brinkerhoff

    oh no way its a lie

  • Doris Brinkerhoff
    Doris Brinkerhoff

    i dont understand why wass he arrested for saving animals vets are not free food and meds are not free

  • wes worach
    wes worach

    Your Police seem to be of very low IQ ! ... Morons in uniforms ! ...

  • Karen Wang
    Karen Wang

    oh no so sorry . At least Spotty had a great 8 yrs of life . I’m sure Spotty loved you very much he knew you saved hm.ima so sorry to you Annebell.

  • Buffy Butt
    Buffy Butt

    4 years more - 16 years in dog life. Money well spent. Doggy heaven now. 💔💔❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Lisa Bertossi
    Lisa Bertossi


  • Erlinda Cabaltera
    Erlinda Cabaltera


  • Päivi Nyman
    Päivi Nyman

    Oh Spotty 😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔... I’m so sorry for your loss 😭😭😭💔💔... R.I.P sweet little boy 😭😭💔

  • Denise Warner
    Denise Warner

    bless u all for what u do and the love u show these beautiful dogs... rip spotty ..

  • Douglas van der Mooren
    Douglas van der Mooren

    RIP Spotty, Viktor, I so much want to adopt but I have just recently lost one of my 2 dogs. I have spoken to people in my Lucy's life to get some guidance as Lucy has grown into a beautiful loving dog who is very loyal to me. I don't know how she will get used to another addition to the FAMILY and my friends advised me not to get her a playmate she's starting to get closer to me. You Viktor you're amazing... Good luck my friend

  • Genie Taclan
    Genie Taclan

    run free spocky run free in heaven

  • Genie Taclan
    Genie Taclan

    Maribel is crying...

  • Arlu Argi
    Arlu Argi

    Povero Spoty, RIPOSA IN PACE ❤️🐶❤️

  • Pien Pakvis
    Pien Pakvis

    May sweet Spotty RIP....he knew he was loved by all of you and you did your very best for him. He will be waiting for you at The Rainbow Bridge one day💜🤎💛💙Beautiful soul💕💓

  • Joyce Chivis
    Joyce Chivis

    What the hell is wrong with people! Are they that jealous that they have to try to destroy the life of one man??

  • Joyce Chivis
    Joyce Chivis

    I’m sorry you couldn’t save spotty. May he Rest In Peace.

    • Masaya Sasaki
      Masaya Sasaki


    • Masaya Sasaki
      Masaya Sasaki


    • Masaya Sasaki
      Masaya Sasaki


    • Masaya Sasaki
      Masaya Sasaki


    • Masaya Sasaki
      Masaya Sasaki


  • Lydia Pinkham
    Lydia Pinkham

    Viktor is used to public scrutiny. He was posting extreme rescue videos before it was popular, and has faced a lot of criticism for it. But Viktor is a front runner who has educated 100,000(s) of people who were ignorant to the rampant problems of animal abandonment; and courage (sometimes) has a price. The moral of the story? Haters gonna be haters. 🤨

  • jackie matheson
    jackie matheson

    Prayers for marabell.

  • morgana3433

    Come to Croatia - precisely come to Zadar it is one of oldest cities on mediteranean coast I guarantee you no one never will search your home and you will make great friends. Croatians are proud people, we have no much money we have no luxurious houses we are not special by anything particular but one thing, we do not stick noses in other people lives - here yu can see most popular celebrities, in front of whose homes in London Paris Milano Rome papparazzi sleep in tenths and sleeping bags waiting to get photos, siting in front of cafes in restaurants or simply on the bench on a seaside enjoing refreshing breze from sea and no one even look on them or bothering them by pointing cameras on them. Every summer you can see the yachts of the world richest people as Abramovich and similar people anchored in the channel and see that people walking in the city, shopping or siting enjoing their meals in local restaurants totaly undisturbed in their privacy. That is no much but it is worthy to think about. I forgot to mention - we love our pets and we truly care about them

  • Dorothy Hanz
    Dorothy Hanz

    Sorry for your loss for Spidey Beautiful dog Rest In Peace

  • rachel joan fleming
    rachel joan fleming

    Maribel you gave his the best of the rest of his life. My heart breaks for you. God Bless.

  • Andrea Ello
    Andrea Ello

    Spotty was loved and he knew it.. who of us can ask for more? God bless you ALL!!

    • World Animal Awareness Society
      World Animal Awareness Society

      You are so kind

  • Julie Brothers
    Julie Brothers

    Bess you Marybell.... ❤️. I feel your pain. You have been an amazing woman in this journey alongside Victor. You.. are appreciated for your many hours of loving and giving in the mix. Much love to you and to Victor.. May God bless and help you all 🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 🐶

    • World Animal Awareness Society
      World Animal Awareness Society

      Thank you so much!

