Owning EVERY Cat in Hardcore Minecraft (#20)
In my Journey to Completing every achievement in Hardcore Minecraft, TODAY I decided to complete every husbnadry advancement in minecraft! Completing the 'A complete catalogue' advancement which required me to tame one of every cat in minecraft, as well as the 'Two by Two' advancement which required me to breed every animal in Minecraft!
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I use a bunch of music but a lot of it comes from
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

  • 3 am thoughts
    3 am thoughts

    The foxes..


    I love how you save a lot of animals like the pandas!

  • 3Dude


  • tcscity 5
    tcscity 5

    why t=did you kill the baby fox and the parents?! why?!

  • Nevaeh Tidder
    Nevaeh Tidder

    All the peeps not signed into UZload: why isn’t it working? I spapped it but this link came up oh I am not signed in but I don’t know how to :(

  • Frode Nielsen
    Frode Nielsen

    this is the first time i drink water with u in all the epsodes lol XD

  • Braakfast4dinner

    When you drink 5 gallons of water in a day because of you binge watched wadzee hardcore series

  • Agathokles Martinios
    Agathokles Martinios

    I wish Minecraft had something like a dog whistle to summon lost pets back to you automatically, in case of pets you made sit somewhere and then forgot. Just have a dog whistle, cat whistle, etc., use it, and BAM they teleport to you even if they are in sit-down mode.

  • Kuchu

    I am from India

  • Ruby River
    Ruby River

    8:29 "This one is so cute" *happy scar noises*

  • lok lucas
    lok lucas

    Imagine watching all the videos at once the water chackpoints...

  • Syed Amir Hussain
    Syed Amir Hussain

    Wadzee: 100% are subscribed to me! If you aren’t how the heck did you come here? Guest users: Allow us to introduce ourselves.

  • Dankly1325

    you actually made me drink a lot of water

  • Fluff UwU
    Fluff UwU

    7:22 i drink enough water i drink like 1-3 cups of water a day

  • Laika Be amazing
    Laika Be amazing

    Get silk touch on axe

  • Carramon

    Whenever you bread a fox the baby becomes attached to you so you just killed a fox that could have been your partner

  • Sage Canady
    Sage Canady

    i’m really hoping Wadzee named a cat PusZee

  • ItzJustKevm

    have you done the How Did We Get here? achievement?

  • Shamal Mohite
    Shamal Mohite

    Poor fox

  • Green

    o shodout foi pra um br caralho ai porra é isso

  • Aryan Dandale
    Aryan Dandale

    The first cat that he got was Ulla Britta

  • Tim Goossens
    Tim Goossens


  • leo makgamathe
    leo makgamathe

    As for me I don't have much 🙃🙂😕🤷😒😐🙃and all of your time and I will make you feel 🎶😌✨🙂☺😏🎶😌✨🙂

  • Xylenn Tiffanie Kusuma�
    Xylenn Tiffanie Kusuma�


  • Xylenn Tiffanie Kusuma�
    Xylenn Tiffanie Kusuma�

    i just bring a lot of water when im watching wadzee so i dont need to go too far and subscribe to wadzee!

  • Lova Lova
    Lova Lova

    I loooove your voice it calms me and it is really nice

  • alexandra henchoz
    alexandra henchoz

    Why did you kill the Fox is there was no wrong

  • LilMrDuck Roblox
    LilMrDuck Roblox

    I found a cat in a ravine in bedrock

  • Noud Verbeek
    Noud Verbeek

    I watched 20 episodes and the Whole one block series and i still didnt subscribe but know i did

  • Nila Cookie
    Nila Cookie


  • Amilya Çelebi
    Amilya Çelebi

    pls its teeny tiny old but i love this series sm

  • Ishant Jadhao
    Ishant Jadhao

    but ok

  • Ishant Jadhao
    Ishant Jadhao

    useing shovel it doesnt break fast ice

  • Sarah Kelly
    Sarah Kelly

    all the dislikes are fox lovers

  • power gamer
    power gamer

    Wadzee can you shout out me????

    • power gamer
      power gamer

      Who liked my comment?

  • R. K.
    R. K.

    4:40 WADZEE NO

  • Jimmy Premium
    Jimmy Premium


  • J Mearns
    J Mearns

    i skip the water brake... im never thirsty and i cant stop watching this anyway

  • Gaming with Cohen
    Gaming with Cohen

    I’ve been drinking to much water I’m trying to watch the whole hardcore series in a week

  • Mariella Enzo
    Mariella Enzo

    Wadzee kills fox’s Me 😱

  • Assassinator

    Him is that a biome me who knows its one of the most rare biomes

  • AllyCheetos

    7:26 *How did you know.*

  • Gamer dude McLemore
    Gamer dude McLemore

    When he said water checkpoint it’s 2 am :/

  • Ryan Oliverio
    Ryan Oliverio

    This guy killed a baby fox😭

  • Patrick Jones
    Patrick Jones

    cat name could be mowee

  • ERaider

    Cats when I play Minecraft: *E V E R Y W H E R E* Cats when Wadzee play Minecraft: *G O N E*

  • Gurman Da Gamer
    Gurman Da Gamer

    I feel like if i ever skipped the water checkpoint its breaking the law

  • Afphro Afphro
    Afphro Afphro

    Me binge watching wadzees vids so every time the water check point come i have to pee

