Crimson Heist Patch Notes - 6News - Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
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  • Eugenio Curtis
    Eugenio Curtis

    Anyone know when the other little update will come in where you can have an elite equipped but any other outfit on and to see the real health of 1,2,3 armors 100,120,140 hp I’ve been looking everywhere can’t find it

  • Kisharra

    Anyone else wanting a iana buff?

  • Lahucsky Gergely
    Lahucsky Gergely


  • AtomicGrenade21

    Gone 6 is kinda bad

  • Challenjour

    Also the fact that they removed the season pass :)))). Bunch of troglodyte's

  • AnthonyA

    If you think the smg 12 is bad on console you need help its really not that bad as much as I like the cz put holo angled on the smg 12 and it'll feel better

  • HoshinoNia【MeLRon101】Ch.

    Not seeing the nokk immunity 😟

  • Jaylen Cuffy
    Jaylen Cuffy

    At this point take blackboard our of the game or rework him yall passing me off with this shit.

  • EngineerSmith

    Idk about anyone else but my game won’t load theme park, I’ve tried it consecutively over a week to try and load it at different times and in different matches but it won’t load it always black screens or grey screens

    • 6News

      If it’s pc I would verify your files

  • MatrixPlayz52

    Of course Villa would still be here...

  • max mustermann
    max mustermann

    R6 gets more and more ops that have been nerfed or badly designed that they aren't fun and need a rework: castle (underpowered in most ranks and so easily countered) Blackbeard (not underpowered but no fun to play or play against) Blitz (gets rekt by one impact and follow-up headshot now) Twitch (high recoil, gadget outclassed now) Lion (ability pretty useless, rework needed) dokkaebi (looses C75, who's gonna go without a secondary smg?) goyo (will be a shitty smoke knockoff without shields) kali ("sniper rifle" so unreliable it's only good for opening hatches and sightline) gridlock (slow and outclassed by nomad) tachanka (outclassed by maestro, smoke) ailibi (doesnt change with outfit) caveira (downed players bodies should not be allowed to leave the game)

  • Rafa Amrullah
    Rafa Amrullah

    Bruh they just shrug over the kali buff like "Yeah We're adding +5 damage but this is EXACTLY enough to one-shot a 3 armor but it still gets DESTROYED by rook. Stats 1 armor: [127 damage = 1 shot kill] 2 armor: [114 damage = 1 shot down] 3 armor: [102 damage = 1 shot down] 1 armor + rook: [102 damage = 1 shot down] 2 armor + rook: [91 damage = 2 shots] 3 armor + rook: [81 damage = 2 shots] I think that the sniper rifle should just straight up ignore/penetrate rook plates tbh, I mean it already has the disadvantage of a >1 BPS fire rate so it should ALWAYS down/kill in one shot, the fact that rook can just so easily counter her for 50% of his team is just not good enough considering the amount of 2 and 3 armors on defense. Edit: Also limb shots (arms legs etc.) take 89 damage btw.

  • Kanemi

    Still no Irish ops :/

  • Jake Ashton
    Jake Ashton

    Being a Blackbeard main,this new patch is hurting me

  • MajesticPonybird

    I’m upset. Dok NEEDS the C75 that’s a huge nerf...

  • Casper Olesen
    Casper Olesen

    Like how all these game cater to whiny streamers. Litteraly gets paid to play and still cries.

  • Casper Olesen
    Casper Olesen

    cz75 is so much better than the SMG. Sad to see it go

  • Hunter The Great
    Hunter The Great

    Another day and another patch without Buck nades.... :(


    Flores is daddy.

  • Casper Olesen
    Casper Olesen

    HAHAH Bye Bye Blackbeard. Most nerfed guy in siege.!

  • Julien flores
    Julien flores

    What do they mean by ads toggle? Very contused on that

  • Halo 3 Rat
    Halo 3 Rat

    I don’t like how they are making other operators less important with the guns and equipment

  • Kok Yan Tang
    Kok Yan Tang

    Why and how does a mute jammer disable a claymore or a nomab airjab?

