ASMR You're in Among Us
Use code GIBI for 30% off your purchase at !!! Did anyone catch the stream yesterday!?!?!
I got to play Among Us with such a wild crew I actually am still recovering LOL. If you want to watch the vod, the crew was Pewdiepie, MoistCritikal, Summit1g, dakotaz, Logic, xQc, adept., Trainwrecktv, and Lirik! NOT ASMR lmao -
So this all coincided SUPER well, I was already planning on making an Among Us video after our ASMR stream ( and here we are! I hope you enjoy! You'll probably pick it up pretty quick, but you are the secret second impostor GAINING MY TRUST while I do tasks! Good luck.....
THANK YOU SO MUCH to my lovely friends who voiced in this!!! Please check them out!!
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  • seal.

    I love how it said Matty voted and his vote was nowhere XD

  • Cool robux Roblox lover
    Cool robux Roblox lover

    You forgot the yellow wire

  • Kohl Olson
    Kohl Olson

    No one else be doin their tasks tho

  • Logan Gowans
    Logan Gowans


  • Reaper Robbie
    Reaper Robbie

    I wonder if Gibi pit g-fuel in the gas can

  • Jonathan Lopez-Chavez
    Jonathan Lopez-Chavez


  • SpiceSugur 3
    SpiceSugur 3

    Maybe drop the choker dye your hair all blonde and no eyeliner just commenting on u❤

  • omar FR
    omar FR


  • Bryleigh Worsham
    Bryleigh Worsham

    GFUEL:” why do so much people buy my drinks and merchandise!” Gino:”This video is sponsored by GFUEL.....” Viewers:”I am going to lose so much weight after buying this GFUEL merchandise, Add to chart, add to chart, add to cart..........”

  • Matti Katz-Warmflash
    Matti Katz-Warmflash

    does anyone notice the kill and sabotoge buttons in the corner

  • Hollie Chatwin
    Hollie Chatwin

    Gibi was not the imposter Me:*report body in electrical* Me:I think it's sleep Sleep:*kills me* :P

  • Vincenzo Mazzarella
    Vincenzo Mazzarella

    12:16 It wasn't nice storage???!!! ...

  • Vincenzo Mazzarella
    Vincenzo Mazzarella

    In the tattooed game but in the relate it is difficult!!! ... To connect the wires!!! ...

  • The Imposter
    The Imposter

    Wait I can explain the name.

  • Joyful Julienne
    Joyful Julienne

    I like how she didn’t whisper but I still got tingles oh wait I mean in LOVE it (=^・^=)

  • Bstario

    When you try to sleep but want to know what happens and the screen just pyro-burns your frickin eyes!👀🔥

  • Mego Inc.
    Mego Inc.

    Why do people struggle with wires?

  • Urarakaneedshelp

    Why isn't anyone talking about how she used a charger as a wire? It's so creative! I would have never came up with that

  • grandes whore
    grandes whore

    electrical and security are the scariest rooms u can't change my mind

  • Erusnine The Doodling Demon
    Erusnine The Doodling Demon

    . . . . . . . . . _________ ඞ 🎈 | _________

  • RomanGames

    Lights don't go out for impostors.

  • Kedroncz

    Finally, a asmr video i want to watch

  • Josefine Karella
    Josefine Karella

    I want gfuel....... but its “not available in my country

  • SplatMaster99

    lol me have the same 'blue wire'

  • Soldier From Tf2
    Soldier From Tf2

    Hey guys green is kinda sus

  • aymandanger 2
    aymandanger 2


  • aymandanger 2
    aymandanger 2

    Can i get som gfuel

  • Alex -_-
    Alex -_-

    Gibi looking for her iPhone charger *relized * she used them all on a asmr amungus video.

  • Vi Kaneki
    Vi Kaneki

    Me : *Worrying if the one she was talking to is the imposter* My anxiety : ↗️↗️↗️↗️↗️

  • Creative Coffee
    Creative Coffee

    My response to The Gfuel ad: WeLl uH, dO tHeY sEnD dRiNkS iN bAgS

  • Samantha Vaccaro
    Samantha Vaccaro

    What are tingles

  • Jack Merriaman
    Jack Merriaman

    Notice how in every asmr vid their parents are sleeping :)

  • Coolcuphead 09
    Coolcuphead 09

    Am I the only one who got the card swipe first try

  • Figet Toys For You ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    Figet Toys For You ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    ⠀ ︵ Hi~ (''\(●-●) \ / 0\ \ ( )'' \__T__/

  • Avianna Moreschi
    Avianna Moreschi

    i love the pen omg

  • straysenhypen `
    straysenhypen `

    the way i hate when ppl call a meeting for no reason at all

  • Frederico Panho
    Frederico Panho

    11:08 schizophrenia intensifies*

  • Crumbling Crypts Gaming
    Crumbling Crypts Gaming

    Plot twist: you sabotage reactor and no one fixes it and you win

  • Oh Okay
    Oh Okay

    Gibi: You just need to swipe your card, it’s as easy as that Corpse: *Hysterical laughter while trying to swipe his card for the 100th time-*

  • Aidan Luo
    Aidan Luo

    Public lobbies be like Red: hi Everyone: u sus

  • Aidan Luo
    Aidan Luo

    Emergency meeting "Red sus" "Why" "He faked wires" "Isnt that a LONG task?" "Red still sus" Red was not an impostor

  • Aidan Luo
    Aidan Luo

    Getting impostor is ASMR in of itself

  • Aidan Luo
    Aidan Luo

    Was expecting the sound of someone killing me when I was with my mini crewmate

  • Justin Bravo
    Justin Bravo

    She has chug rug let's go

  • Tommy Kardon
    Tommy Kardon


  • Zack Turingan
    Zack Turingan

    It does make sense that a charger need to be be line up with wires o mean how is the ship gonna have power is nothings charging it

  • Jennifer Souza
    Jennifer Souza


  • Evvilie Games
    Evvilie Games

    i watched this as a asmr background player when doing a test

  • ipsit misra
    ipsit misra

    I luv amog us!!!!!!!

