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▶️ Kiera Bridget
▶️ BambinoBecky
▶️ Emily Canham
▶️ Vicky Lissaman
▶️ Millie T
▶️ ElzTheWitch
▶️ ChiWithAC
▶️ Emma (EmZ)
▶️ Shady Bangs
▶️ Lauren Alexis
▶️ Sweet Anita
▶️ Roxxsaurus
▶️ Jordan Lipscombe
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  • Proskilzz

    34:50 his acting was actually pretty impressive

  • Julian Baillie
    Julian Baillie

    What does Stephen mean with the Tank line

  • Sylvia Chen
    Sylvia Chen

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  • Sylvia Chen
    Sylvia Chen

    The absorbing stepmother canonically coil because keyboard intialy trot apud a happy tune. scattered, ignorant chest

  • ben morais
    ben morais

    elz just pissed me off shes undatable

  • ben morais
    ben morais

    chi with a c was just weird

  • Aramis Liddell
    Aramis Liddell

    I'm going straight to hell. I laughed hard asf when Anita first walked out.

  • ItzDuckDude

    Tobi is a genius.

  • TankTilter Playz
    TankTilter Playz

    They didn’t give the credit to faze rug who started this so I’m un subbing

  • Turk Bozkurt
    Turk Bozkurt

    29:55 that gyals so dumb 😭😭😂


    How she got Adidas poppers on 😂 Classic

  • Matěj Novotný
    Matěj Novotný

    Why the ugly ones always the most savage?

  • Mark James
    Mark James

    What happened at 38:10!?

  • Taylor Paget
    Taylor Paget

    Does any1 else just come here to see pancake day 😂

  • furious 8spect
    furious 8spect

    Ethan's Timestamps 5:13 (BambinoBecky) 8:02 (Jordan Lipscombe) 10:22 (Chi With a C) 13:28 (Emily Canham) 16:21 (Roxxsaurus) 19:06 (Shadey Bangs) 22:17 (Vicky Lissaman) 25:01 (Elz The Witch) 33:42 (Kiera Bridget) 34:26 (Millie T) 40:19 (Lauren Alexis) 42:16 (Emma) 45:41 (Sweet Anita)

  • furious 8spect
    furious 8spect

    Callux's Timestamps 4:32 (BambinoBecky) 5:47 (Jordan Lipscombe) 1:07 (Chi With a C) 15:14 (Emily Canham) 18:15 (Roxxsaurus) 18:56 (Shadey Bangs) 22:47 (Vicky Lissaman) 26:41 (Elz The Witch) 30:31 (Kiera Bridget) 37:37 (Millie T) 39:17 (Lauren Alexis) 44:47 (Emma) 46:10 (Sweet Anita)

  • Timmy Durocher
    Timmy Durocher

    38:08 whatd she say

  • Alyssa Decker
    Alyssa Decker

    toby supremacy also the vulgar jokes were so weird

  • RaveN NoodleS
    RaveN NoodleS

    They really did save the best for last, didn't they?😂

  • Rein DelaTozaki
    Rein DelaTozaki

    35:15 LMAO

  • Paul Senny
    Paul Senny

    The pretty ones where dumb af 😂

    • Max Reece
      Max Reece


  • No Nonsense Johnson
    No Nonsense Johnson

    Hahah Harry is the goat


    Yo I remember Becky from Locked in . Bunda Becky

  • Mr Magician
    Mr Magician

    Emma is very cringe

  • Saiyan King
    Saiyan King

    38:56 I know this girl 😂

  • Jennifer Perez
    Jennifer Perez

    Bro he’s speaking facs in 9:05 to 9:10

  • Benjamin Vammen
    Benjamin Vammen

    She was so butthurt when cal said she wasn’t her type lmfao

  • VLeahy Gaming
    VLeahy Gaming

    how dare this slag call the wii a trash console

  • Cpl Paul
    Cpl Paul

    So this video was taken during the beginning of the pandemic🤷🏾‍♀️

  • salli-anne moreton
    salli-anne moreton

    Yea I have to say that mogz is the WORST PERSON

  • keziah samuel
    keziah samuel

    I.....was... wasdering on how to get my account back I tried all the means using the video but doesn't work,then afriend of mine directed me to contact*trendhacker2* on IG just like joke I got it back he's professional💯💯💯✔️✔️💖💖💖

