YONEX Thailand Open | Day 4: Ellis/Langridge (ENG) vs. Carnando/Marthin (INA)
HSBC BWF World Tour | Super 1000
YONEX Thailand Open
Men's Doubles | Quarterfinals
Ellis/Langridge (ENG) vs. Carnando/Marthin (INA)
#HSBCbadminton #BWFWorldTour #YonexThailandOpen
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  • doliio volay
    doliio volay

    Laper bro? Wkwkwk

  • anjaya2401


  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo


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    gbhtht liu

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    • yasio bolo
      yasio bolo

      Pelen pelen bos, jgn ekspektasi tinggi ma mereka, yg pnting ada kemajuan,

  • Water Gate
    Water Gate


  • Selling Soul 5 Bucks
    Selling Soul 5 Bucks

    Badminton..what a gay sport

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    T-Virus Terrance

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  • Dontsleep

    This English pair has zero class on the court! As most of us Malaysians would say “ *pattern more than badminton* ”

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  • Risgun Risgun
    Risgun Risgun

    SELAMAT..alhamdulillah masuk final

  • Kowan McGarry
    Kowan McGarry

    This is Badminton right.

  • Albert Hofmann
    Albert Hofmann

    Carnando/Marthin is gonna be a big MD in the future !

  • Tom M
    Tom M

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  • Mc. Ipin
    Mc. Ipin

    Ellis banyak gaya lu. Noob mulu

  • Nala Yuhyin
    Nala Yuhyin

    Idih ini om2 gamalu apa teriak2 di depan anak muda, sadar umur om udah dewasa harusnya bisa calm down, ini malah kek ngajak berantem

  • Andika Imam
    Andika Imam

    49:38 WKWKWKWK

    • N M
      N M


  • silent player
    silent player

    Pelen pelen bos, jgn ekspektasi tinggi ma mereka, yg pnting ada kemajuan,

  • Trihana Riza Putra
    Trihana Riza Putra

    1:13:00 spin serve 🤯

    • Trihana Riza Putra
      Trihana Riza Putra

      Its pretty difficult to do spin serve so leo delayed that 😂😅

  • nevaslippn

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  • Piotr Jakub
    Piotr Jakub

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    Simon George

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  • Hui Li
    Hui Li

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  • *ceppy_minions*

    16th on US trending..

  • ActOfLove *
    ActOfLove *

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  • The King
    The King

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  • Josh Gold
    Josh Gold

    saw this on trending and i can't say that i am disappointed

  • The Not-Especially-Intimidating One
    The Not-Especially-Intimidating One

    Wait this is not done with LightSabers?

  • James Paul
    James Paul

    Sometimes, I like to Fill UP my Bathtub with Milk, lay in the Fetal Position and pretend that I'm a Cheerio!..

    • bluepassby

      milk baths are relaxing XD. this comment is so funny!

  • ria rosyida
    ria rosyida

    59.53 kenapa bang?

  • heru agung saputra
    heru agung saputra

    English pair might think that they’re going to win easily after 1st game. It didn’t happen, tho. Commentators said they english pair have lots of experience which can be shown to the young Indonesian. Although they Indonesian have 3 pairs of top 6 to practice with, and have beat their seniors in the live match, it’ll not be easy when met the other players whom they never meet. At the end they celebrete it

  • Ezar mahfuzh 1
    Ezar mahfuzh 1

    Alhamdulillah..semoga juara Leo Daniel..semaNgat..

  • Agus Supriatna
    Agus Supriatna

    English players, as usual, acting up with their screams like: "hey!! we are much better & much more experienced than you guys!! Don't mess around with us!!" 🤪 But "unfortunately", Indonesians are not giving up that easily!! 👍👍👍

  • Notafratdude

    Happy new year y'all Please repent because Jesus is coming soon, Like so more people can see this

  • Bryan Bullard
    Bryan Bullard

    I realize these guys are insanely good but who devotes there entire life to badminton

    • Harits Turquoise
      Harits Turquoise

      Badminton athletes obviously ? 😂, Wtf kind of question is that ? I know its not the biggest sport in the world right now, but its not small either.

  • end yc
    end yc

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  • Imran Malik
    Imran Malik

    Kata Coach Herry: Ayo donk lebih berani, kamu kan anak muda.

  • boru Sasada
    boru Sasada

    Leo dicecar terus

  • Miguel D
    Miguel D

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  • Putra Bungtama
    Putra Bungtama

    SAbgat2 mengagumkan... semoga bisa menduduki peringkat satu dunia...