  • Julie Evans
    Julie Evans

    Sorry for your loss spotty knew he was loved he knew you was all there for him at the end ....such beautiful dogs and well loved thank you viktor and team for making them happy

  • Lorraine Liebler
    Lorraine Liebler

    Thank you for giving Spotty a wonderful life he left knowing love from you and all your staff. I want to praise your staff they are doing such a awesome job so dedicated it’s not just a job to them they do it with so much Love 💕

    • World Animal Awareness Society
      World Animal Awareness Society

      You are so kind

  • Praduta Dutta
    Praduta Dutta

    Never seen man like u taking so much care for animals, merrybell god bless u girl

  • Praduta Dutta
    Praduta Dutta

    Don't take too much stress, u r doing great for ur dogs

  • Efstathia Giftopoulos
    Efstathia Giftopoulos


  • lisa belle
    lisa belle

    Wow you brought tears to my eyes! Spotty really lived a fun life. Thank you so much!💖

    • World Animal Awareness Society
      World Animal Awareness Society

      Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Unfailing Colt
    Unfailing Colt

    Sorry for all of your loss of Spotty. ❤️🙏

  • beverly moore
    beverly moore


  • Barbara Robichaud
    Barbara Robichaud

    I am sorry people are so bad for that 😢😭😓😂

  • Barbara Robichaud
    Barbara Robichaud

    Rip spoty I am so sorry for that I lost two pit bulls from putting them down the male went first the female was next from old age I miss them all the time I cried like a baby love u and my pit bulls to ❤️❤️😘😘😘blue and Tara

  • heike foth
    heike foth

    Viktor you are such an amazing human being. Not many people have so much kindness in their soul as you do. If I ever would be so lucky as to win a large lottery , I would give half of it to you to continue your work with all those beautiful animals. I hope God will protect and take care of you and your team. You are more than kind and I thank you. God bless you always.

  • maxine lowe
    maxine lowe

    You are amazing x God blew you and your family x

    • World Animal Awareness Society
      World Animal Awareness Society

      You are so kind

  • Anna Hailer
    Anna Hailer

    How can people be so mean .its unbeleaveable acusing you . This world is crazy I think there is a reson for corona hiting the world .

  • Sabi

    The police shouldn't waste any time with you, they should go after the monsters who commit animal abuse and put them behind bars.

  • Catherine Guadalupe
    Catherine Guadalupe

    Rest in peace Spotty we will miss you! ☹️😢😥🙏😻

  • Elvi W
    Elvi W


  • Daniela Mihalache
    Daniela Mihalache

    GRAZIE MILLE per il suo intervento da salvare e regalare una nuova vita a questi ANGELI!!!

  • anthony m
    anthony m

    Arresting him sounds like fishing expedition

  • Mary Soto
    Mary Soto

    Beautiful story

    • World Animal Awareness Society
      World Animal Awareness Society

      Thanks for watching

  • Cotton Candy
    Cotton Candy

    RIP Spotty, bless you all for what you do.

  • elizabeth hestevold
    elizabeth hestevold


  • Doris Tinio
    Doris Tinio

    Am not skipping advertisement here as my support to your advocacy. Thanks for giving Spotty many wonderful years of his life. 💗💗💗💗

    • World Animal Awareness Society
      World Animal Awareness Society

      You're the best!

  • Nhitz Yabcaac
    Nhitz Yabcaac


  • HWH

    RIP SPOTTY😥💔🙏✌😇

  • Delores Busher-Miller
    Delores Busher-Miller

    Very sad 😢, Spotty no longer suffering rest in peace baby boy, Spotty will always be with you running in the yard ❤️🤗. I can see all the angels that surrounds you all the time. ❤️🤗

  • Maria Beamon
    Maria Beamon

    This is very upsetting, there are very few people like Viktor and He' s helpers, they should be praised and helped, and those people who treat animals badly, those should be sent to prison, or to the Moon, they do not deserve to live in this beautiful Earth. Or we should get rid of them, like the Spartans did to 'useless' people

  • Rachel Hansen
    Rachel Hansen

    I love you guys you r awesome

  • Rachel Hansen
    Rachel Hansen

    I feel 4 you sorry 4 your lost special dog like spotty 🐶🐶

  • Donna Mullett
    Donna Mullett

    I'm so grateful to you for your compassion. I hope you receive many donations. The law is an ass in your case.

  • Joyce Calliham
    Joyce Calliham

    No one has a right and is very cruel to interfere with your extremely kind heart towards animals. If this world had more people like you, it would be such a better world like our Almighty God intended for it to be. Just hang in there and be steadfast. No other way to be.