When a kid and parent won’t listen to the flight attendant #shorts #tips
@Jeenie.Weenie #shorts

  • Froggy Dipper
    Froggy Dipper

    It’s skydiving yup but ✨better✨

  • Tije Tinbergen
    Tije Tinbergen

    That went down real fast

  • Aubrey Moles
    Aubrey Moles

    Uhm why would some one try to have a kid fo skydiving that's dangerous

  • Nikkicool177

    Omg the end what he says to the kid lamo

  • nickgreu4ever

    Omg the fact that this is a comedy series and there are people EXACLY like this mom out there is scary and sad

  • mr_man45 _
    mr_man45 _

    Gen Z be like


    U r an asshole

  • robinbm553

    i didn't expect that ending

  • Slayrron Hunter
    Slayrron Hunter

    I did not expect that

  • Savannah Gibson
    Savannah Gibson

    Oh crud....

  • SkullSquad Ghostify
    SkullSquad Ghostify

    Why, yes actually. Skydiving sounds quite fun.

  • kahina manns
    kahina manns


  • tori fowlkes
    tori fowlkes

    Thought you were about to back hand the child when you went to move your hair back

  • Sherley normil
    Sherley normil

    I just always go in the comments and people talk about sad deppressing things like i feel bad for the son to have a bad mom Like omg let a joke be idk why yall make a joke deppressing i dont hate on u i know its not fair but omg i just come on every single funny things and people make it deppressing And plus deppressing comments is going around youtube why we can't let youtube be normal

  • QUEEN _22
    QUEEN _22

    That's what I did when I was a child I was kicking the person in front of me and my dad just said stop and i stoped we'll bye now

  • Anime FREAK
    Anime FREAK

    The moral of the story: If you want to go sky diving for free then go on A plane and kick the chair in front of you

  • MR ME
    MR ME


  • true guy
    true guy


  • BrownRiceBro

    See this it where my dark humor pops up and say "oh you want ME to stop your kid kicking the chair? I got you." *punch the child* "not fun when people hit you huh lil bich? If you keep kicking imma keep swinging."

  • Golden Ez
    Golden Ez

    That kids mum treats her kid the same way my parents treat me.

  • Pump ඞ
    Pump ඞ

    Uh oh...

  • Mustufi Draws
    Mustufi Draws

    Oops those weren't parachutes they were backpacks my bad

  • afton toast toast 2.0
    afton toast toast 2.0

    I would just be like miss I'll be right back I'll come back with a shot gun

  • Sammy CantThink
    Sammy CantThink


  • Hounth

    I think she meant to say "Skydying"

  • The Wandering Gamer
    The Wandering Gamer

    Yeah thats either manslaughter or second degree murder. They'll put you in a room for that.

  • S Midnight :P
    S Midnight :P


  • Abdul Raqeeb
    Abdul Raqeeb

    So true they dont care my passenger behind me kept kicking me and the front keeps comming sitting down

  • Challenge Accepted
    Challenge Accepted

    Alternate title: how to get jumped outside the airport

  • Adam Ryan
    Adam Ryan

    LOL she gonna throw them off the plane 😂

  • Rune Bjerregaard
    Rune Bjerregaard

    That took a drastic turn

  • Sebastian Sniegula
    Sebastian Sniegula

    Skydiving for free no parachute

  • Aaliyah

    Well that escalated quickly-

  • A.B animations
    A.B animations

    Lmao my face when. I understood that 👁️👄👁️

  • Noah Huff
    Noah Huff

    😂😂 mommy she wants to kill us I like her

  • Thomas Lancaster
    Thomas Lancaster


  • doire aintu
    doire aintu

    Flight Attendant: Do you and your mother want go skydiving? Child: nods head frantically Flight Attendant:* Yeets the child and his mother off the plane*

  • Sad Vibes
    Sad Vibes

    youtube is slowly turning into tik tok...

  • Jayden Irizarry
    Jayden Irizarry

    Do u and ur mom wanna go skydiving we all know what that means say it pppl

  • Tya Quin
    Tya Quin

    Alternate title: skydiving without parachutes

  • Abby Muse
    Abby Muse

    Hahhahahahahahhahahhahahahahahhaha hey sweetie do you and your mom want to go skydiving? Throws them off the plane.

