Fortnite's New MYTHIC Gun Game Mode!
Today GUN GAME is back in Fortnite! Today I try to rate all the items im using, then I try to win with the whole lobby has a 10 kill headstart! Hope you enjoy!
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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! So glad you guys liked the video about everything Epic didn't tell you in the new Fortnite Season 6 update! Today its the new MYTHIC GUN GAMME MODE!! Hope you enjoy!
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  • Shidereno


  • Colby Silbergleit
    Colby Silbergleit

    not new

  • Ibrahim Islam
    Ibrahim Islam

    Is it me or can't I not find this game mode in my lobby

  • yo calm down jamo
    yo calm down jamo

    "I will destroy them" gets killed "never mind"

  • Tyler Walton
    Tyler Walton

    I thought he was child friendly but 'land on me papa

  • Ryan Yates
    Ryan Yates

    It’s arsenal

  • Shadow Switch
    Shadow Switch

    The weapon everyone wished for: skye's scar combined with kit's charge shotgun with a gold hunting

  • Amina Fahad
    Amina Fahad

    My favourite Mythic weapon is in yellow or maybe gold

  • john van impelen
    john van impelen

    ZZ. ™️🤩👑🤩👑

  • Yashas Tarikere
    Yashas Tarikere

    Clickbait title and thumbnail

  • Jubz xX
    Jubz xX

    Wow bro, i started watching you when you had 100k views and now you're popping off dude

  • JayyBeBalling

    I'm ՏᑌᗷᗷIᑎᘜ TO EveryOᑎᗴ ᗯᕼO ᒪIKᗴ'Տ TᕼIՏ ᑕOᗰᗰᗴᑎT ᗩᑎᗪ ՏᑌᗷՏ TO ᗰᗴ ᗷᗩᑕK.......❤️

  • areen sami
    areen sami

    scarf op!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sugar Space
    Sugar Space

    i love you sypherpk


    This boom bow is normal bow

  • halima zannah
    halima zannah

    I couldn't get my banned account back until I was introduced to *RX_TECHZ on IG* who helped me recover my account

  • Bardia_SK .,
    Bardia_SK .,

    That is arsenal -_- and that is not new ---____---

  • shane kriese
    shane kriese

    I feel bad for the catalyst

  • Michael Rowe
    Michael Rowe

    What the F is that game mode

  • Jason & Peggy Sasser
    Jason & Peggy Sasser

    We playing Minecraft I like to cut G

  • DarkSwayYT

    I got clickbaited i thougth it was a mythical only but its a Gun Game mode 😒

  • TheRealKite

    Burst smg is one of the better smgs change my mind

  • kingofmarch4

    It was the best gun but its in creative

  • kingofmarch4

    Yea they need to get back the burst asulte rifle its my fav gun and i use it as my asulte rifel

  • Mick Polain
    Mick Polain

    Yes the hunting rifle

  • Anthony Keremian
    Anthony Keremian

    not new

  • Scott Gasque
    Scott Gasque


  • Darren Dixon
    Darren Dixon


  • cp ox
    cp ox

    Sypher: Land on me papa..... you:................

  • Mustafa Ehab
    Mustafa Ehab

    sypher is cracked bro when he was at 15 health

  • Ryan S
    Ryan S


  • bonecrusher8

    getting famous off of comments so I can live the dream life (day 5)

  • HenryDev

    Sypher: come here to papa. Me:👁️👄👁️

  • Achristiano87

    In my opinion I thought the burst smg was good


    shypher calling legendery a mythic boom bow

  • Logan Grieb
    Logan Grieb

    my favorite weapon is the recycler i like it because it destroys stuff like me

  • Bryan Melendez
    Bryan Melendez

    The arsenal but what’s make me sad is the primal gun mythical they didn’t added it in the arsenal solo :(

  • Martyn Dance
    Martyn Dance

    And you guys complain about controller aim wow bro

  • the four simpsons
    the four simpsons

    he said land on me papa what the fuuuuuuuu

  • Karina Aguilar
    Karina Aguilar

    it is not all mythic

  • Karina Aguilar
    Karina Aguilar


  • Jerry TheBigBerry :D
    Jerry TheBigBerry :D

    why in tumbnails its like the old u

  • VipeX

    Hey sypher Jules’ drumgun was an L because of the headshot damage nerf before Midas’ drumgun did 25 body damage and 50 headshot coz of the 2x headshot multiplier. Ofcourse it did 1 less body damage but due to the headshot damage need it wasn’t good.


    What's with his game graphics in this

  • Sona & Nate
    Sona & Nate

    Bro this game mode is arsenal wtf

  • MrChickinMan

    i guarantee you that fish at the first round wanted to reset his health, but didn't know that the after-death kill credit still exists lmao

  • It's Reindeer
    It's Reindeer

    Remember the sniper pump in like season 0-1? Did like 70 damage from 100 metres

  • Darren Randall
    Darren Randall

    1:17 according to SypherPK legendary weapons are mythic

  • Darren Randall
    Darren Randall

    Did he say Mythic boom bow?

