Lawyer & Doctor React to Grey's Anatomy Malpractice ft. Doctor Mike
Beeoowooop. Doctor Mike is back! And this time we're dissecting a (terrible) legal episode of Grey's Anatomy. Watch PART 1 on Doctor Mike's channel:
Watch us go head-to-head, again,
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  • Doctor Mike
    Doctor Mike

    If the sponge is lit, you must acquit 🧠🧽 🔥

    • Stephen Girty
      Stephen Girty

      Dr. Mike you have errned a subscriber. 😂

    • God


    • God



      Dr Mike plz react to bbc casualty

    • Monica Miller
      Monica Miller

      The sponge was never in the leg or hip it was on the floor the whole time.

  • Hello Me Hello me
    Hello Me Hello me

    No i dont think i wanna see u in court

  • Kyle Sirico
    Kyle Sirico

    If you guys know a tax professional, I found my dream team if I ever become a millionaire.

  • Haley Champine
    Haley Champine

    You two should collaborate more often!! This was so interesting and informative! 😁

  • Powered by Moonlight
    Powered by Moonlight

    This was such a good video! :D That greys anatomy episode seemed jusrt super confucing and didn't seem to make any sense!

  • Daniel Aramburo
    Daniel Aramburo

    The lawyer of the doctor sucked.

  • Avishag Kelhamer
    Avishag Kelhamer

    please watch defending jacob!!!

  • John Artus
    John Artus

    Late to the show but lesgo

  • ThexBlackxKitty

    I would love to see what you think of the House MD episode where dr. Chase is being prepped by the hospital's lawyer (House's ex wife) for a malpractice trial - S2E8

  • bReAtH

    Best cooperation since Avangers Endgame! MORE PLEASE!

  • Madi Roach
    Madi Roach

    the best collab!!

  • agracehook

    As someone who has watched this episode. This is an over simplification. Callie sent an email to try and get the German study results. I know greys is ridiculous but come on...

  • Psycho Pathetic
    Psycho Pathetic

    Doctor and a lawyer.... Why is this not a regular tv show? LAWYER UP DOC! Nice ring to it no? Anyway, part 1 was great!

  • Elizabeth Rowland
    Elizabeth Rowland

    what a bettty

  • Amber L.
    Amber L.

    im in high school mock trial and I found myself objecting to the questions through the screen

  • ToffieGirl

    Can you do a review of in the name of the father?

  • LuLu Lovlie
    LuLu Lovlie

    Ugh never have medical procedures in Nebraska. So hard to win even with doctor admitting complete responsibility. Still trying to put my life back together while he vacations in Paris

  • Squashua Gonzalez
    Squashua Gonzalez

    Have you ever watched the trial of Tim Heidecker? It's a full length court trial taking place over 4 or so days. There's like 5 hours of footage but it's kinda amazing.

  • Jack McNuggets
    Jack McNuggets

    love both you guys!

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    Teo Costantini

    Do Futurama!

  • Guy Audio
    Guy Audio

    Love you two together

  • Thad Horner
    Thad Horner

    Please review the movie "Murder in the First." It is loosely based on a true story and should be a goldmine for historical and legal errors.

  • templarw20

    In part one you talked a bit about the science behind... court room performance, shall we say (what to say, how to say it, strategy, appearance, etc). Any chance we'll see a deep dive into Bull?

  • Clay King
    Clay King

    Who remembers keeper of the reaper from billy and mandy grim adventures.

  • Wolf Montana
    Wolf Montana

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  • Wyatt T
    Wyatt T

    One of the few times that two people I already watch come together

  • Freedomcat

    You 2 should have a joint channel.

  • Huli 1234
    Huli 1234

    Should have added a forensic accountant at the end to do an estimate of how much it would have cost

  • Emerald Aly
    Emerald Aly

    I feel like the episode "Coerced" of Law & Order SVU would provide for some good legal and medical commentary. It's a bit medicine-light in terms of how much of the episode it takes up but it's fertile ground for good discussion.

  • Hoang Duc Hai
    Hoang Duc Hai

    The vengeful table curiously scratch because doctor putatively post pro a godly corn. unarmed, near gun

  • Ella Alves
    Ella Alves

    omg they should watch callie and arizona’s custody battle or merediths trial when she committed insurance fraud!!!

  • Madelyn Weathers
    Madelyn Weathers

    We need more of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mista E
    Mista E

    dr mike do a reaction on Rick and Morty anatomy park episode

  • Troll of the dungeon 9
    Troll of the dungeon 9

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  • Missy S
    Missy S

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  • Ed Paradis
    Ed Paradis

    The post op sponge got away with everything what a villain the sponge truly is

  • Rock Storme
    Rock Storme

    The craven pull fortuitously saw because shoemaker exclusively pause below a narrow governor. statuesque, uncovered magazine

  • Amisha Johnson
    Amisha Johnson

    This was so good.

  • David Greenwell
    David Greenwell

    A sponge was literally left in my wife after surgery. In Indiana. The ones with a metal band that gets scanned. Took almost a month to find out. Not one lawyer would help us because in Indiana you have limited time to file a claim whether you know it happened or not. By the time we knew it happened it was already too late. The worst part the doctor said she did it to herself. You know from her supposed stash of medical sponges. I’m just happy for the e r doc who found it and she is doing great

  • Ed Paradis
    Ed Paradis

    My god do House next of some episodes of CSI and even NCIS

  • Russell Sutherland
    Russell Sutherland

    Better then Batman and Superman team ups. You guys gotta do more of these!

