Joshua Bassett - Lie Lie Lie [Official Video]
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So they told me all the things that you said
Running all over my name
And you're acting oh so innocent
Like I'm the only one to blame
You've been lying to yourself
Lie to everyone else
Only thinking about yourself
Darling what the hell
I know what you say about me
I hope that it makes you happy
You can't seem to get me off your mind
I know you're lying through your teeth
You told them the lies that you told me
I've had enough of it this time
You can lie, lie, lie, lie, lie
Go ahead and try try try try try
It won't work this time, time, time, time, time
Kiss your ass goodbye, bye, bye, bye, bye
Kiss your ass goodbye
So you're telling them it's all my fault
You're the victim this time
And you wanna make it seem like it's your call
You're acting like everything's fine
You've been lying to yourself
Lie to everyone else
Only thinking about yourself
Darling what the hell
I know what you say about me
I hope that it makes you happy
You can't seem to get me off your mind
I know you're lying through your teeth
You told them the lies that you told me
I've had enough of it this time
I know what you say about me
You can't get me off your mind
I know what you say about me
I hope that it makes you happy
You can't seem to get me off your mind
I know you're lying through your teeth
You told them the lies that you told me
I've had enough of it this time
You can lie, lie, lie, lie, lie
Go ahead and try try try try try
It won't work this time, time, time, time, time
Kiss your ass goodbye, bye, bye, bye, bye
Kiss your ass goodbye

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  • Joshua Bassett
    Joshua Bassett

    thank you all for watching !!! what's your favorite part?

    • Fany Hwang
      Fany Hwang

      You look better with Olivia

    • Emily Andrews
      Emily Andrews


    • Kahalii Music
      Kahalii Music


    • Angela Flores
      Angela Flores

      Ninguna pinche canción culera

    • Roy Hunick
      Roy Hunick

      You douche canoe

  • Elyssa Raven
    Elyssa Raven

    my favorite part is “i know what you say about me, i hope that it makes you happy. can’t seem to get me off your mind”

  • william kidd
    william kidd

    How is this about

  • Lisa Henley
    Lisa Henley

    omg great song but ... this drama between sabrina, olivia, and josh ,is out of hand huge fans of all of you

  • AnA Luíza
    AnA Luíza

    Só eu que só descobri que essa musica existe, por causa da treta da Olivia, Sabrina e do Joshua? Tipo, eu smp amei o Joshua Bassett, mas nem sabia que ele tinha lançado essa musica knftvghkyfduk

  • Christine Drelling
    Christine Drelling

    he aint no disney plus boi anymore

  • Анар Ахметова
    Анар Ахметова

    well the song and music are just awesome

  • Анар Ахметова
    Анар Ахметова

    wow I have no idea where the truth of this drama is but his music is so beautiful and he is just amazing and incredibly talented, I will wait for something new

  • Amelie Rios-Castillo
    Amelie Rios-Castillo

    i mean Olivia is heartbroken honestly and all you gonna do is tell her that she's lying thats she's heartbroken. great. listen Joshua its not her fault she's heartbroken. Its really yours. i'm sorry.

    • Brooklyn

      😂 what? he isn’t talking about her. how would she be lying... she can’t lie about how she’s feeling. that doesn’t even make any sense... but go off

  • Elizabeth Ayala
    Elizabeth Ayala

    Not them fight through songs 😂

  • Cielo Nuñez
    Cielo Nuñez


  • Nico Robin
    Nico Robin

    Thank you Pamela Reif 😅

  • Maria Puga
    Maria Puga


  • Nayana Manoj
    Nayana Manoj

    oh lord, he's sticking his head outta the car too. coincidence i think not-

  • Mi Kllr
    Mi Kllr

    🇧🇷 V I C I A D A

  • Mi Kllr
    Mi Kllr


  • Kaison Anderson
    Kaison Anderson

    It’s funny how they are talking about the fight in song

  • Vaela Kumar
    Vaela Kumar

    Why did you two brake up you row where a great couple btw great song

    • Vaela Kumar
      Vaela Kumar

      And I’m talking about olivia

  • Zdenalie Pagatpatan
    Zdenalie Pagatpatan

    The songs the three wrote and sang are BOPS AND BANGERS soooo good 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • The Misfit Family
    The Misfit Family

