We're upping our data. And our political influence. #MintMobile

  • Pyrolight

    I like that this ad is basically anti politics.

  • ultimate armouries
    ultimate armouries

    i honestly like using mint. got off my parents plan, and, yeah i genuinly like mint

  • Cornnell Enekwechi
    Cornnell Enekwechi

    “Big wireless”? 🙄

  • Z. J.
    Z. J.

    Daaang this was good. Especially the tagline at the end.

  • Aqsal A T R
    Aqsal A T R

    Ryan Gosling is a kind person

  • Ishan Jawade
    Ishan Jawade

    Visit India sometimes ... We have God Tire Network Provider "Jio" 1.5 GB/day for $8/m 🔥😂

  • tendekai mukasi
    tendekai mukasi

    Ryan Reynolds has a kind heart ❤️❤️

  • Marulina


  • Adam Mint
    Adam Mint

    Can you get my phone unlocked so I can use mint mobile? I'm already paying for mint mobile but my provider want's to charge me $102.

  • Boat39

    I wanted to switch to your carrier, but I can't afford too cause I worked on the pipeline that you and your hollywood buddies just petitioned your president and had shutdown. Glad you stayed out of politics, oh wait thats right you just endorsed another petition to have the dakota access pipeline shutdown as well! Maybe you can walk to your next acting job or guest appearance! Fkn hypocrite

  • Jarin Taslim Lamisa
    Jarin Taslim Lamisa

    I am your big fan Ryan Reynolds.


    Looks cool xD But 15 bucks for 4 gb only seems a bit expensive for me :T

  • Lucy Bee
    Lucy Bee

    I love you Ryan very much 💘💘💘

  • Zubeida Mohamed
    Zubeida Mohamed

    Is this the real Ryan Reynolds

  • Amanda Blair
    Amanda Blair

    NO service to the Canadian market!?! YOU SUCK!

  • PrankZified


  • Daniel Richards
    Daniel Richards

    We love you Ryan

  • hoehoeaway

    Am I missing something? I am from a third world country and these prices are fucking garbage, 20$ gets me 80gb a month.

  • Texas Ranger
    Texas Ranger

    The best part of this was the good boy named Max

  • Klesk Quake
    Klesk Quake

    Un pò scalibrato.. 1st lady e avvicino la faccia dove m pare..

  • Lorraine Hinchliffe
    Lorraine Hinchliffe

    I’ve been to Idylwild. Very pretty artistic town. Good for you!

  • Adam Singer
    Adam Singer

    All of your videos are like... less then 2 minutes? By a large margin.....? Also your videos seems like just a video ad for any random corporation.... Is there content here that I'm not seeing?

  • Rahul Dagar
    Rahul Dagar

    lol, u guys are getting ripped off, here in india we get like 45GB of data for about $1.2

  • Random Clips
    Random Clips

    I would literally disown my cat and buy a dog if mint mobile came to the uk

  • Allie Pilcher
    Allie Pilcher

    Ryan make your stocks public!! I would invest heavily into this. Just do it!!

  • Adam T-F
    Adam T-F

    Man, American phone contracts suck ass. I'm in the UK and I get 100 GB data, unlimited calls and texts for £25 a month, feelsbadman

  • Every One
    Every One

    Another case of foreign interference in american elections...someone needs to do at least a three year special counsel Investigation into this

  • Gerald

    Y’all should honestly move here this we chill asf.

  • Oluwaseyi Akinruntan
    Oluwaseyi Akinruntan

    From the way I'm looking at it, he'll be president eventually. Certainly looks the part. At least, he's not unpleasant to see and hear like... And, he'd probably do well by the American people and, the world.

