Throwing PERFECTLY good parts in the TRASH!!
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Papa Dar's Jeep build continues! Today Paul builds the rear trusses and gets ready for the link set-up. This can't be done without a few hiccups along the way!! But it's getting closer to getting done!
Make sure to follow along with us as we build and fabricate cool stuff!!
More of Papa Dar's build:
Tear Down:
Rear Brakes:
Front Truss:
Front End:
Strut Installation:
Pan Hard Installation:
Cutting the jeep in half:
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  • Fab Rats
    Fab Rats


    • Benjamin Dennis
      Benjamin Dennis

      What were the specs on the tube you were using for the rear suspension?

    • Darkside Harley Girl
      Darkside Harley Girl

      Thanks i needed 2 more shirts my family stole mine just ordered TY Paul

    • joseph kopeczy
      joseph kopeczy

      you may like this idea i had a f 150 ford van the back bumper was like a storage boxs the top you lift it up if you build one put a lock on it put in a devider that mine not have its a good place to carry extra motor or trans oil the devider has to be able to hold the oil in place it case a bottle leaks put a drain plug on the bottom to drain it and wash it out make it fit over the tow hitch the other side be good for tow straps and winch

    • phantom walker
      phantom walker

      i dont see any stops/covers,in the caliper inlet..

    • Cynthia Johnson
      Cynthia Johnson


  • T Turk
    T Turk

    The worlds first YJ Unlimited

  • Joseph Sorensen
    Joseph Sorensen

    That’s a sweet shirt!!!

    • Fab Rats
      Fab Rats

      Yes it is!!😉

  • Jet Taulbee
    Jet Taulbee

    What kind of tires is that on Papa Dars jeep?

  • Joseph Wisner
    Joseph Wisner

    Low key, I let my adds run for y’all

  • Tim henson
    Tim henson

    I live in Northern California right up in the foothills you guys ever want to do a Rubicon run I live right close them in fulsome California

    • Fab Rats
      Fab Rats

      Yes! We’re planning a trip this year. 👍🏻

  • Tim henson
    Tim henson

    How do I buy a shirt where is the store to buy Always watching you guys how can I can pay you to be my guide for a few days

    • Fab Rats
      Fab Rats thanks for your support!!👍🏻

  • Ben Ortiz
    Ben Ortiz

    best chanel on you tube your awsome damn!!!

    • Fab Rats
      Fab Rats

      Thank you!! Glad you love it!!

  • fredy gump
    fredy gump

    9:35 --I think we have a winner for the world's most wobbly hole saw. (Project Binky fans know what I'm talking about!)

  • D’sDiesel

    So if you don't mind me asking Paul, how did you get into all the custom fab work, etc and what tips do you have for someone looking to do a SAS and get into custom fab work such as yourself? I'm a diesel tech by trade, did plenty of lifts, decent understanding of suspension, etc and decent welder.

  • josh l
    josh l

    Beat it to fit and paint it to match!

  • Gustavo di palma
    Gustavo di palma

    What the idea of the TMR logo to be hidden under the body

  • Michael Quinones
    Michael Quinones

    You guys keeping the stock seats? If not, can I buy the driver’s seat?

    • Fab Rats
      Fab Rats

      Its not original

  • This old skoolie
    This old skoolie

    Can't go wrong with a corporate 14.

  • R BnalY
    R BnalY

    Hey Paul. I have a 99 Jeep GC with 4.0 Rear main seal leak. Had to redo twice Still leaking. Any ideas ?

    • R BnalY
      R BnalY

      @Fab Rats Ok thanks .

    • Fab Rats
      Fab Rats

      The crank might have a wear groove on it. See if they make a speedy sleeve for it. 👍🏻

  • Chris Christensen
    Chris Christensen

    I thought she was going to say they are left because they were left on the bench (haha)

  • Brad McDonald
    Brad McDonald

    Question for you Fab Rats. With all the grinding and welding of the frame and rear end, there seems to be a lot of bare metal. Do you end up doing something to prevent rust? or is that not really an issue?

    • Brad McDonald
      Brad McDonald

      @Fab Rats Yeah, I know nothing about fabricating but still I watch you channel -- go figure. Arrived here because of Matt's channel.

    • Fab Rats
      Fab Rats

      Yeah, we’ll rattle can it.👍🏻

  • Bruce Mitchell
    Bruce Mitchell

    Hole saw trick. I drill a hole through a 3/4 inch thick piece of plywood and clamp it to what I am drilling. The hole saw does not walk when I do this and the saws last about twice as long.

  • Sandra Lutz-Rodriguez
    Sandra Lutz-Rodriguez

    coming along so well!!

