iPhone 12 Pro Review: You Sure About That?
iPhone 12 Pro is in a tricky spot. Choose wisely.
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Phone provided by Apple for review.

  • Richard Colon
    Richard Colon

    65.24 GB of used storage. Jesus. Lol

  • sacredgeometry

    This years phones irritated me. On one hand they fixed the design problems (well most of them they still have that god awful camera bump) Apple need to reduce their line up to 2 phones. Both with the same feature set just one with a larger battery and screen/ form factor. I need LIDAR as I am an engineer and no doubt that will be a requirement I will want to develop against at some point in the future so for convenience having it on my phone so I can run tests is necessary. If it wasn't for that one feature I would have gone with the smallest iPhone.

  • Ahmad El-Saadi
    Ahmad El-Saadi

    you answered all my questions brother. thank you

  • Urnd Fdj
    Urnd Fdj

    I can't see John Cena.

  • Dynamite Dmoney
    Dynamite Dmoney

    Is anyone debating not purchasing the new iPhones bc of them not coming with power-brick or headphones? Also, does anyone know of a vehicle that has a USBC outlet or do you need an adapter? So now I need to buy a bunch of chargers and an adapter for my car!? smh 😒

  • Mad Titan
    Mad Titan

    Why we couldn't see anybody when the wall behind MKB ruptured?

  • Zacharie Chiron
    Zacharie Chiron

    Thanks for this, really interesting take.


    Omg that intro is everything marques!

  • Samiur Rahman
    Samiur Rahman

    Is it worth upgrading from iPhone 11 Pro to iPhone 12 Pro? Me: Yesn't

    • emeka o
      emeka o

      It's not worth it. I use 11 pro max. It's just the same damn shit

  • nga hoang
    nga hoang


  • Renovatio

    THE FACT IS NOT A PRO AT ALL. It's a mediocre phone for Christ sake. The design is from iPhone 5, top notch is still there, no in-display finger print scanner. No power share etc.

  • Hemanth Kumar tips n tricks
    Hemanth Kumar tips n tricks

    Congratulations for 13 million subs 🔥🔥

  • Amirah Amilin
    Amirah Amilin

    Tq for reviewing.. now i found the answer 💜

  • Nathan C
    Nathan C

    kidney: it was nice working with u

  • oddeda

    64GB, and even 128GB is a joke in today's standards. Worthless.


    I got my Pro Max yesterday and tried it with the MagSafe charger and with a thin TPU case on the magnetic attraction between the phone and the charger is rather weak and does not "snap" together (and no, I'm not using the wrong side) at all. It can keep the charger attached when held vertically but shake it a little and it will fall off. It requires sliding it around slowly until you feel that weak attraction and then the charging graphic pops up and the chime sounds. I find that to be rather disappointing (along with the lack of a USB-C wall plug with the phone, what a stupid decision) although not a deal breaker by any means. Just wish it actually snapped together better so that I don't have to fiddle around with it to get it at the right position.

  • Silent J
    Silent J

    the only thing that is lacking in the intro is Polyphia's material.

  • Zack Ormsby
    Zack Ormsby

    Apple has removed ‘Capture Outside the Frame’ from iOS 14. Please make a review about this. I have photos with & without the feature. WITH the feature, I was capturing photos up to 17MP with my 12MP camera. Now that’s gone. I’d be happy to provide you with examples if you review this travesty.

  • Autogusti

    Who asked for magnets on iPhone?? What’s wrong with apple?

  • Alex Nguyen
    Alex Nguyen

    Apple 2020 - Big notch - No USB c - Less battery - No 120hz - NoTouch ID - Fast charger at 20w

  • Terence Grant
    Terence Grant

    Legit bought the pro for anesthetic reasons. Max is too big and the triple camera lense looks better than the dual. Lol.

  • Doug Roe
    Doug Roe

    Hey Marqus! I need your help big time!! Have you noticed your AirPods Pro sound quality change since you've connected it to your iPhone 12 Pro???its not good anymore!! Let me know please and if so is there any way to fix it??

  • I’m Normal
    I’m Normal

    I’m writing this comment in the pouring rain, that should tell you everything. IPhone 12 pro is the shit. I can’t see my phone through the rain. Works fine doesn’t it? Says everything.

