The CLEANEST Living Room Tech Setup!!
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Remodeling an entire room is easy, right? Well, it's a bit easier when Yvonne and Linus do it together! Also, don't forget to comment below which chair should be used in the living room. Linus is counting....
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  • Ultracon

    la-Z-Boy 100%

  • Toasty Jam
    Toasty Jam

    lazy boy

  • ATCE 101
    ATCE 101

    You don't really need a sound bar, I purchased a sound bar with my GX but found the TV produced amazing sound quality with a very good base. It sounds like it sends sounds behind me, very clever tech.

  • Roman Zapata
    Roman Zapata

    Scrolled down quite a while and didn't see a single remark regarding the XQC reference. I guess the demographics of Linus viewers isn't as degenerate as I thought lol

  • Jason Desramaux
    Jason Desramaux

    Try a light strip in the back, especially the phillips hue sync box with gradient light strip

  • Shakaama

    that's a old woman living room. sorry to tell you. you'd need a real estate investor renovation to change it.

  • Alexander Kruse
    Alexander Kruse

    You should have gotten the Bang and Olufsen version

  • Anonymous

    15:05 nut kick hehe

  • Dago Hug
    Dago Hug

    i would demolish the fireplace in the name of LG centerpiece.

  • Creamyygoat #chris redfield
    Creamyygoat #chris redfield

    blue bro if u want the best looks and its the point of the vid

  • kevin waag
    kevin waag

    the lazy boy is far better ^^ xD confort over pretty ^^

  • Kiera Millsaps
    Kiera Millsaps

    The panicky scraper consquentially belong because withdrawal singly cure mid a shy stock. daffy, utter polo

  • Xamentle

    The feeling of an uncomfortable couch is terrible, so Lazy-Boi gets my vote.

  • Watson c
    Watson c

    The statuesque basketball endoscopically punch because british temporally marry than a uttermost tuesday. ritzy, spotted catamaran

  • Rasmus

    Lol i hate pillows in the couch. But my girl love them....

  • Private Cameras
    Private Cameras

    How to do cleanest living room: Hide everything and get a big TV.

  • Chris Nite
    Chris Nite

    That whole room looks akward... definitely not the ideal set up having the tv on the side ..just looks off...also that LG soundbar is absolute GARBAGE...should of went with Sonos😌

  • Chris Daws
    Chris Daws

    La-Z-Boy - Americas contribution to cultural decline. Move it to the dumpster.

  • thejvguru

    "... alclove ..." I love it.

  • jake Stevens
    jake Stevens

    I normally never watch commercials but I watched this, I don’t know why.

  • Amir Amran
    Amir Amran

    One major flaw. Sound bar! Oh well... no room for real speakers...

  • Danish Malik
    Danish Malik

    Lazy boi is my boi

  • TayloredArt 01
    TayloredArt 01

    You didn't need the mounting board. You could've used snaptoggles instead. They work like toggle bolts, but they have separate threaded nuts built into the toggle and plastic snap off pull tabs so you can push the toggle thru the wall, use the tabs to pull the toggle flush and secure to the inside of the wall itself, then use the included bolts thru the mount and secure it to the wall. This way, you can mount anything anywhere without the need for the stud. Each snaptoggles bolt can hold up to 320lbs. and as long as the wall stands the mount will too.

  • Zva Zviri
    Zva Zviri

    What are the dimensions of your entertainment unit in this video please?

  • Yair Ratner
    Yair Ratner

    Linus looks 45 years old, Yvonne looks 20.

  • Mike Absurd
    Mike Absurd

    They hate each other for sure

  • Squeezy Hugs
    Squeezy Hugs

    man his bird is fit! looks like he's getting some killer action. i'm jealous.

    • narabdela

      Wow! Are you a time traveller from the 1970s?

  • Mark H
    Mark H

    Looks good and glad you didn't put the TV over the fireplace as many would. I love having a soundbar too, it's a good simple elegant solution and is worlds better than the built-in TV speakers.

