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Originally on Lockdown 23&1
Part 1 uzload.info/fun/eWl_qHiusI2qyHU/video
Part 2 uzload.info/fun/gIamnauYwXuZrWA/video
Part 3 uzload.info/fun/f3aunpmopomovoU/video
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  • Morally Awkward
    Morally Awkward

    Kushman had it 100% right months before anyone knew what happened. Like 100% right!

  • John Tovar
    John Tovar

    King AK on your bumper fam

  • Juriods Iphonex
    Juriods Iphonex

    Me and my bro moved allot of shyt around in the street,we felt like kings.it as all good till he got killed on my birthday...Then reality set in.The streets will take any/everything from you. Rest In Power ZK 😔💔💔💔

  • Jesse Nibley
    Jesse Nibley

    Those dudes look white but have Mexican last names

  • SHaMaRi_0

    He was damn near the first white street nigga rapper I heard of but I ain’t know he was from the raq

  • Your now inside The GUNLINE
    Your now inside The GUNLINE

    Thanks fat white akademics..

  • Seanovan Frazier
    Seanovan Frazier

    Bands was just a you g guy trying to make it and I wish he did that boy deserve to win r.I.p

  • All_seeing_eye91 Gaming
    All_seeing_eye91 Gaming

    Wait why they letting killers out on bound?! Lmao

  • king jaybruh
    king jaybruh

    wigga wars the degenerate edition

  • Alexandro Arellano
    Alexandro Arellano


  • J Dot
    J Dot

    1090 jake u 1090 isn’t 1090 in New York aren’t Dey bloods? U not blood

  • Robert Price
    Robert Price

    Not so tough after all , huh bandz

  • Jewels Dior
    Jewels Dior

    Facts 💯


    So the cops took his gun and he got murdered smh

  • Geeks Creation
    Geeks Creation

    Damn I remember this kid . I didn’t know he was dead. 😞

  • 4kt_Records

    Someone find out where he locked at cause I got some yea for em .

  • dire12343

    Holy shit I grew up close to 79th and south shore drive

  • Frank White
    Frank White

    RIP EBE Bandz


    Rip. Best rapper. He was the fucking man

  • Seelo Eass
    Seelo Eass

    You live by the gun " you die by the bat

  • Oscar Gonzalez
    Oscar Gonzalez

    Thanks for preaching how it is living a fast life it ain’t worth it . Spread peace

  • Lets Go Blues!!!
    Lets Go Blues!!!

    I heard that he got a half key of Heroin fronted to him

  • K Be
    K Be

    Man,you ain't getting Zero Bail for that Shit where I'm from.You stay until yer out.


    Torched his ass up

  • Abraham Soto
    Abraham Soto

    How in the world did, these tow even get a bond. when they beat a man to death and then let him on fire 🔥 in the woods letting the body decompose.

  • Pac4Prez

    Let's not forget drill jesus aka slim 💯

  • Lisa Connaughton
    Lisa Connaughton

    Where the hell they get all these guns 🤔 since there so tuff put them all in the military see how tough they are then when the shit really hits the fan smh 🙄 so many senseless murders 😭

  • Andre Ellis
    Andre Ellis

    My city full of them demons Rest Easy. Bandz

  • Andre Ellis
    Andre Ellis

    Aint too many at my table exstendo it hang out my pocket like cables

  • Lights Cameras Action
    Lights Cameras Action

    I Gotta Look Him Up... I See Niggas I Know In This Video

  • AsReal AsItGets
    AsReal AsItGets

    I don't feel sorry for Bandz...he took them boys for weak and paid with his life for doing so..

  • Ârthûr Hūñçhø
    Ârthûr Hūñçhø

    He wasn’t the only white rapper don’t forget Chaboki from 600

  • ☿️ CHiram Abiff Δ
    ☿️ CHiram Abiff Δ

    LMFAO @ 1:00 "A first day of school haircut."

  • Gold Wristss
    Gold Wristss

    Damn I was beefin wit dude back then

  • Elf Mob
    Elf Mob

    This kid was gonna b huge..he remind me of u 1090 jake lol that’s the first thing I thought when I saw ur channel pop up in my shit!

  • R. Ward
    R. Ward

    "They will use it as an excuse to not leave the lifestyle " ....couldn't have said it any better. Hope my baby bro understands this shit, prison and death are the only outcomes for trying to act gangsta

  • Swag ATL
    Swag ATL

    Who get bail for killing somebody??? Only white people!!!!!! That's crazy.......