  • Not A Bot #2oo
    Not A Bot #2oo

    Him: 2oo melons are not much me: flexing on a stack of melons


    Me, just finishes drinking water, WadZee: WATER CHECKPOINT :D

  • AlpiePEAKS

    I love the way he says, "boom." 15:19

  • Monkey D. Luffy
    Monkey D. Luffy

    The think you FOUND is the 100 pigs thingy

  • 박대현

    You are so mean wadzee

  • Melanie Lowe
    Melanie Lowe

    WadZee: drink water cause i know you havn't been drinking enough me: got sick from drinking to much water earlier

  • Quentin O'Connor
    Quentin O'Connor

    sub to wadzee

  • 2015_b Antoni Ambroziak
    2015_b Antoni Ambroziak

    what the black cat in vilage

  • The Lone Wanderer
    The Lone Wanderer

    You killed em 😢 🦊

  • Hairycucumber 700
    Hairycucumber 700

    Any one else want challenge him to bring back the cats?

  • Azinox

    name a cat Sam (pls)

  • Galaxy YT
    Galaxy YT

    4:40 *Fundy left the game*

  • Gallagher Alicia
    Gallagher Alicia

    The tacit toenail molecularly press because unshielded postoperatively observe anenst a idiotic grenade. ruthless, pricey turnover

  • Maysam XD
    Maysam XD

    Bring the cats home! Like if uagree

  • Michael Westrup
    Michael Westrup

    Whenever I watch wodzee’s vids I keep a glass of water next to me

  • SamuelZ

    Wadzee: Finds an ice spike biome. ‘Oo this Is pretty cool’

  • caroline monton
    caroline monton

    Press L to see your achievments

  • Samudra Mitra
    Samudra Mitra

    5:03 Herobrine doesn't exis-

  • hailey jiang
    hailey jiang


  • Ossian Jacobsson-svärd
    Ossian Jacobsson-svärd

    Fun fact is that iron golems is inspired of the guardians in attack on titan they hold out flowers for the citizens

  • Bizzy372

    He killed the foxes. If you drop the sweet berries they would have dropped the lead! They would accept food items over anything. Also you didn't have to kill the baby :(

  • Paddy McDonough
    Paddy McDonough


  • TheSpicyveggies

    free Wadzee money

  • William Dinkel
    William Dinkel

    WARNING!!!!! Don't build a turtle scute farm close to your base! It lags the hell out of everything around it

  • ashbashdash

    what about the skinless cat? lol

  • Emiliano Puchaicela
    Emiliano Puchaicela

    the water checkpoint reminds me to do my homework

  • James Morton
    James Morton

    Wadzee please You’ve made me drink water 7 times today while binging please stop.

  • William Carrigan
    William Carrigan


  • Ari Ana
    Ari Ana

    you evil you jest kill Fox how dare you >:(

  • Raw Raw
    Raw Raw

    I have watch all the way up to here in 48 hours

  • Kin Ryan's Maid
    Kin Ryan's Maid

    7:26 WadZee: „Because I know you haven’t been drinking enough“ Me: „I have watched nearly 20 of your videos today, I emptied 2 and a half bottles and went to the toilet twice as often as usual“

  • Mureau Games
    Mureau Games

    I wacht 5 vids every so i almost drown in it

  • Seth _
    Seth _

    I laughed when he killed the foxes 😂

  • Blake

    7:17 I can't I'm in the bath and I live out in the country and my water is rusty asf

  • Pink XDDragon
    Pink XDDragon

    Wadzee:omg thats so cut Me: Iron holems give babies poppys

  • Lizard Excursions
    Lizard Excursions

    It’s bad when you go back and watch all these and you end up drinking a gallon of water in like 45 minutes

  • Cats are funny Boi
    Cats are funny Boi

    3:09 super rare

  • Cats are funny Boi
    Cats are funny Boi

    Us(we have Xmas traditions) Wadzee( I have a. Tradition for planting melons)

  • amogus

    :( this mini fox was tamed

  • Ingrid :D
    Ingrid :D

    When did he make a fish farm?

  • Foxy Doxy
    Foxy Doxy


  • Dylan Smith
    Dylan Smith

    If the cats (any tameable mob) were standing if you flew away they would teleport to you

  • Wolf Person
    Wolf Person

    I know I'm late to this, but I'd love to name one of your cats Gordon 😂

  • Laughing Fox Studios
    Laughing Fox Studios

    FOX lives matter😡😲😣🦊🦊

  • Mc_CC_YT

    7:15 sus

  • Kathryn Deising
    Kathryn Deising

    You didn't cut the slaughter out of the video of the foxes

  • Rodil Rodriguez
    Rodil Rodriguez

    You can right click flag to put it to your map just name you flag

  • Shahida Ishtaiq
    Shahida Ishtaiq

    Wadzee maker a multiplayer survival series

  • Trouba8549

    4:15 ressurection fest?

  • Darth Scotchy
    Darth Scotchy

    Got to catch em all

  • AWP

    *5x55 - 1000 + 5000 = ?*

    • AWP

      @guttis 123 its roight answear

    • guttis 123
      guttis 123

      768432698546749867458967523698549820542789245728952534027542054029768524094 i think i might have calculated wrong idk

  • elektr1fyy

    when you only drink water at the checkpoint *villagers shaking heads in concern*