🤔 What's So Special About Ford's Barra? | TECHNICALLY SPEAKING |
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Commonly known as "Barra" the Australian-made Ford 4L straight six has been growing in popularity and for a good reason. In this episode of Technically Speaking we take a look at this popular engine, its history and just what exactly makes it so special.
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  • Hmmm mmm
    Hmmm mmm

    They leak oil, otherwise good

  • Brad Pender
    Brad Pender


  • Oztracker

    The 3.8ltr L67 running A2A INTERCOOLER ? Plus the 4L60e combo ! Can you guys do it ??

  • Friedrich Wilhelm
    Friedrich Wilhelm

    sounds nice but idk

  • Steve Whitman
    Steve Whitman

    Changing the standard 182 Barras thermostat for a BPT Motorsport one gives the engine more power and efficiency.

  • Maarli Burggraaff
    Maarli Burggraaff

    do one on an eco tech

  • Rowan Nancarrow
    Rowan Nancarrow

    Do a review of the TD42

  • Clodoaldo Barros
    Clodoaldo Barros

    thank you for sharing!

  • Douglas Moore
    Douglas Moore

    There is nothing special about the barra! It took 40 years too long for ford to make a DOHC with 250kw, the same year Honda made a 2ltr with 232kw. They basicly copyed the RB30 + 2JZ motor from the late 80's - 90's. Only 40 years late on that one boys FAILURE OVER REPETITIVE DECADE'S! Suzuki made a DOHC b4 ford 🤣 FORD can't even paint or press a panel corectly, shitty cheep chinese wireing and a motor from the 80's. I didnt even bother watching the vid.

    • Haltech

      But bothered to leave such a lengthy comment?

  • Wesley Green
    Wesley Green

    How much taller and longer is it than the ford v8's or is there someehere I can find the Specs?

  • Mark Lowe
    Mark Lowe

    Nothing. It's just turbo charged. Turbo charge any V8 GM or Ford and you will get the same result. Take off the turbo and the Barra is a decent 6, nothing more. The opportunity missed was Ford not building a 2 door falcon awd barra 6 t and shipping it to world market. Ford Australia could have survived on that alone.

  • RJ'S Adventures
    RJ'S Adventures

    We have non turbo barras here in South africa.

  • Jamie Chippett
    Jamie Chippett

    Hi, no word of a lie, no shit my cousins wife's brother years ago backed out of driveway at home in his turbo falcon(years ago a older popular famous falcon model) that had turbo.went couple hundred metres up road then flawed it, lost control, hit tree and rolled upside down onto train tracks running parallel to his residential street that he lived on at Croydon in Adelaide.scary engines if your not use to the power.mad motors.

  • Andreas Nilsson
    Andreas Nilsson

    I so would like to put this in a Jaguar X-series car. Such a shame we never got those engines in Sweden :( Keep up the fantastic work on educating us on different engines!

    • Haltech

      That would be an awesome project!

  • Green Weenie
    Green Weenie


  • Shaun Roux
    Shaun Roux

    Barra's are available in South Africa, going for about $800 second hand

  • I hate Ads
    I hate Ads

    Great engine but sounds as good as the next day on the toilet after a Mexican feed

  • Zethan Vui
    Zethan Vui

    barras should only stay in aus and nz

  • Wayne Bateman
    Wayne Bateman

    VT Commodore V6.

  • Wayne Bateman
    Wayne Bateman

    Engine or motor it can't be both.

  • Stanley

    Now I know why MCM goes to you for everything

  • Magyar Bluey
    Magyar Bluey

    This is also a very good engine because it is easy and cheap to get pass and easy to repair minor things on it on the side of the road such as replacing the ignition coil

  • Aaron McConkey
    Aaron McConkey

    Imo my favorite ford 6 pots are the barra and the 3.8 v6

  • David Reeves
    David Reeves

    would love to see you do a naturally asperated 5.4 boss, thay get a lot of hate. 315kw from a stock engine and amazing throttle response from the last variant. love em all. think I've owned nearly half the variants of the six and a few of the v8s 200ci super pursuit 221ci 250ci 250ci cross flow cast iron head 300ci Canadian six 200ci alloy head 250ci alloy head 4.0 Tickford 174kw 4.0 157kw 4.0 Barra 289 Windsor 255 Windsor 302 Windsor 302 Cleveland 351 Cleveland 400 Cleveland 5.4 3v Barra 220 5.4 Boss 315

  • MajRatbag

    The Barra in my territory has done 211,000kms and it still sounds tight n smooth, got another 200k in in no trouble at all.