    • Dale Peters
      Dale Peters

      gherbo said "catch a body and bond from the station ina same day" the answer to your question is chicago or i guess illinois niggas in general

  • Michael Corn
    Michael Corn

    His killers got cartel ties... cartel heavy in Chicago

  • Grim Reappear
    Grim Reappear

    You might be the Realest nigga on UZload rn on sum real shi cause 2021 fake asf 💯

  • Rojo5740 Johnson
    Rojo5740 Johnson

    I like the fact that you let the Jits know what the outcome will be if the don't get out of the lifestyle 🥺

  • Ain't No Demo Entertainment
    Ain't No Demo Entertainment


  • Soverign grand general God body 369 lifepath 11
    Soverign grand general God body 369 lifepath 11

    Besides gangs is there any secret society's in prison??

  • JoeyBLiberty B
    JoeyBLiberty B

    Bro I felt what you said at the end. People don't understand , when they listen to the street rap and I do too I still listen to it but I know it's entertainment bc I lived it but I lived that life when I was younger and after prison I changed for my kids but people don't understand how the pain and suffering that comes with that lifestyle is not worth it and everyone always get caught all it takes is a single mistake for you and the cops just have to watch and wait. Kids who never lived that and we're born with a silver spoon in their mouths are the only idiots who think it's cool to act like they have lived it or been there. Man getting killed or killing and watching your brothers die and seeing people lose everything strung out on dope and always watching over your shoulder being in fear and going to prison and jail IS NOT FUCKING COOL. Living life is cool ,being free is cool, being a father and taking care of your family is cool

  • Matt

    Thats crazy he was killed by two white boys.

  • Damu Deezy BHunna
    Damu Deezy BHunna

    B.I.P. Bandz

  • Sal Tucci
    Sal Tucci

    First time seeing your page. I recognize a real 1 when i see one

  • Jay Dee
    Jay Dee

    They killed him that way cause he was white and real. You can't be that. They hate that. They prejudge that. They racists about that. They don't want white homies. They hate white. You dumb to want to join in. I bet it was his own set.

  • Savannah Briley
    Savannah Briley

    I used to talk to him on ig .He was the plug. I wondered wat happened to him??🙏🙏🙏

  • Brons Hairline
    Brons Hairline

    Bailed Out After Allegedly Killing Someone With Baseball Bat & Setting Them On Fire Wow .. Kinda Scary Bro

  • Mo Dro
    Mo Dro

    Rip ebe bandz

  • Ivan Avila Candia
    Ivan Avila Candia

    GMEBE Bandz get it right g

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    That clap fing serious bru

  • Gauge Bur
    Gauge Bur

    These dudes are such clowns.

  • Guillermo Alfaro
    Guillermo Alfaro

    You are extremely intelligent and articulate!!! I'm almost 42 years old and I used to be about that life as well; just in a different generational era!!!! I got TRULY tired of going through revolving doors in/ out in / out; 23 months in and a few months here and there; shit gets old and ain't nothing cute about being a number!!! We ALL have 3 choices in life GIVE UP, GIVE IN, OR GIVE IT YOUR ALL!!! ONLY FOOLS AND SUCKERS ENJOY GETTING TOLD WHEN IT'S TIME TO EAT SLEEP AND SHOWER; people with common sense ENJOY free will!!!!

  • do u fuck with the war?
    do u fuck with the war?

    Them 3 about to get turned out in prison

  • Jesse Vaillancourt
    Jesse Vaillancourt

    You a real one Jake, keep em coming

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown

    Bigups homie

  • Tstaten4

    RIP Bandz man

  • Jason Gennero
    Jason Gennero

    Dam Jake.if u ever went back to jail everyone u see gonna ask u: ay bro what u think about my case?.lmao.it's funny cuz it's true

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown

    He was on dr phil admitting to killing people at 16

  • Jay M.
    Jay M.


  • Dylan Snellgrove
    Dylan Snellgrove

    Yo when ebe get hit

  • xTB0NEx

    Just because some ones parents have money does not mean that their kids got it like that. Rich people get rich because they are stingy af bro.

  • potatofy

    Dude he’s racist af look at his chain and forehead tattoo it says god and son of god


      How’s that racist

  • Mr. Low
    Mr. Low


  • Killuminati Anonymous
    Killuminati Anonymous

    Was he in PC for snitching? Or because of retaliation?

