GMEBE Bandz - "Gummo Remix" (Official Music Video)
EBE Bandz - "Gummo Remix" (4K Official Video)
Shot By - P Dot Films
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  • No More Heroes
    No More Heroes

    "Get you wacked right on yo block, crop photoshopped." This remix goes crazy!💯

    • GDGartists

      Slept on music video with me and Bandz on my page “Pray To God”

    • HedgeHogger 710
      HedgeHogger 710

      ICY K DAGOAT you goofy af

    • strongocho

      he is the one who got whacked....

    • Mike

      SONNY DIGTIALSPICY and I just peeped you said get dex boi get your ass on with that bull shit dex repeats a chorus containing 5 words every song the whole song bro he ass he has no skill whatsoever he just makes party songs they have no substance or bars.

    • Mike

      SONNY DIGTIALSPICY how can anyone be a wanna be slim Jesus don't nobody wanna be that clown ass trash ass nigga ebe bands actually got bars you sounding kinda racist if you ask me. Hater.

  • Extroverted When You Make Me Comfortable
    Extroverted When You Make Me Comfortable

    was bandz throwing rakes at the end???

  • alan smith
    alan smith

    Ya diiggg

  • Carter Santos
    Carter Santos

    Rest In Power

  • Prynce Aaron
    Prynce Aaron

    Rest in peace to a young chicago under rated wts man... He brought diversity and itillect and heavy bars. Rest In peace and viva la chi

  • Tyvon MahoneyYT
    Tyvon MahoneyYT

    Man it sucks that I knew you for this song then 2 years later I find out someone murdered you man rip🙏being a rapper really is the most dangerous job these days

  • Connor Hyatt
    Connor Hyatt



    Took it back 6 times!!!🔥🔥🔥❄❄❄


    Too much!!!!!🌡🔥🔥🔥❄❄❄

  • SERGje - csgo videos
    SERGje - csgo videos

    way better than the original

  • Johnpaul Swim
    Johnpaul Swim

    I miss you bro fr rip billy da kid

  • GMB


  • Rider Flame
    Rider Flame

    Rip 🙏

  • Dylan Marx
    Dylan Marx


  • Fearless Kidd911
    Fearless Kidd911

    Those bape bottoms 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • jb savage
    jb savage

    2020 still hardest gummoremix R.I.P.

  • GDGartists

    Slept on music video with me and Bandz on my page “Pray To God”

  • Art 797
    Art 797

    "I'm from Chiraq we don't do milly rock we like to glizzy pop, let that 40 make diddy bop ur wifey is a thot, give me top" 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Angel Trejo
    Angel Trejo

    The coldest white boy rest in paradise🙏

  • WizTokyo


  • Anthony Trujillo
    Anthony Trujillo


  • Master-n-Teach Virgo
    Master-n-Teach Virgo

    Robbing was my sport🤷

  • Stan


  • Zay Monroe
    Zay Monroe

    His def dont sit right was wierd asf

  • Chad McFly
    Chad McFly

    Wasn’t really into rap/hip hop but something about bandz music was captivating. Still can’t believe you gone big homie, we missed out on a lot of bangers. Rip Bandz.

  • Shawn Ulrich
    Shawn Ulrich

    Hard to believe surrounded by real ones he gets murked by two nerds

    • getstrongby40


  • not a goofy
    not a goofy

    Should stay with gmebe dam shame RIP 🙏

  • Shaun Hughes
    Shaun Hughes

    Nobody went harder on gummo 💯 ima run this up to a milli even if I gotta do it myself. Rip Billy

  • easy money
    easy money


  • Hunter Benoit
    Hunter Benoit

    I needa score I’ll kick yo door 🐐 RIP💯

  • J MO
    J MO

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 White Boy Got Murked By The White Boy 🤣🤣🤣 Not Gangsta At All LMAO

    • alan.14242

      @Rice n Beans 1 was Mexican and the other was a white rican

    • Rice n Beans
      Rice n Beans

      He got killed by Mexicans tf you talkin about?

  • Anthony Arcanum Sanctum Regnum
    Anthony Arcanum Sanctum Regnum

    He wasn't that real a couple of bullets killed him, real tough guys survive getting shot

    • Rice n Beans
      Rice n Beans

      He didnt even get shot

  • Kody with a K
    Kody with a K

    "When i shoot that bitch just shake" 🔥🔥🔥

  • Jose luis Jimenez
    Jose luis Jimenez

    Lol he got caught in they smokedk his gkoofy azz

  • Jose luis Jimenez
    Jose luis Jimenez

    Didn't he change his name to ebe bandz to ebe ghost cant see him lol fuck this goofy got that smoke crown shyt 360 shit fuck the opps ebek

  • yualmer

    rest up broski, they did you fucking dirty they really violated u like dat

  • Loso Flyy
    Loso Flyy

    Bandz Beat . Fuck a Rat ... Chicago .

  • Devin Mitchell
    Devin Mitchell

    I ain’t play no football at the school cus robbin was my sport I ain’t hooping on the court I’m out here snoopin by the store.... that hit me no🧢 fly high brother🙏🏻🤞🏻💙🕊

  • Connor Hyatt
    Connor Hyatt


  • faith reynolds
    faith reynolds

    He really gone?


    Damn that old sayin is so TRUE. "Live by the sword, Die by the sword" #RIP

  • costanza7117

    what happened to 30shot rico, he isn't in the circles vids anymore

  • 50Shot DiddyBop
    50Shot DiddyBop


  • DoloPaid

    COLDEST white boy EVEVA

  • tiny360

    RIP, guy was sick

  • The Mourning
    The Mourning

    Real Rap Devil on gang

  • 50Shot DiddyBop
    50Shot DiddyBop


  • Cameron Basdeo
    Cameron Basdeo


  • SonOfMars

    RIP bandz

  • Carryin

    Rip bro nigga was hard af🌀

  • Sadallas Woolfolk
    Sadallas Woolfolk

    R.i.p to a talented legend bandz♡

  • Andrew Le
    Andrew Le

    Rip ebe!!!!!