  • Scarecrow5000

    What’s the point of going twitch now(not that she’s very good now anyway)

  • Nrityanjali Group Of Dancers
    Nrityanjali Group Of Dancers

    Imagine if that skin was called shoto

  • ash_has_no hitbox
    ash_has_no hitbox

    8:21 I've always wanted this so the ash main in my team doesn't just run in and die in the first 30 seconds of a round and then the other team camp defuser and we lose

  • Qua

    Is Ubisoft planning on doing anything about booting on console or are they sucking Pro League and ruining the game still?

  • GoodGuyIsaac

    Petition to bring back Bartlett university in quick match?

  • Kenny O'Brien
    Kenny O'Brien

    Must be just me but I hate black ice. It is very COD like.

    • SOON


  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover

    I’m banning or team killing Flores every time I see him. Dudes gay.

  • Thomas The Train
    Thomas The Train

    Does the new secondary disable Aruni’s laser gates?


    This whole time they bring the dumbest fucking cosmetics yet they can't invest in the games bugs hit reg etc. Developers plus shittysoft itself are fucking scumbags.

  • Alpha R6
    Alpha R6

    The seasonal skin is literally the gris skin for ela scorpion but without the symbol and universal

    • Alpha R6
      Alpha R6

      The only differences are the symbol and the order of the colors are blue - orange - yellow instead of of orange - yellow - blue

  • #Llamalloons

    I don't know if you are from there, but you have a very hard Scottysh accent.

  • Shaken Basher
    Shaken Basher

    Ah yes, now Blackbeard no longer has a dinner plate for his shield. Now we’ve just got a piece of paper that he has loosely taped to his gun

    • Jacky Kwan
      Jacky Kwan

      Look how Ubisoft massacre our wise man

  • Marco Costa
    Marco Costa

    With this operator essentially having 6 drones (counting the normal ones) shouldn't twitch also get the 2 normal drones? I know at one point she had them but they removed them. In my opinion for balance sake they should at least give her one normal drone. what do you guys think?

  • Royals 93
    Royals 93

    fuk this game i dont like it any more and they are putting a gay in it.

  • Gino L
    Gino L

    The new season launches live March 16th

  • Jacob Wood
    Jacob Wood

    Well I'll never play finka again

  • Yeetan Gunter sphek
    Yeetan Gunter sphek

    What is ubisoft smoking and can I have some?

  • Jordan Strealy
    Jordan Strealy

    Why don't they add the university map in?

  • Expoit

    The seasonal is a mix of black ice. That one volcanic skin from the last season pass. And gold. Very creative ubisoft

    • No

      Might as well call out the Dark Zero skin for copying the Hyper Beast pattern from CS:GO

    • spandexter 123
      spandexter 123

      Is doesnt have to be creative, it has to look nice

  • Sezku

    The seasonal skin is so good, it's a beautiful transition from ice to fire instant cop

  • Troodon SK
    Troodon SK

    So does Finka get her self revive this season or nah ?

  • tanda0410 yo
    tanda0410 yo

    The seasonal skin im going to actually buy this season

  • TheOdd1sOutFan

    the seasonal skin looks like a medicine commercial for heart burn or something

  • aeagan rmos
    aeagan rmos

    lol i was just looking for this video and it just came in my recommended

  • AzzaDeltta

    Loved the concept of the Gonne-6 but i guess it should've been a secondary gadget, not secondary weapon.

  • Braeden The epic
    Braeden The epic

    What happend to fortress

  • Frank

    Now that i got the kali elite just drkp the patch already! My girl's waiting

  • Pase

    Developers are stupid and everything they do is stupid made this game die..

  • JønnŶ _
    JønnŶ _

    Coreross is an amazing UZloadr

  • Nevan Slone
    Nevan Slone

    “All maps are now including in Quick play” So what you’re saying... is PLANES BACK! ✈️

    • ushays

      I already started praying to lord tachanka hoping this is the case

  • Hill Lot
    Hill Lot

    theres no point of playing bb no more

  • Edward DelPozo
    Edward DelPozo

    Can someone tell me why Bartlett U. Is not in the map rotation? Like the map isnt horrible to play. So what’s the real reason?

  • Ageng02

    New "Black Fire"

  • VIP3R 01
    VIP3R 01


  • Jacek Kaszycki
    Jacek Kaszycki

    Blackbeard is shit now.

