Can You Actually Game in 8K? (RTX 3090 Gameplay!)
Gaming in 8K with an RTX3090 is surprisingly impressive! Uploaded in 8K. RIP to your GPU.
*8K may or may not take up to a week to process lol
RTX3090 8K gaming:
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Computer/GPU provided by Maingear for video.

  • Marques Brownlee
    Marques Brownlee


    • I got hacked Jeff
      I got hacked Jeff

      I watched in 8k

    • Anooj John Francis
      Anooj John Francis

      Finally 360p

    • Jeremy Hernandez
      Jeremy Hernandez


    • endless rodin
      endless rodin

      Me whaching in 8k

    • Purat Juri
      Purat Juri

      i only play in 4k

  • Paterne Igiraneza
    Paterne Igiraneza

    8 dammmmmm

  • yaaron van der weij
    yaaron van der weij

    fun fact: if you have a nvidia geforce gt 640 4K will work flawlessly

  • Rafael Ocampo
    Rafael Ocampo

    3:32 That tv is so realistic I can even see a car passingby.

  • Akash Jha
    Akash Jha

    Ok now I'm watching it in 8k in my hand...nice tech🔥🔥🔥

  • Ayaan Mohammed
    Ayaan Mohammed

    8k? only 8k buddy? I watched this in 240p and as much as I know 240 is greater than 8, and p is further down in the letter structure than k.

  • Parham Fatemi
    Parham Fatemi

    I’m still enjoying 1080p and 40fps for gta v

  • Tim R.
    Tim R.

    Very nice and intresting video, but i have a little question what Keyboard is this in the video at 4:04min.? Thank you in advance for your answer.


    laughs in 360p

  • ActuallyTRiL

    Forza had the biggest benefit from Resizable Bar on the the 3090. I wonder how much better it would be able to run it at 8K.

  • siddharth

    i am watching at 4k (thats the higest of my comp) and wowwww its soo good.i cannot imagine 8k

  • মাংসাশী প্রাণী
    মাংসাশী প্রাণী

    12:20 too much nostalgia for me

  • MD Ebrahim Chowdhury
    MD Ebrahim Chowdhury

    who playing 8k, 12k is coming soon.

  • ToatsMcGoats

    I don't have the option to go past 4k.... anyone else with this issue? I'm on desktop.

  • Kaleido Skop
    Kaleido Skop

    Bullshit this nvidia.300 Watt.I dont Neef this.

  • Teni Das
    Teni Das

    11:11 look at that carbon fibre detailing on the bonnet

  • -

    people in 2040 when their internet is terrible: 8k 120fps, take it or leave

  • Jx10

    Me - watching in 8k my fps - not today

  • Barbarian_Motors

    Marques, build the ultimate gaming PC and ofcourse by this I mean over kill Gaming mother board with two cpu slots 64GB intel ram x16 slots for ram Water cooled of course and then a whooping 6 nvidia 4090’s in SLI Mwahaha mwahaha mwahahahahaaaa!

  • IZthatKareem

    GOD bless those who can watch this in 8K

  • Beefy

    My laptop can't even process this video in 8k with pretty decent internals, let alone do any form of gaming lol

  • KizzSaysBoo

    the video is 8k and yt rlly went 480p take it or leave it

  • Sunny Benipal
    Sunny Benipal

    why is youtube showing me 4k?

  • crackyland

    yea idk abt the hands they didnt look like 8k lmao

  • Kikimora

    why does other 8k videos uses barely 40% of my r5 1600 but this video uses >90% always? codec difference?

  • burper2000000

    my computer fans started screaming in pain the second i hit 8k

  • Asif MGKS
    Asif MGKS


    • Asif MGKS
      Asif MGKS


  • AlaniTV1

    Why not cyberpunk 2077 8k 120 fps 🤣

  • WCG Havii
    WCG Havii

    Now what about 8K in vr to be honest once I've experienced VR screens are dull to me and the next step into immersion technology is 100% vr also 8K is kind of pointless when the polygons in the game you are playing are triangles and squares fps is more important to me at 1080p or 1440p were 8k will make a massive difference is in front of your eyes while playing half-life alyx

  • Henry Timme
    Henry Timme

    My PC being faster in every way except for the graphics card

  • skull

    Me 480p yea i dont see 8k

  • Mehdi J
    Mehdi J

    9:20 all the water droplets all the reflections like bruh we already had that in nfs ug2 😂

  • bhavay anand
    bhavay anand

    Man the highest I could get was 2160p. Guess no 8k for me

  • Tyler Ford
    Tyler Ford

    Marques one's said he not fully into gaming until I watch this vid, he likes Sports and racing games

  • Dave Gangwani
    Dave Gangwani

    NEXT GEN gaming baby!

