You Must Ollie EVERY SKATEBOARD! / Warehouse Wednesday
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Ryden has wanted to do another Warehouse Wednesday ever since his first and I told him he had to show he was skating and pushing himself to do that ... well lately he has done exactly that so we kicked the door down again for him. I'm so immensely proud to be your dad Ryden. I have no doubt you'll fight against life as a whole the way you gave 110% in this episode. I love you little dude, always.

  • Kerstin Rhoades
    Kerstin Rhoades

    Ryden deeds to turn how to turn

    • Kerstin Rhoades
      Kerstin Rhoades

      With a skate bord

  • Matthew Nordstrom
    Matthew Nordstrom

    Good job Ryden!

  • misskt5


  • dhine 82
    dhine 82

    Has old is he

  • Ashley Craddock
    Ashley Craddock


  • Kason Wilson-Smith
    Kason Wilson-Smith

    I love you

  • Lara Fox
    Lara Fox

    This is my mum's profile picture I am just boring it Action question when does Ryan game skating karate

  • Lara Fox
    Lara Fox

    You know that bar for i-divine to ski jump off his board on and jump back on the bored

  • Yael Cortez
    Yael Cortez

    Ryan is going great so far

  • Destiny Durante
    Destiny Durante


  • Debbie Butler
    Debbie Butler

    WOW ryden must be good if aaron kyro replyed go ryden!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laurie Johnson
    Laurie Johnson

    Believe me right and you can do this

  • Mathias Ham
    Mathias Ham

    this kid is gonna be tony hawk 2

  • FGC Pug81
    FGC Pug81

    Who else remembers when Ryden did his first Ollie

    • Miner Disturbance
      Miner Disturbance


    • עורך דין איאד אג'פילי
      עורך דין איאד אג'פילי


  • Jimmy Harris
    Jimmy Harris

    Minecraft is the longest word on earth and it is so good

  • Swapandeep Singh1
    Swapandeep Singh1


  • Charlotte Cook
    Charlotte Cook

    go ryden!

  • Brett Walker
    Brett Walker

    ryden has the same whath as me

  • Geometry God
    Geometry God

    slide that foot ryden and pop that tail :)

  • Carbink Lavin
    Carbink Lavin

    Can you please deliver me a deck and wheels for me please my my mailbox number is 795 and I live in 7 Hills Blvd.

  • surendra Sha
    surendra Sha

    Give a skateboard you me to bihar

  • Juliana Lariosa
    Juliana Lariosa

    can i get a skateboard

  • Paul Marshall
    Paul Marshall


  • Ashley Casino
    Ashley Casino

    Crazy and I'm glad

  • Jude da dude:0 James
    Jude da dude:0 James

    He didn’t even Ollie But it was good I guess

  • Zahktuthal Xalyrion
    Zahktuthal Xalyrion

    Ryden wanting to save up for a VR Headset is such a smart move as a kid. It shows an understanding of restraint and self discipline that most kids that young struggle with. As a dad, I love it!

    • Kashif Jamal
      Kashif Jamal

      And he us patient he just doesnt want to buy

  • Heather Ransdell
    Heather Ransdell


    • Heather Ransdell
      Heather Ransdell


  • Tiffany Johnston
    Tiffany Johnston

    I love skateboarding 🛹

  • Jahmari Turner
    Jahmari Turner

    Bye I’ll see you when I get home with kittens backgrounder hahahahah

  • Ameristar Plumbing
    Ameristar Plumbing

    Right and I tried that so many times I almost broke my arm 🦴

  • Football Fishing And More!
    Football Fishing And More!

    I got the warehouse Wednesday shirt and skateboard

  • holographicicecream

    👺Can you make better trick shots they’re good it just make harder ones

  • Deklyn Akre
    Deklyn Akre

    I think that you should do a triple Ollie kickflip for him to do cuz that would be awesome

  • Deklyn Akre
    Deklyn Akre

    I think that you should do a triple Ollie kickflip for him to do cuz that would be awesome

  • Levi S.
    Levi S.

    I found three kittens, we need to keep them. LOL

  • chris 10
    chris 10


  • carter hayes
    carter hayes

    GO RYAN GO WOO WOO!!!☆☆☆°•°

  • Ryan Bogajczyk
    Ryan Bogajczyk

    Nice Ryder you shedding boiiiiiii

  • Hector Salcido
    Hector Salcido

    Hey Andy do you ship to México ? 😁

  • jayleegoldgig8

    Are we aloud to skateboard in the warehouse skate park

  • sk8Yasuhito

    Let’s do it Ryden

  • Jane Murray
    Jane Murray

    Rydan is the best

  • Amos McNally
    Amos McNally

    Please can I have a skateboard

  • Nisantha Athura liya
    Nisantha Athura liya

    Wow raden

  • Samantha Trask
    Samantha Trask

    He’s saving for the exact same thing I am

  • Anna Minnichbach
    Anna Minnichbach

    Go Ryden

  • Tammy Moore
    Tammy Moore


  • gamerXX`12 xx`12`2
    gamerXX`12 xx`12`2

    give me skateboard plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Aldo Rojas
    Aldo Rojas


