Gaming with Another Girl to see How my Girlfriend Reacts!
I pretended to be gaming with a girl who I was also flirting with to see how my girlfriend Kaelyn reacts.. She wasn't too happy!
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      Done ✅ saw your collab with Dhar man loved it

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      Og vibezz

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      Kelly Lucero

      That’s was such an awesome video but the end made it freaking funny and you need to prank again! Kaylen I love your reaction!!!!! Girl power

  • Luna Lunatic
    Luna Lunatic

    3:24 HAHAHA he said driving home but he's legit in their backyard lolololol

  • Luna Lunatic
    Luna Lunatic

    3:20 if thats not the most 1950's "scary movie" scream, idk what is

  • тєє.

    "grisbigreem" 💔😂😂

  • Yawar Sherwani
    Yawar Sherwani

    We call it marsdis to i swear we call a g wagon g klas im sorry im kurdish

  • salaschely

    Kaylen be like 👁️💧👄💧👁️

  • Roberto Ramirez
    Roberto Ramirez

    Kaelyn from Aphmau or your Kaelyn?

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    Anna Peoples

    I love you rug

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    Adrii Journey

    You need to do more prank videos on her😭😭

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    Beatriz Chavez

    Hey faze rug don’t even worry about it and always remember being shy is a super power you even said it

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    I got addicted 🥴🥰 I'm here in Kuwait but I'm a Filipino fan🥰

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    Marcadis or mecedes

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    CJ III

    Kaelyn scared to lose u cause she a gold digger no cap 🤷🏽‍♂️💯

  • CJ III
    CJ III

    Girls be so insecure it’s annoying asf like rug is supplying u a multimillion dollar mansion and birkin bags but u worried about him talking to a gamer girl tf 🙄🙄😑🤦🏽

  • Sara and her bffs
    Sara and her bffs

    In the beginning Kaelyn straight up mocking Brian 😆😆😆 for 4 straight minutes

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    Hello, FaZe Rug I’m CorinnaKitty858

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    Yo Joaquín Is My Name!!!!

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    You should prank your parents that someone stole Bosley

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    bro even i was scared

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    Khushboo Creations

    Lol I literally died

  • Many Horses
    Many Horses

    It's all good I still get nervous as well still doing my intro for my Ghost Hunting episodes lol. So I know the pain.

  • Heidi Williams
    Heidi Williams

    Great video Rug!!!


    Uhh rug have a question is kaylen your ex I have seen you have been seeing ex gf

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    Why now am I understanding how kind Mr. rug is like bruh.

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    Julian Bercun

    Faze Rug is the best UZloadr ever that prank was hilarious😂

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    She wanted to murder u😭

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    Isabel Manzo

    i still cant believe i used to watch his gaming videos i know faze rug is not gonna look at this comment but its just cool how far you have gone in life

  • Lulu Aljasser
    Lulu Aljasser

    Didn’t they brake up

  • Gabriel Cooley
    Gabriel Cooley

    how not to pay for the drinks: tip the workers 100 bucks and thell forget

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  • Simplify

    She’s scarier then ty’s rage monster from dude perfect

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    Bro pls dm me I’m trying to win a PS5 cus my PS4 broke and we don’t have enough to repair pls pls pls dm me my insta is : merge_Avi pls hit me up

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    Yo my name is actually Joaquin

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    mwa minecraft with adi

    I pull up a lambo

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    It’s ok to be nervous dharr man

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    Your dad is from india So IS MINE

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    Faze rug is so cool

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    Yo you are my fav UZload er you are the bast

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    Mr sponeous

    Katelyn got frekin mad 😂

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    Elite Releases

    The nasty sunflower phytochemically instruct because drink normally untidy alongside a recondite intestine. ossified, rich cut


    this is so funny papa rug 😂😂😂😂

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    Oscar Char

    It’s archly ment to be avacado

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    Jose Bojorquez

    Hello FaZe rug what is up but I want to make sure every body likes👍, subscribes, and comments, and also shares love all I pray for you guys 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🥳🥳🥳🥳😇😇😇😷😷😷👍👍👍👍

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    Jay L. K. Sheppard

    Yo, I found you through Dhar Mann. Your vids are awesome!