    • doire aintu
      doire aintu

      Lol when she asked if the kid and parent wanted to go skydiving I had the idea of her throw them off the plane with a parachute

  • Faith Lennardd
    Faith Lennardd

    XD "do you and your mum want to go skydiving" LMAO THERE GETTING KICKED OUT

  • Echo

    “i mean that sounds fun how do i do it” “oh yeah just keep kicking the chair and ill throw you guys out of the plane :D”

  • Idk 1101
    Idk 1101

    Part 100 of things that never happened

  • Doggy Coco
    Doggy Coco

    / /--------- \ 😡 /

  • Archie Byrne
    Archie Byrne

    If people actually act like this I am very disappointed.😐

  • oofing noob
    oofing noob


  • Saswat Sarangi
    Saswat Sarangi


  • Alpha Wolf
    Alpha Wolf

    Flight attendant: "Hey sweetheart! Do you and your mom wanna go skydiving?" Me: HECK YA

  • BotBoi

    That went from 0 to 100 real quick

  • John Ryan
    John Ryan

    HOL' UP-

  • flexgaming21z


  • SilverWolf Shadow
    SilverWolf Shadow

    😂 🤣🤣😂😂

  • Blazing Bird
    Blazing Bird


  • Ethical _Dev
    Ethical _Dev

    Lol when she asked if the kid and parent wanted to go skydiving I had the idea of her throw them off the plane with a parachute

  • Andrei Aguilar
    Andrei Aguilar

    Sky.....skydiving? SKYDIVING?........ok

  • Madlin Mohamed
    Madlin Mohamed

    Littery on victorious

  • animation shed post
    animation shed post

    And both of them went skydiving... Without a parachute

  • Purple Cookie
    Purple Cookie

    Umm kid be like yeeeeeeet

  • Karishma

    Haha good one😂

  • kook kook kook kook
    kook kook kook kook

    yess the endinggg the skydiving of life

  • LagavulinMTG

    Honestly, why are parents not punished more for childrens bad behaviors? If an adult was kicking the chair in front of them the plane would be emergency landed and the cops called, this should be the same for kids and parents and the kids should be immediately removed from their parents by CPS.

  • Dakota Himes
    Dakota Himes

    Just throw em it's less weight anyway

  • Super

    Ohoohoho ima get ma popcorn ready for this

  • Sნუპი

    Kid: yeah I wanna become a skydiver vruuuu *imitating flying noises and finnaly stops* Mom: 👁👄👁 tell me ur secret

  • Sofi.


  • jggpz funny vidios
    jggpz funny vidios

    Wait what he going to kill him

  • Xx_isabella

    Skydiving = falling off the airplane ahahahahhahaha

  • Tohita Khan
    Tohita Khan

    lady: Do u and ur mom wanna die?

  • Janae Allen
    Janae Allen

    Imma straight up be like ma’am if yo child don’t cut it out you and your son will be skydiving

  • Ziggy Zhané
    Ziggy Zhané


  • Amanda Sallis
    Amanda Sallis

    “Do u and ur mom wanna go skydiving?” Gets shoved of the plane

  • glixø-rat

    Hi sweetheart do you and your mom wanna go skydiving Lmao

  • SyN cozmic
    SyN cozmic

    That’s mest up

  • SwiftluXD 1
    SwiftluXD 1

    This is the kinda of kid that grows up to be Logan Paul or jake Paul 😐

  • Him Hamoosh
    Him Hamoosh

    Cmon dis is ur first time "educating" ppl I do it every time breh

  • TaMyah Smalls
    TaMyah Smalls

    I love how she said well you ask him I’m trying to watch a movie little does she know the flight attendant is about to kill you and your son😂😂

  • Kary’s Crochet
    Kary’s Crochet

    ..........Without a parachute

  • octavia88

    I would have moved the mom in the chair in front of her own son 😂😂😂😂

  • why is deku green
    why is deku green

    karen and child wasnt theipostor

  • Jh Ritchie
    Jh Ritchie

    I love this lady

  • isa Dumaguing
    isa Dumaguing

    *HEY KAREN* 😐

  • do we have milk?
    do we have milk?

    I have no words for the mom

  • Midget Ponceau
    Midget Ponceau

    Me: **expecting her to also kick the kid's chair**

  • Avryl Mallen
    Avryl Mallen

    Are people seriously that rude??

  • BlessKB -_
    BlessKB -_

    O jesus when she said sky diving i was dyin bro 😭

  • dark

    Them are the words I would be scared of hearing at that age.

  • Highly Dum
    Highly Dum


  • Creator Productions
    Creator Productions

    “Go without Parachute, The Water will stop the damage”

  • Christopher Phillips
    Christopher Phillips

    I criedddd at the end it was to funny

  • anikapaprika


  • Willow Pelletier
    Willow Pelletier


  • dayana garcia
    dayana garcia

    ''sweetheart do u and ur mum wanna go sky diving?'' *pushes both of em off* Me: *washing dishes* Me: *all I see is a mom and her kid falling outta nowhere* Me: And this is why I dont wanna move.

  • 87mhe

    Bro i swear to god that was the funniest thing ive heard 😂

  • Okay

    Lol I remember that happened to me on the flight, a kid was kicking the back of my seat and so I kindly ask the mother to tell him to stop, she said "doesn't seem like it's a big problem." And I was like "no it is, I'm tryna relax." She just ignored and he kept on kicking my seat, so I asked the flight attendant if I could sit behind the kid and she agreed so from then on I started kicking his seat and he complained but I stayed where I was lol

  • Maddison Blight
    Maddison Blight

    Best part is that its a one time free offer

  • haesbread

    The mom's voice kinda reminded me of tabbes-

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