I SAVED The Galactus Live Event! (Fortnite)
I SAVED The Galactus Live Event! (Fortnite Season 5)
Today in fortnite season 5, I saved the galactus fortnite live event from Lox trying to stop it!

  • Brayden Chapman
    Brayden Chapman

    Stop the cap lox

  • Pro Plays YT
    Pro Plays YT

    1:55 should have not called him thick And he likes your cut g

  • Pro Plays YT
    Pro Plays YT


  • Kakarotto San
    Kakarotto San

    Lox almost ruined the event for everyone in the world Even the kids

  • Yeetes Mugee
    Yeetes Mugee

    ok so... what is different here exactly?

  • Cinco Trot
    Cinco Trot

    I saw it to

  • Adham Deabes
    Adham Deabes

    I watch the life event in Fortnite

  • Najia Washington
    Najia Washington


  • Christian Medina
    Christian Medina

    Mr top 5 I just wanna tell you that your friend lox Will never have a glitch to stop any live event

    • Anna Horner
      Anna Horner

      Coocoo lox

    • Anna Horner
      Anna Horner


    • Anna Horner
      Anna Horner


    • Pro Plays YT
      Pro Plays YT

      He knows that he’s just acting for content

  • Master Fortniter
    Master Fortniter

    I like your cup g p a

  • Cypress Court
    Cypress Court

    Theta wasrs callo

  • Ana Ramirez
    Ana Ramirez


  • Aj-gamerz

    People who saw travis scott

  • Mushy Second best fish
    Mushy Second best fish

    Bad lox

  • Noah

    Hey I have an idea let’s ruin the event for everyone😑

  • Finn Mcavoy
    Finn Mcavoy


  • Sarswati Ghimire
    Sarswati Ghimire


  • Sarswati Ghimire
    Sarswati Ghimire



    Lox: im going to stop galatice (also him) im gonna destroy the battle buses even tho they are trying to defeat galatice

  • Daniel Villatoro
    Daniel Villatoro


  • K K
    K K

    :Galactus I like ya cut g hellicarrier AHhhhhhhghhhh

  • Ferawoyine Menale
    Ferawoyine Menale

    No STOP

  • Mas2012

    No you did not save it all of us saved it

  • RealEmeraldMine_Cart Offical
    RealEmeraldMine_Cart Offical

    this is why we thank the bus driver

  • Ethan Tavora
    Ethan Tavora


  • Uztad Karbani
    Uztad Karbani

    You know the rules so do I say goodbye

  • Ishmael Bahadur
    Ishmael Bahadur

    Travis Scott world

  • Ishmael Bahadur
    Ishmael Bahadur

    Easter eggs in fortnite live

  • MrWill123

    Plus if he saw the event eauly he would of saw him defeating galactis

  • MrWill123

    Lox I know the event Also lox WHAT THE I NeVer SAW ThIs Epic be like i.m going to ban these kids

  • Cycy's Channel
    Cycy's Channel

    you baited me

  • Michele Wark
    Michele Wark

    i saw ASTROWORLD

  • sploshy splosh
    sploshy splosh


  • flame renegade
    flame renegade

    It's thanos he is purple

  • dark skull x20x
    dark skull x20x

    I let my dog pick if I subed or not he did not care so..... I did not sub

  • Salt G
    Salt G


  • Kam Jones
    Kam Jones

    Lox is a party poopr

  • Invis Slow
    Invis Slow

    Not to be rude or anything. But you can never stop the event just sayin

  • Adyn Dinkins
    Adyn Dinkins

    the life Galactus event is too much for Nintendo I had to shut down my Nintendo

  • Julie Perry
    Julie Perry

    At this point I think lox is joking

  • articunokid12

    The Music is copyrighted

  • Alisha Connors
    Alisha Connors

    He likeds burgers 🍔 😋

  • John Ryan
    John Ryan

    Liz:I will stop the event Galactus:yeah like that's gonna stop me Edit:oh shoot auto correct I mean lox not liz

  • Exequiel Garcia
    Exequiel Garcia


  • Jenson Lewi
    Jenson Lewi

    Title: I saved galactic event Thumbnail: trying to help galactic steal the sphere

  • aayan umair gamer
    aayan umair gamer


  • Stephen Tuureh
    Stephen Tuureh

    You didn't see astro world

  • amber prosper
    amber prosper

    Galactic us be like I like ya cut g

  • Alex Plays
    Alex Plays

    1:57 I LIKE YOUR CUT G.

