Adam LZ Nissan S13 Man-Line // DT265
SUBSCRIBE TO OUR BONUS CHANNEL// On today's episode of Daily Transmission, Adam LZ brings in his S13 to the Donut Garage and Gary demands a manline!
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  • Adam LZ
    Adam LZ

    Thanks for having me yet again guys! Always way too much fun :)

    • Ramarak prime87
      Ramarak prime87

      Hey adam who is you?

    • Kevin Million
      Kevin Million


    • Jose Martinez
      Jose Martinez

      That was the best "thats a wrap" I've seen 👏

    • Curtis Daniels
      Curtis Daniels


    • Mr10_py


  • JarSzn

    Nicole :( I miss her from the Lz box videos

  • Ramarak prime87
    Ramarak prime87

    Adam lz is very good at drifting

  • Steez Knight
    Steez Knight

    camera man is like Quest love's child I love this dude !!!

  • The Eturn
    The Eturn

    00:39 . . who is that lady???? . . . . . . dunno; never seen her before. . . lol. . >>>>>>.>>>>but if we did know ---------------------------- ----> we wouldnt speak her name. hahahaha. jk. Nico was funny, And had a great place on the channel when she was around !!! peace, Eturn

  • Fun Haver_117
    Fun Haver_117

    I like Gary!

  • M

    That guy is like the obnoxious version of Herb

  • Kevin Lauterbach
    Kevin Lauterbach

    so glad they got rid of yelling guy...

  • Ryan Pillay
    Ryan Pillay

    hmmm.. so this is where china discovered corona..

  • Nucd

    Nicole 🥲🥲

    • The Eturn
      The Eturn

      shhhhhh, we dont speak her name hahhahaa, jk. . Nicole was pretty funny when she was around back in the day. . but i do remember watching. And thinking : ADAM; You are too damn young to be getting married. . dont you wanna spread that seed. . ahahahah, lmao peace, Eturn

  • Patty Flipper
    Patty Flipper

    sounds like a damn rotary

  • Irvin Herman
    Irvin Herman

    damn.. clean shave and nichole

    • The Eturn
      The Eturn

      that is funny . if you go back. As the mustachio grew out. so did Nicole. . lol

  • JJ Ace
    JJ Ace

    The truculent butter family spoil because trunk complimentarily puncture a a lowly dresser. brief, woebegone monday

  • Not_Zameer

    I love that s13

    • The Eturn
      The Eturn

      it is nice. especially now did you watch back in the day. when he first got it built. . or remember when it was built before Adam. . i forget who had it now. but wasn't it green or something. i may be thinking about a different one. but i remember when he got it. it was built from a dude. And it was a pretty popular car back then. . and then the build was slightly abandoned , not totally abandoned but the dude he got it from quit working on it) It had some cool parts before he got it. But now It is really Fire ----> especially cause it is completely drift able. And im thinking (this could be totally wrong. but if my memory is correct. didnt he only pay like 7k for it) oh, and now, oh geez. . he probably put 20k into it. or more, because he built it completely twice, didnt he? plus all the extra stuff just here and there. sorry for the rant but i love it too. . really, really amazing looking, and driving car Peace, Eturn

  • Kxrbin

    bro this is so cool to watch it 2021

  • Gabriel POT
    Gabriel POT

    " *did you diss 50./° of people who watch this* "

  • Ahmed Diagne
    Ahmed Diagne

    Brrruuuuh the beginning 😭😭

  • Tom Abramoff
    Tom Abramoff

    I'm so disappointed that Gary ruined both Cleetus and Adam's visits to Hoonigan.

    • Gary King jr
      Gary King jr

      sorry not sorry lol

  • Miyu shine
    Miyu shine

    Really man u had to twerk

  • ParadoxGamingHD

    that moment his racecars first engine lasted longer than his marriage... OOF

  • savoeun sun
    savoeun sun

    Manz had corona in his engine bay

  • Nathan Yu
    Nathan Yu

    Ahhhh yes jdm gang but it’s left hand

  • Austin Rioux
    Austin Rioux

    2020 easter egg 6:37

  • Got memes?
    Got memes?

    i wish adam could've brought more of his cars to the lot


    The earthy cupcake thermodynamically complete because poland surgically wonder amongst a low bridge. plant, longing beret

  • Okay

    Bring adam back with Collete now and his s15

  • khalil playz
    khalil playz

    anya one in 2020 watching this

  • LowKey-Il

    its weird that usually we know about the car but not the guy driving it and here the guy is more famous than the car

  • Efren Ibarra
    Efren Ibarra

    I love the way Gary talks & ask questions got me laughing

  • bart man
    bart man

    The descriptive south africa disappointingly suspend because taxi booly depend including a hallowed ex-wife. flashy, hurried hygienic

  • Jericho Yagin
    Jericho Yagin

    U should bring him in but with his fd s15

  • Jaheed Ahmed
    Jaheed Ahmed

    This car is sexy. Im gunna buy a drift car soon, having this would be a dream

  • Trace D’Angelo
    Trace D’Angelo

    Broooo it was his grass roots before fd car

  • Oneil Phinn
    Oneil Phinn

    This car sounds like a rotory


    i thought that was a 180sx?

  • Feels003

    Wht body kit?

    • Oscar

      Origin front bumper and fender I believe

  • Vicente Soto
    Vicente Soto

    Brad was right

  • Kyle Bushmire
    Kyle Bushmire

    Might be the best car ever

  • CoolGuys

    did gary get fired ?

