Swainoh x BillyDaKid079 - When I Die (Directed by: Emilio Cuevas)
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Record Label: Royal House Recording
Produced by: Royal House Recording
Directed by: Emilio Cuevas
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  • Roy Coffey
    Roy Coffey

    RIP Bandz 🙏 swainoh is dope

  • G C
    G C

    Surprised there ain’t nobody talkin bout race in this chat, like white boys ain’t been HARD forever

  • Justin Dungey
    Justin Dungey

    Swainoh need to get signed dude got flow

  • Hvnter Wade
    Hvnter Wade

    RIP Billy.

  • John Hooker
    John Hooker

    Riverside looking like he ain't never held a gun at the end there YBB

  • Rob Banks
    Rob Banks

    Ain’t non of bandz homies get their get back yet.? What happened to all them T stones that I seen always chillin with him In interviews?

  • Suge-O Grove
    Suge-O Grove


  • Tah Tab
    Tah Tab

    Mr bobbily took me here

  • Javante Luv
    Javante Luv

    Bruh was so talented R.I.P.

  • Glanderson Booper
    Glanderson Booper

    Looks like they hired the supporting cast from a Dungeons and Dragons tournament at a 2 star YMCA.

    • Glanderson Booper
      Glanderson Booper

      Tell me I'm wrong.

  • Promise Thomas
    Promise Thomas

    white brothers killing it boom boom

  • Michael Magnafichi
    Michael Magnafichi

    He was an alpha around a bunch of goofies. They feared him and were very jealous of his lil low-key and fame

  • fixmyscrews

    im in the field like a mf scarecrow - rip bandz

  • Kaden

    Yo didnt expect this to be so hard

  • ricky ward
    ricky ward

    It's a banger of a tune💯🔥

  • Tyler Anderson
    Tyler Anderson

    1:22 he aiming that shit at bandz the whole time

  • Ricardo Datboy
    Ricardo Datboy


  • Nixon Mollos
    Nixon Mollos

    Shit bandz only makes hot tracks or what!always good vibe and flow!dang!R.I.P. demon

  • ABN Nuzzi Nicholas Clay
    ABN Nuzzi Nicholas Clay

    I need some elbows

  • Stephon Johnson
    Stephon Johnson

    Crazy how dude that had him lined us in the video 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Rich Riv
    Rich Riv

    Who here 2020- 21 in a few days

  • CHXYCE ¿
    CHXYCE ¿

    Rip bands bruh was too lit

  • liran.

    Weird coincidence ebe got a line “call me Santa Claus cuz I’m commin in the sleep” and dis how they did him 🤧😔rip bandz

  • NTC isolated
    NTC isolated


  • Aaron Hastie
    Aaron Hastie

    Rip band ZZZ

  • Andres Restrepo
    Andres Restrepo

    Not taking any shine from Swainoh but EBE BANDZ FOREVER.

  • Jonathan

    Awwwww this nigga is flowing

  • GDGartists

    Slept on music video with me and Bandz on my page “Pray To God”

  • lotsOsmoke420

    Been bumping this since it dropped just now realized dude died

  • VelleFoe

    Aye this shit smack

  • A_a_ron B
    A_a_ron B

    this is wack as a mofo

    • ABN Nuzzi Nicholas Clay
      ABN Nuzzi Nicholas Clay

      Says the guy who thumbed his own comment

  • Malinda Hill
    Malinda Hill

    Okay y'all... I hear you 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Hunter Schieweck
    Hunter Schieweck

    Who still here in October 2020?

  • Pharobandz Dinero
    Pharobandz Dinero


  • Squaad 84
    Squaad 84

    RIP Bandz

  • nope uhuh
    nope uhuh

    I listened to this shit early as fuck

  • Ivan Santoyo
    Ivan Santoyo

    He missin u dont fucc Witt cartel

  • aaron rockey
    aaron rockey

    Rip to Ebe tho

  • Malamutex

    used to bump this hella late 2019. back to bumpin. rip bandz.

  • Paul Eberhardt
    Paul Eberhardt

    Bandz got that Texas Twang when he spits!!! RIPBILLY

  • Max Payne
    Max Payne

    RIP billy

  • Nug


  • Will Watson
    Will Watson

    R.i.p. fam

  • Keelan Jeffers
    Keelan Jeffers

    imagine dying the way he did bro. that shit mad rough.

  • Spook

    Los the gd?

  • JaRon fit
    JaRon fit

    This is hilarious

  • Jose Mendes
    Jose Mendes

    R I P bandz Jersey fucks wit u

    • Jose Mendes
      Jose Mendes

      The shit that erks me is those 2 white boys nerds that killed him for no reason I wish I was there to help him

  • Big Daddy Hear Me Out
    Big Daddy Hear Me Out

    Def need more of this Swainoh.

