Today’s video we treat a cow with a sole ulcer affecting her right front foot. We also cover the causes of sole ulcer formation as well as best treatment
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  • shirley roberts
    shirley roberts

    Would a soft baby tooth brush work to clean an ulser area better

  • Bruce Walker
    Bruce Walker

    Never understood why these guys don't clean the hoof before cutting into it

  • Mayra Eugenia
    Mayra Eugenia


  • Danails

    Why are tie-stall feet dryer and harder than free-stall feet?

    • Nate the Hoof Guy
      Nate the Hoof Guy

      The stalls tend to stay cleaner the way they’re designed.

  • CONKAN77

    Great video, very instructive. One thing you showed that I really appreciated was the close-up of the cow standing on the new block. I've never seen that before; usually we just see how the cow is walking away on the block.

  • Kimberley Jessup
    Kimberley Jessup

    Great video

  • Lori Smith okon
    Lori Smith okon

    I'm loving this salicylic acid. It seems to take care of things straight away!

  • Lynne Harris
    Lynne Harris

    It’s so nice to see you being so gentle with these babies

    • Gideon Kyle
      Gideon Kyle

      @Shawn Ariel awesome! It took roughly 15 mins but it worked!!

    • Shawn Ariel
      Shawn Ariel

      dunno if anyone gives a damn but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my gfs Instagram password using InstaPortal. Just google for it if you wanna try it yourself

  • Pople BackyardFarm
    Pople BackyardFarm

    nice work

  • Denise Blackburn
    Denise Blackburn

    Thank you for being kind to them

  • Mario

    Why would granulation tissue form on this ulcer but not in the other one you mentioned?

    • Nate the Hoof Guy
      Nate the Hoof Guy

      Granulation tissue is a normal part of healing. If it becomes excessive it can cause problems.

  • Saddy Saddy
    Saddy Saddy

    Praise our Father God for giving these people such a talent.

  • Daniel McHale
    Daniel McHale

    Love the blue/purple wrap color. Shit is fire

  • Francisco Allon
    Francisco Allon

    Some water won’t hurt

  • Barbara Beverly
    Barbara Beverly

    Have you ever used a horseshow on a cow?

    • Nate the Hoof Guy
      Nate the Hoof Guy


  • Linda McBride
    Linda McBride

    I love how gentle you are.

  • Khmer Empire Tour & Arts
    Khmer Empire Tour & Arts

    Thanks a lot, GOD bless you

  • Debra Baldwin
    Debra Baldwin

    Please don't hurt her

  • James Brantley
    James Brantley

    Thought you might have cut that ulcer with knife.

    • Nate the Hoof Guy
      Nate the Hoof Guy

      I don’t like cutting ulcers off. It’s part of the corium.

  • Carole Timpson-Wiltowski
    Carole Timpson-Wiltowski

    Why didn't you trim away the other claw on inner side opposite lesion? Surely it would rub and irritate it?

    • Nate the Hoof Guy
      Nate the Hoof Guy

      Toes shouldn’t rub together if trimmed properly.

  • Spi

    You would think by now they would use something better then concrete for them to walk on? There’s got to be a durable floor that has some give or padding that could take the beating? They have something like it at playgrounds it’s a durable sponge like material very durable with some padding to it. Walking on concrete all the time destroys their hoofs!

    • Nate the Hoof Guy
      Nate the Hoof Guy

      Many farms use a rubber flooring in high traffic areas.

  • candie schonauer
    candie schonauer

    Do farmers proactively have you come and check hooves on a regular bases.

    • Nate the Hoof Guy
      Nate the Hoof Guy

      Yes. That’s the majority of the work I do. Just maintenance trimming the cows to keep them from having problems.

  • Татьяна Давыдова
    Татьяна Давыдова

    Бедная корова, сколько ей пришлось боли терпеть...

    • Мирас Каирденов
      Мирас Каирденов

      У них даже у коровы бинт лучше

  • Lyn Boxer
    Lyn Boxer

    Dear Nate, I love how kind and gentle you are to the cow! Some of the others act like get the job done, don't care that it's a living animal. GREAT JOB!!! 🐄💙😇🙏🏻

  • Anne Ball
    Anne Ball

    Do you think the cow, some of them, sense that you are caring for them, doing them good?

    • Nate the Hoof Guy
      Nate the Hoof Guy

      I do. Maybe not at the time I’m working on them but as they leave the chute more comfortable I think there’s some level of understanding.