  • Clifton Rich
    Clifton Rich

    Do the US 4.2 inline atlas.

  • Big Cazza
    Big Cazza

    we can get tuning fork to overnight parts from sydney - dominic torreto probably

  • Austyn Howarth
    Austyn Howarth

    I live in Geelong and I have driven past there so many times

  • mark rigg
    mark rigg

    Love my turbo barra. Had it 11 years.

  • John Parry
    John Parry

    Thinking of putting one in my 80 series cruiser own a fg xr6 and a true blue blood

  • Joshua Nichol
    Joshua Nichol

    Its been in production since the 1960s. When something went wrong, ford fixed it and planted it in the next model. Holden went through around 3 or 4 motors and there still a unreliable car 😂😂😂😂😂

  • H1TM4N R3L0AD3D
    H1TM4N R3L0AD3D

    Isn't this the guy from mighty car mods

    • Haltech

      It's the Haltech guy that appears in Mighty Car Mods:)

  • Zac Carter
    Zac Carter

    3.3 litre Chrysler.

  • steve giles
    steve giles

    Great video would love to see what could be done to a na Barra how much grunt it would make


    Had a Ford Fairmont 4L, let's just say burnouts r not problem 👌

  • Brenden Sanchez
    Brenden Sanchez

    rivals with a 2jz and a rb-26. very nice and strong engine. I bet it’s really reliable too.

  • keil festin
    keil festin

    Barra on a Nissan patrol haha

  • Jason Venter
    Jason Venter

    Hi there I have a Ford territory barra engines with a turbo. I am from South Africa and I am really struggling to find a new turbo for it. Could you recommend a shop in Australia I could call?

    • Haltech

      Try Dyno-mite Performance www.dyno-mite.com.au

  • Gene Thompson
    Gene Thompson

    I personally don't mime if Ozzy & NZ are the only countries that have so many. Love me barra na

  • jacob haussmann
    jacob haussmann

    Is the bottom end same as the 4.0 sohc?

  • The Ram
    The Ram

    I came here on my own free will.

  • Mark Schroter
    Mark Schroter

    You should do a Mercedes M113. Lots of them around and they need a Haltech management system, so we can start swapping them into other stuff.

  • Leszek Okulewicz
    Leszek Okulewicz

    Can someone please explain why Ford. Do not use this engine at other markets than Australia?

    • person X
      person X

      @Haltech I rented a Mustang while touring around the US some years ago.. As a rental it had the Mazda 4.0L V6 in it and I couldn't understand why Ford didn't use their own 4.0L straight 6 Barra from Australia instead as my Falcon was better to drive than the Mustang.

    • Haltech

      Yeah... we're keen to know that too. Also - why it decided to drop it from their line up rather than putting it in the new Mustang?

  • John Simons
    John Simons

    I would like to see a comparison between the Barra and the Chevrolet inline 6 4.0l engine

  • Jason Venter
    Jason Venter

    South africa also got a few of the awesome barra engines. 🙂

    • Haltech

      Yeah, we're told a few Territories were exported to SA:)

  • Lee Oakes
    Lee Oakes

    Tuning fork 😁

  • Brendan Perez
    Brendan Perez

    It's really too bad that Ford didn't bring that engine to the US along with the Falcon.

  • Jason Miles
    Jason Miles

    How does an American go about getting a Barra on the U.S.?

    • Haltech

      There are a few places in the states that are importing and selling them.

  • Jorge Gonzalez
    Jorge Gonzalez

    Is the engine in my BA tradesman ute, dedicated gas, this engine? Its got a Green top.

  • M J L
    M J L

    A few months ago I watched HubNuts review of an old Falcon with Barra engine and I was fallen with love. This is sth I want to swap/install in some Capri or Taunus and drive it everyday. :) And it does not has to be superpowered. It is torquey enough for classic car even without boost. Cheers from Poland.

  • Dalton Bedore
    Dalton Bedore

    i like how the drag car clip shows it getting beat by an ae86 lol

  • AnthonyVeith

    Love to know about a LS1 looking to convert my wb Ute

    • Haltech

      Already done one on the LS: uzload.info/fun/rICQemjUqLFhl30/video

  • Craig Andersen
    Craig Andersen

    can you review l98 6ltr v8 compared to ls1 or ls2 corvette?? and yeah holdens look heaps better, fords are starting to look like a cockroach with their body shape i would go so far to say they are starting to look like Toyota.

  • Dave Spooney
    Dave Spooney

    Drove a 2013 Falcon Limo with the standard na Barra - plenty of pull, well on cam by 4K. Moved great for what is probably the heaviest Falcon. Auto box was stupidly long geared though!