  • Wavyy Jayy23
    Wavyy Jayy23

    Long live BillyDaKid G ! Swainoh slept on! No bap

  • Babyy Ocho
    Babyy Ocho


  • Craig Daub Beats - Rap Instrumentals
    Craig Daub Beats - Rap Instrumentals

    This a really dope track. RIP to Bandz

  • 21yrold

    The killers are in this video

    • Ronald Rousseau II
      Ronald Rousseau II

      You sound dumb as fuck

  • Franklin Clinton
    Franklin Clinton

    Bitch I'm from the east side RIP EBEBandz

  • Steven Ramsie
    Steven Ramsie


  • Jared Meade
    Jared Meade

    Hope someone let bandz shooter know


    RIP BANDZ💔 thangz jus ain ever gon b lik they used 2 b

  • Steve Godalla
    Steve Godalla

    Been fucking with bandz they always take the good ones rip bandz

  • Kreme

    RIP BANDZ | Swainoh Up Next🔥💀

  • matt burns
    matt burns

    Should have more views rip

  • Raymond Ahjkma
    Raymond Ahjkma

    Swaino and Ebe woulda destroyed the game with a album🔥

  • ishmacoroni

    Damn he said when I die 5 months later he’s dead Rest In Peace

  • RichBucksBeats


  • Adam Foraker
    Adam Foraker

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 glad I discovered this 💎.

  • James Noffsinger
    James Noffsinger

    Rest easy bro

  • Jacob Marshall
    Jacob Marshall

    Rip billy. Some fucked up shit that happened to you man. Hope them boys get what they got coming to them

  • LACOME Stéphane
    LACOME Stéphane

    Et on m'a retrouvé Mort complet cramé , WoOoW :( Mais Qu'est ce qui ne pas dans cette jeunesse arborant des Armes ; Ne sachant pas vivre sans faire partie d'un Gang ; Se faisant assassiné pour un Oui pour un Non !!! uzload.info/fun/f3SedpO1l4-BknE/video

  • Norman Julian
    Norman Julian

    No disrespect is that fat guy on the far left at :02 the guy that killed him?

  • Whitlee

    They better have buried him like a pharaoh..RIP

  • Dirty Dick Whistle
    Dirty Dick Whistle

    RIP Bandz. Fuck,he went hard

  • Noob Saibot
    Noob Saibot

    did he own the hellcat or was it a lease?

    • Yuckmout' From Down Under
      Yuckmout' From Down Under

      It was his

  • Cody Bryan
    Cody Bryan

    Rip Billy

  • Tom Froehle
    Tom Froehle

    that swainoh go nuts rip billy when i saw demons back in the day i thought bro would blow but the streets nuts

  • St0neyJAH

    Run off on tha plug with HP of heroin...You get beat with baseball bats and BURNT in the woods not buried in gold. That's what happens when you rap about shit you really don't live. Tryina get street clout...steets is REAL. Aint no hollywood rap shit. KARMA a bitch! That's why I stay in my lane and don't play stupid games.

  • Mike Harris
    Mike Harris


  • ajcook7777

    "When I die, invite my Opps to my funeral, when they get in, lock the doe, and let my shooter know" 😱😱😱🤯🤯🤯 Best line of 2019! ✌from across the river Ont.

  • Juho r
    Juho r

    What's this beat? Instrumental?

  • da goat
    da goat

    u r so fine

  • da goat
    da goat

    this is just a good ass song

  • Julio Quesada
    Julio Quesada

    That aint my brotha if i aint neva shot a glocc wit emmm!!!

  • Thf 300
    Thf 300

    Billy ain’t dead I’ve been rocking with him all night ❌🧢 he living through his music 🔥

  • Mr. Catch a dookie
    Mr. Catch a dookie

    Damn ain’t know 049 Gus was in here 👀

  • Rider Flame
    Rider Flame

    Rip Bandz

  • Smokin Soulja
    Smokin Soulja


  • Craig Daub Beats - Rap Instrumentals
    Craig Daub Beats - Rap Instrumentals

    Whoever edited ebe videos really loves that slow motion effect at the end of every bar. I swear every single one of his videos has it.

  • Elijah Johnson
    Elijah Johnson

    Absolute heat

  • Phil Collin
    Phil Collin

    Bandz the reason I copped them Jordan 6’s Flight Nostalgias (Flints)

  • Topher Wyatt
    Topher Wyatt


  • Supreme Dipper
    Supreme Dipper

    Why ain’t this on Spotify

  • Charles Richardson
    Charles Richardson

    Wanna be white gangstas, embarrassment

  • Josh Kirchoff
    Josh Kirchoff

    That ain’t my brother if I ain’t ever shot a glock wit em!

  • David Ramirez
    David Ramirez

    Where da fukk bandz at

  • Alyssa Krauss
    Alyssa Krauss

    Rip billy da kid 079

  • Promise Vazquez
    Promise Vazquez

    They do not give me a Cali vibe for summ reason

  • Jennifer Hurren
    Jennifer Hurren



    Sipping on some shine RIP BANDZ

  • 907Ronald

    This was heat when it first dropt and this shit still heat. 🙏🏾

  • Leia Rollberger
    Leia Rollberger

    They need to work on that aim lol



  • G HLMS
    G HLMS

    Keep talking bout death don't be surprised when it hits u

  • Leonardo Perez
    Leonardo Perez

    I remember this kid Swainoh from vine