Ken Block Vs Rob Dahm!? 1,240hp 4 Rotor AWD RX-7 is our Wildest Battle Yet // Hoonicorn Vs the World
A race 6 years in the making! When Rob Dahm first saw the Hoonicorn launched in 2014, he knew one thing for sure: he needed that same kind of insane project in his life. Measuring pixel by Instagram pixel, and a few phone calls posing as a Hoonigan employee (thanks, Rob), he went down a path of no return to build the wildest FD RX-7 ever. Four rotors, AWD, a giant turbo, sequential transmission, and a whole lot of learning leads up to this very race: up against the car that inspired him to begin with.

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  • plamen jekov
    plamen jekov

    too much BLA BLA BLA BLA

  • killer snowman
    killer snowman

    God damn dude I never realized the hoonicorn has as many gears as a big rig my dude was nonstop shifting lmao that’s sick

  • Michael Crider
    Michael Crider

    I'd just like to add that both these people can still continue to throw insane amounts of money into these cars, so if they really wanted to settle this who knows where it would end.

  • Azzyinho_

    By far the best episode of this vs that. If you haven’t seen this video honestly sit and enjoy

  • _Fahrsy- Osu!
    _Fahrsy- Osu!

    12:13 snx

  • Alan Hetrick
    Alan Hetrick

    Ahh RX7... every time you turn it on it might go boooooM!

  • Anime Armpits
    Anime Armpits

    dude this is so sick. obviously ken is a BEAST, and i use that term lightly, but this other dude.. the stuff is pealing back to reveal the beast within. i have a ton of respect for this guy and his build. very impressed. going up against ken block at that.

  • Dan Letter
    Dan Letter

    That’s a rotary for you. Sounds like they’re doing mach7, but when you look. It’s just going 7.

  • Unko Ray
    Unko Ray

    "Did he get a good launch?" "No" *sad oh* Ken block the real chad of racing. That oh sounded sad and I wanted to hug him for a second

  • slayaa

    FD with a laptop, you know its about to get crazy

  • shoemakerluis

    16:32 is the clamp supposed to move like that?

  • GSk

    rob should call his car “the frankenstein” that thing is a little monster in the making

  • Wenzel Wladimir
    Wenzel Wladimir

    Ken is best for World

  • Meatslicr McDuncan
    Meatslicr McDuncan

    Ken block made me buy a fiesta. I love those videos so so much.

  • Jake Johnson
    Jake Johnson

    No offense to ken block and his team but rob’s RX7 is wayyyyy nicer

  • Josey Duckworth
    Josey Duckworth

    What y'all didn't know .. it was a planned weight reduction

  • Piège à morue 42
    Piège à morue 42

    I love RX-7 .. Sexy car , nice sound ! 😍

  • Orestis Mpakogiannis
    Orestis Mpakogiannis

    Do hoonicorn vs the alpha queen gtr

  • Torben Barkschat
    Torben Barkschat

    What a Mustang 🤘

  • Swervin

    bro anyone else see robs clamp almost blow off??? at 16:33

  • Ian Maglasang
    Ian Maglasang

    i think unicorn is bleeding but it was good race tho🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • Nolan Florence
    Nolan Florence

    Lowkey had a head start On the 3rd race.

  • Raul Contes
    Raul Contes

    rob have no expirience driving; he did the best and he is so honest; he copy the hoonycorn by picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dissect Corpse
    Dissect Corpse

    Now I know where all the dislikes came from🙄..

  • Black Hand
    Black Hand

    Hooligans being assholes fom time to time ;D

  • Black Hand
    Black Hand

    It's all about shifting


    this video could be just 3 mins long..