  • Shubhu Shirodkar
    Shubhu Shirodkar

    but question is can it run crysis even in 4k?

  • Su1sT A51
    Su1sT A51

    Me in watching 2160 p on phone be like wow this is insane

  • Sandeep Samare
    Sandeep Samare

    Who here watches at 360p or 480p?

  • Preston Krotz
    Preston Krotz

    i can go up to 8k but my laptop not fast enough XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • UnusualAnimations

    Quick answer: yes you can game in 8k. Should you get 8k yourself? No. Because the human body can’t actually see past 4K, so 8k is pretty useless.

  • chamoflag

    this is clickbait,there is no 8k in my video quality.

    • TonyPP Vids
      TonyPP Vids

      LoL, so you're using crappy device and you're telling us this video is clickbait? Well, let me tell you. In my laptop youtube setting, I can see 4320p 8k 2160p 4k 1440p HD 1080p HD 720p 480p 360p 240p 144p But I can only watch it on 1080p because my display is just 1920x1080. So even if I switch to 1440p or 2160p, it won't display those resolution. And it will only slow down my wifi speed. Don't use the word "clickbait" if you don't have much knowledge. Have a nice day!

  • chamoflag

    i don't know, i am watching this video in 480p.


    Video on 8k,my laptop is shutted down

  • BigFatOnion

    lol ps5 gettin 4k we getin 8k

  • jaseenanajeem najeem
    jaseenanajeem najeem

    That tough cpu looks like a turbo intake manifold pipes

  • Soham Roy: Beatbox
    Soham Roy: Beatbox

    Waiting for the 8k video to get 8M views

  • Jay Isue
    Jay Isue

    Well it be comparable or does it has to pare with something?

  • Kripesh Bista
    Kripesh Bista

    In this video : 8k😮😍 Me : using 800x600😀😐😭

  • `

    Hope someone help me with this ,i want to play video games ,where is the for video games ,Gaming laptop,pc,console? thanks

  • Alexander Petkov
    Alexander Petkov

    Yo my youtube got 2160p!

  • lachy mglacky
    lachy mglacky

    damm my pc bouta blow

  • Oliver Wulff
    Oliver Wulff

    my laptop cant go past 1080p

  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime

    my screen lag when i try to watch at 8k settings...

  • Kermit

    i have a godamn macbook and its lagging im going to throw this thing out the window

  • Mason Bernheim
    Mason Bernheim

    Ok but what is his wallpaper tho?

  • mistamontiel00

    *pffft* my SNES my N64 my PS1 my Dreamcast my eggsbox been spat on your 7680×4320 xP CONSOLITIS

  • PhoenixYT 124
    PhoenixYT 124

    why is the entire video about 8k, but the video resolution isnt? it says 2160p, which obviously is 4k. why not film in 8k? you have the equipment to do that.


    me trying to watch in 8 k my internet no problem my pc dont ever think about it

  • JJBizzare

    @ Marques: “This video is gonna be in 8K” My Computer: Ahh, say sike right now.

  • Silvermines

    Want to show this really video Thats why go to the cafe and use wifi

  • Ren Hart
    Ren Hart

    him: yea the seasons are a cool demo me, still stuck at spring after months:

  • Josue David
    Josue David

    my computer started to panic

  • Markus Oja
    Markus Oja

    My MBP (late 2019) was suffering while i watched this video in 8K

  • Gaming guy
    Gaming guy

    rtx 3090 is way better than ps5 and xbox x

  • Taylor Langley
    Taylor Langley

    Just think 10 years from now this would be on par with ps3 graphics today.

  • RajJ Gaming
    RajJ Gaming

    8K30 is viable with dlss ultra performance on cyberpunk with a 3090 , 60fps on low or medium I'm sure

  • Umar Saif
    Umar Saif

    it literally takes 40 mins to load 8k

  • iiMinko_Laws

    Me looking for 8K: UZload: Jit lied to ya'll Me: putting 4k on my chrome book Chrome book: Nah fam you need a window.

