Don't FALL Into The Airship's HIDDEN Basement... In Among Us
Please, Don't FALL Into The Airship's HIDDEN Underground Room... In Among Us
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  • Cristina Mang
    Cristina Mang


  • deat deater
    deat deater

    Imagine a kid watching this, and just knowing that the child thinks it's real

  • Мазур Дмитро
    Мазур Дмитро

    11:01 how to you come back?

  • Мазур Дмитро
    Мазур Дмитро

    10:47 Whoa

  • Мазур Дмитро
    Мазур Дмитро

    10:12 a

  • Мазур Дмитро
    Мазур Дмитро

    8:46 skeld?

  • Мазур Дмитро
    Мазур Дмитро

    8:42 :P i these that

  • Virizion

    Huge clickbait man lol

  • Мазур Дмитро
    Мазур Дмитро

    3:32 OMG ITS SCARY

  • Мазур Дмитро
    Мазур Дмитро

    2:33 its not been -_-

  • Мазур Дмитро
    Мазур Дмитро

    2:29 omg i thinking who its monster Yea? I guess?

  • Мазур Дмитро
    Мазур Дмитро

    0:25 wait i don't know who there

  • Steven McElligott
    Steven McElligott


  • ming yang
    ming yang

    How do he now evry monster

  • BD - 01KT 912467 Huttonville PS
    BD - 01KT 912467 Huttonville PS

    Did you saw that how can you fall from the air ship gap nobody fall into the airship gap

    • BD - 01KT 912467 Huttonville PS
      BD - 01KT 912467 Huttonville PS

      Put something down here

  • LadyIslay

    raszius can play minecraft

  • LadyIslay

    i'v seen raszius in minecraft vidiio's

  • Adria Echaburu
    Adria Echaburu

    i try it and it didn't work.

  • Haideh Barzegar
    Haideh Barzegar

    How did you go quicker over there so you used to hobble but i'mma get a chance to do it everyday but nothing happened with a minute for my one I'm brave so be careful playing mongers with this hoverboard don't fall down or that cuz you want to copy period so use a hoverboard with floating on the ocean but be careful don't fall down or once again you can count him

  • Amanda Tavares
    Amanda Tavares

    Oh yeah

  • Alfie - Roblox
    Alfie - Roblox

    100% clickbait

  • Mandella C
    Mandella C


  • vinasu maaj
    vinasu maaj

    9:22 only dark Skeld no need to scare

  • Leftovur

    Whats REALLY down there is Nothing. you just fall out of the map.

  • Knightphall

    um this one is not real and chary non of his are real

  • Emily Cebritas
    Emily Cebritas

    like, the basement is the skiled

  • ChrisGamer

    Is not real is in the skeld 9:18

    • vinasu maaj
      vinasu maaj


  • Alina Lupu
    Alina Lupu


  • galaxy gacha
    galaxy gacha

    You fall in skeld????? 😱😱

  • Clergy Couple
    Clergy Couple

    The basement is THE SKELD?That boi SUS!!!

  • Robert Krummreich
    Robert Krummreich

    Why does they put a really dark version of the very first map when they fall

  • Luiz Jaime
    Luiz Jaime

    The monster that lives is at skeld wait that place looks familiar and I’m right

  • Azurainie Abdullah
    Azurainie Abdullah

    Bruh that was the skeld bruh werid


    I get lost to bro

  • fermarie dulpina
    fermarie dulpina

    yeah eric plays epic

  • Yahia Amr Darweesh
    Yahia Amr Darweesh

    3:25 through out of ship

  • Lanzj Carpio
    Lanzj Carpio

    An squid alien

  • Nelvin Delrosario
    Nelvin Delrosario


  • Among Us player X54
    Among Us player X54

    I knew the map its t497h1772e s19455k5845e26555l4855d beause i fall and in new menu

  • Farida Saleh
    Farida Saleh

    I like your videos because you guys always have a lot of fun on every adventure 😀😀😀

  • Otgonbayar Puntsagtseren
    Otgonbayar Puntsagtseren


  • Ashaz Akram Amir Akram
    Ashaz Akram Amir Akram

    Don t

  • Dark N
    Dark N

    It's the skeld map

  • Daruna Basli
    Daruna Basli

    Is Fake Skeld Map Unsubscribe

  • Karen Jean Jampas
    Karen Jean Jampas

    You feel in the sceld

  • Finn Garrott
    Finn Garrott

    Communic gaming in Fortnite : where is the craken communic max :it's in among us

  • aaden austria
    aaden austria

    no edit lol your all bots

  • Kim Lien Wong
    Kim Lien Wong

    that not the place

  • Markell smith
    Markell smith

    I think this is a lie

  • Markell smith
    Markell smith

    I did this tons of times

  • sotuur aeei
    sotuur aeei

    This reminds me of when I used to watch DanTDM's custom mod adventures in Minecraft back in the day