  • McGungrr hehe
    McGungrr hehe

    Keira is so dumb she didn’t get anything

  • furious 8spect
    furious 8spect

    Stephen's Timestamps 4:03 (BambinoBecky) 6:34 (Jordan Lipscombe) 11:14 (Chi With a C) 14:57 (Emily Canham) 17:15 (Roxxsaurus) 20:15 (Shadey Bangs) 23:26 (Vicky Lissaman) 29:19 (Elz The Witch) 32:04 (Kiera Bridget) 36:01 (Millie T) 41:02 (Lauren Alexis) 44:35 (Emma) 47:41 (Sweet Anita)

  • furious 8spect
    furious 8spect

    Harry's Timestamps 3:49 (BambinoBecky) 6:17 (Jordan Lipscombe) 10:53 (Chi With a C) 14:47 (Emily Canham) 17:43 (Roxxsaurus) 19:37 (Shadey Bangs) 24:31 (Vicky Lissaman) 27:50 (Elz The Witch) 31:17 (Kiera Bridget) 37:15 (Millie T) 41:46 (Lauren Alexis) 44:21 (Emma) 45:59 (Sweet Anita)

  • Joose Pajunen
    Joose Pajunen

    Explain the tank joke for me?? Im not brittish i wonder if ive missed something

    • furious 8spect
      furious 8spect

      It was something about Deji's Rottweiler (i think) dog Tank attacked a woman or something and he had to be put down.

  • furious 8spect
    furious 8spect

    Josh's Timestamps 3:31 (BambinoBecky) 6:54 (Jordan Lipscombe) 11:49 (Chi With a C) 12:40 (Emily Canham) 16:45 (Roxxsaurus) 20:03 (Shadey Bangs) 22:04 (Vicky Lissaman) 25:24 (Elz The Witch) 31:38 (Kiera Bridget) 36:51 (Millie T) 39:02 (Lauren Alexis) 43:58 (Emma) 47:58 (Sweet Anita)

  • furious 8spect
    furious 8spect

    Vik's Timestamps 3:12 (BambinoBecky) 6:09 (Jordan Lipscombe) 10:32 (Chi With a C) 12:53 (Emily Canham) 16:12 (Roxxsaurus) 19:50 (Shadey Bangs) 23:39 (Vicky Lissaman) 27:11 (Elz The Witch) 30:59 (Kiera Bridget) 35:42 (Millie T) 40:08 (Lauren Alexis) 43:02 (Emma) 46:34 (Sweet Anita)

  • furious 8spect
    furious 8spect

    Simon's Timestamps 2:56 (BambinoBecky) 8:24 (Jordan Lipscombe) 9:48 (Chi With a C) 12:24 (Emily Canham) 17:31 (Roxxsaurus) 19:14 (Shadey Bangs) 23:02 (Vicky Lissaman) 26:01 (Elz The Witch) 33:13 (Kiera Bridget) 37:52 (Millie T) 39:50 (Lauren Alexis) 43:25 (Emma) 47:31 (Sweet Anita)

  • PainTrainStation

    the reason why he started wearing bandanas

  • Joel Roy
    Joel Roy

    Most of the men are so vulgar

  • Joshua Mcnutt
    Joshua Mcnutt

    SSuubscribee come on ksi talk right

  • J.BH2889x _
    J.BH2889x _

    The 2nd Girl seemed like a weirdo what a boring personality trying to talk to her would be like taking to a Brick Wall

  • furious 8spect
    furious 8spect

    Toby's Timestamps 2:43 (BambinoBecky) 7:17 (Jordan Lipscombe) 11:27 (Chi With a C) 13:05 (Emily Canham) 16:32 & 18:32 (Roxxsaurus) 20:51 (Shadey Bangs) 24:18 (Vicky Lissaman) 25:48 (Elz The Witch) 29:57 (Kiera Bridget) 36:33 (Millie T) 41:32 (Lauren Alexis) 42:08 (Emma) 45:52 (Sweet Anita)

  • Francisco Vazquez
    Francisco Vazquez

    What yeezys is callum wearing?