  • Minion Moto
    Minion Moto

    i'm definitely addicted

  • Tucker V.
    Tucker V.

    I recently bought a 03 jeep grand cherokee with a 6in lift on it and the jeep runs great but wonders like a drinking sailor on the hiway. All the steering and suspension parts are tight so im not sure what I should do to solve this issue. What do you recommend?

    • Tucker V.
      Tucker V.

      @Fab Rats ok thanks. I just need you to fab me a whole new suspension. 🤣

    • Fab Rats
      Fab Rats

      I would say that the castor angle isn’t right. That’s where I would start looking.

  • Richard Bristow
    Richard Bristow

    What kind of pipe do you use and where do you get your heim joints

    • Richard Bristow
      Richard Bristow

      @Fab Rats thanks for answering i have a 4 link build im trying to get every thing together for

    • Fab Rats
      Fab Rats

      I’m using old drill steel and I ordered my heims from poly performance.👍🏻

  • Randy/Teri Schenck
    Randy/Teri Schenck

    I really like your down to earth work! I like how you show the best of us can mistakes and just keep building. You should be sponsor from Milwaukee

  • Andy Bush
    Andy Bush

    I never heard anyone say "I got more done than I wanted to get done" when working on a vehicle.

  • Jim Shoe
    Jim Shoe

    I just hate it when you build the perfect part and it is backwards 😠 Dar has a talent I wish I had, the ability to take a nap no matter what is going on. Getting closer 👍👍

  • Rod Drabsch
    Rod Drabsch

    Another Great Video. I have a question though: I am presuming because of all the steel in the truss there isn't any shinkage from all that welding. All the welding being on one side of the diff to warp the diff housing?? I've always been going to build myself a fixture to bolt a diff too & a Shaft through the middle to hold it square but for the minimal numbers of diffs I've done I've just tacked everything in place & had them TIG welded by someone who does use a jig (I've never done a truss by the way) All the diffs I've done have been on street cars. Any comment would be great. Cheers from Oz (Australia that is!)

    • Rod Drabsch
      Rod Drabsch

      @Fab Rats Thanks for your reply! (you know many you tubers just don't or can't reply to everyone, so I get it!) Spose I could be a little paranoid about warping a diff but I have heard stories. My current diff build is a 14 bolt FF with an Air Locker going into my old Suburban Camping truck hopefully this weekend (I dropped some wheels off to get my new 35's today, so I'm looking forward to seeing what the old girl looks like with them on. American Trucks are not very common here in Oz & even though I either import parts or have to make most of my gear for it (Alloy Bull bar & side bars, side steps, Snorkle etc etc) I love fabbing my own stuff that other can't build & I don't mind being different from the crowd of Toyotas & Nissans here. Thanks again for the reply & videos. Good Honest Fun! CHEERS!!!

    • Fab Rats
      Fab Rats

      There’s actually very little welding on the diff, most of the welding happens on the truss. And you just alternate welding so it doesn’t warp and pull. 👍🏻

  • Ted Walker
    Ted Walker


  • Derek Grießl
    Derek Grießl

    Hey Guys, i watch your chanel every little Movie. Every little Movie is very interesting. You got a nice Shop, you doing a nice Job. I wonder a little bit: You can drive this car on officialy Roads? In Germany its not allowed to weld on Axles and Steeringparts and Frames. Every two Years you have to go to an official Guy from the Goverment. He looks after your Brakes, Frames, Steeringparts and if he found something wrong or rusty or damaged you have to fix it / remove it or whatever. So, i love to watch your Films and can Dream from your Screwerhotspot. Go go go

  • stricnine69

    Using a needle scaler? Dont see those much. Also what are the antlers on the shelf from?

  • Heeman5

    The sounds of grinding and the plasma cutting puts them gently to sleep 😴 💤😂👍🏼👍🏼💪🏼

  • IFP

    I play Board games with my kids all the time love that


    Man I like how you work! I may have another project for ya (time permitting of course) I have a 96 zj with quadratrac that needs to be able to stuff 33's without cutting the fenders.... you game for it?

  • Rust To Rad
    Rust To Rad

    Great work guys!

  • The Dave
    The Dave

    I've got nothing clever, cute or funny to say but I'm continually in awe of Paul's abilities and motivation, not to mention his good natured temperament. There's no limit to what this guy can accomplish. Thanks for letting us into your world!

  • Nebraskan Assassin
    Nebraskan Assassin

    Hey brother is papa Dar your father or father in law?