  • Seraphina

    The sponge activists xD

  • Spitts

    I was in until he said something "wasn't PC" and it shouldn't have been in the show. I'm wondering if he realizes most TV shows are fake, there isn't actually cameras following real people around. Sometimes in TV they say or do things that actual people wouldn't.....for entertainment.

  • Alexis Santana
    Alexis Santana

    You should react to the trial in To Kill A Mockingbird

  • James Fitzsimmons
    James Fitzsimmons

    Although I thought it’s great to see both professionals, it’s pretty interesting and almost comical how both guys are so smart in their own areas but when they try to converse with each other in any technical terms they seem kind of lost with each other.

  • RachelDuCote

    Damn. Dr. Mike is really good looking. I don't think I'd want a doctor that hot to be my doctor. 😆

  • lei ka
    lei ka

    What an amazing team!! Love this collab :)

  • Boleniana

    17:20 All I know is that when I went to buy a thing of non-dairy frozen treats, I wasn't ABLE to buy it because at check-out they got a thing saying it was recalled (turns out the "non-dairy" stuff actually had dairy in it), so yeah, makes sense.

  • Lotan


  • Lady MF Unicorn
    Lady MF Unicorn

    I have little knowledge (way more than a average person) of the law and medical field. That lawyer is driving me crazy. Lol even by movie standards He is not good.

  • Sebastian Rodriguez
    Sebastian Rodriguez

    Ima b honest I thought yall where the same person

  • Enrico Iraldo
    Enrico Iraldo

    Hard to decide which of the two I wanna marry more now

  • Stephanie Green
    Stephanie Green

    Wait you missed the best part at the end of the episode where she then trashed the evidence at the court house 🤣

  • No Pressure
    No Pressure

    Yeah except if you say yes, the doctors call dcs

  • Natalie Sue
    Natalie Sue

    Loooove this! Thanks for the helpful info. Always knew these shows were 🐂💩

  • レイ·ライト -Raylight
    レイ·ライト -Raylight

    Doc. Mike : *"F minus"* *_Press "F" to pay respect_*

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    Austin Hungler

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    Klaire Heritage

    I love you guys but y’all are way too critical. It’s like saying “that’s so dramatic for a pie scent to make you fly” in a cartoon. This is a show.

  • Laura

    I've heard email be nicknamed "evidence mail"

  • NutElla

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    John Cline


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    Emily O'Connell

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    Ashley Burks

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    Elisabeth Ochoa

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    Colten Crowe

    React to medical police on Netflix that would be hilarious 😆

  • Cream cheese frosting
    Cream cheese frosting

    Wait so was there a sponge

  • Epic Nerd Gamer
    Epic Nerd Gamer

    The real sponge were the lawsuits we made along the way

  • wickedly4

    God this was so fun.

  • Hehehe

    This hospital always leaving sponges in ppl in call them kill greys lol

  • The Pocky Jocky
    The Pocky Jocky

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    L Tea

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    David Schreck

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  • Radschel E
    Radschel E

    Funny thing is, in Germany we are way more careful with medical equipment. US American technique is way more experimental than the European/German health care. We love technique, but we love safety the MOST in Germany. If a hip replacement is really new and experimental in the USA, you can bet your ass it still needs fundamental data in the EU. Thank God. So yes, the writers are even more negligent than

    • Radschel E
      Radschel E

      Also, good to know, that talking about suicide does not make it more probable. It helps with my work, as hard as it is to talk about such stuff with people with (mental) disabilities

  • String Cheese
    String Cheese

    Oh look, the two professions that parents wanted me to be, but that I didn't become, collaborating.

  • Iwent4thehead

    Okay but the respect that u two have for each other is incredible. I’d expect a battle of my-profession-is-better-than-yours in a room with a lawyer and doctor but nope. Not from these two. They both listened to each other with full respect for the others field and they kept things light. This was great 👍

  • Aron the ultimate hero
    Aron the ultimate hero

    Can you please do a reaction to Leverage Season 1 Episode 11: The Juror #6. I don’t know how much material you’ll get out of it, but it’s a fun episode and I would really enjoy it.

  • Claiomh Solais
    Claiomh Solais

    Hey LegalEagle! You should totally react to an episode of Bull (not sure if you've ever had that suggestion before or not). I feel like you'd probably enjoy that series, but I'd be interested to see the grade that you give it!

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    Ms O

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    Alexandra J P

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    Endless Summer

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    SuperNerd Gavin

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  • S S
    S S

    This is so good!!!!

  • Jay Wingate
    Jay Wingate

    I *think* the sponge is supposed to exhibit carelessness or distraction on her part, to extrapolate that if she screwed up that one unrelated thing, she must have screwed up the surgery. Hence why her attorney emphasizes that she *intentionally* left the sponge. Still silly of course, definitely a logical leap one way or the other.

  • Peter Olden
    Peter Olden

    I haven’t seen this episode in so long but I’m preeeeetty sure the sponge was stuck to the bottom of someone’s shoe?

  • Rodney

    Love this reaction video both. Lol and the sponge the real mystery lmao 😂

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    Thomas Scott

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    Magnus Hansen

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    Dava Bolado

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    Sharon Zimmerman

    Dr. Mike: It's not "Caveat Emptor", you don't just sell them a hip and say "make sure you check for recalls." Car Seat Manufacturers: Hold this baby