  • JediFight

    Cow said, “thank moo very much.”

    • Homero Barbosa
      Homero Barbosa

      Thank you very moooch !!!

    • Anita Blomqvist
      Anita Blomqvist

      @Khmer Empire Tour & Arts åå

    • Khmer Empire Tour & Arts
      Khmer Empire Tour & Arts

      Yes really

  • June Heathcote
    June Heathcote

    So true. I wondered if our British milk farmers take the same care with our cows


    How long did it take you lean your job

    • Nate the Hoof Guy
      Nate the Hoof Guy

      Still learning today but I trained for 2.5 months with another trimmer before starting out on my own in 2002.

  • Helena Husky
    Helena Husky

    Good hoof work! Farmer needs to keep his passages free from muck to try and clear up digital dermatitis !! Otherwise this will continue and you'll be taking up residence !! Lol

  • nalpaerz kawloz
    nalpaerz kawloz


  • Angelaandfriends

    Bless you for using your skills to make these lady cows comfortable. So important! Kisses for you 😘😘

  • Don Torrance
    Don Torrance

    How do you know the crack on the white line is ok?

    • Nate the Hoof Guy
      Nate the Hoof Guy

      It’s not really a crack on this one. Just overlap from the double sole.

  • Julie Granne
    Julie Granne

    Your knife work is calm and gentle. 👍👍👍. To see you be so kind to the cows,. Is so pleasing and satisfying to watch,!!!! 👍🙏👍

  • Julie Izquierdo
    Julie Izquierdo

    Question: I been watching alot of these videos and seen so many different problems with the hoofs. And I feel that must hurt the cow. So like with Horses they put horse shoes on there feet. So my question is, Why can't u put some type of shoe on the cow that's almost like a horse shoe?? The blocks I understand that helps keep the other half protected. But like I said I saw some where both of the hoofs is infected which can't really put blocks on them. Just hope for the best they heal good. So seriously for this to stop happening why don't put some type of shoe on there hoof??

    • Julie Izquierdo
      Julie Izquierdo

      Ok I'm understanding now. And that sucks for them. Probably causes them alot of pain too. But u won't know if they have problems untel it's time for there next trimming. Thanks for answering me back and gave me some helpful information.

    • Nate the Hoof Guy
      Nate the Hoof Guy

      @Julie Izquierdo You get an abscess when the trauma on the inside is exposed to bacteria from the outside via a crack or small hole on the outside. Those cracks are formed when the whiteline isn’t allowed to form correctly or is damaged while forming. This is common with conditions like laminitis.

    • Julie Izquierdo
      Julie Izquierdo

      Oh ok. So wouldn't matter if they had shoes on or not. It only protects the outside not the inside. But what causes that problem in the 1st place?? That it gets infected from the inside of the bone?? Or as I call them claws

    • Nate the Hoof Guy
      Nate the Hoof Guy

      Shoes protect from trauma coming from the outside. Most of the trauma in cows feet come from the pedal bone on the inside of the foot.

  • Stacy Hodges
    Stacy Hodges

    Is a softer hoof preferable?

    • Nate the Hoof Guy
      Nate the Hoof Guy

      Soft is okay as long as it’s not flexible. Flexible means it’s too thin.

  • Diana G
    Diana G

    Watching you is always calm and mesmerizing....

  • BEV

    You are so gentle and easy with the wounds, taking great care not to put anymore unnecessary pain on them than you have to. You are very caring, great quality shows in you! Thank you!!! ❤

  • Tom Cairns
    Tom Cairns

    Real and important people are still out there. They don't get fanfares or prizes but they are still there, even at the end of a cow's foot, a cow that provides us with vital sustenance. Thanks man.

  • Isaias Bernardo
    Isaias Bernardo

    E melhor prevenir que remediar, você concorda.

  • Susan west
    Susan west

    Nate now I see characters again. Excellent video

  • Nicole Armstrong
    Nicole Armstrong

    your a really good trimer . the hoof gp is good one to u shud do a clab

  • Brian Householder
    Brian Householder

    Just wondering, do cows know your helping them or are they just, well, dumb or whatever.

    • Nate the Hoof Guy
      Nate the Hoof Guy

      I don’t think they understand like we do.