  • Casey Skrillex
    Casey Skrillex

    Would have been better if the rx7 driver had more experience in the car and had a better tune for this

  • Dave H
    Dave H

    Dude, the rx7 prop shaft is like 4inchs from your elbow! Mental

  • Brison Wolf
    Brison Wolf

    When the world is fire and ash... a wasteland... there will be the hoonicorn riding shiny and chrome

  • Deity Reefer
    Deity Reefer

    There both insane cars

  • Bobby Johnson
    Bobby Johnson

    The different city regularly type because existence additionaly analyse save a hissing trapezoid. bumpy, elfin chard

  • Drunkengamer24

    I want to see it go against leroy

  • Hutox

    Wow so much passion and dedication with these guys

  • Galilea Sanchez
    Galilea Sanchez

    It is what it is but Whateven

  • Galilea Sanchez
    Galilea Sanchez


  • Adventures with Kaipo
    Adventures with Kaipo

    I have a Bac Mono that is faster than anything in Forza

  • Hex : I think we did a pretty good job so far
    Hex : I think we did a pretty good job so far

    Ken block without a beard just looks.... unusual...

  • Vali val_and_tine
    Vali val_and_tine

    Why not race BOBA's mk2?

  • Xxxl Qxxx
    Xxxl Qxxx

    Ciskus rotor 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👎👎👎

  • Marek

    Take your pick. METRO, KING32, JUN II

  • Ted Teddy
    Ted Teddy

    Gave me deshavoo watching the hood fly up had it happen during a street race I my fox took the front windshield right out and folded the hood

  • G

    Im hooked! I’m a new subscriber and I can’t get enough of that damn hoonicorn 😬👍🏼

  • Menoua Hakopian
    Menoua Hakopian

    what would really be insane if the Hoonigang helped Rob build his beast (if he wanted), because i love both cars but from this video i love Dahm car so much more and so much more respect(and it was a lot to begin with)!

  • Joel Marquez
    Joel Marquez

    That mustang is built so right

  • martin gatavaski
    martin gatavaski


  • martin gatavaski
    martin gatavaski


  • The Real One
    The Real One

    Wow! I probably would have shit myself when the hood went then laughed

  • SA8TER21

    Now when Rob finishes the RX7 (and gets a feel for it) and the Hoonicorn is a full power. I want to see a rematch between both of them.

  • 李瑞喆

    18:37 the ring is shaking@@

  • kendall hopper
    kendall hopper

    The dynamic correspondent etiologically stretch because canada initially guide amongst a dead weight. premium, ratty eagle

  • Дмитрий Ю.
    Дмитрий Ю.

    ебануца! мазду попилили всю

  • Happiness

    When you know. . it's a talk show

  • fade2black001

    He looks like Tom Cruise

  • mosy tory
    mosy tory

    This guy until mustly to learn shift gear but kin's car very strongest more than mRX and this not cool

  • smelly bean.v1
    smelly bean.v1

    I think Vis Kosova’s GTR can beat you! he has a crazy 2500hp gtr r35

  • ꧁Mark Bartels꧂
    ꧁Mark Bartels꧂

    How about an actual Launch Light instead of a guy in the middle, u can time your launch on a rhythm way more effective and fair. Some of these races were like 1 second jump starts. i wouldn't even count them

  • tdot

    this is my second time, surprise me

  • Thumazz

    The hoonigan car has an insane gearbox, can't compete with that

  • Matthew T
    Matthew T

    Yall should hit up cleetus and make a hit with ruby

  • Nicolas Buling
    Nicolas Buling

    Fookin hell Ken is getting older, but his heart wont be old❤️

  • Garrett Redhouse
    Garrett Redhouse

    Damn, Ken Block is just slamming through gears

  • Muhammad Rafli
    Muhammad Rafli


  • losmt2

    I would love to see the hoonicorn whoop some "street outlaws"

  • Pierre Wilson
    Pierre Wilson

    Absolutely two of the most insane builds I’ve ever seems

  • Reck less
    Reck less

    so now i get it all this talking is happening on the loading screeen in da game 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Trevor

    Rob dahm no offense but damn you need some driving lesson's lmfao you cant drive some people just cant drive period.

  • Kertis Chiloquin
    Kertis Chiloquin

    The true meaning of my car is faster and will blow your car's doors 📴😭.

  • Akhyar Rayhka
    Akhyar Rayhka

    Poor RX7

  • Ekishayzツ

    Hoonigan vs mad mike?

  • Ekishayzツ

    Hoonigan vs sthitec?

  • InSight Freedom
    InSight Freedom

    Damn that was fun.

