Welcome To The World
Thank you so much for the warm welcome of our new baby. We love you.
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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my Wife Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on UZload since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

  • Digging Old Vehicles Out Of The Grave
    Digging Old Vehicles Out Of The Grave

    God bless you and your family

  • SoftOrangeMoon

    Knox Atwood is going to be a famous actor, poet, and musician./singer/songwriter

  • Mason Nelson
    Mason Nelson

    Another one?!

  • Cluic -
    Cluic -

    Another wtf

  • tyler reames
    tyler reames

    He is getting gray hair no

  • Chang Coffee
    Chang Coffee

    Ủng hộ kênh. Happy

  • Tamara Turner
    Tamara Turner

    He is soooooooo cute

  • Zach Meghnagi
    Zach Meghnagi

    knox is so cute are you coming back on youtube

  • Cindy Grand
    Cindy Grand

    There's a street in Moreno Valley CA That is called Atwood. Every time I pass by there I remember you guys. Hope you guys are doing great much love

  • Rx-Beast

    Damn dude. To think this guy changed my life back when I used to watch him at qr years old. I love you roman. Wish you the best. Thanks for you amazing content and sharing your best journey. I know u won't see this but hey

  • Other Blinky
    Other Blinky

    I fell bad for Cora because I have 3 brothers and I'm a middle put of 4 kids and I'm the only girl but congrats 👏 you too I wish you the best and the baby to I'm a long time fan 🥰 If you see this tell cora that I wish her the best And I wish him the very best He is a new member of the Atwood family he is soo cute You're beautiful your one of a kind smile more😁 that makes my day ❤ I wish I could be there for you guy when it's the hardest time 🥰🌸🦋 Love your fan , other blinky

  • Siham Stars DVC
    Siham Stars DVC


  • Diana Rudisill
    Diana Rudisill

    Luke is my dogs name!

  • Seth Cillo
    Seth Cillo

    I was hoping Seth lol

  • Karen Robles
    Karen Robles

    Wait what? Another baby... haven't seen their videos in so many years.

  • Furious twhit
    Furious twhit

    Roman and your family, if ur reading this, everytime i watch ur videos i tear up because of how much i love you all and miss u all. I still remember in 2019 u guys went to columbus zoo the day after i did and i wish i could have seen u

  • Lisa Sherman
    Lisa Sherman

    That she had baby

  • Lisa Sherman
    Lisa Sherman

    I did not know until right now

  • Tristan winter
    Tristan winter

    Welcome to the world Knox ❤️☺️

  • Jonathan Boustead
    Jonathan Boustead

    I’m a bit late but massive congrats. Wishing your fam all the best. ❤️

  • Jasonups5

    Mommy got Fat hands. How much did she gain? Not being rude but she’s a little heavier

  • contae hayes
    contae hayes

    Thank GOD & Our Savior JESUS CHRIST for another Blessed day. & Ask for forgiveness for all your sins & shortcomings. & Pray before you go to sleep. & Pray before you eat.

  • Alberta Adventurer Family
    Alberta Adventurer Family

    Congrats; so adorable!

  • EmotionalNugget

    You should’ve named him Blake

  • Michael Builder
    Michael Builder

    If they have another boy they should name him Michael

  • Jacob Rodriguez
    Jacob Rodriguez

    She went awwwwwwq

  • David 365
    David 365

    if i ever got kids would never let a nurse name him or her i got named by a nurse

  • Joshua Armijo
    Joshua Armijo

    Hes a chunky boyyyy

  • Joshua Armijo
    Joshua Armijo

    Havent been here in awhile... Another baby!!??

  • Young Man
    Young Man

    As DJ Khalid once said *Another one*

  • apple pie
    apple pie

    What happened

  • Callum Davis
    Callum Davis

    Ivan is a great name..

  • E M
    E M

    Congrats!! 🎉🍾🎊🎈

  • Blessed Creations
    Blessed Creations

    Love and miss u guys can’t wait till y’all back

  • Charles Jensen
    Charles Jensen

    Congrats you guys sorry I just now seen this video and if somebody can please send me there info where I can send them packages and gifts thank you so much to everybody and everyone stay safe

  • John Dyess
    John Dyess

    Congratulations brother. I just recently found your channel and can’t say enough how I’m happy for you guys! Welcome to a beautiful family, Knox. Be safe. Be kind. 🤟

  • Cooper Sicard
    Cooper Sicard

    Sooooo cute

  • Nikki Nichols
    Nikki Nichols


  • Braderss99

    Fuck sake how many kids have ya now

  • Zachary Hitchcox
    Zachary Hitchcox

    I feel bad for the baby when he grows up

  • ForkKnife Fishy
    ForkKnife Fishy

    Another baby Jesus Christ

  • chester khongsit
    chester khongsit

    Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️!!!!

  • Ainsley Carter
    Ainsley Carter

    Johnny Knoxville would be so proud! 🤣🤣

  • Jesse Slape
    Jesse Slape

    Congratulations!! Jeez Roman. Getting Gray hairs 🤣

  • Kathy Yoder
    Kathy Yoder

    Those cheeks are precious!!!!

  • Mr John
    Mr John

    2021 started off good

  • Ruth Simmons
    Ruth Simmons

    Thank you so much he is so cute this will go great with the channel I can't wait to see you bring him threw the mud hole

  • Elin Jones
    Elin Jones

    it blows my mind thinking that this little guy is probably gonna see the year 2100.....