    If this song was wrote 2 years ago then why would he post this not long after drivers license was posted ? I mean artist could always say oh it was for this person but he could of put this out because of the song drivers license song so you never know

  • Alayna Scott
    Alayna Scott

    Me listening to lie lie lie: you been lieing to your self Me listening to skin: you can't get under my under my skin starts crying Me listening to drivers license: 😭💖💖💖💖😭😭😭😭 Edit: I actually got an add of olivia rodrigo singing ✨

  • Isabel K
    Isabel K


  • Brii Laviano
    Brii Laviano

    1:11 todaaa

  • Muffin Cake
    Muffin Cake

    Sabrina receives tons of hatred and death threats for dating you. You better end up marrying her bro

  • XxAngel BobasxX
    XxAngel BobasxX

    He is talking about either Olivia rodrigo or sabrina carpenter

  • Namakula rehema
    Namakula rehema

    Joshua:Lying through ur teeth u told them the lies u told me ,so ur telling them it's all my fault ,ur been lying to ur self . Sabrina:we could have been friends in the other life ,we could pretend there's no gravity in the words we write ,Maybe blonde wasn't the only rhyme,l'm happy and u hate it ,u have been telling ur side ,some people will believe it and some will read in between the lines Olivia ;and ur probably with that blonde girl,who always made me doubt,she's so much old than me ,she's every thing I'm insecure about,and I just imagine hw u could be so okay now that I'm gone ,I guess u didn't mean what u wrote in the song about me. WHO DO U THINK IS TO BLAME ?

  • Lauren

    Wanna know something ? This song wasn’t about Olivia :D

  • Void Of Bees
    Void Of Bees

    Absolute banger. And this ain't about Olivia. He wrote it two years ago about an ex-friend, and you can't shoot & edit a music video in under a week. Anything that could be a hint at driver's license is just a coincidence.

  • You know Bts?
    You know Bts?

    Yo ik this Olivia, Sabrina, and Joshua trio thing been happening butttt, this song is so damn good.

  • María Isarely Ballesteros Rosas
    María Isarely Ballesteros Rosas


  • María Isarely Ballesteros Rosas
    María Isarely Ballesteros Rosas


  • Courageously Cali
    Courageously Cali

    There was an ad of tiktok of people singing Drivers License. I’m not even kidding, what the heck haha..

  • Ariana Lee
    Ariana Lee


  • Lily Lol
    Lily Lol

    The other day I was in Mello mushroom with my friend po and r waiter looked like him and I took and picture and was freaking out 🤣🤣🤣

  • park ayda
    park ayda

    Wher is Olivia's fault if he cheated on her 😐💔✨

  • Guadalupe Garduno
    Guadalupe Garduno

    i like driver license is beter

    • Aaron JudgeFan
      Aaron JudgeFan

      No one cares tbh😅

  • Ivette Barreda
    Ivette Barreda

    plz get back together with olivia plz i beg you so much you guys are such a good she still has feeling for you plz get back together with her plz reply to my comment i hope you say yes just rembember that you guys just make the best couple ever.

  • Anabella Solórzano
    Anabella Solórzano

    one word MARKETING.

  • aylixzaa

    when you put your head out the car olivia: "CoPiER!!! >:O"

  • Just Erin
    Just Erin

    they would've been my most favorite couple but.................

  • FOX

    Tenso que normalizar ter ranso do cantor mas amar a música

  • Jolea Gunsolus
    Jolea Gunsolus

    Not drivers license being the ad for this bahahahaha

  • Park Feriel
    Park Feriel

    I am just like....wooooow!!!!

  • Darius Watson
    Darius Watson

    He seems very salty about Olivia's song. What she said about him in the song wasn't even that bad!