    • I’m Normal
      I’m Normal

      I live in England. 😂🤦🏼‍♂️🤣

    • I’m Normal
      I’m Normal

      My Galaxy S3 didn’t work in the rain...Love this!

  • Hey Kelso
    Hey Kelso

    Anyone who has the 12 pro: what are your thoughts on the battery? Does it last a whole day or do you find yourself charging it before the day ends?

  • sankefair

    For sure Iphone 12 is good buy as Camera not really big difference. I have 8 plus and never really use or notice i am using telephoto lenses. So Iphone 12 Pro although i like it but best money can buy is 1phone 12. For me i love apple phone keyboard 👉🏻 Love typing. 🙏🏻❤️

  • sandrayys

    Is anyone else having an issue on their iPhone 12 Pro where you receive iMessages but not the notifications? I've chatted and spoken to Apple's support team and no help at all with this issue and concerned about this.

  • bjay0323

    extra storage is always 100$ more

  • Raphael Scharf - Katz
    Raphael Scharf - Katz

    Who’s getting the 12 Mini and doesn’t think that the Pros are worth the money?

    • Dami

      Just got the X for $200. Will get the 12 in 2 years time lol

  • PowerLearn

    The intro just hooks you in. The camera robot MKB has is just OP.

  • Scott Medina
    Scott Medina

    I just got my 11 pro max 256gb from SCOTTDELLER on telegram and I just Been delivered to me just now guys make your deal with him it dem real✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

  • Beauty Geek
    Beauty Geek

    Great review. Thank you!!

  • p3rrypm

    Umm, it’s not sensor shift AF, it is sensor shift stabilization and Lidar AF.

  • Raskolnikov

    64gb was always more than enough for me... iCloud is cheaper.

  • Ali Zunaif
    Ali Zunaif

    I got the 12 pro I am happy with it

  • Sumit Sharma
    Sumit Sharma

    He makes the best cinematic shots Yeah (Better than Apple)

  • Cleezty on IG
    Cleezty on IG

    I got it for the flex

  • imicca

    why this review seems off: Marques compares to Pro Max a lot, there is no point in it. People who are looking to buy iPhone 12 Pro are probably NOT LOOKING to buy Pro Max, so there is no real advantage on suggesting to buy bigger one when no one is asking for that in "iPhone 12 Pro Review" video

    • Luqmaan

      exactly, and since pro max has released we know there is not much improvement in the camera, so he was just speculating based on the apple launch.

  • Amru

    Watching this on my new iPhone 12 Pro and I would say this phone is amazing!

    • Cleezty on IG
      Cleezty on IG

      What is the battery life like?

  • Arnav Bajwa
    Arnav Bajwa

    I quite like the integrated A14 processor of this phone along with the incredible camera support. I do wish that the battery was better though.

  • Rob Marshall
    Rob Marshall

    I have a galaxy note 10 plus. And I gotta say right off the bat my pics and videos alone takes up 98 gigs not counting my sd cards with a total of 112 gigs of media.

  • Joshua Vergara
    Joshua Vergara

    I'm keeping my 11 pro max and need a second phone for business. I'll probs get the 12 pro but I don't know what color I don't want to go with black again. Any recommendations for what color that would match my 11? :)

  • Danny Sk
    Danny Sk

    would you upgrade a Galaxy S10 to the iphone 12 pro or wait one year?

    • Danny Sk
      Danny Sk

      @Cleezty on IG i already tried it. I dont notice it on 90% of the time.. only when i scroll and so on but i would always turn it off just for saving battery i think

    • Cleezty on IG
      Cleezty on IG

      @Danny Sk trust me, it makes a HUGE difference, I also couldn't believe it but then I walked to a local tech store and tried it on an S20 Ultra and it looks so awesome

    • Danny Sk
      Danny Sk

      @Cleezty on IG thats true..although i think 120hz is useless on a smartphone. I use 144hz on my desktop but i dont need 120hz for wahtsapp, some news and youtube (which is all i do on a smartphone) :D but yea..probably its smarter to wait..but its so temtping and the 12pro in pacific blue is just beautiful

    • Cleezty on IG
      Cleezty on IG

      @Danny Sk I can understand you but except battery life the S10 is still a great phone. And the iPhone 13 will very likely get a 120hz display and some other big Improvements

    • Danny Sk
      Danny Sk

      @Cleezty on IG why? I have the exyons version and my SOT is around 3-4h right now which sucks..