  • Loaf Toast
    Loaf Toast

    OH MY GOD ANITA, I DIDNT KNOW SHE WOULD BE HERE, she's one of my favorite UZloadrs!

  • Youaltubex

    29:20 🤣🤣

  • kye lee
    kye lee

    Someone explain me the tank joke... please! :)

    • NDS 11
      NDS 11

      Deji’s old dog tank got put down for biting a woman

  • Ibraheem Khan
    Ibraheem Khan

    Morgz be like ☹️😩🥺😭😭😭😭

  • furious 8spect
    furious 8spect

    Callum Timestamps 2:09 (BambinoBecky) 7:32 (Jordan Lipscombe) 10:44 (Chi With a C) 14:05 (Emily Canham) 17:00 (Roxxsaurus) 20:27 (Shadey Bangs) 21:13 (Vicky Lissaman) 28:02 (Elz The Witch) 32:17 (Kiera Bridget) 37:01 (Millie T) 40:48 (Lauren Alexis) 43:40 (Emma) 47:17 (Sweet Anita)

  • Miranda Aslanishvili
    Miranda Aslanishvili

    Kiera said she isnt into gingers, wtf is caylus to her.

  • furious 8spect
    furious 8spect

    JJ's Timestamps 0:52 (BambinoBecky) 8:41 (Jordan Lipscombe) 9:29 (Chi With a C) 14:23 (Emily Canham) 17:55 (Roxxsaurus) 19:24 (Shadey Bangs) 21:42 (Vicky Lissaman) 26:17 (Elz The Witch) 32:34 (Kiera Bridget) 34:48 (Millie T) 40:29 (Lauren Alexis) 42:30 (Emma) 46:55 (Sweet Anita)

  • Dead3ye_Pig

    👀 👃 👄 “Hi I’m Callum”

  • Vihan Dikshit
    Vihan Dikshit

    Kiera is actually top link

  • Stephanie Alexandra
    Stephanie Alexandra

    My favorite is jay jay

  • Raspberry Juice Entertainment
    Raspberry Juice Entertainment

    KSI laughed a lil too hard at the sellout comment 46:40

    • NDS 11
      NDS 11

      @Raspberry Juice Entertainment I think I know what ur trying to imply or I’m just bugging...

    • Raspberry Juice Entertainment
      Raspberry Juice Entertainment

      @NDS 11 ksi laughed a lot at her saying he’s a sellout

    • NDS 11
      NDS 11

      Wdym ?

  • Ahmad Alborsh
    Ahmad Alborsh


  • FifaIos Packs
    FifaIos Packs

    The ludicrous bridge globally brake because grain mechanically ban despite a draconian jar. watery, righteous need

  • Panda_Assassin

    Omggg! I didn't know Kiera was in this video!

  • Thanos

    Oh sweet Anita she's the only one that made me laugh

  • Ely Farkas
    Ely Farkas

    The neighborly yard neurobiologically pass because comfort intradurally trot apud a condemned justice. energetic, scrawny eyelash

  • The psychedelic cactus
    The psychedelic cactus

    can someone explain the tank joke

    • Ofek Vara
      Ofek Vara

      Look up deji dog tank

  • jana matar
    jana matar

    Does anyone know what she said at 38:08 ? I'm dying to know

  • Hunter Alexander
    Hunter Alexander

    Haven't laughed this hard in so very long

  • Styledarius 098
    Styledarius 098


  • Liam Jones
    Liam Jones

    vik said your mum twerking for my rupees, her mum died :/

    • Itz YungT
      Itz YungT

      couldnt handle the rupees

  • EpiK

    “I beat Logan Paul” Ksi killed me right there

  • Claire Frazier
    Claire Frazier

    The glistening glorious start perceptually exist because christmas bioinformatically deserve alongside a needless sociology. needless, female fertile hobbies

  • ツTheBurgenator

    33:55 he legit has more than her lmao

  • ok then?
    ok then?

