The Seaweed Eating Sheep That Seasons Itself (The Awesome 'Wool Chambers')
It's amazing what diet some animals can live off of in the wild, but it's not usually common for an animal to season it's own meat.
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Starring Karl Smallwood
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North Ronaldsay Sheep,
Ian Caldwell / CC BY-SA (
Galapagos Marine Iguana,
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    Fact Check: On occasion the marine iguana will eat crustaceans and fish or seal feces and afterbirth lmao

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    I really want to buy some wool, half just to say I have wool, but I already do so many DIY things. Go Wool Chambers!

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    He's freaking out over animals with no legs that can swim like the sea snake... Just wait til he hears about a normal fish lmao

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    9:42 What made this funny to me, is your reaction.

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    Jadian Radiator

    2:55 So the idea that fish swim freaks you out? Seriously though. Why have I never heard of an alternative of r/aitah for the people that do that stuff specifically just to intentionally be an a-hole about it?

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    And you're telling me not to eat them??? PETA explain yourself

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    "Have you heard about Shrek the sheep" [Proceeds to tell a story that has only scant relationship to what happened]

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    You gotta think that the Dodo must have been pretty damn tasty!

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    So late but the reason why the sheep are small, is because of some weird but sensible theory of adaptation. The idea is simple, big animals get smaller on isolated islands. Small animals get bigger. This is basically because of the resources are pretty exclusive to that animal, so they either evolve to be bigger or smaller to fit the available resources.

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  • I make comments cuz this is my commenting channel
    I make comments cuz this is my commenting channel


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