  • Anna Loschiavo
    Anna Loschiavo


  • Frank Pensanti
    Frank Pensanti

    I really like this... It's like I can feel the cow being freed up from her pain. .... I would imagine this would be a full time job

    • Nate the Hoof Guy
      Nate the Hoof Guy

      It has been my full time job for nearly 19 years.

  • Adrian Chew
    Adrian Chew

    They in good care with Nate hand.

  • Nita Cruise
    Nita Cruise

    Appreciate you being gentle with the cows foot. You certainly know how bad it would hurt.

  • Taylor Tomson
    Taylor Tomson

    Your supposed to grind it down before you do anything to it

  • john casey
    john casey

    Cow at the end leaving and her mate waiting for her lol

  • Crimson 14321
    Crimson 14321

    I think it’s adorable at the end, the cow seemingly waiting for their friend, also has a wrap on. Thanks for these videos Nate!

    • Claudia Snider
      Claudia Snider

      You have a great job and very important I would love to see this done in person💖

  • Cindy Morose
    Cindy Morose

    Nate is the best!

  • James Howells
    James Howells

    🇬🇧 Do the cows stay in a stall ALL day in the tie stall system ? 🇬🇧

    • Nate the Hoof Guy
      Nate the Hoof Guy

      No. Tiestall cows, generally speaking, spend more time outdoors than free stall cows do.

  • Rex Gaskell
    Rex Gaskell

    Very interesting and informative thank you

  • Tony Clark
    Tony Clark

    Cow said thank moooooo

  • Emerson Fogaça
    Emerson Fogaça

    Coloca botas feita por medida

  • Naomi Potts
    Naomi Potts

    You always get more views than the number of subscribers you have! I'm always shocked as it is usually the other way around. Why don't you ask ppl to subscribe?

    • goldiskey Blitz
      goldiskey Blitz

      @Nate the Hoof Guy too many people begging on YT

    • Nate the Hoof Guy
      Nate the Hoof Guy

      I feel like if viewers subscribe on their own, they’re doing it because they really enjoy the content and not just doing it because I suggested it. I think it will be beneficial long term for my channel.

  • Tom Perkins
    Tom Perkins

    So, uh, did anyone else see Jesus in that hoof?

    • Shannon Gray
      Shannon Gray

      I see him too! 😂😂😂

  • Nicki

    Have you ever had to hoof a cow with shoes like a horse ?

    • Nate the Hoof Guy
      Nate the Hoof Guy


  • Penguins

    I thought you do a normal trim then address the problem.

  • Barbara Stedillie
    Barbara Stedillie

    I thought I was connecting with the hoof gp, but I decided to watch anyway. Wow!!! Talk about different techniques...

  • Patricia Salisbury
    Patricia Salisbury

    Why don't you take all of that tissue off? I actually know why, just wondering why one hoof trimmer will scrape it off and others don't. You are a true professional, Nate. Thank you

  • Fergus

    I really enjoy watching your work and dialogue. You can really tell when a person is experienced and knows just how much to do and then stops before making additional problems. I know all trimmers must have really sharp knives, but yours seem like going through butter.

  • The Daemon Walker
    The Daemon Walker

    Anyone seeing this for satisfaction?? 😂

  • Julie Granne
    Julie Granne

    Me too,.i Just enjoy your work. And your voice is good also. 👍👍👍And you are gentle.

  • Denner Smith
    Denner Smith

    What is the name of the lesion?

    • Nate the Hoof Guy
      Nate the Hoof Guy

      Sole ulcer.

  • artshirleypv

    Don’t see why you don’t wash down first?

    • artshirleypv

      Wow. 🥶 I’m from so cal. 50 degrees and were freezing

    • Nate the Hoof Guy
      Nate the Hoof Guy

      It was 4 degrees Fahrenheit this day.

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous

    I wonder if something like a dental water pick might be useful in getting the impacted stuff out of hoof voids.

    • Mr. Ray
      Mr. Ray

      It's faster just to cut it out

  • Ken Dugan
    Ken Dugan

    I’m confused. So if the cows were to escape, or something would they all eventually succumb to a hoof condition and die? What’s the ideal footing for a cow. Do they require human intervention to be able to live comfortably now?

    • Nate the Hoof Guy
      Nate the Hoof Guy

      No but some would. The problem with domestication is that human intervention over time allows for poorer quality traits to be passed on because we fix them. In a natural world those bad traits could lead to death and they wouldn’t get passed on. It is our responsibility to help them though IMO.