  • Terrance Moutry
    Terrance Moutry

    Deep rip ebe bandz the street fuck wit em

  • Zeeky Faiiu
    Zeeky Faiiu

    Ebe bandz the hardest white rapper💯🔥

  • Lawerddd

    no cap bruh from brevard white boy didnt have shit mom wasnt working my gm was holding the job and i was getting into car hoppin, finding keys straps ect, shit gets wild out there even if you not no gangbanger aint in nun. my boys was members and i always had to check my surrounding bc of who i chilled with and what they repped. ive now moved from fl to nj got my ged then now have a decent job


    Dude they fronted him a brick of dogg food Or H and Bandz DIDN'T pay cause he thought they were meek quiet lil white boys no no no the dude that batted him DIDN'T have a choice cause he was getting it from the Bali cartel or what was part of the Zetas

  • SlumMadekell

    *First day of school hair cut* 😭😭

  • Kenji Baldwin
    Kenji Baldwin

    Yo Jake speak that real nigha shyt bro

  • Jasmine Gonzalez
    Jasmine Gonzalez

    This happened in my hometown 😕

  • Mychal Phillips
    Mychal Phillips

    That was my homie rest up big bro 🙏🙏 thanks for keeping his name alive

  • Coach Leonard
    Coach Leonard

    So talent is speaking of death, demons and destruction theses days? I get it now...they have to take as many as they can with them to an early grave. I don’t know how you can raise hell on earth and RIP in heaven. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Coach Leonard
    Coach Leonard

    99.9% of these rappers are clowns!

  • Jeffrey Waltiere
    Jeffrey Waltiere

    1090 Jake the movie "Young Guns" is about "Billy the Kid"aka William Bonney

  • Cody

    Wasnt Eve bandz on Dr phil

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name

    Whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!, EOS got big as fuck

  • Andrew B
    Andrew B

    Crazy how different Azarte looks in the two mug shots. Rip GMEBE Bandz

  • logan Eggleston
    logan Eggleston

    Bandz was rappin all that shit but was he gonna fold if he did someone

  • logan Eggleston
    logan Eggleston

    Fuck ebe that dude in jail bahahahahha

  • Boz Faramone
    Boz Faramone


  • r0ck dezzz
    r0ck dezzz

    ppl commenting saying how them dudes look like nerds . thats the mofos that will get you slackking , dummy

  • kesha Hunt
    kesha Hunt

    Shout out me buddy kesha from Gulfport MS thanks 😊

  • Brandon Martinez
    Brandon Martinez

    Straight preaching at the end 💯 realer than most of these niggas “big bros”

  • dg 97
    dg 97

    Rip bands

  • john wick
    john wick

    #LL EBE Bandz 💯💯💔❗️

  • jack crunch
    jack crunch

    This dude 1090J, Jacob Cherry... Dude caught one 3 year bid.. He's out here pretending he's some hardcore prison dude...lol

  • Liam T
    Liam T

    damn bro... still hurts, rest up bandz

  • Offda _079
    Offda _079

    Damn how I miss this video on bruh. EveryBodyEats 💯 shout out to my jacktown brothas.arrayed was from da burbs I don’t think he was cartel affiliate word on da street he loaned bands money for studio time n some otha shit n was posed to be paid back wit interest or sum but maybe da dope thing could be legit too cuz he linked up wit dem D’z for a min too n they got ties to a mexican organization that brings in hella weight.

  • Conspiracies Exposed
    Conspiracies Exposed


  • Coco


  • Burd Turglar
    Burd Turglar

    Everyone forgot about when he was on DR. Phil and his parents exposed him for being a goofy from the burbs... Crazy how things can change

    • The Plug
      The Plug

      That wasn’t him goofy go do some research 😂

  • Authoress Denetria Gibson
    Authoress Denetria Gibson

    New sub 💯💯..I was wondering whatever happened to this case

  • Mason Brauchler
    Mason Brauchler

    Shout out EBE

  • christen feagles
    christen feagles

    The first day of school hair cut comment. Had me rolling..😂😂😂

  • Jack Mehoff
    Jack Mehoff

    I'm from the chi ,, you speaking facts big homie stay up

  • a 6
    a 6

    3:45 the ig post spelt the killers name wrong 🤦‍♂️

  • a 6
    a 6

    2:35 arzate was charged with two counts of first degree murder for one guy?