  • Otis Blacksack
    Otis Blacksack

    You mean the big wireless that spends money on political lobbying to get their towers where they want them so small fry carriers (like mint mobile) can piggy back on said towers for coverage because they don't have the money for towers, a network, or political lobbying? That big mobile? Smh

  • Majd Alshehari
    Majd Alshehari

    He's brother or cousin is dan Reynolds the guy who did believer

  • jesse greywolf
    jesse greywolf

    You would really being something if you brought Mint to Canada. Our mobile service is HORRENDOUS, especially data costs. Cute dog tho

  • Tesla Stepanovic
    Tesla Stepanovic


  • Tabby Cat
    Tabby Cat

    Everyone loves u bro

  • The Captain Taz
    The Captain Taz

    You son of a bitch I'm in. What the hell is it??? Lol

  • StarStalker

    when americans realize indians pay $4 a month to get 60GB and unlimited calls a month

  • luke dough nelly 2
    luke dough nelly 2

    It's him against the big industry. He's going to give the people great service for outrageously lower rates. He's causing an uproar! but it doesn't seem to be slowing down his operation!

  • the man
    the man

    God made man And now we have man 2.0 which was given the perfect name of Ryan Reynolds

  • Andrew Last
    Andrew Last

    This just in Mayor of Idlywild humped the leg of The T-Mobile lady.

  • Mar Tijn
    Mar Tijn

    its happend again... i willingly watched an ad

  • legend123ify

    What happened to free guy?

  • marquisfym

    Every. Single. Ad. Is. This. Please. Ryan. Leave. Me. Tf. Alone.

  • Becky Rheintgen
    Becky Rheintgen

    Should have given more to the dog

  • Steven Grant
    Steven Grant

    No you're Wade Willson

  • Chunini

    HI GOD

  • baconfromhell666

    I really don't get how data can be so extremely expensive in these huge countries, I would have thought there was much more competition and the prices would be very low. I live in a country with about 6 million, so not a huge country and I get 60gb for the price of 4gb shown here.

  • Kate

    This gorgeous man can do no wrong....even if he did - I wouldn't care...lol...love everything he does

  • O K
    O K

    Pity Americans. In Malaysia i get 20 gb data and unlimited calls for 12$ and unlimited data for around 30$

  • Eden Alexandria B
    Eden Alexandria B

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  • Elena Yee
    Elena Yee

    Been there!

  • Kitty Gianelli
    Kitty Gianelli

    Politize like Deadpool 2? My god it was so radically political. Humor is ok but come on. No. They shouldn’t be donating to politicians they should lower costs. Can you guarantee you won’t donate to big political funds?

  • Z-Link Corrupted
    Z-Link Corrupted

    Can we 'mericans get mint cell service provider in say.. Georgia US?


    Bido lover

  • Subhan Baan
    Subhan Baan


  • Knut Eirik Rasmussen
    Knut Eirik Rasmussen

    Nostradam¨ Silent movie uzload.info/fun/e3ZsnXfVu6Zn3aM/video Location uzload.info/fun/d2irn2W0j3ukpoU/video

  • Alvin Ortiz
    Alvin Ortiz

    Check out " the spiffing brit" asap

  • MuahMan

    I'm just glad your not selling a vodka like every other douche in Hollywood.

  • Jacob Lewis
    Jacob Lewis

    Ryan Reynolds I am literally your biggest fan

  • The Zamboni Master
    The Zamboni Master

    Let’s see how many subscribes I can get

  • Pawan Singh
    Pawan Singh

    The type of ad that you watch for fun

  • Cheesycheese

    Not gonna lie the check it self is probably worth more than what’s written on it

  • Knut Eirik Rasmussen
    Knut Eirik Rasmussen

    Music: uzload.info/fun/gGmon2icz6-ksX0/video

  • Jack Hunt
    Jack Hunt

    Okay Ryan, I have a challenge for you. Please get MintMobile into CANADA and deal with the big 4 A holes who are monopolizing us Canadians and crippling us. That's the challenge sir. Time to put on your big boy panties and blitz through Canada with your fantastic service .

  • O.U.F.A exotics
    O.U.F.A exotics

    You sound just like deadpool!

  • Masonic Boom
    Masonic Boom

    Tyler's amazing

  • Urban Saii
    Urban Saii

    Like this to vote Ryan for next president. Also follow me on TikTok @saiivwuu

  • Abi Abroad
    Abi Abroad

    Always the best ads ever!!!


    Kinda want him to do an Head and shoulders ad

  • HolyNite

    Can he be president?