    • Nebraskan Assassin
      Nebraskan Assassin

      Awesome thanks for the reply honey

    • LoraLee Cox
      LoraLee Cox

      Neither just a good friend

  • PNW RC
    PNW RC


  • brian p Hill
    brian p Hill

    You make it look easy. Dars jeep is going to be a beast. Can't wait to see

  • stapleboss

    Somebody's stackin dimes.

  • Off Road Stuff
    Off Road Stuff

    dude, i love me some whoppers

  • Robert Davis
    Robert Davis

    Ole papa dar can do some napping lol. I think he naps in every video you post 😂😂.

  • Phillip Stoltzfus
    Phillip Stoltzfus


  • Lonnie Dickerson
    Lonnie Dickerson

    Hey paul I must say you're an animal when it comes to making stuff work papa dar's jeep is going to be sweet. That truss on the rear looks MEAN!!! keep up the good work. Beware sounds like your wife will be building her own stuff very soon 😉 she's awesome in my book

  • Steve Anderson
    Steve Anderson

    That is awesome you do great work brother are you self-taught or have you been doing it for a business?

    • Steve Anderson
      Steve Anderson

      @Fab Rats that's old school my dad was a printer for Boeing and when I was a kid he started a print shop in the house she had MS disease I was not interested in any of that so I became electrician myself but that's awesome your dad taught you that stuff keep up the great work I love the videos and your dad is one badass welder

    • Fab Rats
      Fab Rats

      My dad taught me most of what know when I was growing up.

  • reddog543211

    Great job thank you for sharing!

  • Vaughn clark
    Vaughn clark

    Dammm Gina look at them dimes on that truss!!!!

  • C G
    C G

    I am learning so much from this channel.

  • shroom903

    Does a differential truss really help anything. I know it is more ridged, but can you feel a difference in a small vehicle

    • Fab Rats
      Fab Rats

      We’re doing it for the ease of mounting the links. 👍🏻

  • Dallas Rife
    Dallas Rife

    Looking great , I’m excited to see the finished product 👏👏👏

  • Evloftis

    it's perfect other then its back words lol

  • Dallas Rife
    Dallas Rife

    Where did you order the things that look like heim joints ? What are those called ? And what is the tubular metal things called ? Traction bars or lateral bars ? I understand their purpose , I definitely know I need some on my setup after I started watching your builds I just can’t remember the names of those joints so I can order some

    • Dallas Rife
      Dallas Rife

      @Fab Rats Awesome ,, thank you very much I appreciate it . I love the channel . One of these days I’m gonna make the journey and do some wheeling out there in that part of the world

    • Fab Rats
      Fab Rats

      They’re Johnny joints and I ordered them through poly performance. And the tubular stuff are called link bars.

  • Joe Warbel
    Joe Warbel

    Them old boys be wearing out some chairs around that shop 😆

  • vex0009

    nice video as always too bad i live in canada with shipping and exchange rate, it gets a lil expensive for a single shirt

  • silentjde

    Not going to shave that 14 bolt, at least do a 13 bolt cover and cut.

  • Gillaflinz

    Doritos and mountain dew... breakfast of champions hehe

  • Tom Harrington
    Tom Harrington


  • Gary Christison
    Gary Christison

    My wife could only hear the audio. She said, you're watching Fab Rats aren't you? Yes. The sound gives you away.

    • Fab Rats
      Fab Rats

      Smart lady!😎

  • John Graber
    John Graber

    Paul what are all those trophies from?

    • Fab Rats
      Fab Rats Check out our demolition derby channel. 👍🏻

  • Brian Huber
    Brian Huber

    She’s gonna be a bad machine Dar!!

  • 805 redneck
    805 redneck

    guna have to fully.. cage the frame.. front.. to rear..

  • Mark Squire
    Mark Squire

    Is that a 1/4 drive impact gun or 3/8 please

    • Fab Rats
      Fab Rats

      I run a 3/8” and a 1/2”. 👍🏻

  • Too-old Forthischet
    Too-old Forthischet

    Try playing the board game "Sorry" while drinking like shameless lushes.

  • Thomas

    I began with Matt’s recovery videos and then plug into the Fab Rats...sitting home with this Covid-19 thing is just killing me.. but these two channels keep me wanting more...Paul I have heard the term mechanically inclined but you are amazing. Unbelievable how you take a pile of nothing and not only put it back together but you make it better...if ever in Utah, would be an honor to meet you and Matt...Tc from Nevada

    • Fab Rats
      Fab Rats

      You’re welcome to come anytime. 👍🏻

  • Harley Frie
    Harley Frie

    Who’s papa is Dar ?

    • Fab Rats
      Fab Rats

      Family friend. 👍🏻

  • mark piper
    mark piper

    Dont know how you can work with people sitting around you. 😡

  • Clive Matthew-Wilson
    Clive Matthew-Wilson

    Thanks for leaving your welds honest and strong. It's scary to watch other channels where the host grinds off most of the strength of his welds in order to make them look pretty.

