Video shows Tacoma police vehicle driving over at least one person on a crowded street
A video circulating on social media shows a Tacoma Police Department (TPD) vehicle driving over at least one person on a city street and "may have impacted others," according to a police statement.

The incident happened after police responded to a large crowd in the area of S. 9th and Pacific Avenue in downtown Tacoma shortly after 6 p.m.

"There were multiple vehicles and approximately 100 people present blocking the intersection when officers arrived on scene," according to a TPD statement. Witness accounts and video on social media show the group was gathered for street racing.

  • Make Ye Great Again
    Make Ye Great Again

    People deserve it

  • Ethrix is IllSwitch
    Ethrix is IllSwitch

    Tacoma has gotten out of f****** control and it needs to stop or I'm putting my foot down and I'm going to talk to the president myself

  • Titodiesel Casadiego
    Titodiesel Casadiego

    This are the pigs that we hire to protect and to serve !!! 🎥💩🐷

  • Brent Geisler
    Brent Geisler

    I need an armed snow plow

  • Phat-motoXer

    When you poke a bull, don't get mad when you get the horns!! Anyone who attacks someone, they have every right to defend themselves. The kid should be in jail

  • Joshua d'Estoville
    Joshua d'Estoville

    Protestors don’t form a mob towards an officer- especially after being ordered to disperse. What part of “peaceful assembly” don’t these twits get?

  • Johnny C.
    Johnny C.

    Hit someone ha they ran over some 30 people

  • Dan David
    Dan David

    SHOW THE WHOLE VIDEO. We can all see there's a 100 phones out recording this thing. You got a better angle

  • Steven Vanoy
    Steven Vanoy

    Hahaha stupid children never learn 😁😊😁😊

  • Joe Godwin
    Joe Godwin

    can i see the whole video?

  • Toxic Does Stuff
    Toxic Does Stuff

    I subscribe

  • Patrick Roell
    Patrick Roell

    Own fault 🙌🤣🤣😅😈

  • Bryce Erickson
    Bryce Erickson

    More chaos. Job security.

  • Steve Sims
    Steve Sims

    Just another failure of the cops. He only hit 1 out of hundreds!!! (after they surrounded and attacked his vehicle, which is all perfectly normal and acceptable behavior)

  • rob m
    rob m

    these ppl are such pu___

  • ruben cruz
    ruben cruz

    I thought this was the news. Too bad. Another entertainment show pretending to be news.

  • Cold Hashbrowns
    Cold Hashbrowns

    He waits to accelerate after the human bump, therefore mostly peaceful person smash.

  • Cold Hashbrowns
    Cold Hashbrowns

    Police escapes violent mob of entitled mobsters.

  • Miles Rudduck
    Miles Rudduck

    That officer is a hero!!

  • Flesz

    I'm using Tahoma font too

  • Dino Cyborg
    Dino Cyborg

    Everyone here attention! GO TO DONUT OPERATOR AND HE WILL SHOW THE WHOLE VIDEO! This is just the news making the police look bad! The crowd was beating at the officers vehicle in the first video! Go to donut operator to see what really happened!

  • Hamburger Cheeseburger
    Hamburger Cheeseburger

    Show the full video

  • Vinny Avalanche
    Vinny Avalanche

    Cop deserves prison

    • DeathKGeri

      u dumbass

  • Emmys World
    Emmys World

    I feel for the officers all day they have to put up with this garbage... theres no respect anymore...

  • David Griffin
    David Griffin

    They surrounded the police car , clearly no respect shown to police, and media race baiting , no wonder people don't like police , shame on you

  • Dale Johnston
    Dale Johnston

    Update...normal citizens want to give the cop a metal. Politicians will blame the cop with their pants on the floor.

  • shr00mhead

    Its a good thing that cop ran them all over or they might have hurt him.

  • Eric Siebert
    Eric Siebert


  • Todd Greene
    Todd Greene

    Play stupid games and win stupid prizes.

  • steve smith
    steve smith

    Hope the vehicle was not damaged.

  • dat2ra

    You left out the part showing the crowd surrounding and beating on his cruiser......

  • Ryan D.
    Ryan D.

    The cop should've done a burn out on top of the scum under the car..

  • David Conrad
    David Conrad

    Cops should have stayed in their vehicle. Take photos with drones and get attendees later. Now the cop is done! AI DEFUNF the POLICE!

  • Mr. West
    Mr. West

    Tony dogshit?

  • SandMasta Bryan
    SandMasta Bryan

    wtf wheres the video???

  • Jack Rumsey
    Jack Rumsey

    King news reporting disinformation...

  • Jack Rumsey
    Jack Rumsey

    I would have ran those assholes over too!

  • 84TerrorWAUS

    The cop had two choices. Getting attacked by the mob or drive over them. He made the right one. Ofcourse the media doesnt show the full video.

