100 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft]
This video is intended for audiences 13+ years old for the following reasons
Fantasy Violence
Violent References
Suggestive Themes
Crude Humor

Minecraft Hardcore Mode is the HARDEST version of Minecraft without a doubt. Creepers spawn more often. Skeleton arrows do more damage. And Zombies can call upon the horde. Most notably of all though, if you die in Hardcore Minecraft, you die forever. Your world is deleted. *Minecraft theme plays at MAX VOLUME*Subscribe today!!
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C418 - Minecraft
Daniel Rosenfeld

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  • Luke TheNotable
    Luke TheNotable

    100 Days is for everyone if you want to make your own, do it!

    • Denki Kaminari
      Denki Kaminari

      @en gu who cares

    • en gu
      en gu


    • xander Tamayo
      xander Tamayo

      @Sgv_Sth uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh why the thing???

    • The Memer
      The Memer

      Wasn’t there Twitter drama bout that

    • Pro Gamer10
      Pro Gamer10


  • Mad Name
    Mad Name

    This layered wall setup feeling a bit Attack On Titan esc.

  • Vaibhavi Sharma
    Vaibhavi Sharma

    You named the creeper tors Lol🤣

  • Zwin

    If you say villager town one more time I’m going to murder your Minecraft dog

  • bluefeather 64
    bluefeather 64

    9:47 this Hurts me so much I cannot express it

  • Kealey Shohet
    Kealey Shohet

    how tf did you get glass window panes on day two?!?!?!

  • EllisBoranComedy

    "You can not die anywhere!" The void: Am I a joke to you?

  • Schloop

    5:52 That can be taken a little bit out of context...

  • Juice

    "I had to simply go to a cow,extract some white stuff and slurp it down" -Luke TheNotable 2019

  • Wilzon 360
    Wilzon 360

    i would not craft a sword and pickaxe with 5 diamonds i would craft a diamond pick, collect some obsidian, and a book to make an enchanting table

  • mfdentre

    Just wondering, what's drowning creepers do?

  • Chumbleham

    Its called milk thicy grain!

  • Thomas Reese
    Thomas Reese

    Him: it’s about survival not vanity. Me: *watching 2000 days* pretty sure it is.

  • Neil Jiwa
    Neil Jiwa

    this mans making Ba Sing Se

  • Nightdraklin

    Can't believe that he named his Creeper after his wife.... Tors.

  • Epic Animations
    Epic Animations

    And I won’t die. Ha ha (in a very high pitched voice)

  • Salem Andrada
    Salem Andrada

    Luke: villager town The word village: am I a joke to you?

  • WeirdChampHere __
    WeirdChampHere __

    philza walked so luke could run

  • Awesome Goat III
    Awesome Goat III

    I started off day 69 by "getting to know" this dolphin.

  • Anna The Master
    Anna The Master

    I just started the video but I wanna say go go go go you can do it!!

  • G.Money

    the fact that this was 2 YEARS AGO!!???!?!??!

    • - - on bocw
      - - on bocw


  • G.R.A.C

    I watch his videos as inspiration to play minecraft when im bored.

  • Bigthumbs 94
    Bigthumbs 94

    It’s so weird going back and seeing this

  • Scratchgyrl

    Luke: This vid is 13+ 10 year old's: ur not my mom

  • シDensest

    In bedrock edition I fished for three days and got a stack and a half of name tags

  • Morgan Reading
    Morgan Reading

    Why the hell did this come up first when I searched parkour into UZload 😂

  • Phillip Reiss
    Phillip Reiss

    I’ve seen a 5 year old with a phone. When I was five i ate sand

  • benjibenji3

    i was but i killed the ender dragon on day 28 and got elytra

  • GalaxyGam1ng

    LTN 21:40 - 'I have Zero Sugarcane' Also LTN 20:30 - *has 11 sugar cane in chest*

  • Daily Pancake!!
    Daily Pancake!!

    What seed

  • stop-motion doge
    stop-motion doge

    time to rewatch the series for the 11th time

  • Weasley Hoover
    Weasley Hoover

    It's buitiful I've looked at this for 5 hours now

  • Dog Woof
    Dog Woof

    And this is how it all started

  • Hadi Baderline
    Hadi Baderline

    Luke said game 66.....nice

  • Popstar Angell
    Popstar Angell

    I really like your UZload videos

  • novatolee YT
    novatolee YT

    I watched this again, like has evolved to 2009 days

  • tango la bango
    tango la bango

    Luke TheNotable: *tries to spam click to kill skeleton on java edition* me: *facepalm*

  • tor-tilla

    other players: okay first were gonna build a house luke: WALL

  • Cj High AF
    Cj High AF

    honestly, this was more entertaining than pewdiepies minecraft vids

  • TTV Sudsier O
    TTV Sudsier O

    I refuse to believe this was 1 year ago

  • Francesco Pascasi
    Francesco Pascasi


  • baconhairs_r gaming
    baconhairs_r gaming

    who is just coming back to watch this for nostalgic reasons

    • Epic Animations
      Epic Animations

      Eeeyyyyyyy Me Also I don’t know what nostalgia is

  • DatBoiAhmed

    What I like about this series is that you give some really cool tips. Whether its exploring for treasure or showing your base, I know a little more on how to survive in minecraft single player. Thanks for this, very insightful ;)

  • Juliette van Zuilen
    Juliette van Zuilen

    what enchantment do you have on your fising rod?