  • Travis k
    Travis k

    I think you hoof guys need a 2000 psi pressure washer with a yellow tip to clean them feet first.

    • Travis k
      Travis k

      @Nate the Hoof Guy You could a start a snow making business also

    • Nate the Hoof Guy
      Nate the Hoof Guy

      How well do you think that would work with temps at 4 degrees Fahrenheit?

  • gentlefire100

    In extreme cases do you need a numbing agent

    • Honey Bee
      Honey Bee

      usually the owners will have cows on painkillers and antibiotics if there is an infection or extreme lameness. :)

  • gentlefire100

    Where did you learn this skill

    • Nate the Hoof Guy
      Nate the Hoof Guy

      I trained with another hoof trimmer.

  • Santiago Rodriguez Guillen
    Santiago Rodriguez Guillen

    Just cause

  • Mr. Semanggen
    Mr. Semanggen

    Good job

  • Jenny Lynn
    Jenny Lynn

    Great job! Thank you.

  • jimmy no tits
    jimmy no tits

    Your fingers look like they need the horn trimmed before that digital dermatitis gets in

  • hjkhjk

    I really like your videos straight to the point.

  • Paul R
    Paul R

    If I ever develop a hoof lesion I want Nate to help me 😁

  • David B
    David B

    Have no idea why Iam watching this .

  • Sooner Keith
    Sooner Keith

    Another great video. What part of the country do you work in Nate? You sound like possibly an upper Midwesterner.

    • Nate the Hoof Guy
      Nate the Hoof Guy

      Correct. Western Wisconsin.

  • Calla1971

    Hi Nate! Good video as always. I was watching another one of your videos earlier, and I have a question about digital dermatitis. I know there are specific signs that DD has formed around a hoof; however, is there any kind of sign that DD is just beginning to form? On the earlier video, I saw a reddish color around a hoof and thought it might be a sign of beginning DD, but you didn't treat for it. Now I'm not sure if I was seeing things or if that double cup of morning joe with triple shots of sugar and Irish Cream is making me see red. I guess I'm asking if you can see DD as it's just starting, rather than pronounced and awful looking and painful for the cow. Thanks, and thanks again for the video ~~ take good care!

    • Nate the Hoof Guy
      Nate the Hoof Guy

      It usually starts in the interdigital cleft. The best way to control DD is with the use of a foot bath. Treatment at the chute won’t prevent early cases because unless we treated them all as if they already had it. That wouldn’t be cost effective.

  • (Eli)minado

    Hi Nate! Is there a reason to why usually just one of the claws ending up injured?

    • Nate the Hoof Guy
      Nate the Hoof Guy

      It’s usually the primary weight bearing claws which are the inside claws on the front and outside claws on the back feet. They receive the most amount of weight so consequently the most trauma.

  • Racheal Campbell
    Racheal Campbell

    Curious do you find the hooves of cows in tied stalls better? My grandparents had a dairy farm with cows in the tied stalls while milking and in winter but on pasture the rest of the time and we hardly ever had issues with the hooves.

    • Nate the Hoof Guy
      Nate the Hoof Guy

      In general they are better. The dairies here are similar and most of the problems are associated with the summer heat.

  • Robert Shrewsbury
    Robert Shrewsbury

    Yep, obviously has relief after a block and trimming. That ulcer area was bigger than it looked.

  • bvs smith
    bvs smith

    what do you do i you have ulcers on both claws ? some type of cut blocks ?

    • Nate the Hoof Guy
      Nate the Hoof Guy

      Sometimes but usually I won’t use blocks but just wrap and move the cow to a soft pen until she can recover.

  • Tim B Tunes
    Tim B Tunes

    I've been watching the hoof gp channel . Right of the bat I noticed how carefully and slowly you carve. he craves fast

  • Rafael Diaz Brenes
    Rafael Diaz Brenes

    Question: Why you never wash out the excess debris or mud off the hoof with some water?

    • Nate the Hoof Guy
      Nate the Hoof Guy

      @Rafael Diaz Brenes No problem.

    • Rafael Diaz Brenes
      Rafael Diaz Brenes

      @Nate the Hoof Guy many thanks man! Now I can clearly see why using water is more of a burden than an advantage. Thanks for taking time to answer and keep making videos!