  • Teshia Howell
    Teshia Howell

    I thought he we were Avengers were losing 🤨🤨

  • Finnegan Glascott
    Finnegan Glascott

    i saw you in the live event

  • Hannah Velasquez
    Hannah Velasquez

    i hate lox

  • Cooper Paulk
    Cooper Paulk

    Probably because locks but the game and he can’t defeat any drones he can’t even Duffy Mr. top five

  • Mozhi May
    Mozhi May

    !!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??( :

  • Kayden Lytle-caesar
    Kayden Lytle-caesar

    Uh I died so I watched my freind

  • Google’s Eyes
    Google’s Eyes

    Boooo terrible

  • Jazmin Sanchez
    Jazmin Sanchez

    MStop5. is all ways being boss

  • Rocio quispe
    Rocio quispe

    We all did it

  • Rocio quispe
    Rocio quispe

    Y r u so mad we all and he to

  • Reality Banana
    Reality Banana


  • Reality Banana
    Reality Banana

    I’ve never seen it

  • Lily Mancera
    Lily Mancera

    I love the part where we get to drive the battle buses goodbye season four

  • Infinity Gaming
    Infinity Gaming

    I already defeat galactus

  • Liam Kelly 369
    Liam Kelly 369

    One of the most amazing events ever

  • RyanF7

    I meant did not was did

  • RyanF7

    Galactus was did I like your cut g after he said I hunger

  • Leon Howie
    Leon Howie

    There is no way to stop an event

  • I loved season one Wickes
    I loved season one Wickes

    He does that every event it doesn't work

  • Puppy Gaming
    Puppy Gaming

    Lox does not have a glitcher helping him. You just said he did so people would watch the whole video to see what would happen.

  • {-}ZIM{-}.

    Thumbnail:lox shoots galactic man and MrTop5 shoots Lox. Me:ITS THE CIRCLE OF LIFE

  • The Mandalorian
    The Mandalorian

    1:58 *I like ya cut g*

  • cheryl dethrow
    cheryl dethrow

    Did you see party planet

  • Santiago Benitez
    Santiago Benitez

    i saw you mrtop 5 i saw you skin i just saw you mrtop 5

  • Jeffrey Nesham
    Jeffrey Nesham

    Sorry lox you could not stop the event. Woop wooop

  • syed.

    Someone shouldve disconnected their internet during the event

  • Emily Austin
    Emily Austin


  • Luis Hernandez
    Luis Hernandez


  • Elian PR
    Elian PR

    Mr top 5 you missed something

  • Angelica Leon
    Angelica Leon

    Hes even biger than the moster 😱😱😨😨

  • Blinding Lights
    Blinding Lights


  • Angle Tellez
    Angle Tellez

    Galactic is a bucket head

  • Sasikala K
    Sasikala K

    Can you stop lox

  • Sasikala K
    Sasikala K


  • Mohammed Jhangir
    Mohammed Jhangir

    I like your dog

  • Pelleman

    Mr top 5 is like morgz lol

  • ismail arshad
    ismail arshad

    Yo guy Glastion more like castis

  • Old man Sans
    Old man Sans

    So you tried to help galactus

  • Fortnite Gaming
    Fortnite Gaming

    my man didnt even save the live evnt

  • faze_ james
    faze_ james

    Screw off lox you can't stop a live event just stop clickbaiting

  • Robert Đuraš
    Robert Đuraš

    This is all clicbate for money and vius

  • Eva Rodriguez
    Eva Rodriguez

    I was in it

  • Eva Rodriguez
    Eva Rodriguez

    I loved this event

  • Dawn Gray
    Dawn Gray

    The event was awesome

  • Jason Stein
    Jason Stein

    I saw you

  • Rami Haj
    Rami Haj

    Nooo I missed the event I'm soo dumb why😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔 I was so excited

  • Rami Haj
    Rami Haj

    Lox stop

  • Quintin Gaming
    Quintin Gaming

    Travis Scott’s astroworl is there

  • JoanCraft120

    Why does Lox always wanna stop and hate every live event?????

  • Ruby Vasquez
    Ruby Vasquez


  • Ruby Vasquez
    Ruby Vasquez

    I saw Travis Scott planit

Schlatt gets fit
457 ming
Schlatt gets fit
457 ming