    • Drashti Patel
      Drashti Patel

      @Aaron JudgeFan 2:26

    • Aaron JudgeFan
      Aaron JudgeFan

      This song IS NOT about olivia

  • bella101

    i love this song so much

  • Honey Ham
    Honey Ham

    I don't give a fuck about all the disney channel drama xD but having actually had this shit happen to me, this is both a relatable song and a nice funky beat.

  • The Albertos
    The Albertos

    I know Astun Nunn I go to church with him :D

  • Tuana S.
    Tuana S.

    Wow! This is the first time I listened to one of your songs and I love it!😍🥳

  • Armanti Ruiz
    Armanti Ruiz

    Who else watched drivers license then skin then lie lie lie

  • Tamima Tariq
    Tamima Tariq

    Plot twist: Olivia, Joshua, and Sabrina are like; “Let’s make an album about cars and blonde girls so people can have some drama while in quarantine.” I can see that

  • IngeniousIgneous

    Auto tune app: $0.99 Writer to script drama: $5.00 Hacker to go through Adam Levine’s trash folder: $100.00 My reaction: Priceless

    • Aaron JudgeFan
      Aaron JudgeFan

      He doesn’t use any auto tune. Watch him sing this live on genius. Plus, he wrote this himself

  • はちみつ

    Because of olivia fans, hsm gonna be big..yall literally doesnt realise that this drama make marketing

  • Claire Mashregi
    Claire Mashregi

    he refers to oliva as darling and his other song only a matter of time he refers to someone as darling so.... is the other song also ab her

    • Aaron JudgeFan
      Aaron JudgeFan

      This song isn’t about her in the first place lmfao

  • Ingrichs Jaramillo
    Ingrichs Jaramillo

    My favorite song 🎶🎵

  • Muffin Cake
    Muffin Cake

    Darling what the heeyyyyyeeeeeyaaaalll

  • Allison Reyna
    Allison Reyna

    solo disfruten de esta cancion

  • maria silagadze
    maria silagadze



    But Joshua is correct she did some serious shit I saw them some where Idr where but she was telling my guy some serious crap and Joshua told her to stop talking and I was scared to ask Joshua for a photo so I left


      It was in September I think or october

    • Aaron JudgeFan
      Aaron JudgeFan

      Really??! When was this?

  • Hit Man
    Hit Man

    Why does this sound so... familiar to 'Skin' when he said 'Lie...lie...lie' and 'Try...try...try' like sabrina and he wrote this together. Just sharing my thought!!! But, it has really made joshua and sabrina famous because of the controversy 😂😂

    • Aaron JudgeFan
      Aaron JudgeFan

      They’ve both been famous lmfao. Sabrina has been famous for like 7 years since girl meets world. And josh just had his big break last year after hsmtmts.

  • Lineth Guzman
    Lineth Guzman

    Can y’all stop talking about Olivia on the comment? Like not cool the song isn’t even about Olivia y’all really need to move on

  • Luisa Gonzalez Barreiro
    Luisa Gonzalez Barreiro

    Hate u Guy 😡

    • Aaron JudgeFan
      Aaron JudgeFan

      No one cares

  • samoan_ alltheway
    samoan_ alltheway

    This was a good come back. good job dude!

    • Aaron JudgeFan
      Aaron JudgeFan

      I agree. Great song. But this is actually not about olivia

  • Ela C.
    Ela C.

    No offence to anyone, but is that really the guy who caused a fight between Olivia and Sabrina? :(

  • Olive and Brooklyn Cooldogten
    Olive and Brooklyn Cooldogten

    I keep listening to this over and over

  • Olive and Brooklyn Cooldogten
    Olive and Brooklyn Cooldogten

    I love the beat of the song

  • uni UNICORN
    uni UNICORN

    I am sorry but the song is very very........ BAD

  • Rose The dumbie
    Rose The dumbie

    I love this song so much, the lyrics and everything are just perfect for what happened to me. I am happy that this song is literally talking about how my ex best friend betrayed me and was fake. I hate the fact that ppl are creating drama out of it, meanwhile you can look at the side of your life that this songs relate to not create a useless drama out of it :)

  • Johannes Huber
    Johannes Huber


  • lenatto

    his voice is a mix of Shawn mendes n Harry styles

  • Classy3dog Classy3dog
    Classy3dog Classy3dog

    I got my driver’s license but I failed and I had to lie lie lie and then it got under my skin so I had to tell them I failed

  • Nissi Vlogs
    Nissi Vlogs

    If you Believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins you will be saved! He who is sinless died on the cross for our sins just so we could be here. He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords from generation to generation! Read your bible daily and Repent!! God bless you and your family!

