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Originally on Lockdown 23&1
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  • mastur ceef
    mastur ceef

    I think the death penalty should be for people who do especially awful things and it's very obvious they did it.

  • Ryan HoganBruen
    Ryan HoganBruen

    bro looks like stevo in the car

  • Alan Hall
    Alan Hall


  • joseph romeo
    joseph romeo

    Holy shit that picture of him just peakin out the back of the cop car is creepy as fuck

  • mogeking56

    Can you say Soylent Green, their is a purpose.

  • reviews with pappy
    reviews with pappy

    If there guilty dna proved then fry em

  • J B
    J B

    How the hell is this guy get several multiple life sentences, for killing 5 people. An then assisting a man who gets the death penalty after killing an inmate. As crazy as this guy is, I DO think he was unaware that the gun killing his wife was chambered with a round. An thought it would just click, as a sick joke about shooting her in the head. An that after that occurred, he basically just went on a suicidal cracked out binge. Killing anyone and everyone he could and wanted to.

  • Wickham WhatsApp
    Wickham WhatsApp

    no state should ever be allowed to kill its own citizens. if the family of the victim wants the death penalty, then they should be given an option to enforce. thats how i would do it if i ran my own state.

  • ItsInTheDetails

    At some point you just gotta put a monster out of his misery and donate his organs

  • AJ

    100% believe in the death penalty. Pedos Serial sadistic killers Serial rapists Mass murderers None of the above can recover from the psychotic break that needs to happen to perform the atrocities listed above. IMO they need to be removed from earth, period.

  • B Win
    B Win

    Bruh who tf called this man a loving father 🤣😕

  • B Win
    B Win

    Feel sorry for that kid 😔

  • 💢Zalzion⛼

    i live by mayport, definitely got alot of crazy mfers out there. kinda like a dead end if you arent successful


    Ruthless smh

  • Yung Castro
    Yung Castro

    Death penalty is the only option for them. He begged for the death penalty because he knew he either loved what he did or he couldn't control himself but they should never let a monster live.

  • Alexevan78

    Captivating as ever. Keep up the good work 1090J, we appreciate it..DETROIT

  • Wallace Nelson
    Wallace Nelson

    His name is William Wells mine is William Witt,,🤔

  • Diemos322 Jones
    Diemos322 Jones

    Sometimes rabid dogs need to be put down

  • Alan Powers
    Alan Powers

    I dont believe in the death penalty because killing someone that is innocent is worse than what any body count a serial killer has. I believe that only god has the right to kill someone. There was that black prisoner in Mississippi who got convicted because he was black and was killed in the gas chamber who turned out to be innocent and it was one of the worse things I've ever seen. It's a documentary in UZload that chronicles this and this man was one of the nicest people in this prison and the staff including the warden quit the next day. Yes, there are monsters like this but I believe a prison like red rock needs to take care of this POS

  • Lilith Aram
    Lilith Aram

    They knew better than to house that man with other inmates, FL is directly responsible for the two deaths he's wracked up since he's been incarcerated. Yes, I believe that some people are incurable and aren't safe to let live, especially chomos. He's definitely one of those that needs to be put down. The other inmates shouldn't have to deal with a psychopath like that.

  • Dianna Watson
    Dianna Watson

    I’m Rocking with you Jake keep up the good work 💋❤️

  • Joe Gallo
    Joe Gallo

    If you True commited the crime I believe in the death penalty 👍 yes I support the death penalty

  • Jesse Nibley
    Jesse Nibley

    Some people and some crimes deserve the death penalty

  • Flatbush Massachusetts
    Flatbush Massachusetts


  • Big Mighty
    Big Mighty

    The death sentence is worth millions per, also an easy way out, need to live the rest of their lives in pc or main

  • Compton Born & Raised
    Compton Born & Raised

    Watch all your videos at work with my airpods on... Enjoying the stories you bring... Im rocking with the channel the long way... I send my love from Compton, CA!

  • Nygel Reeves
    Nygel Reeves

    Death penalty is there for a reason it needs to be there wish we had it in Australia

  • JOSWAY787

    Americas prison system is embarrassing

  • Vegaman66

    Kill them!!

  • thacommoncold

    These stories go full circle sometimes life's cross

  • Joseph Delozier
    Joseph Delozier

    And yes thst dude and duds like him gotta go.