  • Box Fox
    Box Fox

    They will always be laws broken,that's why there made. So they will always use excuse that your braking the law. If they want to arrest you for some bull sh**! D*m lawmakers always making new laws. For that reason. everybody breaks laws all the time. Everyone a criminal. Especially cops. Those people need spike strips. 😆

  • C. Rios
    C. Rios

    Don't be bias Show the whole video. They were attacking the police. He has to run for his live.

  • Barcrafty 81
    Barcrafty 81

    That's what you get

  • Luis Longoria
    Luis Longoria

    Funny how Police Never Get Cited for Distracted Driving. They Frequently have to Use a PC with a Keyboard and Load their Assault Rifles on the Move, which Means There's No Way they Can Possibly Keep their Eyes on the Road at All Times. Sometimes they Crash, sometimes people get run over. What's the Bigger Priority? Responding to Emergency Calls or People Dumb Enough to Get in the Way? Whenever you See Flashing Lights, Move Over or Become a Statistic

    • Luis Longoria
      Luis Longoria

      @Policelivesmatter * Don't Worry, I'm Sure you won't be Called as a Witness for the Defense

    • Luis Longoria
      Luis Longoria

      @Policelivesmatter * Umm, Distracted Driving? Here in town, an Old Lady Ran Over a Lawyer Riding a Bicycle she "Mistook for a Trashcan" just like this!

  • Boris Lemeshev
    Boris Lemeshev

    I don't understand what these mobsters were thinking of. Clearly something is off with them if they can't comprehend that roads are for cars not for pedestrians. How can people be that stupid?

  • Boris Lemeshev
    Boris Lemeshev

    This is very poor narrating. All I see is angry mobsters chasing a police car and throwing stuff at officers. I don't seeing any plowing. What are the cops supposed to do? They need to get home to their families and protect themselves. They can't let those mobsters kill them. They were in the right in pushing the gas pedal, and had an angry mobster been injured in the process, on the way of blocking the roadway, it's definitely not the cop's fault, these officers had no choice.

  • Brandon

    Street racers? You show 1 guy doing a donut in Antifa blm riot attacking a police officer. But girl is killed in capital in a riot and crickets.

  • Anthony Maldonado
    Anthony Maldonado

    Good! Run all those idiots over! F-em! Why are Cops responding in a DEFUND THE POLICE state? Let the stupid politicians who cater to that NON SENSE go clear the streets!

  • David Babiy
    David Babiy

    The officer struck MULTIPLE individuals. This news coverage is selective in the amount of footage they chose to show. The use of force was far worse than they chose to report.

  • Richard Johnson
    Richard Johnson

    I thought all the violence and BS was supposed to stop when Biden was elected? These people now think they can do whatever they want because they don't have to respect authority anymore. Glad the cop ran over the people who were attacking his vehicle.

  • Rick Dawson
    Rick Dawson

    All lives splatter 👍👌😎😆

  • RisingSun0203

    KING, KOMO and KIRO are horrible when it come to presenting all sides of a situation. They will never show a complete video. Shills for sure.

  • GodDamnHippies

    Show them surrounding that cop and making him fear for his life

  • solid snake
    solid snake

    Wrong title The title should be An officer is trying to escape from a mob

  • Vivian Ramage
    Vivian Ramage

    Why keep allowing these things to take place? Laying in the street! People in the streets everywhere. Chaos!

  • Sergio Lopez
    Sergio Lopez

    Even this video showing them blatantly doing donuts in front of police and they get mad it just doesn't make sense and then the media and Mayor defend them and bow down to them even after the video shows illegal activity going on and the police was in his right, they were on the street doing illegal things and attacking police cars thinking is cool,

  • Xander C
    Xander C

    when lawsuits start popping off on these "news broadcast" for their "Selective" reporting and editing. maybe things will change.

  • love me Me
    love me Me

    Another news outlet only showing an edited version, filled with their biased commentary. Media still pushing false narratives, like they did all summer. Media needs to be held accountable for this stuff!

  • jay griff
    jay griff

    It’s was a mostly peaceful run over

  • Bauce

    Show the whole video where the idiot dove under his tires so the mob could kill the officer. 100% self defense

  • Flawless Cd
    Flawless Cd

    Natural selection at its best

  • Jacklyn Lake
    Jacklyn Lake

    Im sorry hit someone ???? He literally ran over a whole crowd of people 💀

    • DeathKGeri

      whole crowd that attacked his car ... just an idea , dont try to kill the cops and u will be fine?

    • Jacklyn Lake
      Jacklyn Lake

      Right before that he ran through the whole crowd the video is on tik tok

  • Clorox Bleach #1
    Clorox Bleach #1

    Why where people surprised when they got run over?

  • Buck I Fan
    Buck I Fan

    I bet the one rolling around under the cop car stays out of the street next time! 😂👍

  • Robert Fella
    Robert Fella

    Run the idiots over if your life is in danger. If you don't want to get run over don't be in a crowd with idiots who are violent.

  • Simply Jones
    Simply Jones

    Another winner of one of them stupid prizes 😂

  • Jackson Richmond
    Jackson Richmond

    Yeah, we need to stop those hooligans in the intersection because it's dangerous and someone could be hurt. That's our job.