  • Jacek Kaszycki
    Jacek Kaszycki

    I whant a new map.

  • killer_benfica 13
    killer_benfica 13

    I still dont understand if there will be a year pass or no

    • dorucreo

      No year pass, just battlepass

  • x RavenTM
    x RavenTM

    12:35 why bartlett, why, at least casual

  • Francesco Basset
    Francesco Basset

    Everyone's talking about Dokkaebi which is comprehensible, but why nerf Blackbeard again? He already suffered enough abuse. 20 hp on his shield doesn't even cover a PISTOL shot and his rifle was already slow and sluggish enough, I don't think the changes were needed.

    • PSplay815

      When I played Blackbeard with the 50 go shields, they still got melted. I think Blackbeard was the best possible version before, this is to much

    • Arty Theta
      Arty Theta

      1 extra life instead of 2, he's still good

  • Yohan Hannan
    Yohan Hannan

    When is season 6 dropping with the new battlepass?

  • Justin Vailes
    Justin Vailes

    BB is very special and unique to Siege, his shield is powerful but only because he has two. BB does not need a complete rework. BB's shield is the rare kind of gadget that only deserves to be awarded one of to the Operator. BB should have only got one 50 HP Shield, allow him to move at normal speed while the Shield is applied, keep manual reload, 6 bullets in his Rifle's chamber at a time, and he should not get flashbangs.

    • JustAlpha

      No, you're wrong. Blackbeard DOES need a complete rework of his kit. The reason is because even Ubisoft themselves have admitted in the past that them introducing an operator with the ability to block headshots when the game revolves around that is stupid.

  • Brandon Heyer
    Brandon Heyer

    Which OP even has frags anymore?? ?

  • Aman Kumar
    Aman Kumar

    good stuff


    does ads counter gonne 6

  • Potato Tacos
    Potato Tacos

    Can you please test the G36C recoil? I think the recoil is worse on TS even though they said it is improved

  • Cj Guintu
    Cj Guintu

    Rank really needs more than 6 map

  • Calacas

    Finka Grenade loss is terrible, I absolutely hate it

  • Rafael Tellez
    Rafael Tellez

    No one is using Blackbeard anymore

  • MattS

    probably the best reworked map

  • Joseph Joestar
    Joseph Joestar

    Well this is sad that dokk will lose c75. This weapon was actually very good but I prefer smg-12 more so I don't really feel anything about it

  • Disturbia Slammin
    Disturbia Slammin

    @coreross can you please try to get us information about cross platform play

    • Disturbia Slammin
      Disturbia Slammin

      Really they can make it just for console

  • Sick Minded
    Sick Minded

    They way r6 balance the game is base on who gets picked and who wins rounds literally nothing else like wtff

  • Monke Killa
    Monke Killa

    As a mute main yes sir yes sir yes sirrrr

  • Alex Martin
    Alex Martin

    The diffuser priority is low key super nice. I main nokk and getting the stuck with the diffuser is so fucking annoying.

  • King Korora
    King Korora

    So they changed Kali's sniper to damage instead of hard-coded DBNO and it it will have 127 damage yet still apparently one shot DBNO a 3 armor with 140 hp....the fuck?

  • King Kush420
    King Kush420

    Next patch: mute counter thatcher😂😂

  • Ian Karst
    Ian Karst

    Whatever happened to them doing multiple seasonal skins? Like red crow, velvet shell, and blood orchid all has like 3 or 4 each and all of them looked epic.

    • Nuclear Potato
      Nuclear Potato

      Release is 1 skin, event is 1, battle pass is 1. 3 skins that are classified as “seasonal”

  • Tomm Plegm
    Tomm Plegm

    The seasonal skin looks like the gun skin you could get for elas scorpian a couple seasons ago

    • Lucasthewishkid

      @Tushar Sharma it’s not unfortunately a diffrent one is this one you have to buy like a normal seasonal

    • Lucasthewishkid

      In game it looks like fire and ice it’s not just blue and orange

    • Sezku

      @Rob Szcz no the Gris™ skin you know the game Gris

    • Rob Szcz
      Rob Szcz

      U mean the crisis skin right?