  • easy money
    easy money

    Thinking about you today my boy😓💔

  • Sadallas Woolfolk
    Sadallas Woolfolk

    Rest in paradise bandz you'll be missed so much.♡♡♡♡

  • T Dogg
    T Dogg

    Dude looked like a lesbian.

  • Victor Knows All
    Victor Knows All

    Get this to 1m asap rip bands 💯💯🔥🔥do it for him

  • Eric Roberts
    Eric Roberts

    My blick hol 50 when I shoot that bitch it shake

  • Gzuz 187
    Gzuz 187

    Lets get this shit to 1M!!! For Billy(GMEBE Bandz) Glory🚦🚦🚦🚦🚦🗿 All goooooo


    He always snapped.

  • ScrewGang LB
    ScrewGang LB

    Wtf is shorty wit the braces name he use to rap

  • Alana Caro
    Alana Caro

    So who is this licensed too then? Read the description

  • brian jackson
    brian jackson

    We dont Twitter beef we leave that shit up to the whores , nun but in the county eating noodles with the fork on that over east shit imma beast bitch

  • Matthew Castro
    Matthew Castro

    Used to bump this in 2017, not even knowing who this guy is... now he’s dead smh

  • teaumaz

    ffs rip bro shits fucked up

  • kruals *
    kruals *

    Rip Bro 🥺

  • easy money
    easy money

    you cross my mind a lot bro rest easy my boy ❤️🙏🏻

  • P Johnson
    P Johnson

    Damn dis krazy.. After all dis nd im still fuCked up off diz shit.. *R.I.P.* 🙏 *EBE BANDZ* 💰 A REAL NIGGA☝ FROM *PROVCITY* 🌊🌊 #401 WILL NEVER FORGET THIS YOUNG MAN.. Fukked up kuz I been fuCkin wit bro but atleast he kan Live Forever Thru His Musik.. My condolences to his family💯💯

  • T Dogg
    T Dogg

    Dude looks like a lesbian.

  • T MNF
    T MNF


  • J D
    J D

    Long Live Bandz

  • not a goofy
    not a goofy

    Rippppp bandz 🔩😭

  • Mr Martin
    Mr Martin

    Dude was getting 🥵 hot. R.I..P Bandz

  • SlicDouble 0
    SlicDouble 0

    Rest Up Bandz🙏

  • TheSolePurpose

    It don’t matter what you are, we all live in this fucked up world. RIP bro, rest easy man

  • Rafael Aguilar
    Rafael Aguilar

    They did this man dirty man SMH RIP gmebe bands

  • Moses Mugabi
    Moses Mugabi

    Rest in peace billy man grew up listening to bro🖤 I'm from chriq we don't do Milly Rock

  • Angel Mattei
    Angel Mattei

    Rest in peace

  • U Work 4 Me Now
    U Work 4 Me Now

    Gone now. Too much cappin

  • Albertooo Mtz
    Albertooo Mtz

    Bandz how you let dem goofies take you out the game like that 😞

    • Richard Ouellette
      Richard Ouellette

      Foe Nem one of them was his good homies and he trusted him so they got him from behind with a baseball bat when he wasn’t expecting it. Pretty fucked up bro you already know bandz would of been shooting them rounds if he knew what they was scheming. Can’t trust anybody these days. #longlivebandz

  • liftedmitten420 2.0
    liftedmitten420 2.0

    Rip billythekid I’m still bumping yo shit ever day

  • 1stClassWeirdos 206
    1stClassWeirdos 206

    RIP Billy Da Kid

  • J D
    J D

    Ebe bandz & lil mister big losses in drill this year R.I.P Both

  • 115 Rodney
    115 Rodney

    I hate he died....i been watchin white moe since 2012

  • BlueC

    You kno we bump dis instead of snitch9 R.i.p. Bandz

  • Vance Warthen
    Vance Warthen

    Rip Gmebebandz 🙏


    Dam shame how they did this young man. Smh 🤦🏽‍♂️ rip ☄️🌦✨

  • Mula


  • Savage

    Rip Bandz😢😢

  • swisha sweets98
    swisha sweets98

    Who else been rockin w white boi since demons? N Not just cuz he died

  • swisha sweets98
    swisha sweets98

    Man this nigga had such a clean ass flow RIP

  • Bangger Alert
    Bangger Alert

    RIP bandz

  • Lxrd Breezy
    Lxrd Breezy

    Rest Up!

  • Burner Account
    Burner Account

    Rip 🤞🏾

  • alfredthagoat

    RIP 🙏🏼 jamming him since 7th grade

    • -Alley Cat-
      -Alley Cat-

      @Swiss Richgyy I was listening to him since 2015 around 7th grade now I'm 17 almost 18

    • Glo J Skippson
      Glo J Skippson

      @Maltese Richgyy 😂😂😂

  • BrickBoyy Bo
    BrickBoyy Bo

    Rip Bandz

  • Dahighest 513
    Dahighest 513

    Rip bro

  • Aflex1481

    Are those Spanish dudes he's with in this vid Rockford boyz?

    • Aflex1481

      @swisha sweets98 Okok. RestUp!

    • swisha sweets98
      swisha sweets98

      Aflex1481 no that’s Chicago rite there


    rest will aka billy bandz

  • arogan131

    Rest in Power man

  • Jay Alvarez
    Jay Alvarez