  • Yanis Agodor
    Yanis Agodor

    Jesus love you, he died on the cross for you, accept him as your lord and savior he can change everything. For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life" (Jn 3:16" But you must repent too. From that time Jesus went about preaching and saying, Let your hearts be turned from sin, for the kingdom of heaven is near. (Matthew 4:17):

    • Agus Supriatna
      Agus Supriatna

      Trust we are watching a badminton match not being at church? 🤔

  • 12 1 Y 0 S T G
    12 1 Y 0 S T G

    LOLL !! :D 49:39 when coach Hery IP said to Daniel "laperrr brooo...! Rilex dikit dong..." Hahahaha...my level of humor....

    • Didi Suradi
      Didi Suradi

      Wkwkwkwkwk ngakaaak broo

  • 12 1 Y 0 S T G
    12 1 Y 0 S T G

    Don't be proud too soon youngsters. Be humble, there are still long ways ahead to be passed. Keep learning and be ready for your time to shine. Daniel/Leo.

    • kim H
      kim H


    • kim H
      kim H


  • Nana StNurhasanah
    Nana StNurhasanah

    Seketika jadi ngefans sama Daniel Marthin. Ni bocah punya aura juara Dan pemain hebat. Dia jg cuek dan gak takut sama lawan. Skillnya juga oke.

  • Teguh Santosa
    Teguh Santosa

    So many Danish and englands players always do provocative when they are under pressure..Not good sportmanship!

    • kim H
      kim H


  • kuli serabutan
    kuli serabutan

    Incer aja yg bewok, coach heri

  • iinthaan 07
    iinthaan 07

    Daniel=Kevin Hhhahhahaha Good job.. Besok bismillah bisa kalahin negra tetangga aamiin

  • Fola Memey
    Fola Memey

    Antara tegang sama ngakak woyy

    • dnm

      Coba di jelaskan tegangnya dimana? dan ngakaknya dimana?

  • Akun Donasi
    Akun Donasi


  • shinta iip
    shinta iip



    Itu mohammed salah ngapain main badminton

    • Eki Praditha
      Eki Praditha

      Njiiirr ngakak, iya sih kadang mirip

  • Jimaph Jeong
    Jimaph Jeong

    1:14:47 daniel mau ngajak tos "SOCIAL DISTANCING !!" 🤣

    • David Purba
      David Purba

      Itu yg Ngakak siap ya? Fajar bukan ya wkwk

  • Elsa Septiani
    Elsa Septiani

    laper brouu

  • aufklarung 88
    aufklarung 88

    1.14.49 ngakak deh. Daniel kocak

  • Seno Liwar
    Seno Liwar

    Inggris sombong amat, hahase

  • didi aja
    didi aja

    Leo/Daniel have to realize that they are blessed. They have the best coach any players could ask. And they train with the best mates that no other teams have: 1st, 2nd, and 6th (5th highest) rank in MD from whom they could learn everything: speed, accuracy, agility, calmness, reading the game, quality of shots, variations of attack, all the way into how to handle psywar on court! They really have to take advantage of it. And so far, they've done a great job! Cant wait to see how they grow higher

  • Alfa Kiya
    Alfa Kiya

    Semoga coach Herry panjang umur. Biar bisa menerbitkan MD-MD berikut nya. Aamiin.

  • Jimaph Jeong
    Jimaph Jeong

    49:39 coach naga api ke daniel : "laper bro ?" 😂

  • Surya Dhiez
    Surya Dhiez

    Here's marcus ellis playing the same drama again as what he did in all england when they played against praven/melati... Complaining to umpire that the oppenents taking long time to serve, well in fact all the opponents did was waiting for him to get ready...

    • Widhi Dharma
      Widhi Dharma


    • Trihana Riza Putra
      Trihana Riza Putra

      Both of them delayed the game too not only the england paired

  • Chotibul Umam
    Chotibul Umam

    17-10 19-10 set 1: England was provocative

  • VEVO Asia
    VEVO Asia

    Can you believe that Indonesia has 3 MD on Top 6, they're still playing and then these young boys showed up.

  • Risma Rahmawati
    Risma Rahmawati

    Laper bro? Wkwkwk

  • Wildan Syaprowi
    Wildan Syaprowi

    Njir daniel mainnya save banget jarang error. Leo harus belajar lebih banyak sama kevin. Main depan lo busukk

    • Fnlfii

      Yaelah, ga apple to apple bgt perbandingannya. Lo bandingin anak 19 tahun baru ngikut 2 turnamen world tour sblmnya, dibandingin sm kevin yg udh wara wiri s500, s750, s1000, ranking 1 dunia. Namanya msh baru2, liat proses dan progressnya knp sih susah bgt, toh PELATIHnya aja apresiasi permainan mereka dan semangatnya. Sabar, klo ga sabar lo aja yg main biar ga busuk mainnya.