  • Joseph Delozier
    Joseph Delozier

    I 1000 percent agree with the death penalty. Some people are just not fit to walk among us. People that are absolute savages that cannot control themselves. They're loud they're obnoxious, cold , evil, and just have no sense of right and wrong. Absolute animals that have no place in the world other than prison. I'm debatable on what it would take FOR ME to sentence someone to death. It would have to be a seriously vile act from a seriously evil person for me to sentence them to die but like I said....... some people have no place in this world. Some people gotta go for the greater good

  • Kevin and Meghan Law
    Kevin and Meghan Law

    I cant support the death penalty because too many innocent people have been put to death

  • Michael Politz
    Michael Politz

    I don't believe it's for me to say who lives or dies. However, if I were in a situation where I'm forced to choose, I'll go above and beyond to eliminate the threat

  • Dontheo55

    The death penalty sounds good but is actually more expensive then housing for the rest of their life. Lock them away in a hole where they never get out.

  • Get Bent
    Get Bent

    I don't think they should be put to death, I think it should be confinement for life in a 3rd world country prison.....

  • jerome vines
    jerome vines

    I feel the death penalty is for certain people and this nut definitely deserves to be on it like yesterday in my opinion, keep up the good work bro 👏🏽

  • Scott Castle's Channel
    Scott Castle's Channel

    Seventh life sentence really Florida what are we doing here

  • HomeCook290

    Could you make a few playlists please. One for your stories, one for the stories of other people & one for other stuff. Sometimes I like to chill and hear about you, then I like to chill and hear about others.

  • Gareth H
    Gareth H

    It's a hard one for me been a Christian I feel some people need putting down but I don't want to make that choice only God can. Karma is bs though a lot of old people out there never got the karma they deserved..

  • T.F. Podcast
    T.F. Podcast

    Opinion on death penalty from Cali: Burn all convicted pedophiles at the stake, other people sometimes deserve it too, William being one example.

  • Jonathan Woodrum
    Jonathan Woodrum

    Damn how many life sentence that guy gotta take before they finally do something yo the world is fucked in many ways that’s so disappointing what I we doing as a fucken country anymore are there any morals left in the world. That life is not a good life to live I hope these vid open peoples eyes 9/10 they got they heads in there ass

  • Jonathan Woodrum
    Jonathan Woodrum

    Those body probably stunk that guy def insane.

  • Jonathan Woodrum
    Jonathan Woodrum

    Personally I think two wrongs don’t make a right. They just needa be locked away by there self and throw away the key only go by and serve food.

  • drgonzo305

    I grew up in mayport and it's a wild place, this happened in old mayport, mayport Rd in alantic beach is also called mayport and it's hood as fuck someone always getting shot or stabbed up. It's a grimey place but I miss the fuck out of it. This happened right before I moved there from round boston and I think I remember one of my friends almost got caught up when this dude called and wanted a QP of bud but buddy was like how this crackhead got money for a QP of bud and didn't go

  • Bmoke Slunts
    Bmoke Slunts

    Eye for an eye leaves everyone blind

  • Matthew Grimm
    Matthew Grimm

    Never done anything more than a few nights in county for petty shit but the death penalty is more humane than life in prison if you're gonna take some ones life then take it. Prison is supposed to be about rehabilitation so a person can come back out and be productive member of society if they aren't ever getting out there's no chance at rehabilitation

  • Ray Cora
    Ray Cora

    They Need The Death Penalty, It Will Save A Lot Of Money...

  • Matio Wanviver
    Matio Wanviver

    I think the family of victims should parents getting first pick of weapons.

    • Matio Wanviver
      Matio Wanviver

      But yeah they gotta do some fucked up shit. Especially chomos and those that attack old people

  • Philip Belli
    Philip Belli

    PHILLY be rockin'wit ya 🔥 J 🔥

  • Not Hotdog
    Not Hotdog

    An eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind, but, if you take a life of a civilian, you die imo.

  • Milani Macc
    Milani Macc

    Yes they dropped the ball 🏀 on this 1 - after the 3rd person killed which I believe was the father - I was thinking death penalty!! Wow they gave him a hall pass to Go murder


    Jake remind me of this old head I met on da block

  • Skrews And Bolts
    Skrews And Bolts

    We rockin with you I’m Texas💯

  • Wes Wall
    Wes Wall

    Yes...I think about the Death Penalty...