    38:05 what she said?

    • AntonR Nik
      AntonR Nik

      i assume "willNE and talia" but we ma, never know

  • Assaulter Bruh
    Assaulter Bruh


  • Double Pump
    Double Pump

    That last girl is a fckn Savage

  • Nicolas Leiton
    Nicolas Leiton

    29:20 ou

  • Shane Mctear
    Shane Mctear

    Ksi’s laugh man 😂😂

  • Iresetmyshit Man
    Iresetmyshit Man

    kiera morgz ex hahahahahahah

  • ViralWIZ

    Can someone explain what the joke meant at 4:21??

    • Itz YungT
      Itz YungT

      dejis dog bit a women who was wacking a newspaper at it and it got put down

  • Josh Spence
    Josh Spence


  • Keron Mahon
    Keron Mahon

    Callum clutched up for his bros

  • Donncha O'Rahilly
    Donncha O'Rahilly

    I don’t get the tank one

  • DoppelgängerZ

    What did the girl say to Simon 😅😂

    • Itz YungT
      Itz YungT

      wilne and talia are cuter

  • Lauren huyton
    Lauren huyton

    What’s the tank joke I don’t get it

    • Itz YungT
      Itz YungT

      tank bit a women and got put down

  • John Brektushi
    John Brektushi

    vic knows he cant pull so he tries to roast them

  • Johnathan Speck
    Johnathan Speck

    that's mean to talk about jehovah's witnesses like that

  • Zsömle Kenyér
    Zsömle Kenyér

    36:06 why does Ethan's laugh sound like the song Give it up lmao

  • Lord Cheezburjer
    Lord Cheezburjer

    I just love how Harry is reading everything out of a book 😆

  • Andreas Najdovski
    Andreas Najdovski

    Is the Chi with A C girl ok?

  • Fascist YouTube
    Fascist YouTube

    Tinder is for low quality people.

  • Taylor Moffatt
    Taylor Moffatt

    So no one is talking about how the one girl don’t know who trippie Redd, Rick ross, or lil baby is 😳🤧Chile

    • Joel Roy
      Joel Roy

      Good, because they are trash rappers

  • Jose Angelo Buenconsejo
    Jose Angelo Buenconsejo

    Dis guy sounds like ksi

  • HI

    46:21 I felt bad for harry. Poor guy became red when she told get out.

  • AbyssalSoda

    Cringe Fest

  • Miłosz Nowak
    Miłosz Nowak

    4:05 can somebody explain??

    • Itz YungT
      Itz YungT

      tank bit a women and the dog got put down and becky a savage is a lyric in a song, subscribe?

  • Donald Kuhl
    Donald Kuhl

    Did Millie B say that her and Simon would look cuter ?

    • Lola Stringer
      Lola Stringer

      No Millie *T* said Simon and talia are cute Simon and talia are still together

    • Old KSI Videos
      Old KSI Videos

      Which is not disclosed to the public

    • Old KSI Videos
      Old KSI Videos

      No she mentioned his ex girlfriend

  • Fusion brklyn
    Fusion brklyn


  • PerhapsOOTMM

    Sweet Anita is delightful

  • Slowx XAudioz
    Slowx XAudioz

    Ok uhmm can like- can someone tell me what’s wrong with the last girl🥲...

    • Slowx XAudioz
      Slowx XAudioz

      @mercii ohhh- I’m too cringed out to watch the last part I swear💀-

    • mercii

      She has tourettes

  • Virgo _FN
    Virgo _FN

    Where do I know kierra Bridget from

  • stephen michaels
    stephen michaels

    watch this powerful end of times video!!! Jonathan Cahn's Prophetic Message to Joe Biden (Presidential Inauguration 2021)

  • Pof

    24:34 thank me later

  • The Dog God
    The Dog God

    why does the last girl make the *pop* sound? this might be something to do with tourette syndrome but i dont know what it is exactly

  • Erik Jacob
    Erik Jacob

    The jumpy stool directly stretch because beaver ultrastructually excuse toward a waggish colon. awful, acrid good-bye