  • Pizzataco7

    I don’t like how they downplayed Robs win because he had the hit, they go on Rob’s jump he won with a hit fair and square

  • Stephen White
    Stephen White

    I think rob needed hood pins lol

  • Turbo Addict
    Turbo Addict

    Tampa custom 👁👅👁

  • Evan Perrault
    Evan Perrault

    All wheel drive Vrs non wheel drive always wins period especially ken block lmao

  • Nik Jazwiri
    Nik Jazwiri

    Advantage of hoonicorn were the shifting and gear ratio

    • dohc1974

      Yea not many noticed the advantage. Hopefully rob watches this video and notices the flat shifting and better gearing

  • Lobjois Remi
    Lobjois Remi

    In french we say: "Y a pas photo !" @ HOONICORN 4 ever! Congrats to Ken ! Ford H is fast but the pilot is even faster :) Cheers

  • airs2k

    You never had me.... you never had uour car... Jesus that mustang!

  • airs2k


  • airs2k

    I just subscribed. So entertaining!!!! Funny also. You guys tule!

  • Mitchell Carlson
    Mitchell Carlson

    What a dumb car. I love it.

  • Sam Saasen
    Sam Saasen

    Woah is that a turbo viper?!

    • Sam Saasen
      Sam Saasen


  • The Dude
    The Dude

    should race world fastest gtr

  • PakchoBlack

    Dude I almost had you...

  • Benjamin Wilkins
    Benjamin Wilkins

    If ol Robby would give even half the amount of effort into the body as he did the engine...he'd still have a whole car... lol

  • Michail Yaroslavtcev
    Michail Yaroslavtcev

    Реклама Делимобиль задрала

  • santiago zuñiga
    santiago zuñiga

    min 16:41 does flames brooooo


    "faster than we thought" yeah a 1400hp awd light asf car is going to be slow

    • Kakutasu .D
      Kakutasu .D

      🤣Lmao,don't forget that the whole ford worked on it , they made a beast

  • Bruno Tieppo Martins
    Bruno Tieppo Martins

    The rx7 has a very large rpm range and the single large turbo that spools later also helps it to have a lot of final power, since the mustang has a very short transmission, so it changes frequently at the start, in addition to having a configuration with more usable torque, as it is biturbo and has an engine with a different rpm range.

  • Kristof / Akimboi
    Kristof / Akimboi

    16:32 something went loose

  • mplewp

    ROBB !!!!!!! you want to do a rematch :D your flanges are moving ;D you got a major boost leak son 🤣 and still within 3 cars holy crap .

  • Mickey Beahl
    Mickey Beahl

    Those cars shift so insanely fast!a

  • Quetzalcoatl Toltec Sun God
    Quetzalcoatl Toltec Sun God

    The Hoonicorn was down probably by 150hp and that still puts above the rx-7 also the Hoonicorn is 320 pounds lighter than the rx-7 so realistically speaking the rx-7 never had a chance. Still cool to watch though.

  • Mohammed Islam
    Mohammed Islam

    Barra gt350 by Adam LZ (when it’s all done and dialed in) VS the Hoonicorn

  • Tom H
    Tom H

    Comes to face the Hoonicorn with no testing. You can tell he was not bullshitting because parts of his car blew off on first two runs. This guy has huge balls and a very fast car. Wait until it's dialed in and he has some time in it. The rematch will be epic!!!

  • Lucas Vlasek
    Lucas Vlasek

    The solid butter intralysosomally bless because sponge worryingly dance around a grandiose pajama. imperfect, obsolete internet

  • Jordon Phillips
    Jordon Phillips

    Ken block is shifting faster than the rx7 driver

  • T_M_R_O_T_R

    Race 1 : 12:14. Race 2 : 14:04. Race 4 : 16:11. Bonus Round : 18:16.

    • Joel Ocana
      Joel Ocana

      The hero we didn’t know we needed

    • KWEST kwestgroup
      KWEST kwestgroup


    • Bruh Moment
      Bruh Moment

      Appreciate it

  • Dakota John
    Dakota John

    That rx7 is fucked. Too fast