I Pretended to be WOLVERINE in Fortnite (kind of)
I Pretended to be WOLVERINE in Fortnite (kind of)
Wolverine is the most difficult boss to fight in Fortnite and this video was the most frustrating Fortnite challenge I've ever done and wow I miss disguising as henchmen and protecting Midas life was so much easier.
Use code tomato or else Wolverine will jump across the map and fight you
Music from epidemicsound

  • Tomato - Fortnite
    Tomato - Fortnite

    this was the most FRUSTRATING video i've ever made i do not appreciate wolverine leave a like if i should make more wolverine vids

    • Monica Gonzalez
      Monica Gonzalez

      I love you videos I always

    • Ondina Barbosa
      Ondina Barbosa

      I love to describe him and is like the button and I want to go and meet them in when I go to Needham I’m so gonna be excited

    • Alexis Mccaskell
      Alexis Mccaskell

      Tomato - Fortnite tomato tomato tomato tomato tomato tomato tomato tomato tomato tomato

    • Chris Dhurup
      Chris Dhurup

      Chris huff said the same time as j l

    • Alejandro Molina
      Alejandro Molina

      It was literally the longest death copilation and the best copilation i have ever seen

  • Kay Hippz
    Kay Hippz

    It's my birthday

  • Alexander Arellano Soto
    Alexander Arellano Soto



    Just to say, wolverine can recharge his health really fast. I built a hideout so when he has a ?, i can hide away fast. Then, BOOM, defeated!

  • Cherrell Pate
    Cherrell Pate

    I left a like

  • Lizz Boggs
    Lizz Boggs

    Why don't you drink your sheilds

  • Olga Arteaga
    Olga Arteaga

    It’s because wolverines claws heal him and makes him faster

  • Sai Vysyaraju
    Sai Vysyaraju

    Why do you always use the deafault glider

  • Lucille Marais
    Lucille Marais

    Did he not no that if he goes on a roof he won't move

    • Lucille Marais
      Lucille Marais

      I'm in Wolverine

  • Janan Rahravan
    Janan Rahravan

    I have killed him 5 thousand times

  • jd jeremiah
    jd jeremiah


  • v0id Daniel Gaming
    v0id Daniel Gaming

    He also regens

  • v0id Daniel Gaming
    v0id Daniel Gaming


  • Josey L
    Josey L

    I want to see your real face

  • Kelsea Wilson
    Kelsea Wilson

    chart shotguns don't work

  • Jayden’s music Warwick
    Jayden’s music Warwick

    I love you

  • Jayden’s music Warwick
    Jayden’s music Warwick

    I love you

  • Darwin Lopez
    Darwin Lopez


  • Cayden Owings
    Cayden Owings

    I have no skin

  • Cayden Owings
    Cayden Owings

    Can you gift me a skin in the item shop and I am using your code

  • Hodhod Jabr
    Hodhod Jabr

    I liked and subscribe

  • Hodhod Jabr
    Hodhod Jabr

    Add me

  • SuperSonicYT

    I killed wolverine in 3m

  • Sloth Crew
    Sloth Crew

    I haf

  • ChiefTomcat

    Cause he can't look up

    • ChiefTomcat

      And he's blind

  • ChiefTomcat

    I'm nine and I killed wolviren sorry for my poor typing

  • Streeter Marley
    Streeter Marley

    i bid its easy

  • Streeter Marley
    Streeter Marley

    soot hade

  • Brenda Slothower
    Brenda Slothower

    I haven I’m in like 10 times

  • Ely Sunica
    Ely Sunica


  • Jake Watkins
    Jake Watkins

    Land on roof

  • Jen Ben
    Jen Ben

    It took me a lot of days to get him so he is so hard to get but I finally got him

  • queenie Moore
    queenie Moore

    I beat wolverine Last night


    stop. beying. stopid





  • Debra Hawrysko
    Debra Hawrysko

    I know it’s even frustrating getting the misteek skin and emote

  • Brian Kavanagh
    Brian Kavanagh


  • Kath and Jake The cool channel
    Kath and Jake The cool channel

    0:05 0:57

  • Stephanie Etheredge
    Stephanie Etheredge

    You so dumm heal up

  • Aguirre Family
    Aguirre Family

    Hate hate you made a man hate you made a man do you like ripping he goes to everyone

  • jennifer kelly
    jennifer kelly

    Fortnite to bed not that bad but I died A lot

  • Nicole Batres
    Nicole Batres

    We can also go to Sloopy’s love swamp I did not mean to spell that

  • 3Ruby Ramirez
    3Ruby Ramirez

    He has 600 shield

  • Melissa Parsons
    Melissa Parsons

    the one time you spot wolverine u don't have a gun the u actually find a gun then get killed (btw wolverine can heal while standing still) mums account)

  • Lety Mendoza
    Lety Mendoza

    Your alsome

  • Vlogging Sisters
    Vlogging Sisters

    He regains health

  • Brayden Adams
    Brayden Adams

    Wait this is impossible 1k dislikes nooooo there has to be 0 dislikes >:(

  • Colin Pratt
    Colin Pratt

    Are you still with your girlfriend

  • BazBillz - PS3
    BazBillz - PS3

    Berle. Kan. I. Hlep

  • Silviya Beardsley
    Silviya Beardsley

    You know that you could turn on visual graphics on and that would be way better.