  • HQPB

    Awesome work, can't wait to see it finished!

    • Fab Rats
      Fab Rats

      Me too!😂

  • john dodd
    john dodd

    Always good to watch a master fabrication specialist at work!!

  • anthony

    Benchmade 940.. nice

  • quantumss

    Ya need to at least double the rpm of that hole saw and burn that baby thru. Gota say, that is one badass drill press.

  • Antonio Couras
    Antonio Couras

    I feel like the frame needs a few cross members

  • Alan Torrance
    Alan Torrance

    Utterly incredible how you convert scrap plus a few new bits into a pile of stuff and somehow change it all into a mechanical wonder machine! Even when things go wrong, you somehow keep your cool and smile.

  • Drifus

    Wait, Paul made a mistake? Say it isn't so!

  • Keith Childress
    Keith Childress

    Is this monster going to get a paint job?

    • Fab Rats
      Fab Rats


  • Rob P
    Rob P

    Hey what brand is that little mill drill?

    • Fab Rats
      Fab Rats

      I think it’s a Jet.👍🏻

  • Unpopular Patriot
    Unpopular Patriot

    I find inner piece watching your channel...!

  • Brad Plumb
    Brad Plumb

    Careful man! Those Christmas whoppers will change your body in a hurry!! :) Happy New Year to you and yours!! Be well!

  • Davis Wallace
    Davis Wallace

    Yall need to leave Papa Dar and his naps alone.....some of old timers need all the beauty sleep we can get.

  • Mark Mayhew
    Mark Mayhew

    Shaping up to be one heck of a crawler when all is said and done.

  • robert Hardy
    robert Hardy

    Love your channel! Looking forward to your sons flatbed Chevy build 😀

  • Bill Kitfox
    Bill Kitfox

    You need to make some sweatshirts for us that live in the cold.

  • Bryant Fry
    Bryant Fry

    Paul, I like that anti paint rust coating on the snowy pipe. 🙄

  • Mike Griffith
    Mike Griffith

    You do great work! Kansas City~~ Approves !

  • Matt Uebelacker
    Matt Uebelacker

    Paul, love ur channel bud. I love the down to earth, normal garage setting u have with no hey check this out from so amd so sent us this $3k parts. The fact that u figured out the right size of square tube to build link mounts out of is a testament to u could hang out w/ me n my friends and we would work well together! We do the same type of stuff whenever possible Haha! I'm a machinist for a living and u probably have seen b4 but there is a few tools out their to fit in ur mill drill that will work better/safer than the hole saw for the link mounts that are adjustable also with a cheap lathe tool in the end as the expendable part. I'll find a link to send u guys! Keep up the awesome 4x4 build content bud (those r my favorites) and I'll keep watching 4 ever!

    • Fab Rats
      Fab Rats

      Thanks for watching!! You’re awesome!!

  • Matt's Garage
    Matt's Garage

    That looks pretty beefy!👍

  • ae80typed

    I sure love me some Matt & Paul news on the weekend!

  • Harinder Judge
    Harinder Judge

    Why do these guys never paint anything? Because of the climate tour in? That raw steel wouldn’t last a winter in Canada lol

  • TomahawkSmith1

    Looks great stay safe guys...!!

  • speeddemon2008

    That hole saw was spinning way too fast. Slow it down and it will cut better, longer.

  • Alec Wilson
    Alec Wilson

    Coming along.

  • Dan Madden
    Dan Madden

    Thanks for the video - it's summer time here in New Zealand !

    • Fab Rats
      Fab Rats

      We need to head to New Zealand then! This cold weather is for the birds!😜

  • rhinogear

    Nice Job!

  • Ernie Saavedra
    Ernie Saavedra

    Your son doesn't realize how lucky he is to have a dad with such a skill. A very useful trade. Its great to see you always have him in the shop when you can. Great job Dad and Mom.

  • Frank Filippone
    Frank Filippone

    I’m loving the YL wrangler

  • Sean M
    Sean M

    Yeah I do it all the time

  • klm krieger
    klm krieger

    I wish I had your work shop and skills.

  • Scott Tim
    Scott Tim

    Man if he was my dad I’d be hanging off his back pocket learning everything I could from him

  • Frank Filippone
    Frank Filippone

    Grand Master P at it again!

  • Simon Skelton
    Simon Skelton

    Amazing work, well done so far looking Great

  • Frank Filippone
    Frank Filippone

    Thanks, really needed some Fab Rats!

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    chris slky

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