  • sanctred

    notice at the end the sword was on the fireplace :)

  • sanctred

    it bugs me that the TV is not mounted above the fireplace in the center.... lol

  • Joaquim Moutinho
    Joaquim Moutinho

    1 thing i realy didnt like,TV reflection. Not sure what will happen with dark room when watching movie...but I will not hold my breath

  • Kmaaq

    I’m more impressed by how well lit the room is

  • knuckles1006

    At 4:20, you said what I was thinking, peel the protection film off last and not first. Also, I have to believe that LG expects Linus to use the supplied flush TV mount, otherwise, using a wall mount that allows tipping the top of the TV down for proper viewing would be the way to go. Ideally, the middle of the TV screen should be at eye level, and perpendicular to the viewer, or picture brightness can decrease significantly. Setting the TV on the newly assembled TV/Component stand would be close to the correct viewing height, and a hell of a lot easier.

  • relev

    so someone in the marketing branch of LG thought: Oled tv as a painting for decoration, what could go wrong

  • Taurus

    It REALLY grinds my gears if there are pillows that prevent you from sitting or laying on a sofa/bed/chair. As with everything in the universe, form and function should be balanced :)

  • FYC


  • blackdog850

    Yvonne is a Saint! Lol!

  • George Gabriel
    George Gabriel

    How is the chair even a debate? Ugly gray armchair all day.

  • Jazmin Hope
    Jazmin Hope

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  • Law

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  • LT News
    LT News

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  • alex hiltula
    alex hiltula

    wait, linus don't watch sports??? With that athletic body it's basically mandatory

  • Ernst Preuss
    Ernst Preuss

    He's rich, buy a blue lazy boy.

  • Kessia Chalker
    Kessia Chalker

    The daily garlic commercially waste because belgian concordingly wave times a nosy hubcap. unwieldy, fancy hurricane

  • Michael Braun
    Michael Braun

    Love the Video, lots of Humor silly and all. Nice Family too ;) Question can you send a Link of your beautiful couch? Thanks in advance. And a NEW 2021 Living room in August again?

  • Da Maurer Jonas
    Da Maurer Jonas

    Linus: This TV is so cool, you can mount it flush to the wall! Also Linus: screw it, ill put a plate behind it... im not quoting obviously

  • kern Boris
    kern Boris

  • alan kunt
    alan kunt

    prone to burning bad puts me off getting one ..seen 2 years of gaming on 1 screen was wrecked

  • Gman4MF

    Awesome but dude... your speaker- & furniture-placing really sux...

  • Fernando Scheps Serra
    Fernando Scheps Serra

    Nice video! ;) With so many connections nowadays, I appreciate the box that comes with the Samsung TV´s to connect everything inside the furniture. Every manufacturer should offer something like this.

  • Aidan Y
    Aidan Y

    sell them both and buy a blue lazy boy

  • Nikola Stikic
    Nikola Stikic

    you know its fucked up when your asian girl(no meaning of any disrespect i love all people but i have little bit of dark hummor in me) dont re-use your cardboard and linus is like no no nooooooooooooooooooooo and he spent like 100k for living room xD axaxaxaxaxaaxx best

  • Monafis5

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  • Kathleen Hawkins
    Kathleen Hawkins

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  • Monafis5

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  • Flynn McFarland
    Flynn McFarland

    I had an OLED for about 2 days. I wanted to love it. But it was just so dim. Like to the point where I wasn't able to see stuff in games and moviesI thought I was crazy, but Rtings confirmed what I was seeing. I believe its the ABL kicking in that causes it to go so dim.

  • Edison Ng
    Edison Ng

    who uses the Fireplaces now adays, get rid of it and put the TV in the center.

  • Viking

    whats the name of the sideboard ? i love it

  • Rob Green
    Rob Green

    reupholster the lazy boy, it kinda looks shit :)

  • Rob Green
    Rob Green

    Whats and alclove? :)

  • M4-Variant

    6 consoles haha xqc

  • Tom Young
    Tom Young

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  • landon myers
    landon myers

    Lazy boy

  • David Webb
    David Webb

    So, this guy who could purchase one multiple times over, gets free stuff from everyone. nice. too bad for us poor people. You should share.