  • Barin Roblox
    Barin Roblox

    No one: Literally no one: Not even a single soul: Gibi fixing the lights: Stop. STOP, sToP! No Stop! StOp!!!

  • Barin Roblox
    Barin Roblox

    No one: Gibi: Talks to viewers

  • Lion_poo9

    Plot twist: Matty was not the impostor

  • denisa snircova
    denisa snircova

    Omg i love among us!😍😍

  • Anna Krejčí
    Anna Krejčí

    I love among us and i love you🧡.

  • MalakPlayz

    ASMong us

  • yikes but it's the worst
    yikes but it's the worst

    Imagine thinking some tasks are hard This post was made by the among us mobile players


    If you are reading this You can read it


    Kinda sad because in Philippines, there is no gfuel........ I really want to try it but i have no money XD

  • Frostbite Playz
    Frostbite Playz

    Gibi:does a task Me:sees a kill button That’s illegal

  • Michael Bosman
    Michael Bosman

    im watching this at 11 am rn and im in my chair

  • Jonathan Joestar
    Jonathan Joestar

    You’ve been in electrical for 14 minutes? Idk man that’s kinda sus tho

  • kill me please
    kill me please

    Gibi you are cute😊

  • Agent Dinosaur
    Agent Dinosaur

    When you like the sponsor part better than the actual video

  • pastelplayz!


  • Life According to SJ
    Life According to SJ

    Plot Twist: Gibi and You were the imposters instead of Matty

  • THAT guy
    THAT guy

    Can we have more among us videos please

  • Donna Adams
    Donna Adams

    I love your hair 🥰

  • SmoothCrime 3
    SmoothCrime 3

    The only reason you got so many dislikes is because you took a g-fuel sponsor (gfuel sucks gamersupps is far better)

  • Puddyboygaming 7
    Puddyboygaming 7

    are you really watching asmr in the daytime That’s kinda sus

  • Puddyboygaming 7
    Puddyboygaming 7

    pov: your up at 3am watching that’s kinda sus

  • Kelly OToole
    Kelly OToole

    Wait is she an imposter because of the kill and sabotage

  • The Faith of Unicorns
    The Faith of Unicorns

    i love this game as much as i love you🥰😘😍

  • Rainda

    I got too scared to finish the video because I didn't want to find out if I kill Gibi or not 😅 this video gave me more anxiety than I started with 😅

  • Cedrick Galias Aka UltraFan 123
    Cedrick Galias Aka UltraFan 123

    Too bad she can't change her picture next year

  • Azucena Pulotu
    Azucena Pulotu

    I was in the cafeteria I swear lol i didn’t do anything

  • sammy rose
    sammy rose

    “stop pressing them!” ACCURATE

  • sammy rose
    sammy rose

    ok but she’s low key such a good actress

  • DeAtH CoN
    DeAtH CoN

    Your sponsored by G fuel...Kinda sus

  • Matt Grande
    Matt Grande

    “Easy as That” me after 838483938573938284747277777322233999999999382722 tries on the card swipe like: 👁 👄 👁

  • Emme McGinnis
    Emme McGinnis

    That was great!

  • Wyatt Reynolds
    Wyatt Reynolds


  • CjSloth 101
    CjSloth 101

    Does anyone else remember the pink G-FUEL cup from the ASMR Police role play and Officer Bart got mad at us because it said ‘energy formula’ and not ‘sleep formula’? 🤣 No? Just me? Ok.

  • Dr RedCrayon
    Dr RedCrayon

    Where’s my gfuel


    Is there a chicken flavor if so can I have some

  • That boy Sus
    That boy Sus

    I want to try Gfuel but I’m only 11 😩😭🥺

  • Yes No
    Yes No

    I want someeeee!!!!!!!!!

  • Nolin Bronson
    Nolin Bronson

    she got a whole closet deticaded to gfuel

  • J U P I T E R
    J U P I T E R

    Ummm bit of the problem is I’m kinda. The imposter if you look bottom right

  • Jessica Palmer
    Jessica Palmer

    Can anyone relate? This is the same Sponsor as the vid I just watched


    i- i just got an ad for an iphone 12.... • o •

  • Kai Bean :3
    Kai Bean :3

    Am I the only one who can do card swipe with out wanting to jump off a building-..? Just me.. Ok-

  • SnowyVR

    Did anybody see the sonic g fuel?

  • i quit
    i quit

    great idea!

  • Can we get to 200 subs before the end of the year
    Can we get to 200 subs before the end of the year

    Swipe your card easy as that.... *Me staying 45 seconds there and looking sus*

  • Pastelpaints

    Part 2 ?

  • Pastelpaints

    Wow love this x

  • Tayten G
    Tayten G

    Me clicking the kill button Not died 👁️👄👁️😐

  • Teddy Czyż
    Teddy Czyż

    6:20 Hey! I wanted blue

  • mup mup
    mup mup

    *teams up with an imposter* Gibi: as you can see I am kinda of a veteran

  • Kellen Snow
    Kellen Snow

    Hey look at the bottom right corner we are an imposter