  • Saimone Taikitaki
    Saimone Taikitaki

    xD when he says he aint scared

  • Malou Seville
    Malou Seville

    Whem he fall he was in the skeld map

  • Emma Carael
    Emma Carael

    your in skeld

  • Josh Andrei-____-
    Josh Andrei-____-


    • sotuur aeei
      sotuur aeei

      I feel smart cus he was in the skeld and installed a mod

  • Chloris Lei
    Chloris Lei

    That Secret room look like Polus and skeleton

  • Mauricio Fronda Jr.
    Mauricio Fronda Jr.

    Ur in the skeld

  • Mauricio Fronda Jr.
    Mauricio Fronda Jr.

    Ur in the sleld

  • Dhita Dewantara
    Dhita Dewantara

    The skeld i see is normal

  • Ali Rashid
    Ali Rashid

    ayy you got my Raszius!

  • team its rielle gacha
    team its rielle gacha

    Wait that is skeld map of among us?!

  • team its rielle gacha
    team its rielle gacha

    You the best youtober!!!!!

  • John Carl Garcia
    John Carl Garcia

    cg i didnt know that you had an among us channel i only know you had an fortnite channel

  • Alison Thompson
    Alison Thompson


  • Dax Gavin Callangan
    Dax Gavin Callangan

    Dax Gavin

  • Alison Thompson
    Alison Thompson


  • Maria Echevarria
    Maria Echevarria

    Yea daaah

  • Diana Gozenput
    Diana Gozenput

    I knew it its the? Skeld?

  • Atma Sangha
    Atma Sangha

    I feel smart cus he was in the skeld and installed a mod

  • grnhsv8

    Razius:arghhhhhh scary penny wise!!!!!

  • Kelly


  • Seb Lord
    Seb Lord

    That’s just photoshoped

  • Seb Lord
    Seb Lord

    And also it’s not even the airship when you fall it’s just storage from the skeld bruhhhhhhhh

  • Seb Lord
    Seb Lord

    Ugh why... a fake thing again also did you EVER watch Henry stickmin collection there was NOOOO underground seriously 😒

  • Dianne Macal
    Dianne Macal

    Uhh the basement looks like the skeld

  • spidey cam
    spidey cam

    That’s what happened to the skeld that’s why where on top of it

  • David Fleischhauer
    David Fleischhauer

    It scared 😱 me when I saw monster 👹

  • poopsterkian Enterprises Inc.
    poopsterkian Enterprises Inc.

    Is this a joke😑

  • Mardachus Allen
    Mardachus Allen

    Are they going to get out

  • sannio komi
    sannio komi

    This reminds me of when I used to watch DanTDM's custom mod adventures in Minecraft back in the day

  • Bianca Ford
    Bianca Ford

    This is fake that not real

  • Jasenfish

    Calm down



    • sannio komi
      sannio komi

      Kan som won spreek no

  • Cartoonz jean
    Cartoonz jean

    Can I play what you👉👈

  • Mr Cheese Toons
    Mr Cheese Toons

    Wow so Fake

  • Lakshmi P
    Lakshmi P

    It’s storage of skeld

  • Ethan Gabuna
    Ethan Gabuna

    That’s the regular map

  • Brendan Meehan
    Brendan Meehan

    It's an octopus

  • Meesha Garbett
    Meesha Garbett

    The map is the skeld😂

  • Sean Martin
    Sean Martin

    Dose Razius have a UZload Chanel


    Im just wondering about why youtubers are talking about monsters when its just a henry stickman airship :/ Edit:actually this nice content

  • Cameron Wilcher
    Cameron Wilcher

    Raszius use to play with #DarkConors

  • qudsia zafar
    qudsia zafar

    Oh come on you two are in The Skeld now

  • kaden Lee
    kaden Lee

    It's just after it's called the skeld

  • Plasma Gamer
    Plasma Gamer

    razias: how r we gonna get out of here?! me: no prob, leave da game prob solve XD

  • David Cote
    David Cote

    I love your channel

  • dueeh nyyu
    dueeh nyyu

    That secret basement was THE SKELD

  • Wiam Chennouf
    Wiam Chennouf

    Kan som won spreek no

    • Wiam Chennouf
      Wiam Chennouf

      Kan som won speek nl

  • Rajiya Faisal
    Rajiya Faisal

    First he always says Hey guysssssssssss😁

  • Aeron Miguel Roma
    Aeron Miguel Roma

    Razius is so dumb

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