    • silent player
      silent player

      Sudahlah kawan, mereka masih muda, jgn beban tinggi tinggi, biar mereka berproses

  • Indah Fatmawati
    Indah Fatmawati

    Penasaran apa y yg bikin mereka ketawa di poin 19.kyk greget gitu 😁😅

    • viero ridal
      viero ridal

      martin ngajak tos tapi kan Lagi covid , lawan Bilang Ga boleh sentuhan gitu

  • Ahmad Sudrajat
    Ahmad Sudrajat

    Laper bro ?? Hahhaa

  • Evi Juniarsah
    Evi Juniarsah

    Wow... The Baby Monsters were born. 👍👍👍

  • A R
    A R

    Awesome barking 😂

  • amani padot
    amani padot

    Next great Indonesian MD

  • iam fa
    iam fa

    Couch herry ip: arahin ketengah ketengah yang bewok....🤣🤣🤣

    • Haekal Nomura Tachi
      Haekal Nomura Tachi

      @貝樞暖 lebih breok chris sih wkwkwk

    • 貝樞暖

      Dua duanya bewok gimana coach 😂

  • Dadan Harjana
    Dadan Harjana

    "laper bro? Hahahhaa"

    • ivan jamborano
      ivan jamborano


  • Poetra Mohammed
    Poetra Mohammed

    Maaf ada yg tau kabar monion ga

    • Amazing Home cooking
      Amazing Home cooking

      @Meilany Snitgaard masa, dapat info di mana..koh minggu lalu bulang gak ikut si

    • Meilany Snitgaard
      Meilany Snitgaard

      Minggu depan The Minion ikut Toyota Thailand Open

    • Amazing Home cooking
      Amazing Home cooking

      Minion gak ikut, karena kevin kena covid19.. tapi sekarang kevin udah sembuh and latihaan seperti biasa.

  • Naufal Abdul Aziz
    Naufal Abdul Aziz

    49:32 daniel nyari sesuatu 49:39 gemes banget pas coach herry bilang "laper bro?" ke daniel 😂

    • Didi Suradi
      Didi Suradi

      Auto ngakak 🤣🤣

  • Asri Yusman
    Asri Yusman

    Good job leo daniel.. see you in top 10 this year !!

    • P'nam ratvanida
      P'nam ratvanida

      Aamiin,, tinggal WS yang tertinggal :(

    • Asri Yusman
      Asri Yusman

      Ga ada habisnya MD indonesia tuh..dari yg tua ampe junior.. Insya Allah MD indonesia still World No 1

    • isma kiyah
      isma kiyah

      Aamiin, makin banyak MD Indonesia makin seru

  • Tito Sianipar
    Tito Sianipar

    Anyone read this and can reach Marcus & Chris, please tell them that they are having too much style... 😅 Less style please 😂

  • fahrulhusain Fahrul
    fahrulhusain Fahrul

    Luar biasa anak milenial satu ini heee bangga pokoknya semoga terus berkembang permainanya.

    • Gian Piero
      Gian Piero

      @Ahmad Puji Santoso akhirnya ada yg ingetin...thankyou bro👍

    • Ahmad Puji Santoso
      Ahmad Puji Santoso

      Lah mereka mah bukan Millennial lagi bang wkwk udah masuk Gen Z

  • Kukuh Santoso
    Kukuh Santoso

    Coach heri absolutely BADDASS coach for men's double

    • abcd def
      abcd def

      @Trihana Riza Putra Bingungnya sih si Morten sebenernya bilang langridge itu malah sebenernya lemah ama lob. Tapi pas dengerin saran si coach malah dibilang suruh nolob. Akhirnya tapi memang si leo/daniel main lob ke langridge dan malah dapet banyak poin dari situ. Hampir g ad interception dari leo di net depan.

    • Trihana Riza Putra
      Trihana Riza Putra

      Mereka no lob sejak set 2, tapi ttp angkat bola lah kalau musuh smash atau dropshot. Mereka juga lbh keras main di depan

    • abcd def
      abcd def

      Tapi kok rasanya leo/daniel engga ngikutin saran coach heri ya. Mainnya disuruh nolob panjang, tapi kok rasanya mereka tetep main lob (ttp menang poin sih). Cara mainnya leo/daniel beda dari md indonesia biasanya, mentalnya defensif.

    • Kukuh Santoso
      Kukuh Santoso

      @Sweetlife ND yup

    • Sweetlife ND
      Sweetlife ND

      Coach's yang lainnya juga punya andil besar jugaa

  • Arya Nur Adha
    Arya Nur Adha

    “Laper bro?”

    • ahmad zaini
      ahmad zaini

      Itu gw ngakak 🤣

  • Yo Wis ben
    Yo Wis ben

    MD🇮🇩 MS🇮🇩 WD🇮🇩 XD🇮🇩 WS❌

    • Yo Wis ben
      Yo Wis ben

      @sanjaya mudah²an aj smpe puncak,,kado pernikahan kemarin😁

    • P'nam ratvanida
      P'nam ratvanida

      That sucks :(

    • sanjaya

      WD juga hanya satu yg diandalkan.