  • Anthony Fransico
    Anthony Fransico


  • adam christner
    adam christner

    They should only house lifers with lifers or with people with like 50 yrs or more or something they shouldn't have someone who only got a pv around murderers but that's the system we live in it's crazy

  • adam christner
    adam christner

    That was crazy fam

  • Deplorable Daniel
    Deplorable Daniel

    Some people are useless, just put them out of their misery

  • A Junior Garcia
    A Junior Garcia

    Death penalty is the purest form of Justice.., Yo man love these videos Seen u come a long way still remember u being a guest and I was hype someone from Mass was spreading a positive msg Big up from Worcester mass bro

  • Brian Mecham
    Brian Mecham

    Bruh this is crazy

  • Kade Kerns
    Kade Kerns

    You 💯 death penalty should b in every state but mainly for people that have offenses on children especially

  • King V
    King V

    An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth!

  • Tsung Shang
    Tsung Shang

    Ah. The failures of the American Prison System.

  • Heather Begley
    Heather Begley

    I believe in the death penalty and if you're found guilty of murdering someone then you ask to be put to death I believe you should be able to just my personal opinion

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    You deserve more subs homie. Keep up the grind.

  • Brenda White
    Brenda White

    Put them to death! There's no helping killers!

  • Matt Farley
    Matt Farley

    If you think you could get robbed or cops in a drug deal then you fucking with the wrong people... stick with you day 1 homies and only people you know are solid

  • grimm7610

    He sentenced 7 people to death himself and but after his sixth murder he just got another life sentence while the inmate that helped him kill the tobacco kid killed 2 people and got death what kind of system do they go buy, does the judge flip a coin? Heads Death or Tails Life? This dude is a serial killer, when one of the animals on a farm goes mad or starts eating other animals the farmer puts it down and the farmers in this animals case let 3 more people die instead of putting down the rabid inmate. This is a sad story because of all the things that could have been prevented. Hopefully they won't screw up again and give him death if not another animal in the cage will get him eventually 💯.

  • dr. chips
    dr. chips

    I have only one problem with the death sentence and that is they usually have a better death than their victims , like in some parts of Asia a murderer can be sentenced to die in the same manner as their victims....now wouldn't that be a great reason to put some popcorn in the microwave and sit back and watch the scumbags die through the viewing window of the death chamber l !!!!

  • exorcist2000

    They should have given him a Death Sentance after he killed those 5 people....

  • IAmtells 1987
    IAmtells 1987


  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez

    That boy a 99 sharp shooter Ong

  • Kaelin Boone
    Kaelin Boone

    Its tough because of how falible our justice system is. Every child predator serial killer and serial rapist could be put down and id be fine with that. But if for every thousand chomos that got lethal sentencing one innocent man was killed by mistake is it worth it? I dont know if our justice system is responsible enough to agree with them killing citizens, with no real consequences for these prosecutors when they get it wrong.

  • TheDoeboy82


  • Michael Spyridon
    Michael Spyridon

    I say Florida DOC should work with the US DOJ and send William up the mountain to ADX Florence. See how many people he can kill in the Alcatraz of the rockies.

  • Michael Spyridon
    Michael Spyridon

    Death penalty needs to be abolished for about 20 different reasons, but one of the main ones is the danger in executing someone for a crime they are either innocent of or the facts of which are shady. If I could choose to execute 99 guilty at the cost of 1 innocent, or 99 guilty not be executed because of 1 innocent, I would choose the latter every time. Then there's the issues of costs in court and incarceration and other expenses for condemned. There's also the issue of retribution - most people nowadays would concede that life without parole in a max security prison is a harsher sentence than death by a peaceful injection after a decade or two. Those are just a few off the top of my head, but there's literally dozens upon dozens of other very good reasons to abolish the death penalty.

  • Love me Puppy lps
    Love me Puppy lps

    I been watching your videos wao as black latina woman and mother am happy you changed your lifestyle my son .. Can't stop watching lol very interesting because I have 3 boy's 29 26 and 16 your videos are school for them not to ever go to prison or jail at all

  • Jason Weaver
    Jason Weaver

    I'm a convicted felon man done 6 years in prison and I support the death penalty especially the sick fucks that hurts children!!

  • Zeek

    death penalty stands!!! eye for an eye.