  • Jonah Munley
    Jonah Munley

    Does anyone else watch newscapegames???



  • Joseph Dellaposta
    Joseph Dellaposta

    Sypher when did you start playing fortnite I don’t really watch your channel

  • I’m very funny
    I’m very funny

    I never telled you this but your clickbate

  • SnXk3_YT

    7:55 SHEEEEEESH🥶

  • Jan William Juht
    Jan William Juht

    your sooooooooo good in fortnite

  • Joey

    Dead game

  • Unreal Gamer7433
    Unreal Gamer7433

    Sypher:mythic boom bow Me:it is a normal boom now not tntinas

  • Jan Geiersbach
    Jan Geiersbach

    Its just a legendary bow

  • Aqua Vortex
    Aqua Vortex

    Talk about clickbait

  • Andy’s Super Gaming Booth
    Andy’s Super Gaming Booth

    Sadly I don’t have 5hat game mode

  • king slime
    king slime

    the mythic primal was the most broken gun in the game

  • Warrior Donutzz
    Warrior Donutzz


  • Psycho FN
    Psycho FN

    Sypher gets so much hate for no reason idek why he’s so nice and doesn’t swear if you hate in him then ur just s rude person

  • Arnav Bal
    Arnav Bal

    a little yeet in the chat

  • Wolfe Gamer
    Wolfe Gamer

    5:13 papa?!

  • Team CNF
    Team CNF

    Alternate title: being a suck can in fn


    ayo chill sypher

  • Hannah Grace Owens
    Hannah Grace Owens

    I miss the dual pistols 😭😭😭😭

  • Isla the gamer
    Isla the gamer

    Its basically Arsenal right?

  • nfidnejsisj

    Burst smg is under rated hit you shots and it can beam

  • Brynden Bender
    Brynden Bender

    I'm happy snipers are vaulted. Also I'm God with the crossbow

  • Ryan Russo
    Ryan Russo

    love you sufer

  • Txs4clapzzz

    Syther pk is trash (idc if I spelt his name wrong)

  • Isaac Molina
    Isaac Molina

    epic needs o bring back all of the og guns from chapter 1

  • Fortnite Memes
    Fortnite Memes

    THE BOW WAS NOT A MYTHIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Deidre Smith
    Deidre Smith

    The game mode isn't new dude

  • Mary Sleboda Nieto
    Mary Sleboda Nieto

    Jose is my name in real life not fortnite

  • Sam Banham
    Sam Banham

    Im sorry did he I actually said he liked the Infantry rifles

  • Ahmad Mosawer Tahery
    Ahmad Mosawer Tahery


  • Vrex

    sypher: dual pistols have potential sypher in cap 2 season 2 and every other fortnite youtuber: duals suck man

  • justjj11

    Is it gone now

  • oussama Guettal
    oussama Guettal

    bruh SypherPK is the best click baiter on the platform

  • Gabriel Magoon
    Gabriel Magoon

    I am absolutely hated and when I say absolutely hated I mean I ABSOLUTELY HATED the recycler

  • Niklas Schönhofer
    Niklas Schönhofer

    Day one of my list how many times Sypher Pk clickbaited: 1

  • Christopher

    Why did you choose to take out snipers fortnite is bad without snipers

  • Henok Teklehaimanot
    Henok Teklehaimanot

    How do you get 800xp for 1 kill and I get 100xp for 1 kill.

  • Bambooey Plays
    Bambooey Plays

    If you crouch in it won't send you back

  • Elijah Hager
    Elijah Hager

    Ladies and gentelmen...Sweaty PK.

  • Agenda de Tutankamon
    Agenda de Tutankamon

    another clickbait title

  • iamnobody

    I was playing arsenal and i won the first match and i felt confident and i tried a another match buuuuuut tere was the last guy and he was following me i had the scope pistol and he was pickaxing me i was one shot so i jumped of the cliff and i died but he still woooon

  • TrxasHazey

    Sypher u gotta remember that the Pew Pew rifle did more damage then Syke's AR but the fire rate that Meowcules rifle had sucked

  • K-Jay Mc Dowall
    K-Jay Mc Dowall

    bro makeing elikc

  • Connor Her
    Connor Her

    The hell

  • Slay Clan
    Slay Clan


  • FlxmzTR-

    that "Focus" was me😳

  • Skittledime

    idc what you say Skye's are is the best mythic to ever exist

  • N ST
    N ST

    "0:17" ”this is the thing u need.” *VB2.ONLINE** ”Am I right?” 垃圾。Lord

  • ¿

    Not new

  • Melissa Almaraz
    Melissa Almaraz

    How to do clickbait

  • THOB