  • Sam’s gaming
    Sam’s gaming

    I wish he would have maken a attack on titan joke when he was building the wall he had a perfect opportunity and didnt do it

  • Serpent's Vlogs
    Serpent's Vlogs

    I never use diamonds till i get 5 a pickaxe and an enchanting table

  • Genesis

    Damn he serious like AoT walls.

  • Isaac Gauci
    Isaac Gauci


  • Brady Dulin
    Brady Dulin

    Beyond day 50 you started sounding a bit like kermit

  • Pit_ plays
    Pit_ plays

    Little he knew.........

  • Jayden Pax
    Jayden Pax

    i love how it's exactly 30 mins i dont love how he just ignored how he got a ducking notch apple

    • Sara Bulhan
      Sara Bulhan

      Super flat world 100 days 30 minutes exactly

  • Dan Dagg
    Dan Dagg

    This vid is fake how did he survive when he died by the creeper next to the desert ruin

  • NebulaBrick

    He actually hit bedrock

  • Nathan Vo
    Nathan Vo

    Death message says: “Game over! Luke_TheNotable was shot by Skeleton Score: 161 Spectate world Delete world”

  • Money Man 1500
    Money Man 1500

    I have hardcore on Xbox one bedrock edition

  • Nick the owl
    Nick the owl

    Don't know why this was in my recommended but hey I'm not complaining.

  • janaesmith08


  • sajo 55
    sajo 55

    After watching all the videos in the 100 days playlist, it's nice to come back to the first 100 days.

  • dicc thruster69
    dicc thruster69

    This man went from hero to zero and from zero to legend again. respect

  • RxndxllPlayz

    A diamond sword does less dmg than a stone axe when its not enchanted

  • Blizzard

    Is nobody going to talk about the cow part

  • Martin Németh
    Martin Németh

    My sister called you Luke the no table shall I kill her.

  • Anderson Barrile
    Anderson Barrile

    Is this irl days or in the game?

    • 0scartheknight

      Ingame shouldn’t be too hard to figure out

  • Epicx gaming
    Epicx gaming

    i had diamond chest plate tools and 3 pics by day 21

  • Aidgaming playz
    Aidgaming playz

    Mate I'm a lvl 💯 fisherman

  • Sean Laudenslager
    Sean Laudenslager

    I just realized that he is playing for more than a real life day

  • Yeamlak Reta
    Yeamlak Reta

    you named a creeper after you're wife !?!?!?!

  • Dylan Rongé
    Dylan Rongé

    Lasso's on day 13? How?

  • Zee

    "it didnt have to much good loot" proceeds to walk out with a notch apple

  • Mr Hallows
    Mr Hallows

    Him: didn’t get much from the desert temple Me: BUT YOU GOT A ENCHANTED GOLDEN APPLE????

  • Cameron Bennett
    Cameron Bennett

    Ok boomer jk

  • Welsh Red Gamer
    Welsh Red Gamer

    6:32 - "I also found some Lapiz Luzili. For a second, i thought they were diamonds and peed myself a little."

  • Julian Jabs
    Julian Jabs

    Is ist Hard 100 days Minecraft to play

  • My names Poppy ,
    My names Poppy ,

    Petition to feed llamas.

  • MightyTigerGaming

    is this in-game days or irl days? this probs sounds dumb but like i wouldnt be surprised if irl lol

    • MightyTigerGaming

      @Aswey Otaku ty

    • Aswey Otaku
      Aswey Otaku

      in game

  • randomized

    On one of my tries I survived to day 70 even had a mob farmer by then but I diEd

  • Aztrec

    I'm still confused on what time he uses does he do 100 Minecraft days or 100 real days SOMEONE TELL ME