  • Elizabeth Mortimer
    Elizabeth Mortimer

    These have the best moments

  • Emma Lane
    Emma Lane

    So crazy

  • Kitty Faith
    Kitty Faith

    Ryder is so good at skateboarding and i Realy want to do skateboarding

  • Jairred Victorino
    Jairred Victorino


  • Rylan Hagan
    Rylan Hagan

    He does not even Ollie 😂

  • Jayden Ortega
    Jayden Ortega

    And I use it in high and medium and low

  • Jayden Ortega
    Jayden Ortega

    I have a electric skateboard to

  • Lewis Anderson
    Lewis Anderson

    I can’t believe he is so good

  • Bubba Boi
    Bubba Boi

    Haha minecraft I do that alot

  • Adam Ajo
    Adam Ajo

    he can lead to false

  • Clan Empror
    Clan Empror

    Do you have a coupon code for THE SHRED QUARTERS?.

  • Marie Kelly
    Marie Kelly

    Yesterday o

  • Ava Lopez
    Ava Lopez

    I loved this videos and Ryden good job doing that tricks it was awsome.

  • Lina Plett
    Lina Plett

    I really want to learn how to drive on a skateboard like you

  • Muhdisa Karimi
    Muhdisa Karimi


  • Some Body
    Some Body


  • Arthur Bruening
    Arthur Bruening

    can i come over

  • Abbie Burnette
    Abbie Burnette

    How old is He

  • Abbie Burnette
    Abbie Burnette


  • Rafael Elkhoury
    Rafael Elkhoury

    ' theres nothing but ollies' But theres also kittens

  • Patcharee Pluemjit
    Patcharee Pluemjit

    Riden; “i wanna play Minecraft” Me; 😂😂😂😂

    • Katie Beltramo
      Katie Beltramo

      @isabel mendoza bro that could be a kid you know. Chill ..

    • Purple D
      Purple D

      @isabel mendoza dude, chill

    • LifeChanger123


    • isabel mendoza
      isabel mendoza


  • Abigail Glenn
    Abigail Glenn

    the charms official is sooooo indieee

  • Sandy Atwood
    Sandy Atwood

    I❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡💛💛💛💛💛🧡💛💛💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙🐼 and your awesome Channel.

  • Haze Suazo
    Haze Suazo


  • Colton Taylor
    Colton Taylor

    i love you ryden



  • Hargun Kaur
    Hargun Kaur


  • Archie AVFCArchie
    Archie AVFCArchie

    Archie avfc

  • Archie AVFCArchie
    Archie AVFCArchie

    Archie avfc

  • Chris Krause
    Chris Krause



    U guys should definitely try longboarding

  • GRINDskateboardMagazine

    Andy: if you do it you get 30 dollars Ryden: :O

  • Emma Lane
    Emma Lane

    He's got it

  • zhan jun zhou
    zhan jun zhou

    Go ahead and do it ryden

  • •Kalin Glass•
    •Kalin Glass•

    Go Ryden!

  • Clara Malloy
    Clara Malloy

    Hi I just got new little skate boards and I can do a double back flip

  • Megan Boris
    Megan Boris


  • Michael Dietrich
    Michael Dietrich

    Ryden is really good at skate boarding

  • Mason Hamerston
    Mason Hamerston

    I can’t wait till he kick flips that drop

  • Tlotlo Kgosidialwa
    Tlotlo Kgosidialwa

    Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

  • Tlotlo Kgosidialwa
    Tlotlo Kgosidialwa


  • Cosmic gaming
    Cosmic gaming

    I love skateboarding

  • Rhys Surakka
    Rhys Surakka

    this video was on my bday last year

  • Caden Estes
    Caden Estes

    To the warehouse

  • Amy O
    Amy O


  • Amy O
    Amy O

    Go go go

  • Caden Estes
    Caden Estes

    Andy I am a big fan but me and my mom mite go to cicacadamey so we wanted to ask if me and my mom can go

  • Logan Valente
    Logan Valente

    go on on Ryden

  • Alana Sex
    Alana Sex

    Aye Thais was in 2020 if it was 2020 I would be 7 lol

  • Luna love y’all bye Gray
    Luna love y’all bye Gray

    I love your videos

  • Chance's Richards
    Chance's Richards

    Andy: Two boards left what are your thoughts Ryden Ryden: I want to play Minecraft

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