Cheating On My Girlfriend.. (LOYALTY TEST)
I decided to prank my family and friends by telling them I cheated on my girlfriend Kaelyn to see if they will be loyal to her.. IT WAS HILARIOUS
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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug

    Guys plz don’t cheat on me and subscribe 😍

    • The Olive Man
      The Olive Man


    • Og Killah
      Og Killah

      Respect&Love&Bless from Sweden brother and thank you for everything you are the best! ❤️❤️

    • Jazmine Jones
      Jazmine Jones

      her face good prank

    • austin bell
      austin bell

      Literally funny but I cringed so har lol

    • Pharaoh Apparition 23
      Pharaoh Apparition 23

      I got you

  • Shwaay


  • Amanda otu
    Amanda otu

    love watching your videos, that was awesome and Kaelyn Great acting u guys got your bro so good😂😂😂😂😂

  • Michael De Guzman
    Michael De Guzman

    Dos your brother have Pokémon cards

  • jEsTeR P00P3RS
    jEsTeR P00P3RS


  • ADUMS 29
    ADUMS 29


  • Randy Vasconez
    Randy Vasconez

    Noah is a GOAT 😂😂

  • Amna Ali
    Amna Ali

    Yo don’t tell Noah anything if you cheated on ur girl with a baddie he’s gonna make u do it again

  • Justin Pearce
    Justin Pearce

    Noah just telling him so funny

  • Tay and Cooper
    Tay and Cooper

    His girl do be looking like a man though not gunna lie

  • Mia Mendez-evans
    Mia Mendez-evans

    how was the camara in the glass thingy

  • Alaa AlFraihat
    Alaa AlFraihat

    You’re girlfriend is cute and pretty

  • Juliana

    you jasmine is a baddy

  • Kribber

    11:50 "I cheated in Basketball" LMFAO

  • Karen Windill
    Karen Windill

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  • RykerBlake

    Kayln looks like she’s 50

  • Christian Davis
    Christian Davis

    She’s hideous

  • Marco -
    Marco -

    If you never told kealyn that it was a prank and she thought it was real Kealyn: YOU LITTLE S#&T!!!!!!!!! R.I.P. Faze Rug 1998-2020

  • KA - 04FS 878202 Treeline PS
    KA - 04FS 878202 Treeline PS

    Hi rug am a fan

  • White Peach38
    White Peach38

    Did anyone else see the camera move by it self at time 1:14

  • Real_FSA 121
    Real_FSA 121

    I wanted to watch Netflix but i randomly found rug

  • WonTon69

    bro his 4th girlfriend was bad brooo

  • Fatma Ibrahim
    Fatma Ibrahim


  • Katherin Lanza
    Katherin Lanza

    The way his mother was scolding him already was real! LOLLL!

  • Chance Grant
    Chance Grant

    You should have done papa Rug by himself.

  • faiz shaikh
    faiz shaikh

    The last one was so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Dowen Tinglin
    Dowen Tinglin

    This guy Noah😂

  • Paolo Mangundayao
    Paolo Mangundayao

    Video 39 of reminding everyone to subscribe! I am back!

  • Gustavo Antonio
    Gustavo Antonio

    hi faze rug

  • Gustavo Antonio
    Gustavo Antonio


  • Kareem The gamer
    Kareem The gamer

    4th girlfriend 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Greg Sizemore
    Greg Sizemore

    Rug would never cheat on Kaelyn

  • Adrian

    Demon time rug Noah funny asf 😂


    12:28 brandon is like save me

  • Asphea Gaming
    Asphea Gaming

    Hi FaZe Rug i am your fan! can u do this prank please!!! if u hit 20.00 million subscibers i want u to prank noah,papa rug and mama rug and your brother! that u r pregnant and kaelyn is not pregnant! it will be fun and we will like it!

  • Samuel Elias
    Samuel Elias

    My dad was saving for this phone

  • Samuel Elias
    Samuel Elias

    Faze I’ love your vids please spourt me me and my mom is poor and my dad please I’m really sad

  • Ainsley Robinette
    Ainsley Robinette

    I think nobody will not leave you because you are the nicest guy in the world!

  • yep im black
    yep im black


  • Gaming with Anthony Cool
    Gaming with Anthony Cool

    We can do it

  • Pepito Grillo Cuando Perdió El Gorro
    Pepito Grillo Cuando Perdió El Gorro

    Bro Kaylen acts Realy good I like one more percentage of Kaylen going to Hollywood

  • Fortnite Legend - aark01
    Fortnite Legend - aark01

    Yo faze rug u should buy Noah a new car

  • Aditya Boxer
    Aditya Boxer

    You really give a way lot of things ??? I need iphone any because i never use it but butt but I'll pay for that after 7 years because my financial condition is not good wright now 😅😅😅💰😥

  • B Family
    B Family

    Noah how man

  • B Family
    B Family


  • Ernest the man
    Ernest the man

    You litterly can’t prank Noah he’s a Camera man and he’s sees every camera

  • Scarlett Slone
    Scarlett Slone

    when I saw your pug I thought to myself he is so CUTE!!!! I have a pug aswell!