  • Ike Ikie
    Ike Ikie

    Well qUit Rushing/Mobbing the Police tHen Ffs.............!

  • Bib Fromsales
    Bib Fromsales

    What did these idiots expect obviously the cop was in fear for his life, who would not be afraid if 100 angry animals were attacking your vehicle.

  • rk ow
    rk ow

    Where is the disturbing part?

  • neckarsulme

    Peacefully crossing an intersection

  • That's Tacoma
    That's Tacoma

    That's Tacoma! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Ur2ez4me81

    I swear the joker is running the media. This is like something out of a villain movie

  • shane oflaherty
    shane oflaherty

    Absolute garbage reporting. Could not be more trash. Show the rest of the video liars.

  • Chris M
    Chris M

    Stupid mobs plays stupid games and when they win stupid prizes want to call the cops who they want to de-funded.

  • Gregg Winter
    Gregg Winter

    Well they shouldn’t have been in the road!

  • Joey Garcia
    Joey Garcia

    Turning into mexico. They got what they deserve thats why they want to come over here to raise Mexico flags and street race like wannabe fast and furious skinny jeans gays

  • pacheco hidalgo
    pacheco hidalgo

    The journalist is obviously on the anarchists side

  • Daisuke Kazumi
    Daisuke Kazumi

    “Not clear why this person was on the ground” my goodness. Literally there is a video showing why that person is on the ground and how this happened.

  • nate of the south
    nate of the south

    You cut the mob surrounding the police vehicle and smashing the windshield. You are inciting violence and stoking hatred for views. I hope you are ashamed.

  • tacjam1

    You have to remember King 5 will always defend the far left and it's BS, they supported "The Summer of Love!" This might happen if you surround a police car, beat on it, and threaten the officer inside. If I was in my personal car and the mob surrounded my car and did the same thing, I would have the same reaction. This officer didn't ride into a crowd of people, the mob surrounded this officer, once the facts are told, it's a different picture.

  • Purrrpllle Cheetos
    Purrrpllle Cheetos

    Funny how those “dangerous” street racers were doing donuts and races But the only person who got hurt was someone ran over by a police car

  • nicely done
    nicely done

    Blurred- dang.

  • Vik tor
    Vik tor

    I am with police as they were surrounded by an angry mob what they were expecting? They should call back up water cannon and arrest all those from the crowd. Seriously what were they expecting?

  • # Hopkinz
    # Hopkinz

    Don’t be gay guys

  • yoyohooyo

    Khanh Phan is the cop that backed up, revved up, took off like a dragster, ran over two people, and knocked several to the ground.

  • pacheco hidalgo
    pacheco hidalgo

    Cop did the right thing, that mob is full of criminals and the media makes it look as if the mob is the victim.

  • 7r0j4n

    you are not allowed to just run someone over in this situation. maybe if the guy was shooting into the police car sure he could run him over but this is a truck vs a human body here the officer sustained no injuries.

    • CasparPat

      if the mob was shooting, then the cop would be dead. This was heading for whoever has to use violence first. I'm glad the police chose violence before those idiots

  • Daniel Lane
    Daniel Lane

    Usa. Just isn't what it used to be. A famous rapper once said. Hard and raw. No respect for the law..easy e were you ever caught slipping. Hail naw.

  • Velcro

    The car feared for it's life and let the police officer know. Obviously the police officer had a duty to protect and serve his car, so he attempted to neutralise those causing his car fear. Pretty obvious folks? Come on! Totally plausible. The police officer was fine. He could double lock all doors at a switch and the car is armoured, but that poor car did not asked to be slapped and attempts made to open it's locked doors. How violating!

  • Andy Oliver
    Andy Oliver

    Speed bump,,,, that wouldn't had happened if your dumb ass would've been home,,,dont feel sorry for you

  • Ed Mudd
    Ed Mudd


  • Geremia Russo
    Geremia Russo

    give that officer a medal

  • william mathis
    william mathis

    Copper keep up the good work

  • RICHARD Funk
    RICHARD Funk

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!

  • john slaton
    john slaton

    Road blocks gets knocked down Ana over, no big deal

  • Mike Swanson
    Mike Swanson

    Fire the reporter's. fire the interim Chief . Side with the mob loose your job

  • Paul Gaudette
    Paul Gaudette

    Good get out of the road,he should have turned around and got more of them

  • steve k
    steve k

    They were pounding on his car surrounding him beating on windows, they’re lucky only one died

  • marcus mac
    marcus mac

    Blue lives matter right, then what happened on January 6, 2021?

  • Captain Codebook
    Captain Codebook

    Why don't you get your reporting right and actually look at the video and speak the truth. The officer was being attacked by a large group of people attempting to pull him from his vehicle and injure him. He escaped them without injury. Some of the rioters were hurt in the process. WAS THAT SO HARD TO PROPERLY SAY AND REPORT ??

  • Stephen Denton
    Stephen Denton

    Adolescent:"Mom I'm bored." Mom:"Go play in the street." Adolescent: "I gots ran over." Mom: "Good!"