  • Sneha Manu
    Sneha Manu

    This ain't your first time watching this video.....

  • RyangHa Song
    RyangHa Song

    Come over here after watching spill smthg channel 😂

  • Gavin Robinson
    Gavin Robinson


  • Gavin Robinson
    Gavin Robinson

    Any one here after watching “Drivers License “ and “Skin” ???

    • Kim Castro
      Kim Castro

      he wrote this 2 years ago, drop it dude lol i don't wanna sound rude just saying

  • GimmeABreak

    his voice reminds me of jesse mccartney, but this song really doesn't mesh with that, so it's kinda weird.

  • Lauren McSorley
    Lauren McSorley

    Ok I gotta say, I don’t respect you but that song was damn good

  • sof wlfhrd
    sof wlfhrd

    i love this song so much it hurts

  • Gimena Marquez
    Gimena Marquez

    You can't tell me that Joshua doesn't look like jack Dylan grazer

  • JaKlyn LaUren
    JaKlyn LaUren

    Why he mad tho? Drivers license is just about missing him....... k bro

  • Luke Henry
    Luke Henry

    oh my god Joshua sweetie stick to letting other people write your lyrics

  • jenni85vandalia

    I'm so glad I am not a teenager anymore.

  • Christian Ludwig
    Christian Ludwig

    I’m sorry but this song is trash.

  • AJ Estur
    AJ Estur

    Imagine being heartbroken over this dude hahahahah

  • navia daniel
    navia daniel

    its like they are all putting insults in entertainment

  • alexa mogrovejo
    alexa mogrovejo

    the fact that you can literally pause the video in any second you want and get an aesthetically beautiful wallpaper is nice

  • LyesYT Bengoessom
    LyesYT Bengoessom

    🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩💜💜💜SO schön

  • Ashley Chimombe
    Ashley Chimombe

    I wish I wasnt here cause of the trio drama cause this song is actually a banger

  • Ashley Chimombe
    Ashley Chimombe

    I just feel like he attacking Olivia

  • Dorothy Hernandez
    Dorothy Hernandez

    I dont like you. You cheated on Oliva Rodrigo I guess she to go for you she just kiss you +++ gooe bye

    • Aaron JudgeFan
      Aaron JudgeFan

      He never cheated💀 I swear where do y’all get this bs from

  • tio goku
    tio goku

    Só ouvi danço em todo o lugar

  • Soraya Lavache
    Soraya Lavache


  • Soraya Lavache
    Soraya Lavache

    he's just a want to be Shawn Mendez and he curses so who will like him of course I would not ugly

    • Soraya Lavache
      Soraya Lavache

      @Aaron JudgeFan don't ever talk to me ever

    • Aaron JudgeFan
      Aaron JudgeFan

      Why are you so pressed? And you are actually lying to yourself lol

  • allison


  • Elba Carrillo
    Elba Carrillo

    this is wierd?

  • Spencer Cox
    Spencer Cox

    i hate that i like it

  • Star fam
    Star fam

    U are lie

  • Drag Hab
    Drag Hab

    Is it a coincidence that I got a tiktok drivers liesense ad I-

  • Halie Yung
    Halie Yung

    I respect all three of them I know it’s caused drama but if this didn’t happen we wouldn’t have 3 amazing new songs from 3 amazing artists respect ✊🏻 out to all of them

    • Aaron JudgeFan
      Aaron JudgeFan

      Josh actually released two songs in January. The other one is called “only a matter of time” it’s very underrated. You should check it out

  • Treaz LE
    Treaz LE

    yall can just talk about it even though i like the music just talk