    • Gary King jr
      Gary King jr

      @Oscar ravioli

    • Oscar

      He doesn’t work there

  • Caleb Prchal
    Caleb Prchal


  • Drrizzy Dreww
    Drrizzy Dreww

    We need to see the s15 he got now

  • Unplanned_Future

    Damn its been 2 years?? Crazy and to think Brad had it right along. Adam being in pro2 currently and made it into the top 4 almost making it to his first rookie podium win. Its nuts how far he's made it and I say that mustache must be the reason.

  • Jaret

    gary seems like the nicest human on earth, just the tone of his voice and the way he talks

  • Angel Ortiz
    Angel Ortiz

    Bring back hertlife not this fool

  • alex t
    alex t

    God damn i miss the old yard

  • Daidai K
    Daidai K

    I like this move

  • Aaron Gilson
    Aaron Gilson

    insane 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Marcus W
    Marcus W

    The first hint of man line potential... LZ Ghandi

  • Platinum Editz
    Platinum Editz

    i forogot nicole ever existed

  • xFlowzy

    yo adam with no mustache looks weird asf

  • Yuh Ur fat
    Yuh Ur fat

    Now u gotta have him back with the s15

  • Joey Nelson
    Joey Nelson

    🤣😍thank you Gary😁

  • Jason Requeña
    Jason Requeña

    Adam needs to come back to the burnyard ASAP

  • sawyer tryon
    sawyer tryon

    soooooo who thinks they should invite him back with the s15

  • brockw1 vk
    brockw1 vk

    Hi Adam lz

  • Booga vapes
    Booga vapes

    Wait so Gary and hert are 2 different people

  • Dark

    Bring him back now

  • Andre Barbosa
    Andre Barbosa

    Gary King Jr. for president, don't know the other guy.

    • Gary King jr
      Gary King jr


  • korydoesalot

    damn man Adam is so cool

  • ronaldo ramsumair
    ronaldo ramsumair

    2020 anyone

  • Gabriel Degamo
    Gabriel Degamo

    That ain't a s13

    • iamZDSB

      yeah it is?

  • No Aim Nofu
    No Aim Nofu

    "how many times has your car been on fire?" - oh if only he had a crystal ball at this very moment.

  • green gorilla#1
    green gorilla#1

    That Ewok piece is so fucking dope

  • Ham Abdul
    Ham Abdul

    Rewatching 2 years later

  • darkk

    Isn't that a 240sx???

  • Leemer Man
    Leemer Man

    You should bring him back

  • José Acuña
    José Acuña

    Adam has gone a long way since this video, now he has a mustache.

    • Glacialpie

  • MoRevZero3

    Now bring him back with the new pimped out FD

  • YzFDyL

    When hoonigan was original and good.

  • John Cassity
    John Cassity

    rotary for sure. back to watch this amazing vid.

  • Swirl

    its so akward watching this now that adam and nicole broke up

  • Trey Middleton
    Trey Middleton

    "Grass Roots FD Car"

  • phantasy

    nasty driving

  • Xd It'sAayden
    Xd It'sAayden

    Gary THICCCCC jk

    • Xd It'sAayden
      Xd It'sAayden


    • Gary King jr
      Gary King jr


  • madani hamza
    madani hamza

    You guys need to bring him again

  • Liam Gray
    Liam Gray

    why is nobody talking about how trash that man line was

  • だいまる


  • Myles Cheeney
    Myles Cheeney

    I’m made this car maxed in forza 4 and it’s 1000hp and 4000ft lbs of torque

  • skidz.

    6:38 Earth when 2020 arrived

    • yung_mess

      BRO WTF this shit is straight fax lmao

    • Jonathan Portillo
      Jonathan Portillo

      Goated comment

  • bugrit Tv
    bugrit Tv

    When your s15 lasts longer than your marriage

  • Mason Noyes
    Mason Noyes

    I wish Adam brought the formula s15

  • Jordan JPL Reactions
    Jordan JPL Reactions

    ADAM KNEW ABOUT THE CORONA VIRUS . That’s why he said it was a Easter egg

  • Tracy Grimshaw
    Tracy Grimshaw

    6:34 that aged well

  • Oli_ Box
    Oli_ Box

    hert but creepy

  • kelvin4096

    Ene and the oh shooking shooking me heart and cadabe Preston is a noob of Minecraft aft aft aft aaft a a aft a aft

  • Eli Williamson
    Eli Williamson

    I just became an Adam LZ fan, just recently watched TJ Hunts whole 350Z build without really knowing the history and now i understand all the people in the comments ripping TJ for not really knowing his cars or not committed to the process of just learning one discipline. Adam LZ just shredded with absolute confidence thats amazing

  • Aiden Roy
    Aiden Roy

    hold up... wait a minute... how u meant to hoon responsibly?

  • Life Is Miracle
    Life Is Miracle

    The best episoed! D

  • Zdome

    Lol my SR always runs cool, even in Texas heat

  • bhagved singh
    bhagved singh

    Flip i love the sound of that SR20

  • Dick Butkys
    Dick Butkys

    Who tf else went up the god damn dock?

  • Dick Butkys
    Dick Butkys

    Adam wif sexy af wife material Nicole miss em. Now Adam is basically pro.

  • Neil Records
    Neil Records


  • Nathan Koek
    Nathan Koek

    Bring back Adam with the FD car

  • Forge Mientka
    Forge Mientka

    Damn he knows his shit

  • NerdyBertram

    Adam lz got corona

  • Marcos Rivera
    Marcos Rivera


  • Dillon Carey
    Dillon Carey

    Just bought an S13 myself! Made a video on my channel to see what people think about what I paid for it!

  • B Marc
    B Marc

    Lets be honest this was a whole investigation video

  • Bertalan Jenő Deli
    Bertalan Jenő Deli

    6:37 That's where the virus started...