  • Least Trending
    Least Trending

    The caaaaa

  • John Connor
    John Connor

    I would like you to talk about the Alfa 75 twin cam engine tks!

  • mills

    I’m curious, could you ship a complete unassembled unit to the U.S.A., and is it compatible with a SB Ford (Windsor) bellhousing, or the later modular (4.6l 5.4l) type?

  • FrankieOnSBSin144p!

    I'm barra swapping mu Pergeot 406 Estate wagon, going to be a fucking Mang

  • Hulado

    i had a new 1992 ford e-250 with the 300 ci six cylinder engine. it was so smooth that i had to be careful not to start it when it was running. resting an arm on the hood was eerie. no perceptible vibration. i let it sleep in the boneyard after more than 400,000 miles. the engine was still running fine.

  • J.L Rx7
    J.L Rx7

    He was racing against (El humilde) on of the fastest 2jz Toyota Corolla that’s came out of Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

  • Anthony Perez
    Anthony Perez

    How much do Barra 4.0l NA engines go for over there? A shop down here in the U.S sells them for $2,200 usd

  • Str8sixfan

    I really really really want one some day!

  • Beaux Jones
    Beaux Jones

    I wish we’d gotten the Barra in the States

  • Alexander Supertramp
    Alexander Supertramp

    Meh. Nugget Garage have 1UZ & a NA 2J with a turbo added that make 800-900hp on stock bottom ends. But yeah Barra are cheap.

    • Luke Sm
      Luke Sm

      @Alexander Supertramp They should have said a stock block and head. Your correct, the bottom end is fully built.

    • Alexander Supertramp
      Alexander Supertramp

      Luke Sm for start a head has nothing to with a stock bottom end. You can’t get much more bottom than a crank & the 6sec 2000hp car has billet crank etc, that’s not a stock bottom end.

    • Luke Sm
      Luke Sm

      @Alexander Supertramp They mean stock block and head.

    • Alexander Supertramp
      Alexander Supertramp

      Stock bottom end? He says it has crank, rods, pistons?? As it would with 2000hp

    • Haltech

      6sec, 2000hp Barra with a stock bottom end: uzload.info/fun/p2usY6XVsauN1WA/video

  • ridgerunner914

    The Barra is awesome but do you guys do anything for a VW 07k?

  • xNxGHTM4R3

    I like Adam LZ barra it just so😍😍 with the hot pink

  • Brock Hendi
    Brock Hendi

    Ka24e cause I’m looking to boost my hardbody soon!

  • TheChulk

    Except for scarcity of parts outside Australia, I would love to swap a built Barra into my F150 (Canada). That thing looks like pure joy.

  • Immanuel Talaroc
    Immanuel Talaroc

    Please come to Canada, Mr Barra😭

  • Bailey Sharp
    Bailey Sharp

    I love caaas

  • Straight Line Cycles
    Straight Line Cycles

    I was thinking about building an ego boost 3.5 l What support do you guys have through that

  • wedged11

    Have a look at the 4age! Let's go back in time

  • J B
    J B

    Suggestion for the next tear down: BMW N54. Straight 6 3.0L twin turbo, good for 500WHP with stock turbos and stock engine (with $1500-2000K in bolt ons), and up to 750WHP with turbo & fuel system upgrade on the stock engine.. Start building the engine and it’ll do 4 digits. Commonly found in cars as cheap as $10K-15K Aussie (135i, 335i) that have great chassis and drivetrains too.

  • TheArchetypeGamer

    Could you image USA reimaging the the 300 inline 6 cylinder with dual over head cams and vct. With the coyote head design making even more power and bolt into newer manuals and automatics.

  • Alexander McCredie
    Alexander McCredie


  • Lupelu831

    It would be nice you can feature bmw n54 and n55

  • Auto Mafia Racing
    Auto Mafia Racing

    We love the Barra and are building lots of Barra swapped cars here in the US

  • William Kerr
    William Kerr

    Great presentation ,thanks Scott

  • Sillyover 40
    Sillyover 40

    Engine is great , rest of the car is rubbish. will the barra fit in a Vz Commodore?

    • Nor Dic
      Nor Dic

      Ha ha. The Vz has el cheapo macpherson strut front end - not the recipe for good handling over the bumpy stuff. The Vz is also tiny inside, similar interior space to a Toyota Camry. Cheaper, easier, and better, just to buy a Falcon with the barra already fitted.