  • Jahlil Fitch
    Jahlil Fitch

    Face revil pls

  • Angel V
    Angel V

    He can regain help with his claws Wolverine

  • Saad imran Vlawgs
    Saad imran Vlawgs

    What are you taking about i have thewolverine

  • Maisie Rose Edwards
    Maisie Rose Edwards

    I'm a kid and I killed wolfaren on my own first try

  • The Gaming Hippo !!!!!
    The Gaming Hippo !!!!!


  • Amanda Brown
    Amanda Brown

    Hey tomato bro

  • Davis Piatt
    Davis Piatt

    Use code TOMATO!!!!!!


    I got the skin

  • Levarn Jenkins
    Levarn Jenkins


  • Geraldine Lomas
    Geraldine Lomas

    I saw bts😌

  • Ethan Adams
    Ethan Adams

    he dies alot

  • Ethan Adams
    Ethan Adams

    me and hes trash

  • Marisha McWilliams
    Marisha McWilliams

    Add me on fortnight

  • Cathy Sims
    Cathy Sims


  • Felicia Bronston
    Felicia Bronston

    Well I have school in like 30 minutes

  • Jackson Barrett
    Jackson Barrett

    He regenerate Health so don’t leave him for long

  • Amilcar Centeno
    Amilcar Centeno

    Wen y talk like Wolverine u talk like bat man

  • Jeremiah Allen
    Jeremiah Allen

    Wolverine is creating

  • gamer boy 69y7
    gamer boy 69y7

    he loki sound like batman

  • Kim Chipps
    Kim Chipps

    It's easy if you weren't aNOOB

  • Kendrick Williams
    Kendrick Williams

    He can't hear his south


    Battle lab

  • Nathaniel Perkins
    Nathaniel Perkins

    i reported someone and told epic to remove wolverine because he is too op!!!!!!!!!

  • natalie smith
    natalie smith

    I laughed when he said sweepy swamp lol it was funny


    Mabye he has 1,000 health?

  • Chelsea Bowers
    Chelsea Bowers

    Delete the video because it insults tico

  • coolkid gaming
    coolkid gaming

    He has 1000 half

  • Amelia Whitty
    Amelia Whitty

    Yeah he should do a face reveal

  • doge Five nights at freddy's
    doge Five nights at freddy's

    Lookin Slurpee swamp

  • Gydion Dally
    Gydion Dally

    Cool cant waite till i get fortnitw

  • Matthew Driscoll
    Matthew Driscoll

    I have defeded him 2,00000000 times

  • Matthew Driscoll
    Matthew Driscoll

    I can help you.

  • Aden Pina
    Aden Pina

    Today got him twice

  • Joel and_Mari
    Joel and_Mari

    He has 200sheld and 200 helf

  • Cindy Fitzgerald
    Cindy Fitzgerald


  • Cindy Fitzgerald
    Cindy Fitzgerald

    Nice try

  • John Paul Zaparita
    John Paul Zaparita

    hes so OP guys his health is 600 believe me I m true

  • Kassidy thugin
    Kassidy thugin


  • Jay Marie
    Jay Marie


  • Blake Smith
    Blake Smith

    I’ve killed him on a solo and I’m a deafault

  • Blake Smith
    Blake Smith

    He has 1000 health and 1000 sheil

  • Lilly Jones
    Lilly Jones

    He is so hard kil wovrin soooo hard to kil jees

  • Tamana Syeed
    Tamana Syeed

    Tomoto your videos are the best

    • Tamana Syeed
      Tamana Syeed

      mrtop5 its not fair for lox He's your best friend

    • Tamana Syeed
      Tamana Syeed

      Tomato ur worvring have 1000000 shererd

  • Prickly

    Tomato: Ok wolverine listen we can be friends! Wolverine: grrr hgfhsncvdyvdnjfhsdjdhnfhvfhdvdfhvdfvhdbnghdgcnjv Me: Use code Tomato to save him.. I already did but their not enough ppl to save him -_- Tomato after 5 seconds: *shoots wolverine after asking for friendship*

  • allisonmartinez226

    Wolverine Has 10,000 Health

  • Khalif Dargan
    Khalif Dargan


  • Dukie — Squad
    Dukie — Squad

    An easy combo that you can use on wolverine is boogie bombs grenades in a pump shotgun but you got hit head shots

  • Brianna Baculima
    Brianna Baculima

    Can you friend me my name is I want some skins my name is basil Becu is my name in Fortnite I’m having a bad life in my family if I didn’t have that much we love her 50 So can you please do it for me love you my life better I want to be my friend if you build for so you don’t have a mic your mind to last nights OK love you Becky was in my brothers account

  • Jeremiah Williams
    Jeremiah Williams

    its 10 bucks