  • nick kramer
    nick kramer

    Pedophiles deserve the death sentence.

  • Geronimo Andeezi
    Geronimo Andeezi

    I think that most of us who have ever done time anywhere have been there with a few guys who are better for society in the cemetery. So most US don't argue that the DP is unjust because we understand just that .

  • Geronimo Andeezi
    Geronimo Andeezi

    I'm all for Hammurabi's suggestions for society. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. You said it brother if you sentence someone to death for absolutely nothing then what's your legitimate argument for why you shouldn't suffer the same repercussions.

  • darealnojumper darealnojumper
    darealnojumper darealnojumper

    I say life for life you kill someone they take one

  • Big ShooterVK
    Big ShooterVK

    All I can say is he don’t play

  • DNICE 26
    DNICE 26

    Hey Jake I feel like this if you kill somebody murder somebody outside of self-defense then you should die to you forfeit your life but then I feel like if somebody harmed my family or somebody I love stuff really happens it is a mixed up situation so it's really hard to pin down what I really feel because different situations calls for different reactions so that is a hard question but some people just don't deserve to live most people don't go around shooting people and killing people but thank you for the video you put out keep up the good work bro

  • Jizzle

    What’s the point of 6 life sentences 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jizzle

    To get these stories out the way you do in these short videos is dope 🙏🏻 I got some stories out of Pennsylvania that would be good

  • Jeremy Michael
    Jeremy Michael

    They should be put to death an the families of the victim that was murder months before his release should really pursue case where they could possibly change anything like that from happen again .. an thank u for sharing these stories for everyone to educate themselves on these events that are taking place in these correction facilities

  • Big rob Black
    Big rob Black

    Yes yes

  • Mikey Misfit
    Mikey Misfit

    Didn’t Finnish the vid yet yo!!! But fosho death penalty is crazy but as a human and knowing it’s right to take another lif3 you know they know forsure it was there time yo!!! But just herring this guys story sounds crazy I don’t think he should of just kept killing everyone if he already called the cops from the beginning and why fuck the kids up from letting them stay in this house fr fr so idk how i feel about thedeath pen but some people do deserve it fosho but I’m not the one to say when or why so it’s not up to me yo!!!

  • ShuffleB Demented
    ShuffleB Demented

    People deserve a second chance. Monsters deserve to be put down.

  • David Blais
    David Blais

    Y'all know as well as I do, some have it commin!

  • Gregory A. Mitchell
    Gregory A. Mitchell

    While many and/or you mite see def-penalty is a good thin but there’s a dark consequence behind it no knows about. You can say anythin u wanna say but truth are truth and u cannot changes that. Put it like in never endin cycle which will repeat itself till sun1 stop it... where n how it goes is like this, if you kill sum1 whether innocent or not and another person kill that person who killed the previous person ended up carried that person’s sin and if another person kill that person too ended up carried that one’s sins as well. It will continue until that person only dies by itself, either from a sickness or his time due. No matter how much you hated that person and you wanted ‘em to die for what their done, let life deals with him or her cause taking it upon yourself to done the deeds will only furthering the inevitable and will never end well for you.

  • musa ali
    musa ali

    This the dumbest shii ever wtf

  • Baloo Dances
    Baloo Dances

    Capital punishment!

  • beckles75

    Sorry, but you’re wrong...they weren’t in general population. They were on CM (close management). If William Chapman was in such fear for his life, he shouldn’t have been out of his cell and in the dayroom. Dayroom is not mandatory. Don’t believe everything you read/hear from the media. There’s a lot more to it.

  • AjaMalaysia Var
    AjaMalaysia Var

    I think it's complicated. Why is state sanctioned murder any better than murder from any one else. I think situations can be complicated. It doesn't benefit the family of the victims or any living victims that have to relive that shit at every appeal. I do think if diddlers can be separated every one else can too. I believe the penal system needs to be restructured as a whole especially on the state level. From top to bottom.

  • Julian Hladun
    Julian Hladun

    3k subs in the past week. Keep it up man 💯

  • Cazimir Silkovich
    Cazimir Silkovich

    There absolutely has got to be a death penalty. Some people will not stop hurting and killing other convicts and guards, they enjoy it, and the only remedy is execution. Gotta be an ultimate punishment for lifers; leaving them in solitary costs money and only creates brainstem monsters