We Ate the Worlds SPICIEST Candy - Carolina Reaper Challenge
I challenged UZloadr @Ben Azelart to see who can eat the spiciest candy in the world without drinking milk. It got INTENSE!
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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug

    subscribe if u enjoyed the vid :) my mouth still hurts

    • rima cheaito
      rima cheaito


    • Edmund Wong
      Edmund Wong

      I would lose at like level 1 to 3

    • Gemma Barker
      Gemma Barker


    • Rudra Bansal
      Rudra Bansal


    • Rudra Bansal
      Rudra Bansal


  • Francis Andrade
    Francis Andrade

    Can’t wait for you to hit 20 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS 🎉🎉🥰🥰🎉🥰 faze rug i follow ur whole family but if u see this please please help me out with that Nissan it will be a blessing and it would really help me out but 😢 ik you will NEVER SEE THIS LOVE YA 😍😍Stay Positive

  • David Araujo
    David Araujo

    Ben that’s a good one bro🤣

  • Javier Mayo
    Javier Mayo

    I love your vidg

    • Javier Mayo
      Javier Mayo


  • Nate Vega
    Nate Vega

    1 2 34577890

  • salman Salman
    salman Salman


  • salman Salman
    salman Salman


  • Carter Condrey
    Carter Condrey

    HE NEED SOME MILK!!!!!!!!

  • Rachel Kinsella
    Rachel Kinsella


  • deka adar
    deka adar

    At 8:57 i could see fire coming from Ben's ears

  • Turbo Happy Toy Time
    Turbo Happy Toy Time

    I feel bad for him

  • rafael nieto
    rafael nieto

    I once ate (or drank) the spiciest hot sauce in the world. I cried, my insides burned, I puked like fifteen times and I was in the bathroom for the rest of the day. I wonder if they felt the same after. I also finished the worlds milk supply


    I’m dying just watching this I hate spicy things sour things I’m good but spicy I’m dead

  • sophia matti
    sophia matti

    I was in Mexico four days ago

  • Samha Abdul sattar
    Samha Abdul sattar

    11:54 Am I the only one who noticed Ben drinking milk!?!??! Nice vid btw! 😊

  • Timmeh but cooler
    Timmeh but cooler

    Please do not try this. You can literally lose control of your BODY. I dislike this.

  • Salt_crazy833 Ree
    Salt_crazy833 Ree

    My guy when I eat pastalios (ground meat wrapped with tortilla and closed with a fork fried) I just dump Tabasco sauce in it Edit: one time I was seasoning some popcorn and I added a FRICKING POUND of cayenne powder and I ate it all but literally my eyes were watering and my nose was dripping like Niagara Falls


    Watch the vid in slow mo rug flinched

  • Kieran Hansard
    Kieran Hansard

    How is he alive

  • Maila Kazolo Maundu
    Maila Kazolo Maundu

    fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggggggggg

  • Eljay MSC
    Eljay MSC

    Give me ps5 old I am poor I only get to whach you went I'm with my friends I don't even have a good house

  • rima cheaito
    rima cheaito

    Let's gooooooooo

  • Learning by Playing Best Games
    Learning by Playing Best Games

    dare me to eat the spiciest item i love spicy food


    Am I the only one thinking about the that meme : Me watching thinking: WhY IS. IT SpICccYYyyY No one: ....... Literally no one: ....

  • Hayleeandrews 123
    Hayleeandrews 123

    Do a sour video plz I subscribed aswell


    i got see ben video

  • Pran Emsrikul
    Pran Emsrikul

    you guys are making me really hungry because i love the to eat the Carolina Reaper gummy bear

  • Kinza Nafise
    Kinza Nafise

    11:55 so they did drink water

  • Meghna Dindorkar
    Meghna Dindorkar

    people can do anything for views proof:

  • Fatima Rizvi
    Fatima Rizvi

    I love how he invited ben😇 plz invite the whole grp of amp world😁❤❤

  • N Gggg
    N Gggg

    As soon as he bot the gummy worm I felt a pit of spice

  • chris hart
    chris hart

    im crying from looking at it and my nose burns though the screen

  • Yonatan Rodriguez
    Yonatan Rodriguez

    Im. From. Mexico

  • Vanessa Maria
    Vanessa Maria

    You should prank your parents that someone stole Bosley

  • Sheetal Saraf
    Sheetal Saraf

    Da boi need sum milk

  • Phantom Playz_YT
    Phantom Playz_YT

    i subscribe and liike your videos realy good

  • Life with Makaylah B
    Life with Makaylah B

    Yeah you need to shut the hell up you’re a bitch

  • Ingrid Ramirez
    Ingrid Ramirez

    Ben acting cute

    • Ingrid Ramirez
      Ingrid Ramirez


    • Ingrid Ramirez
      Ingrid Ramirez

      Dont tell him

  • Iam Babyash
    Iam Babyash

    At the end Ben is like "I'm never doing a challenge with this guy he's illegal and dangerous"🤣

  • Iam Babyash
    Iam Babyash

    We gotta just appreciate how entertaining ben is broo

  • Iam Babyash
    Iam Babyash

    Yall suck at dart tho 🤣 stick to UZload guys stick to it

  • Iam Babyash
    Iam Babyash

    Brian:"its like it goes down the wrong pipe"🤣🤣 dying here those candies are dangerous