  • Ismail khamsa
    Ismail khamsa

    Can you do anther gaming with two 3090 graphic please

  • Xbox Fridge
    Xbox Fridge

    Meanwhile I am watching on my boost mobile

  • Superior

    I am watching in 2160 60fps

  • Shrekster Boi
    Shrekster Boi


  • FartCraps Vlogs
    FartCraps Vlogs

    Just get two rtx 3080s and you're set for 16k (maybe)

  • Ghost mark 24
    Ghost mark 24

    Wowwww is amazing better that ps5 and Xbox just buy PC only more cool the gaming 👍. But I just wish all old history game like bring back history just ps1-ps3 gaming which is all good to PC to remasters everything.

  • Mr. ARKHOS
    Mr. ARKHOS

    RTX 3090 is awesome..............

  • Falcon_

    Watched in 8K... On a 1080p monitor :^)

  • Lethal_Flames

    Why does no one use Sony OLED?

  • Geel Jire
    Geel Jire

    Watching on 720, wondering when full hd will be on discount.

  • Lil Droper
    Lil Droper

    Watching on 360p

  • Rainbow Electron
    Rainbow Electron

    Me watching this on 420p: wow I can’t tell the deference

    • Rainbow Electron
      Rainbow Electron

      @gorege jones mine is 420p

    • gorege jones
      gorege jones

      It's 480p

  • R BK
    R BK

    It's Dream To Play In 8K 🥰🥰🥰

  • bromec

    Wallpaper? Looks really nice

  • Celalcan KÜÇÜK
    Celalcan KÜÇÜK

    I tried to run this video at 2160p and 4320p with RTX 2070 Oh damn...

  • East Side Doom
    East Side Doom

    Does anyone else sit in front on their TV with an ironing board as a table?

  • Dining Popcorn
    Dining Popcorn

    haha noob i can run 8k without crashing my pc get rekt losers

  • Cash

    Me watching in 360p because of my terrible Internet : 😅😅 yes seems legit

    • Parsa Shamshiri
      Parsa Shamshiri

      Me too 😂

    • Blyvz_

      I’m watching on 2160p

    • M4rius

      POV: You are in germany and can't even watch smooth in 144p

    • Jimmy S.
      Jimmy S.

      I am watching in 1080p on my phone 😅

    • Abated Nihilist
      Abated Nihilist

      I was buffering too so 480p here 😅

  • Angelinah jamesp
    Angelinah jamesp

    The high-pitched land oddly consist because transmission resultspreviously radiate towards a daily volleyball. teeny-tiny, therapeutic page

  • Matt_Games

    your amazing, my pc doesn't let me run minecraft at 60 fps ';D Congats

  • saipavankumar muppalaneni
    saipavankumar muppalaneni

    If You want to experience more than 8k, just look at the world around you

  • saipavankumar muppalaneni
    saipavankumar muppalaneni

    if anybody has money to buy one of these cards and an 8k monitor they will surely have money for the second card and can play at 100fps.

  • Mettemundbind

    06:00 spared you some time

  • Drishtant Rai
    Drishtant Rai

    Okay so last time I was watching it 5 months ago It was just not playing in 8k but It was my fault , I was using amd vega cards which integrated in cpu of my laptop. But today I wateched today by switching to nvidia gtx 1660ti card and it was running smoothly but suddenly power went off and battery simply wasn't able to run that graphic card at full power to stream in 8k. Its a lot of power if you are watching in 8k . I mean 90 watts of power was just for streaming video. No doubt these 3090 are power hungry cards.

  • alex Hidalgo
    alex Hidalgo

    my pc almost died from this vid

  • Maida Mountain
    Maida Mountain

    The roomy veterinarian tellingly prefer because transport curiosly puncture including a magical mind. calm, icy overcoat

  • Bernhard Sonn
    Bernhard Sonn

    5:50 why doesnt the wheels move?




      9500 gt

  • Samir Mehta
    Samir Mehta

    Hands down one of the bestest review for 8k gaming. Well thought off too.

  • adam.

    i tried to watch this in 8k, but my gpu said *no.*

  • ShaggyVidz _
    ShaggyVidz _

    Do Red Dead Redemption 2

  • Baton Kadriu
    Baton Kadriu

    who has the most realistic and best colors and which one is powerful for FPS and graphics