    • Nate the Hoof Guy
      Nate the Hoof Guy

      Several reasons. First off, where I live the daytime temperatures don’t reach above freezing right now so that water would turn to ice causing slippery conditions for the cows to walk on. But even in the warmer months washing the feet when working with power tools and a chute that runs on electricity can be dangerous for obvious reasons. Also having wet leather gloves can make handling sharp knives dangerous. The other factor is time. I typically trim between 40-60 cows per day. Add on a couple minutes per cow to wash and dry the feet and you’re looking to add 2+ hours on to your already 8-10 hr work day. All that said...the grinder does the best job cleaning the foot anyway.

  • Penny Baker
    Penny Baker

    She looks like she feels better.

  • Attack The Planet
    Attack The Planet


  • P. Griffith
    P. Griffith

    What about that great big crack closer to the outside wall?

    • Nate the Hoof Guy
      Nate the Hoof Guy

      Not a crack. Just overlap from the double sole I removed from the ulcer.

  • rangerat1957

    How often on average do the hoofs need to be trimmed?

    • Nate the Hoof Guy
      Nate the Hoof Guy

      Every 4-6 months on average.

  • Ashley R. Miller
    Ashley R. Miller

    At least you get a vet people who watch the hoof GP think he’s hot shit when that son of birch has videos where he literally cuts away a entire digital on a cow with just topical lidocaine and he don’t have a vet license. He took the peddle bone out and everything.

    • Nate the Hoof Guy
      Nate the Hoof Guy

      Pedal bones fracture sometimes and come loose from the foot. I saw the one you’re talking about and I’ve seen them come out just like that.

  • Pete Monaghan
    Pete Monaghan

    Love it.

  • linda sapiecha
    linda sapiecha


  • Farqah23 Rachmat
    Farqah23 Rachmat

    I love to hear your voice 😍😍😍😍😍😍 I am from indonesia 🇮🇩

  • Татьяна Винегар
    Татьяна Винегар

    You are so gentle with your knife! It's such a pleasure to watch! Also I wonder if the cows would notice the difference between their hooves being drier or wetter 🤔 if they have to change the stall, for example.

    • Татьяна Винегар
      Татьяна Винегар

      @Nate the Hoof Guy it's more of a philosophical question! 😊 But if they notice how their hooves change with drier and wetter seasons, they'd notice them changing with the stalling too.

    • Nate the Hoof Guy
      Nate the Hoof Guy

      I’m not sure. They probably do though.

  • D J Owen
    D J Owen

    Proud flesh.

    • Nate the Hoof Guy
      Nate the Hoof Guy

      That’s another name for granulation tissue. 👍

  • Jo Gillett
    Jo Gillett

    Does 'tie stall' mean that the cows are tied into thier stalls? As opposed to Saskduchkids dairy cows ? Are there any regulations on this regarding how long they are tied up for? Genuinely curious...

    • Nate the Hoof Guy
      Nate the Hoof Guy

      @Jo Gillett You’re welcome.

    • Jo Gillett
      Jo Gillett

      @Nate the Hoof Guy OMG ❤👍 thank you for your reply!!! I look forward to any videos you might be able to make on tie stall cows, I do feel a bit sad for them tbh. Thank you for taking time to answer my question 😊

    • Nate the Hoof Guy
      Nate the Hoof Guy

      Yes they are tied up. The way the barns are designed they can’t roam freely like they do in freestalls. The cows would walk into the feed and contaminate it and it would be very difficult to keep clean which would be a problem with the milk inspectors. I don’t know about specific regulations but all the farmers I know let the cows out when the weather permits. I’ll do a video on them sometime so you can see what I mean.

  • Jamie Legvold
    Jamie Legvold

    I love watching your videos. You make it so enjoyable by explaining what and why you do. Thank you!

  • Katie Orr
    Katie Orr

    You always take your time and go gentle when using your knife which is great to see. Great information on this video again

  • Rebecca Forrest
    Rebecca Forrest

    That must be a great relief for the cow good job Nate

  • Canadian2

    why is the purple wrap back?... couple videos back you had green wrap again but now we're back to purple. Whats the deal? Do i need to make a call to your wrap supplier?

    • Canadian2

      @Nate the Hoof Guy Blue wrap would be nice. :)

    • E.C. Listening
      E.C. Listening

      Da ladies like some fancy colors

    • Nate the Hoof Guy
      Nate the Hoof Guy

      I’ve got green, purple, red, blue and tan.