    • philliam jond
      philliam jond

      Yes but I really think that j bc it's on the scorpion in the preview but it will be on everything so I think it's cool

  • Mochi

    that seasonal skin bussin

  • venom punk
    venom punk

    This is really really pathetic, where are the new maps and the new guns for these operators. Really Ubisoft no news maps and any of those content features that one we wanted, you got exactly you wanted to do Ubisoft. You are pathetic Ubisoft, just realized you were six or your seven will be my last ride for Rainbow Six I will never play this game again. never in my life!!!! I will because they finally show the true colors to this game :(

    • venom punk
      venom punk

      @Dark Knight this is what I just said it year 6 or 7 will be my last ride, I will no longer play this game Once I pass by year 6 or 7 :(

    • Dark Knight
      Dark Knight

      Then don't play it

  • MxCn

    it really do be annoying af when im almost done putting a kap trap on a door and someone else walks through it and cancels my animation, so i hope that's something addressed with that bullet point

  • Allstar Devitt
    Allstar Devitt

    Kinda sucks with the Finka nerf. I love running LMG/Frags on her and feel it fit really well.

  • F0XH0UND6548

    If you're nerfing an operator too mutch than maybe that operator should get a different ability

  • Quantum Magnus
    Quantum Magnus

    That skin makes me think of Optimus Prime from the Bayformers.

  • Kobzie_

    Blackbeard is so bad

  • Lil_Ginge 9
    Lil_Ginge 9

    I hate border rework it's trash

  • Poopy Die
    Poopy Die

    Black beard is just useless now

    • Poopy Die
      Poopy Die

      @dorucreo well to me Blackbeard is so bad because if they know that you are Blackbeard they will aim for the body or just hit the shield once I am a console player btw

    • dorucreo

      They need to nerf his speed from 1 to 0.5 lol

  • Zieno

    When does it officially come out?

  • Dean Churchill
    Dean Churchill

    Why are they nerfing BB? He's already underwhelming with the worst AR in the game

    • duck time
      duck time

      somehow his win rate is super high

  • AlphaCaine Productions
    AlphaCaine Productions

    Its sad they have to change the voice actors and actresses, i find Capitao in siege has a reeeally cool voice and miras old actress honestly i prefered. But i understand with covid and such how maybe these voice actresses and actors moved on/like woth tachanka literally couldn't leave russia because of covid.

  • na 1hxn
    na 1hxn

    When is this released?

  • Sykrotima

    In the reveal gameplay, several of the 1.5x sights were missing their risers, I’m hoping to god that they remove the risers on thé various sights or allow us to customise if we want the riser or not :/ I was so excited to see the weapons with the sights without the hideous and ridiculous risers only to find out that those changes aren’t coming :/

    • duck time
      duck time

      whats the riser?

  • Miroo

    I was waiting for in-game sound quality improvements

  • Xgeodude 074
    Xgeodude 074

    Have they said anything about the DDOS issues

    • dorucreo

      Nope, skins are more important :))) lol

  • Rokas B
    Rokas B

    Also what about night maps in quick play?

  • pain

    Poor blackbeard it seems like he's nerfed every season

    • pain

      @Evan Allipad I agree since it only takes one bullet now just rework the guy

    • Evan Allipad
      Evan Allipad

      I mean I think he needs a rework because he is to weak after the patch but before the patch he has no counters. So I think instead of giving him his shield back at 50 hp they should rework

  • AndrewA 3608
    AndrewA 3608

    They really added, "Except Bartlett," at this point I think they're rubbing it in our faces

    • profix25lo

      @King1Nero It was never intended to be a multiplayed map. But people kept screaming that they want it.

    • King1Nero

      They just gave up fixing Bartlett lmao. To make that a ranked map its gonna need ALOT of rework and they think that time would be better used reworking maps that are actually working

    • profix25lo

      @AndrewA 3608 true.

    • AndrewA 3608
      AndrewA 3608

      @profix25lo they could atlwast put it in casual cause it's fun and somewhat nostalgic

    • profix25lo

      Bartlett was THE WORST map ever. It had the worst ATT/DEF win ratio BY FAR.