  • Mr Meticulous123
    Mr Meticulous123

    I bought the iPhone 12 instead. Hope I made the right choice. I don’t really take to much photos anymore so I felt it was the right choice.

  • Behnood Baligh
    Behnood Baligh

    What about buying an 11 Pro instead of these 2? Could it be a rational choice?

  • Anita Butler
    Anita Butler

    Trouble with the max is the size. Most of us don’t want a giant phone.

  • EinfachNurMarc

    Its 170 € difference between the 128 GB models. So if I already spend that much money on a phone, the 170 dont make it fat anymore ^^

  • Pure Born
    Pure Born

    8:45 ..... Or maybe im just sitting here with my old 6s with 16Gb that i can´t even install IOS update couse I would have to delete all the apps for that .

  • do nut
    do nut

    I was also deciding between the 12 and 12pro. I got the 12 pro for the size and especially the build quality. The iPhone 12's aluminum body is bound to get more chips and scratches. I upgraded from the SE 1st gen. Hoping to keep the 12 pro for a long time.

  • GagaMania

    Who was the random guy superimposed on to the background in your video? Lmao


    Aresome video review. I also just posted mine and would love to hear your feedback. Check it out on my channel 😊

  • Bruh Buddy
    Bruh Buddy

    IDK for some reason it feels different

  • coke

    you know, i think a lot of people would be surprised to find out that the pro actually has a tap feature where you can tap twice to do any action you choose, and also three times to do a separate action. go into settings -> accessibility -> (scroll all the way down) back tap

  • Par0normalSkiLL Gaming
    Par0normalSkiLL Gaming

    Haven't been on team iphone since the 5S. Somethings i miss, some i don't. I have a galaxy note 10 lite and this phones battery is hard to go back from but the 21:9 fucking sucks for videos or pictures. Really regret getting this but i only paid $380 so its whatever. Iphone 12 pro looks interesting but battery will probably be a no go for me.

  • Elisabeth

    Hmmm should I upgrade. I do love my iPhone 11 Pro

  • Fatma AbuAlHasan
    Fatma AbuAlHasan

    Loooove the revieww, the 12 as well. Keep going💗

  • ling ting
    ling ting

    That intro was better than Hollywood

  • Aboud Sheikh
    Aboud Sheikh

    Best to explain the Better choice and technology difference is him, so keep it up , best of luck

  • Randy Jones
    Randy Jones

    Omg im so uncultured. i didnt even realise that iPhone 12 itself had come out LOL

  • Totz Ton
    Totz Ton

    What you gonna do with a 2185mah battery? Over price with a garbage battery!!!

  • Alexa Demelo
    Alexa Demelo

    Don’t trust all this bots *swipeechecks* on telegram is the real plug,having been dealing with him for weeks now same fast and very reliable Hit him for your bank logs,credit cards,dumps with pins,carding tutors,fullz,all spamming methods No doubts at all,legit 💯

  • Mick Swagger
    Mick Swagger

    It’s coming in the mail I’m coming from 6s, so it’s a biggie For me


    My new iPhone 12 pro Max is AMAZIIIIIINNNNGGGGG!‼️Ahhhhhhhh I love it 😊

  • Srikanth Y.
    Srikanth Y.

    How many have noticed "HD" with lights in the background actually says "Happy Diwali" !!

    • Google Admin
      Google Admin

      Bro what u mean bruh??

  • Jessica Mathew
    Jessica Mathew

    Unbelievable 😱😱 I got an iPhone 12 from Tech_hacklord003 on instagram with just shipping fee and it's was delivered to my door step in some few day's he's 💯 real

    • insert cool name here
      insert cool name here

      yep that happened

  • Samarpan Agarwal
    Samarpan Agarwal

    I can't see John Cena 😂

  • Samarpan Agarwal
    Samarpan Agarwal

    Lol, I have 63 out of 64 in use

  • ChenoodleSoup

    iphone 12 pro max is just too big for a phone :(

  • lahloo

    12 Pro Max is too big. Mini iPad in a pocket - no thanks.

  • Rocky Balboa
    Rocky Balboa

    You obviously prefer the max when it comes to iPhones, but most people don’t like these big phones

  • SeRgio Gallegos
    SeRgio Gallegos

    This guy is all 🧢

  • Arbab Ak
    Arbab Ak

    I need mobile please

  • Unboxinq It
    Unboxinq It

    Lovely color. Got the pacific blue too

  • xelmaker

    Main issue I have about iPhone is battery. I never understood why.