    • Haltech

      We've seen Barras in VNs and VRs but not in a VZ, though we can't see why it shouldn't fit.

  • Drunk stormtrooper
    Drunk stormtrooper

    I need this engine in my life

  • Septurno

    El Humilde gapped that black car lol

    • Haltech

      Full respect to El Humilde. Great car, great driver.

  • Capt Patrick
    Capt Patrick

    I think I want to build a pre runner with this engine...

  • Luke Parker
    Luke Parker

    can u import a barra from aus to uk... would love one

  • Robert Bairt
    Robert Bairt

    Did Ford Aus make a 4cyl version?

  • Joseph Walsh
    Joseph Walsh

    It's fun reading all the comments! Just like in the USA... Guys talking trash and arguing about FORD vs. Chevy. Do you have those stupid Ricers in Australia too? Ya know.....with all the stickers, a loud annoying fart pipe and a HUGE rear wing on a Turdyota.

    • Nor Dic
      Nor Dic

      What kind of pos do you drive mate ?

  • Jakes Tarkovski
    Jakes Tarkovski

    im a south african and own a ford territory ST ,even stock the big SUV moves quite well with the Barra

    • Jakes Tarkovski
      Jakes Tarkovski

      @Marvin Ngoepe if you can get it for a good price then definitely it's a very good car and surprisingly not that heavy on fuel for a straight 6 but it's still not what I would call economical lol! ,but parts are scarce as everything needs to be imported from Australia if you can't find it second hand or at a scrapyard and that's where the expensive part comes in.

    • Marvin Ngoepe
      Marvin Ngoepe

      I'm planning to buy one. Will it be a good move?

  • it's me
    it's me

    Bye bye Holden 2021

  • Randy Logan
    Randy Logan

    Hi im from ohio and theres a company in Michigan claiming to sell barras for 2200 dols american .dominator motorsports .do u recommend them ? Or heard of them ?

  • ZJ Vee
    ZJ Vee

    What's so special about a Barra is that its stronger than a 2jz

    • ZJ Vee
      ZJ Vee

      @Nor Dic Exactly 💯

    • Nor Dic
      Nor Dic

      Yes. A 2jz block maxes out at about 1700hp before the deck starts warping. The Barra can make 2500hp with the factory cast block and head. The barra is also 1L bigger, and a long stroke design means that it has the bottom end and midrange toqrquea a 2jz cannot match.

  • Daehawk

    Now I gotta google a kilowatt

    • Haltech


  • Keith Goslin
    Keith Goslin

    So its better then an a LS!

    • Haltech

      Not exactly, can't really compare a straight six to a v8 objectively.

  • Keith Goslin
    Keith Goslin

    The Head reminds me of a RB motor

  • jimb0jam

    It’s a 2jz.

    • jimb0jam

      Nor Dic I understand It’s not exactly like it. Very very similar in design.

    • Nor Dic
      Nor Dic

      Nope. A 2jz block maxes out at about 1700hp before the deck starts warping. The Barra can make 2500hp with the factory cast block and head. The barra is also 1L bigger, and a long stroke design means that it has the bottom end and midrange toqrquea a 2jz cannot match.

  • Vincent Staples
    Vincent Staples

    nothing speacial about a straight 6 give me a v6 and fwd who wants rwd

    • Vincent Staples
      Vincent Staples

      @Nor Dic I still perfer them cant mount a bara transverse

    • Nor Dic
      Nor Dic

      V6 is inherently unbalanced, hence has large crank mounted counter weights and a counter rotating balance shaft to tame the destructuve vibrations. The i6 Barra is engherently balanced and doesnt have those balance weights or balance shaft. The V6 usually also means 2 turbos, 2 wastegates and 2 exhausts = much greater cost, complexity, and weight than using an i6 with one turbo


    4:57 El humilde 🇵🇷

  • Berenger Christy
    Berenger Christy

    So its a modern 2jz then

    • Nor Dic
      Nor Dic

      A bigger 2jz. A 2jz block maxes out at about 1700hp before the deck starts warping. The Barra can make 2500hp with the factory cast block and head. The barra is also 1L bigger, and a long stroke design means that it has the bottom end and midrange toqrque a 2jz cannot match.

  • Lucas Gregory
    Lucas Gregory

    Such a brilliant motor. Recently picked up a Territory with the 'Barra 245T. For a heavy car, fuck it moves!

  • ceronv


  • aidman staun
    aidman staun

    After watching Adam Lz’s mustang project, I wanna do this to a focus RS lowkey.

  • Darin R
    Darin R

    Very few ford products ill approve of. VERY FEW. This is one of them