  • Iam Babyash
    Iam Babyash

    The way Brian climb the rope bruh I was like brian have a secret talent or what

  • ILD Alot
    ILD Alot

    Mostly all this I eat smh they soft for this💀

  • Maxsteerl Z12
    Maxsteerl Z12

    Done 🤓✅

  • Makilan Kaliecharan
    Makilan Kaliecharan

    In level one FaZe Rug face tern orange 🍊 no cap

  • Sports Plays YT
    Sports Plays YT

    Sorry Ben! 😋😋🤣🤣

  • Romeo Robinson
    Romeo Robinson

    when they act like its hot 5 seconds later they are smiling lol

  • L43ob

    You are going to pass out

  • Tisaun Smith
    Tisaun Smith

    This is sooo fun watching Ben doing this

  • Jayleen Gonzalez (Student)
    Jayleen Gonzalez (Student)

    Faza fug

  • Jayleen Gonzalez (Student)
    Jayleen Gonzalez (Student)

    Ok be ok k o i am a big fan

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    Zain Latif


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    Christiano X


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  • Carlorex

    Support mr

  • CaLaB STUDIO s
    CaLaB STUDIO s

    Faze rug over reacts sometimes

  • Leyla Ahmed
    Leyla Ahmed


  • Leyla Ahmed
    Leyla Ahmed


  • Saniya Jad
    Saniya Jad

    Do this with the spice king lol 😂

  • IAm6 Hunter
    IAm6 Hunter

    what about lil nitro gummy bear

  • Taveuni Havea
    Taveuni Havea

    Can I have a iPhone 12 max pro pls!!

  • Syed Hassan Lateef
    Syed Hassan Lateef

    i watch ins low motion he actually didnt flinch

  • archie eltringham
    archie eltringham

    britesh pearson like me ''why the f**k is he saying candy!!'' im 8 blw

  • J B
    J B

    I love Rug and Ben colabs

  • Fortune Coochie
    Fortune Coochie


  • Victoria Render
    Victoria Render

    I love how he still has the trampoline with pillows

    • Victoria Render
      Victoria Render

      Mine ?

    • Victoria Render
      Victoria Render


    • Raza Mo
      Raza Mo

      And dude I was your first subscriber

    • Raza Mo
      Raza Mo

      Me too it's insane how he has it still

  • Victoria Render
    Victoria Render

    No offense but sometimes they can be a little Dramatic

  • Gwen Wagner
    Gwen Wagner

    The romantic book cephalometrically curve because nephew ethically kiss afore a harmonious night. smiling, long-term sponge

  • CherriiePlayzRoblox

    why is it spicy

  • Nicolas R0163
    Nicolas R0163

    in that staring contest, faze rug looks so much shorter! XD

  • Kendall Lowry
    Kendall Lowry


  • Mateo Valadez
    Mateo Valadez

    I’m in Mexico right now!

  • Heidi Williams
    Heidi Williams

    Great video FaZe Rug!!!

  • James Briggs
    James Briggs

    ben drangk water in 11:54

  • Connor Smith
    Connor Smith

    Me just eating chili pepper powder while watching this

  • Connor Smith
    Connor Smith

    I know it’s hard but u can do it guys especially Ben (His mouth probably still hurts)

  • Connor Smith
    Connor Smith

    Does anyone else read the comments before watching the video

  • Connor Smith
    Connor Smith

    Rip Ben

  • Isaac Perez
    Isaac Perez

    Bet it’s not spicy

  • Zhayo

    so are we going to ignore that dude drank water @ 11:54

  • Alejandro Carmona
    Alejandro Carmona

    and i like how FaZe said blinking contest lol

  • Alejandro Carmona
    Alejandro Carmona

    ok the first 2 weren't even spicy

  • Tyler Bergstest
    Tyler Bergstest

    Hey fazerug I'm a huge fan and I saw you were in dharman

  • Timothy Stevens
    Timothy Stevens

    ben is crazy

  • Nata Demirel
    Nata Demirel

    I thought that the hoodie Said stay valid😂😂😂

  • Viola Baptiste
    Viola Baptiste

    Done 👍👍👍

  • Raymonise Sene
    Raymonise Sene

    HeyRugcanigetaplay Stationat Saturday please

  • DanyDj

    spicekingcam where u at?

  • ItzJustXSGamerz

    I can imagine the big diarrhea coming after this video Good luck ben and faze rug.

  • Laquin 21
    Laquin 21


  • Laquin 21
    Laquin 21

    GG faze rug

  • Zylamae Nicole Cabantog
    Zylamae Nicole Cabantog

    i feel the spice i almost cried. lol

  • Zylamae Nicole Cabantog
    Zylamae Nicole Cabantog

    i feel the spice i almost cried. lol

  • Laura Ayaz
    Laura Ayaz

    Ilove Ben

  • Infinite galaxy.
    Infinite galaxy.

    Do we have to do this:plot twist they didn’t actually eat it they made clones of them self.

  • PhysixxKC

    I would quit first round

  • Dana AlSekri
    Dana AlSekri

    FaZA rug I love this video

  • Jean Francois Lajoie
    Jean Francois Lajoie

    I love your videos they are amazing.