    • Aztrec

      @0scartheknight thank you

    • 0scartheknight


  • Peaky

    What is the version my guy

  • JasperLorax

    0:39 day 1 1:27 day 2 1:55 day 3 2:19 day 4 2:52 day 5 3:20 day 6 3:23 day 7 3:38 day 8 4:04 day 9 4:25 day 10 5:01 day 11 5:25 day 12 5:46 day 13 6:16 day 14 6:36 day 15 6:49 day 16 7:02 day 17 7:15 day 18 7:26 day 19 7:51 day 20 8:16 day 21 8:40 day 22 8:53 day 23 9:08 day 24 9:29 day 25 9:47 day 26 10:08 day 27 10:50 day 28 11:20 day 29 11:43 day 30 a quarter way I think < 11:53 day 31 12:10 day 32 12:19 day 33 12:29 day 34 12:46 day 35 13:02 day 36 13:07 day 37 13:18 day 38 13:26 day 39 13:39 day 40 13:57 day 41 14:08 day 42 14:20 day 43 14:29 day 44 14:35 day 45 14:46 day 46 14:51 day 47 14:57 day 48 15:06 day 49 15:15 day 50 half way 15:32 day 51 15:52 day 52 16:09 day 53 16:27 day 54 16:42 day 55 16:53 day 56 17:04 day 57 17:36 day 58 17:46 day 59 18:01 day 60 18:14 day 61 18:28 day 62 18:37 day 63 18:52 day 64 19:00 day 65 19:03 day 66 19:07 day 67 19:11 day 68 19:20 day 69 19:44 day 70 20:02 day 71 20:17 day 72 20:33 day 73 20:50 day 74 21:02 day 75 21:21 day 76 21:48 day 77 22:11 day 78 22:25 day 79 22:43 day 80 a quarter and a half I think < 22:52 day 81 23:22 day 82 23:53 day 83 24:20 day 84 24:48 day 85 25:15 day 86 25:34 day 87 26:00 day 88 26:06 day 89 26:11 day 90 26:33 day 91 26:44 day 92 27:00 day 93 27:22 day 94 27:36 day 95 27:59 day 96 28:04 day 97 28:11 day 98 28:18 day 99 28:30 day 100! 29:00 THE END! KINDA? Reply down below/ what day did you think was the best?? reply down below / / / / /

    • 0scartheknight

      Day 25 is a quarter and 75 is a quarter and a half

    • Reshmi Harish
      Reshmi Harish


  • Did you forget the cheese?
    Did you forget the cheese?

    if you think about it when cows breed in Minecraft you cant tell which cow is what gender so that might not be milk 5:50

  • swiezak123 swiezy
    swiezak123 swiezy

    love you XD

    • Lily Velasco
      Lily Velasco


  • NicolasAustin2009

    Me : wants a like on cooment 💔💔💔💔🤑🤑🤑😭😭😇🤔🤣😢🙂💔💔🙂😇🙄😇😜😭🙄😝😢😇🙂😝😢😇🤐🙂🙂😇🙂😢😇😏🤐🙂🙂🙂🙂😏😇🤐🙂😏🙂🙂😇😏😜😇🙂😏😜🤣😏😏🤔😇🙂😏🙂🤔🤣😢😑🤣😇😢🤑😭😁😜🤑😇😢😏😁😢😇🤑🤣💔🙂🙂🤣😜🤣😍🙂😜😏😜😇😢😜🙂🙂🙂😜😇😏🙂😜😇🤑🤔🙄😗😜🙂🙂😢😜😢🙂😇😇😜🙂😢😜🙂😇😢😜😇🙂😇😜🙂😇🙂😜😢😜😇🙂😢😜🙂😇😢😜😇😏🙄😏🙂😜😇🙄😭😏😜🙄😇😏🤐🙄😇🤐😏🤐🙂😇😇😏🙄🤐😭😗🙄🙄😇😗🙄🤐😗🙄🤐🙄😗🙄🤐🙄😗🙄🤔🤐🤐😗🤔🤑🤐😇🙄🤐😇🙄😗🤐🙂😇😭🙄😝🤐😏🙂😇🤐🙂🙂😏🤐🙂🙂😢🤐😢🙂😇😢🤐😇🙂🤐😢🙂😇😢🤐🤑🤔😇🤐🙂🙂: has 1000 likes on cooment


    coming back

  • Mikey Smith
    Mikey Smith

    he said the desert temple didnt have anything good while having a notch apple oof

  • Sin Pope
    Sin Pope

    How did he get the leads?

  • FeganFloop 2006
    FeganFloop 2006

    thank you, for giving me the idea to kidnap villagers.

  • CodeCrafted


  • Chicky plays Minecraft
    Chicky plays Minecraft

    26:33what dose he mean by going back to the villager town

    • Aswey Otaku
      Aswey Otaku

      Well, he means going back

  • Filip Dziolko
    Filip Dziolko

    he got 2.5mil subs in like 1 and a half years wow

  • Jeppe Jensen V2
    Jeppe Jensen V2

    I think that it is queit funny how that this series started on my birthday lol

  • George Coates
    George Coates

    I watched all of it when it came out, so i came back and i will watch it again.

  • ExplodingCreeper Gaming
    ExplodingCreeper Gaming

    Will you play fnaf

  • Boan Jenkins
    Boan Jenkins

    you should have done the raid

  • Boan Jenkins
    Boan Jenkins

    for the roof of your house always use slabs it lets through light and uses lesser wood and is more room i like making a rom 2,5 high

  • Charlie Bishop
    Charlie Bishop

    sweet sweet white stuff lol

  • Carol Hood
    Carol Hood

    Jesus Christ

  • David McAlpine
    David McAlpine

    We are all playing hardcore in real life...

  • Musicdriventhoughts

    Ltn: cant think about vanity when in hardcore minecraft Also Ltn: *makes an entire village out of emeralds*

  • Cupcake Playz
    Cupcake Playz

    when will he do 3000 days?

  • Dqrk Star
    Dqrk Star

    so many walls it’s like Attack On Titan