  • Alex Marshall
    Alex Marshall

    Im makin the switch to mint at this point

  • The Man Behind youtube
    The Man Behind youtube

    I would love him to be president

  • adam rowe
    adam rowe

    Where is the blue shirt guy? Where is your movie yet?

  • FuglyStick

    I'm over multi-millionaire celebrities banking on their "likability" to get even richer. I'm not getting a Mint phone. I'm not buying Aviator gin. And I think I'm done with Ryan Reynolds movies when theaters open up again.

  • dan b
    dan b

    Ryan! Please lobby the Canadian Government and the CRTC to bring mint into the Canadian Telecom market!!!!!

  • Coffee Addict
    Coffee Addict

    Ryan Reynolds commercials are the only ones to my memory m, that have ever made me go "I want that!" (Ya know, besides toy commercials when I was a child.)

  • Lucifer Morningstar
    Lucifer Morningstar

    Ryan Reynolds and Ryan George should colab either in a Pitch Meeting or as Ryan Reynolds in the Ryan Universe as a crossover. Who agrees?

  • Parth Deshmukh
    Parth Deshmukh

    A politician we can finally trust.

  • Carol Prescott
    Carol Prescott

    You need to offer a similar service in Canada!!! PLEASE🙏

  • Beth Puch
    Beth Puch

    Who gives a shit about your dumb app when people are losing their jobs like the thousands of highly skilled American workers who were employed on the Keystone pipeline project. Thanks to all you rich celebrities who haven't a clue what's really going on poisoning the minds on blind followers. SAD

  • oharawinter

    I have an ad blocker fine tuned to block absolutely everything on UZload. But I'm subscribed to this channel so I don't miss any ads…

  • Cryptic

    The only ad i wouldn’t skip and willingly watch

  • Greg Ward
    Greg Ward

    Any chance on you expanding to Canada? Ontario to be more specific?

  • sobreaver

    This guy will be one among others I'll miss much when I'll be gone ;)

  • avid Non
    avid Non

    I'm joining the Doggy Party! No bones About It🐶🐶🐶🐿️🐄

  • Grassy Tiger
    Grassy Tiger

    Baby blood drinker

  • Kunsh Puranik
    Kunsh Puranik

    I trust you.

  • florabama Belle
    florabama Belle

    Nothing is free!

  • 4D bullshit Patroll
    4D bullshit Patroll

    I tried Rumble to find my alt media channels that get banned from UZload for wrong speak and all I found was Alan Dershowitz has a channel where he's backed with heavy guitar solo intros and all of that UZload channel stuff. I jumped from the frying pan into the fire as far as I was concerned. Will Mint ban access to Bitchute, Odysee or Brand New Tube? I bet it would (I mean will).

  • Steven James
    Steven James

    I love this ad. I love that it's fair. Big business giving to Big Blue or Big Red are equally gross. Mint giving $15 to a golden retriever is a way better use of money.

  • RevolutionFromMahBed

    Can we make a law that only Dogs can hold political offices from now on??? I mean - talk about bringing heeling to our nation... 😉 #GoodBoy4Congress2022

  • Chris Pelletier
    Chris Pelletier

    Sell Snow Cones to Eskimos but, can you get Alanis, Rachel, and Scarlett to endorse Mint? Roll charisma, DC Nat 20.

  • Fresh Mobile
    Fresh Mobile


  • Daniel K
    Daniel K

    I might switch just for this. Could you promise you would never get political? I wouldn't believe you if you did but I could pretend.

  • Samuel Newton
    Samuel Newton

    I hate you because you are so awesome Ryan. ❤🎈

  • Three wheeler boyz
    Three wheeler boyz


  • Eiko Final
    Eiko Final

    Ryan needs to buy Fizz mobile from videotron and call it FizzyMint ... I hate how Canada has this duopoly between rogers and bell!

  • J Swanson
    J Swanson

    From a Marketer: This is the BEST Marketing of 2021 so far.

  • RedLy


  • Aryaman Mishra
    Aryaman Mishra

    I use it since I've been to US. I love it. Because of pandemic I had to go back to my home country and they returned me the part of annual cost unused when I asked them. Love them.

  • ctrl-alt-bob

    Hey Ryan, how about showing some love for your home !! Mint Canada ???

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