  • naomi oktarina
    naomi oktarina

    their mentality are really stunning

  • Fikri Hidayat
    Fikri Hidayat

    Woww.. congrats Leo/Daniel 👍👍

  • Dee Light
    Dee Light

    Daniel Marthin 😍

  • Heri

    Marcus Ellis be like: don’t shout at me everytime!!!

  • PChan1112

    LeoDaniel is Old style MD love defend and smash if play Modern like KevinGideon love Short and flat fast , LeoDaniel look struggle always doin Error in net but Defend and Smash always Work for them i hope Coach Harry dont ruin the play style this young pair

  • Murtini Hariyanto
    Murtini Hariyanto

    Live nya tadi di bully habis habisan kapan lah +62 bisa respect dan menghargai para pemain yg lagi berjuang.selamat leo daniel hari ini kamu memberikan yg terbaik semoga lanjut sampai final.

    • sanjaya

      Maksudku itu pemain junior

    • de activated
      de activated

      haha kayak gak kenal orang2 kita aja, bisanya ngebully ngata2in. alesannya biar mental kuat, tailah emang

    • P'nam ratvanida
      P'nam ratvanida

      Udah biasa itu miris banget,, paling mereka cuma tim hore yang ngga support pas pemain lagi down :(

    • Murtini Hariyanto
      Murtini Hariyanto

      @Gtravl Tour di fb bisa lihat live.

    • Murtini Hariyanto
      Murtini Hariyanto

      @CORTEX nama fb nya thailand open 2021

  • Muh imran
    Muh imran

    1:13:24 emosi moment🤣

    • David Purba
      David Purba

      Selama masih wajar. Bumbu2 tengil bgini bikin match tambah seru wkwkwk

    • Muhammad Hanif Abdillah
      Muhammad Hanif Abdillah

      @P'nam ratvanida Marcus ellis juga main rangkap di ganda campuran sama Lauren smith

    • P'nam ratvanida
      P'nam ratvanida

      @Muhammad Hanif Abdillah ko musuh pramel?

    • ahmad zaini
      ahmad zaini

      Maklum anak muda di kompor2in yaaa makin jadi 🤣🤣

    • Muhammad Hanif Abdillah
      Muhammad Hanif Abdillah

      Wkwk emang bgst ni dari All England kmren gitu juga pas musuh pra/mel

  • Young Aki-P
    Young Aki-P

    49:38 _Laper Bro_ ?

    • boru Sasada
      boru Sasada

      @Natalia daniel tuh kaya koh Hendra pendiam.

    • Natalia

      Tpi reaksi daniel biasa aj...hahahaa

    • isma kiyah
      isma kiyah

      coach naga api kocak🤣

    • Young Aki-P
      Young Aki-P


  • Helmi Sumo
    Helmi Sumo

    Terharu . . .

  • ombo Thea Thea
    ombo Thea Thea

    Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  • Lindie Citra praba
    Lindie Citra praba

    The next minions

    • silent player
      silent player

      Tak usah jadi next minions, berharaplah mereka jadi diri sendiri tapi bisa mengisi posisi nomor 1 berikutnya

  • Taufik Abdoel9
    Taufik Abdoel9

    congratulations to Indonesia getting ahead for the future

  • frost

    Bruh Chris Langridge really thought it was a good idea to give Daniel Marthin the shuttle by hand :|

  • Handito Yudisha
    Handito Yudisha

    49:39 "Laper Broo" - Herry IP (2021) - 😂😂😂😂😂

    • heny suryanti
      heny suryanti

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      Endah Kartikasari

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    • P'nam ratvanida
      P'nam ratvanida

      @Lindie Citra praba I think it's a cereal bar

    • Lindie Citra praba
      Lindie Citra praba

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    • P'nam ratvanida
      P'nam ratvanida

      Lmao 🤣

  • syalalala 17
    syalalala 17

    Hari ini ngalahin brronze medalist olympic 2016 Besok lawan silver medalist 2016 Bismillah semoga hasilnya memuaskan ya LeoNiel, Semangattt

    • Vivi Laila
      Vivi Laila

      @syalalala 17 laiyaaa gaess.. apa kita terlalu jumawa yaa.. huhu

    • syalalala 17
      syalalala 17

      @Assyah Syahrudin ah iyaa

    • syalalala 17
      syalalala 17

      @Vivi Laila Gak jadi gess 😭

    • Assyah Syahrudin
      Assyah Syahrudin

      Kemaren ngalahin silver medal Asian Games'18.

    • Haekal Nomura Tachi
      Haekal Nomura Tachi

      @Vivi Laila aminn

  • Crapsalot567

    Indonesia has no shortage of great badminton double players. You could tell how much Ellis/Langridge respected their skill level, cause they were playing them like they would any other adults.

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    Rival Ardyansyah

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