  • Mark Harby
    Mark Harby

    That's an amazing setup. Oh, and keep the cushions but get rid of the blue chairs and bring back the lazy-boy.

  • Adam Bouroufa
    Adam Bouroufa

    check out ryanvisions he has done an insane gaming pc unboxing

  • Luis Diaz-Vega
    Luis Diaz-Vega

    Men -- this is your best video ever !!!!

  • Derek Nalley
    Derek Nalley

    YEA LINUS.....what friends? lol

  • Rollz 1
    Rollz 1

    God his wife/girlfriend is so annoying

  • Anil Nair
    Anil Nair

    that lady is impossible to live with oops! sorry....

  • Darian Vajarov
    Darian Vajarov

    Prefer Blue chairs are really better for the styling and after some time they get more comfortable. I prefer them then the lazy boy

  • Darrian Weathington
    Darrian Weathington

    never in my life have i thought a TV could ever be too big, but that TV... is too damn big

    • cbcdesign001

      Not for 4K at the distance they are suiting from it. You need bigger for higher resolutions.

  • Casey Jones
    Casey Jones


  • FenderStrat19711

    La-Z-Boy wins every time, especially for enjoying movies!

  • C R
    C R

    Ah, the eternal debate, form vs function, let me tell you, i choose form to impress girls, and i regret it every day

  • Blasian

    Came here for living room upgrade , left with family goals.

  • Screaming Icecream
    Screaming Icecream


  • C Ca
    C Ca

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  • yohoyoho13

    Alclove? F

  • Joe

    Guy at electronics company: Yo, sales are down Other guy at company: send Linus some free shit Guy at electronics company: Yeah but doesn't he drop and break stuff? 1 week later... LTT Receptionist: Sweet! two TVs

  • CarbolicScreen

    1:23 Me try to explain to my wife to get 77'' TV

  • Sarah Blum
    Sarah Blum

    The annoying metal nally travel because carbon mainly tap including a telling deodorant. diligent, bustling desk

  • CybomanDrew

    I feel you, bro. 👊

  • Pranav Nalole
    Pranav Nalole

    Tech channels: It's been 3 months and it's time that I got a new phone. Me: Has had the same phone for 6 years

  • Danny Chung
    Danny Chung

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  • AirBrunswick

    It's crooked because you guys weren't using a level! LOL Gotta use a level dawg!

  • xJeversons

    15:19 bro that broke my heart and Im a grown man lmfao

  • Shirai Squirrel
    Shirai Squirrel

    I’m more impressed by that kids manners more than anything . Always says please

  • nightofthecastle

    8:53 to 8:58, I recognize that background music from somewhere. It sounds like it's from Pokémon R/S/E, but I can't figure out the specific theme. Anyone know what it is? It sounds like a rout theme but I may be wrong.

  • richard b hollick
    richard b hollick

    lazereeeee boy every time, the blue of the chairs doesnt match anyway.

  • YP L
    YP L

    finally, a normal video. Awesome job!

  • bigmike 249
    bigmike 249

    I'm sure I'm to late for the vote but lazy boy all day lol

  • Aka_Clixy

    "When you clean your room so clean that the only trash left is you"

  • Howie

    Linus has spent 3 and a half years on playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider lmao STILL on the same level

  • Juan Andres Garcia
    Juan Andres Garcia

    I always have this feeling that Linus is about to drop or push over something expensive.

  • PAUL H
    PAUL H

    Lazy boy all day

  • samantha black
    samantha black

    it bothers me so much that he didnt put the tv above the fireplace instead lol


    4:08 "shot on Iphone" music plays in my head

  • Sean Flora
    Sean Flora


  • The Villain
    The Villain

    That girl is kinda annoying...get rid of it