  • Just Jeffrey
    Just Jeffrey

    I think it should dir

  • Michelle Copeland
    Michelle Copeland

    You're so lucky to have baby in hospital, I had my son on the side of the road, we didn't make it. My son wanted to be born before the hospital and his due date. Mine was born 12-08-2020. Logan Fox is my son's name. 5lbs 2oz. Such a beautiful name for him.

  • Roshan Paul
    Roshan Paul

    Knox like the Mike Knox from wwe👍

  • Brett DeWolf
    Brett DeWolf

    congrats you too.. such a little cutie

  • Mary Jemison
    Mary Jemison

    So beautiful 😍Knox is precious ♥️♥️👍

  • hydrantoid

    This is horrible. How could they do this to a new born.

  • Виктор Попович. SLATIANU
    Виктор Попович. SLATIANU

    Поздравляю вас)))

  • Heidi Renouf
    Heidi Renouf

    Awwww beautiful moment💞

  • Country California Girl
    Country California Girl

    My last name is Knox. Great name and congratulations on baby boy.

  • JohnCarol Renner
    JohnCarol Renner


  • Jayden Outdoors
    Jayden Outdoors

    my brothers name is Luca

  • Amy Larsen
    Amy Larsen

    Aw baby Knox was born on my 20th birthday!

  • Chomapa


  • Wayne Hudson1334
    Wayne Hudson1334

    Congratulations on your baby wish the best for u guys!!!!!!!!🤣

  • WildBananas 1
    WildBananas 1


  • JEn1979NY

    My baby boy was born the same day as Knox.

  • Naturally

    OMG Congratulations 🎉 I love the name as I live in a suburb (born and raised in- Knox) Knox! Australian Here. Came across your channel, after ready to glare , Julia let us know what a messed up year you've all had I TRULY wish Nothing but the best for you and your family. Congratulations again 🎉

  • Tucker Harmon
    Tucker Harmon

    He sure in a small baby

  • Nicky da Tall
    Nicky da Tall

    Zeus would be happy

  • sharon jack
    sharon jack

    WELCOME BACK!!! I think I speak for many of us when I say WE HAVE MISSED YOU. So glad you are all well. Knox is ADORABLE!!!!! WA state, USA

  • Gian

    Dude I’ve been watching for 5 years omg it’s been so long

  • Camera Crowd Media
    Camera Crowd Media


  • Marvin Carrillo
    Marvin Carrillo

    I swear I didn't know Brit had a baby. I remember watching the last video (The FBI Story) and I saw her with a baby. I was like did Brit have another baby?

  • Glizzy Gobbler
    Glizzy Gobbler

    Plsss start posting more I miss your family and you were what made after school better and my childhood ❤️❤️

  • Tyler McHaffie
    Tyler McHaffie

    The 6th is my brothers birthday

  • Jennie Delieto
    Jennie Delieto

    Born on my dads bday!!!

  • Army lego YT.
    Army lego YT.

    I can’t wait till like 5 years and the vids are the best ALL OF THEM ARE

  • Amber MOORE
    Amber MOORE



    No he has gray hair 😢

  • Mineplayer 3116
    Mineplayer 3116

    Roman I'm crying in tears

  • Mineplayer 3116
    Mineplayer 3116

    We love u guys much love

  • Mineplayer 3116
    Mineplayer 3116


  • WhyBe OhFree
    WhyBe OhFree

    so cute 😭

  • •

    I’m from Philippines 🇵🇭 but ilove roman atwood vlogs❤️ since 2017-2021❤️

  • Sarah Cool
    Sarah Cool

    Beautiful 🥲💗

  • Gavin Shook
    Gavin Shook

    Roman has changed so much

  • Marisa Byers
    Marisa Byers

    Man. Who’s cutting onions in here 😢

  • Mamajess 84
    Mamajess 84

    Congratulations!! He is handsome.. god blessed him and your family. Omg he was born on my birthday 🎉 🙏1/6 yay best birthday ever 🎉🎉🎉

  • Connor F
    Connor F

    Knox as in the secondary character from Mad Max Fury Road? Or is that Knux? What a lovely day.

  • Dookie Queen
    Dookie Queen


  • Baby J
    Baby J

    Your mother sent him too you, to keep your mind occupied and make you worry less! try and think like that it helps!

  • Jilee Forever
    Jilee Forever

    Congratulations I love the name

  • RickJames

    I really hope I get to see roman and his family grow old. like Truman show but they are in on it.

  • Tristan Molina
    Tristan Molina

    I was gone from his vlogs for so long they had another baby????

  • Averie F
    Averie F

    I was also 8lbs 15oz when I was born!

  • Aryian Holsonback
    Aryian Holsonback


  • back up acc
    back up acc

    pls subscrib my brother hes really mad at me so can do that

  • back up acc
    back up acc

    roman u mite know my brother aiden knox

  • back up acc
    back up acc

    knox is my last name

  • Mohamed Akrouh
    Mohamed Akrouh

    He needs to change his channel picture he's missing a kid

  • Nek0_yu Lol
    Nek0_yu Lol


  • Fred

    Omg my name is Luke never in a million years did I expect Roman to even think of naming his kid luke