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      Vlogs From The 6

      @Jay L. K. Sheppard thanks so much bro hope you enjoy the content!

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      Vlogs From The 6

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    At 3:23 it looks like they're using a green screen

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      Vlogs From The 6

      i subbed and liked but not allowing me to comment on ur videos

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      i will sub to you bro

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    😂 papa rug is so funny I love him 😂

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      Vlogs From The 6

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    faze rug really makes me laugh 😅😅

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    CEC VA

    6:00 I’m dieing

  • Mikah Duran
    Mikah Duran

    Don't die rug 🤣

  • Philip Guzman
    Philip Guzman

    I want more of papa rug saying English words that relaxes me and I have a fun time with it as well faze rug


    When they were Doing that part with papa rug the first they did him dirty. 😭😂

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  • Yung Mackin
    Yung Mackin

    he said hom burger

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    Javed Walters

    don't give kaelyn a heart attack

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    Can you add me my name is Ocean-fighter 21

  • funny moments
    funny moments

    She's like "nahhh he's mine so don't even go there imma beat you up"

  • funny moments
    funny moments

    Bahaha I can't she bought a whole desk

  • Ty Pesquinhas
    Ty Pesquinhas

    faze rug just felt soo bad beating people in rock paper Scissors the fact that he is soo happy giving away money (:

  • lowfacs

    he,s dad tooks with a little dutch accent

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    Done with Instagram and email

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    Landinn Porterfield

    They are the cutest UZload couple

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    “You made me die” “GOOD”😂😂😂

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    MAHAMED Mohamood

    OOOO YOU DED boy

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    Ryan emad

    I love yes video

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    Ryan emad

    This video

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    Scorpion Dnt

    We gone a long way 🙏 💯 hope you stay well and safe it just fells weird we gone a long way

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    Brian Ortega

    Prank keylen more

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    Oscar Jr Fernandez

    This was cringe ngl 😐

  • Likhita Nakka
    Likhita Nakka

    12:05 haha

  • Ashley Arevalo
    Ashley Arevalo

    Papa rug is the funniest person ever !

  • 65rtyu YT
    65rtyu YT

    Kaelyn is the jealous type i mean having his location on is extreme.........

  • 65rtyu YT
    65rtyu YT

    I mean even though you are in a relationship it doesn't mean that you can't hang out as friends

  • 65rtyu YT
    65rtyu YT

    Kaelyn is the crazy type.....

  • WoddleWoddle

    Kaylen was like 👁👄👁 2 sec ltr: 🔪👿🗡

  • jonathan sayag
    jonathan sayag

    12:08 bro i tought i was in joined my class

  • Dustin Castellanos
    Dustin Castellanos

    I'm not gone cap i think you should set boundaries and let her know that she's not your mom.

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    Jasper McHugh

    I love the vlogs

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  • Creamy Sauce
    Creamy Sauce

    If UZload cleaned up it’s own bot and ghost accounts, I bet you money a lot of these “creators” and “streamers” would drop subscribers by 55-75%

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    Bekim Cacaj

    164k Welcome to my room and I like your videos love you

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    Fun Vlog

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    Samantha Martinez

    Kaylen is so cute 😍😍

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    Samantha Martinez

    So cute together 😍😍🥰💕

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    I bet her mum took the money

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    Has appeared

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  • Zw0rd

    Meh were the 2016 through 2018 content was way better than 2019-2021 is just cringe and kinda lame

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    Asian TOdd

    I hate his vlogs but do whatever you want

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    Fangtabulously Bella

    Is Kaylen half latina 😂

  • Fangtabulously Bella
    Fangtabulously Bella

    Sus rug....🤔

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