  • Zexr FC
    Zexr FC

    Noah was hard joking

  • NateIsAte


  • shazam vlogs
    shazam vlogs

    Kaylen=Gold digger

  • shazam vlogs
    shazam vlogs

    Kaylen sucks... She sucks...

  • Piper.butterflies

    Never do this pls I love your gf

  • Chris Sanchez
    Chris Sanchez

    NOAH 💀

  • James Carlos Juri
    James Carlos Juri

    Hello FaZe Rug, i have a suggestion for you to prank on your family, this is the title of the prank"I SELL MY DOG'S"this is the instructions:hide your dogs anywhere in your house and then, when your family ask you if where are your dog's tell them that you sell your dog's to buy a another computer.

  • Shanzay Khan
    Shanzay Khan

    Rug: I cheated on Kaylen Noah:that's sick Rug:I feel bad tho Noah:she's kinda bad tho Me:😮😮😮😮

  • Wesam Z
    Wesam Z

    Noah is a real one! 😂😂🙌


    Poor Brandon just wanted to leave

  • Eggwick

    Brawadis when Kaelyn came in: *ah sh*t*

  • adnan husain
    adnan husain

    please paint your brothers wall pink lol.cuz its your job.

  • Kailani Teasley
    Kailani Teasley


  • Masud Farah
    Masud Farah

    waiiiiit brandons older??

  • Masud Farah
    Masud Farah

    Noah looks sooo chill he is probably the best freind

  • Suhail Nayyer
    Suhail Nayyer


  • SkielerGaming690

    If a verifyed youtuber comment on this post I will do I'll take a ice cold bath

  • Kaelynn Carroll
    Kaelynn Carroll

    Rug: Dude my stomach is literally turning Brawadis: Why Coffee?😂😂😂

  • jobelle bonaobra
    jobelle bonaobra

    WAAAHHHHHHHHH i finally watch the both of u in a vlogg iloveeeyouuuboth uwu ♥️♥️♥️

  • officialkeewon

    People watching this like: -in bed -not in full screen -reading comments -if I am right, u owe me a sub bro😎

  • Jakob White
    Jakob White

    Ok I’m subscribed

  • Bean

    I literally cringe watching his videos but it’s also addicting lmao

  • Babyana Vlogss
    Babyana Vlogss

    Papá rug 😂😂😂 thru the dog thing 😂

  • Babyana Vlogss
    Babyana Vlogss

    Rug got everyone’s location 😂😂😂

  • Arcelia Rosas
    Arcelia Rosas

    Rug should surprise Brandon with the color of his team that would be lit

  • Bradley Eidson
    Bradley Eidson

    Putting a camera in a bag is the dummest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Sawgy Biscuit
    Sawgy Biscuit

    😂😂😂 do it again

  • Jamie Lee Ashton
    Jamie Lee Ashton

    Ha ha ha 😂😂😂 this was hilarious

  • Shirin Akter
    Shirin Akter

    Rael cit on

  • Shirin Akter
    Shirin Akter


  • tRixVol.4 Ildefonso
    tRixVol.4 Ildefonso

    O my god Brandon looked so clueless o my god 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Kade

    please do a real prank

  • D A!!
    D A!!

    Brandon looking good 😍

  • Dennis taukafa
    Dennis taukafa

    me: taps faze rug. Rug: ouchhhhhhhhhh that hurt

  • Nicole Cunha
    Nicole Cunha

    Why’s no one talking about what Noah was saying like that was ew

  • Wed Ahmed
    Wed Ahmed

    Are they still together

  • Mohamed Bouzar
    Mohamed Bouzar

    The pricey millennium electrophysiologically queue because hardware ethnically fence amongst a squalid coal. used, sable tornado

  • Aliya Bramblett
    Aliya Bramblett

    The hidden camera on Brandon was so so noticeable

  • priyanshu dhawan
    priyanshu dhawan

    This is so sus 😂😂 random as fk idea...

  • Daba kora
    Daba kora

    Noah is funny.

  • Alisha Gill
    Alisha Gill

    I love kaylen’s smile and laugh it’s so beautiful!!!

  • Ashley Zuira
    Ashley Zuira

    OMG You Said Said President President President President President President President President President President President Brown Brown Brown Of Of Of Brown Of Of Of Brown Brown Brown FAZE RUG

  • Dreadhead Keezy
    Dreadhead Keezy

    Brandon’s was the best lol

  • Dreadhead Keezy
    Dreadhead Keezy


  • Mariyah Morfin
    Mariyah Morfin

    “This is demon time rug i kinda like it” NOAH LMAOAOAO

  • Mariyah Morfin
    Mariyah Morfin

    “She’s clouted on insta, she’s kinda bad” LMAOO NOAH 😭

  • Henry Lenton-Brook
    Henry Lenton-Brook

    no she is not a good girl

  • iRocky

    Poor Brandon

  • Jan Barranco
    Jan Barranco


  • The Fox
    The Fox


  • G2 Whittle
    G2 Whittle


  • Avery Johnston
    Avery Johnston

    love your vidioes

  • Dario Leys
    Dario Leys

    Faze Rug you have a dog like mine