  • Just Tim
    Just Tim

    They added a flashlight to the back, that’s the only difference, minus the charger and plug for the phone for a higher price

  • Blazen Wolf
    Blazen Wolf

    Why does Spotify always take up so much storage?? In my android it took up over a gig and in my XR it shows up 10+ gigs then lowers to a few hundred megabytes.... In both phones I don't have any downloads besides the app. Does that happen to anyone else?

    • Hippo_o _matic
      Hippo_o _matic

      Its cache, when you play songs it downloads the audio to your phone to keep it seamless, though it shouldn't get that big. If you have premium, then all your downloaded songs need to be stored too, which is probably why it gets up to 10 gigs for you.

  • Peter S
    Peter S

    Who’s watching it on 12 pro?

  • Champ Mahrage
    Champ Mahrage

    I had an 11 pro max. It was alright I didn't use most of the cameras on it or most of the features that were talked about. I got the regular 12 instead and thoroughly happy with the purchase and nicer on the wallet and I love that fact that it's so much lighter than the 11 pro max.

  • Anonymous

    8:48 60gb

  • Matt N
    Matt N

    I agree with you put I can’t deal with the size of the max. I get why they’re doing it but I hate the trend of phones getting SO big. I think the iPhone 12 and pro are the sweet spot in size

  • Muhammed Zafarullah
    Muhammed Zafarullah

    9:41 no one talks about that John Cena

  • MARIO Verano Garcia
    MARIO Verano Garcia

    They should improve on their cameras for recording with the pause button like Android has.

  • rooqie


  • John Hunt
    John Hunt

    2:25 "Gather more fingerprints than the CSI Employee of the month" - this cracked me up hahaha

  • tek magar
    tek magar

    Good review man keep it up 👍

  • derbagger22

    Apple annoys the piss out of me...

  • Patrick Nwanyanwu
    Patrick Nwanyanwu

    does anyone now when there supposed to ship out in ny i ordered mine about two weeks ago and have yer to revcive the tracking number

  • Abhay Ganti
    Abhay Ganti

    Lmao anyone notice the other guy at 9:43

  • constantin58

    4 year old design for $1k , no thanks

  • Andrea Tira
    Andrea Tira

    Wish they didn't make the max so darn big!! :(

  • Joshua H
    Joshua H

    Can we all appreciate that he packs a dope intro _and_ his honest review summary all in the first 34 seconds?

  • prophinex

    You should be ashamed for letting apple getting away with this bs no call harger and no EarPods bs Filling there pockets with a bs excuse of environmental it’s USB c cable

  • Leslie Kail Villarreal
    Leslie Kail Villarreal

    so between ALL the iPhone 12's mini through pro max. which would you choose?

  • Hunter Tran
    Hunter Tran

    Pretty sure the a14 bionic is more of a battery drain than the small upgrade in RAM :/

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow

    This guy love to do he’s but builds up optimism then brings it crashing down

  • Russell Whitehead
    Russell Whitehead

    What about the advantage of Apple Raw coming soon for the pro?

  • kontenance

    What about antenna quality and reception. Is that the same on the 12 and 12 pro?

  • Angus Zhao
    Angus Zhao

    Hello!? I am an iPhone user, I don't pay for specs, I pay for the LOGO! So I will go with the iPhone 12 Pro- Max- Ultra- Plus- NoFold- HondaDesign Edition!

  • Emil Borchert
    Emil Borchert

    The reason I'm going for the 12 Pro over the 12 or 12 Pro Max is the size. The camera upgrade and RAM upgrade are the most important factors to me, and the size is the biggest factor that kills the Max for me. I want a high-power yet compact phone (at least, as compact as a powerful iPhone can get).

  • Linnéa Magnér
    Linnéa Magnér

    So... if buying a big phone is out of the question (I was really hoping that the standard 12 would be the mini size, like you thought in your prediction videos) I’m really torn between the standard and the pro. This helped some, but what would you say to people who don’t want the Max and are just choosing between these two phones?

  • Mgoldenboyz

    Can someone plz explain to me why it says the iPhone 12 pro is 6.1 inches but when I measure it, it doesn’t even come out to 6 inches.