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Addy and Maya are making their very own line of collectible toys called XOXO Friends and XOXO Hugs! But they have to be careful of the Toy Vandal because she wants to keep them all to herself. Watch the entire series over again with this compilation video. Which character is YOUR favorite?
XOXO Friends and XOXO Hugs are available now in the U.S. and U.K. at Walmart, Target, and Smyths Toys stores!

Music credits:
Hudson Hawk by Neon Beach
Stereo by OBOY
Lift Up by OBOY
Raindrops by Moments
All For You by Adrian Walther
The Future is Basic by New Wave Sounds
A Nightmare in Paris by Two Dudes
Winter comforts by Yung Koolade
Chip Chop Chip by Neon Beach
Disco Donkey by Mikey Geiger
Patient Deliverance by Rhythm Scott
Hands Up Buttercup! by Neon Beach
Brenner by Falls
Connection by Nu Alkemi$t
Curb Dance by Avocado Junkie
Waken Your Heart by IDOLS
Creepers by Be Still the Earth
Coming by OBOY
Ocean's Ten by Try Genesis
Look Up! by Aaron Sprinkle
Paper Parade by Benson
New Year, New Me by Shane Becker
A Nightmare in Paris by Two Dudes
Brand New by Nitro
In the Dark by Mikey Geiger
A Rea Go getter by Dresden the Flamingo
Free Falling Coconuts by New Wave Sounds
The One You Want by Emerson Year
Big Youth by Shimmer
Juggernaut by Matt Wigton
Shoot by OBOY
Escape by OBOY
Happy Snappy Love by New Wave Sounds
When I found You by Matt Wigton
Ravin by Yung Koolade
Happy Hamster by Mikey Geiger
Surprisingly Quirky by Avacado Junkie
Events by Falls
Glory by OBOY
Synesthesia by Cody Martin
Arena by OBOY
Happy Dance by Funday
Pool Party by New Wave Sounds
Sinister by Cody Martin
There Comes a Time by Adrian Walther
Jasmine by Mike Arnoult
Jokes on You by Bryant Lowry
Nightmare in Paris by Two Dudes
Zing Boom by Avocado Junkie
Make Way for Duchess by Hill
Double Agent by Hill
Sweet by OBOY
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Extra Chese Please by New Wave Sounds
Escape by OBOY
Sets Me Free by Matt Wigton
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Up by OBOY
Some Time Neon by Matt Wigton
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Heads up Buttercup! By Neon Beach
Brand New by Nitro
Lettuce Celebrate by New Wave Sounds
Happy Snappy Love by New Wave Sounds
Nightmare in Paris by Two Dudes
Coming by OBOY
Shine by OBOY
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Happy Dance by Funday
Sun Kissed By Matt Wigton
Surprisingly Quirky by Avocado Junkie
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Ice-cream Truck by New Wave Sounds
Lift Up by OBOY
Type by OBOY
Guardians by Caleb Etheridge