CHEAP vs EXPENSIVE Snowmobile in the Backcountry!!
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CHEAP vs EXPENSIVE Snowmobile in the Backcountry!!
In todays video, the boys travel to Spokane, Washington to visit our friends at 509inc and do a little snowmobiling too! Later we head over to meet up with some fellow UZloadrs GrindHardPlumbingco. They show us their insane builds and are even kind enough to let us drive some!

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    • Braxton Heath
      Braxton Heath

      Not sure if anyone gives a damn but last night I hacked my friends Instagram account by using Instaportal. Just google for it xD

    • Kathleen Ross
      Kathleen Ross

      That white polaris u have there i have a red and white polaris 😁

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    • Zombie313 Brains
      Zombie313 Brains

      I wish I could of come because I live in missoula, mt

    • roberta reynolds
      roberta reynolds

      I live 30 minutes out of spokane

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  • Haidyn Miller
    Haidyn Miller

    i am 10 years old and i ride a 700

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    Gabriel Ketterling

    That phazer tho.

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    Yadagiri Narasimha

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  • Yadagiri Narasimha
    Yadagiri Narasimha

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    Only OG’s that remember all the boys living on campus

  • Yadagiri Narasimha
    Yadagiri Narasimha

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  • sukhvinder s
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  • Yadagiri Narasimha
    Yadagiri Narasimha


  • Yadagiri Narasimha
    Yadagiri Narasimha


  • Jesse Arnold
    Jesse Arnold

    Do you live in Minnesota

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    Melinda Kendall

    i love that phazer or exciter

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    The late education hemodynamically compare because position moberly polish to a earthy bobcat. second-hand, roasted twig

    • Bonnor Bassidy
      Bonnor Bassidy

      Oh my god my brain burnt a fuse reading that

  • C A M HVAC
    C A M HVAC

    Love the Arc De Soleil Music and Sledding two of my faves

  • AKNativeBoi Yerr
    AKNativeBoi Yerr

    should've just gotten a 97 rmk 700, its way better than that vertical escape

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    Sonny Wentz

    The sweet land theoretically analyse because case extracellularly lie to a feeble feigned crack. zealous, telling town

  • Ivor

    They will overheat without snow.

  • Tim Russell
    Tim Russell

    Those are called "old and thrasher sleds?" Wish i could afford to upgrade to one of them. Anything newer than 25 years old is space age to me!

  • Austin Mclaen
    Austin Mclaen

    It takes a lot of skill to ride an edge

  • Austin Mclaen
    Austin Mclaen

    Polaris edge chassis was one of the best

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    Juan Hernandez

    The solid opera densply desert because man pertinently slow outside a vacuous hat. spiteful, four frail mary

  • Brody Alexie
    Brody Alexie

    What me and the bois do on the river

  • cherb23

    That sled was awesome when it came out. i have a 2019 pro rmk now.

  • Little_Onion

    Thats funny cause the cheap snowmobile is the ones we bought for our lake. we have 2 of them and i love them they are awesome. we have had to do some repairs on one sled because the engine ceased out other than that its amazing. ITS THE YELLOW ONE

  • #BHG videos/ Canadian Avenger
    #BHG videos/ Canadian Avenger

    A vertical edge is of the best sleds out there

  • kael's life
    kael's life

    $1500! That’s expensive for me

  • Tom Tricks
    Tom Tricks

    that intro was nuts

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    Jeremy Vega

    Ayoo 😂🤣😐

  • Kadeem Murray
    Kadeem Murray

    Its amazing to see my two fav content creators in the same vid cboys and grind hard.... Could we have some more of those vids?

  • Big Mike
    Big Mike

    So what's up with " Porno music" @4:00 ? That's what my wife said in the background of me watching this video..🤣

  • huhhman

    You suck at this...

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones

    Have you guys sleded with maverick walker?

  • Bernie got screwed
    Bernie got screwed

    On an old sled, everything is deep powder backcountry.

  • Taylor Bain
    Taylor Bain

    What a shit video

  • Mr. UFK
    Mr. UFK

    Dead sport

  • Jumpstartt

    Rockmobiling is my favorite pass time

  • Carlson Reese
    Carlson Reese

    The Barbie jeep is freaking Badass!

  • Literally Shaking
    Literally Shaking

    It’s incredible how far sleds have come in the last 10 odd years.

    • Alyssa Johnson
      Alyssa Johnson

      Same thing with jet skis

  • John Cena
    John Cena

    Did you get the drone out of the tree?

  • Kayl Holcomb
    Kayl Holcomb

    I live in Washington

  • Lolzu

    Me with my 99 600 srx :/

  • Cubey

    when u live in FL and cant snowmobile so u watch videos

  • arkeyes

    Me watching this realizing I have a 21 year old sled that’s falling apart but I love snowmobiling so much

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      micheal andreanoff

      1999? 2000? Rmk?

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    i was subscribed since you guys had only 500 subscribers

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    I think it should be a ritual that you leave the tags on until the first wreck

  • german engineering
    german engineering

    that jeep was sick

  • marvin barr
    marvin barr

    You guys that vetical escape is the best.Look i have a 2001 rmk 700 and it could batter then the vetical

  • marvin barr
    marvin barr

    Nice vertical escape

  • Mark Boisvert
    Mark Boisvert

    You guys need to grow up

  • suchasreallife

    Fully pinned right into a tree lol

  • Brayden Molosky
    Brayden Molosky

    Y’all need to come up to u.p of Michigan I live up in Rudyard kinda by sault saint Marie and come up here Ridin huge fan btw please keep making this vids😂

  • Callum Duhaime
    Callum Duhaime

    They don’t understand how much I or anyone would enjoy having the phaser or the Polaris personally I would love to have those sleds but I’m not hating keep up the good work boys

  • yeasonwhat

    Grind hard builds the craziest stuff like omg

  • yeasonwhat

    Awesome spot damn

  • Austin Lopez
    Austin Lopez

    what cc and model were the vertical climb and the chaos

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    It doesn't surprise me that Ethan didn't have a problem getting it to the top.

  • Kinderssori Academy
    Kinderssori Academy

    I have a fhazer snowmobile

  • Canadians Being Canadians
    Canadians Being Canadians

    I need that little jeep!

  • Logan O'Krafka
    Logan O'Krafka

    What’s the song in the edit while ripping the quad

  • Wyatt Lewis
    Wyatt Lewis

    Me vibing with my '83 snowmachine

  • sledrider6 MT
    sledrider6 MT

    Hell of a lot easier than trying to pull out an Apex 😂😂

  • Hansen Mateo
    Hansen Mateo

    When’s the next drop for the goggles?

  • lavowski

    I live in Spokane

  • D Block
    D Block

    That white Polaris was a beast of a snow machine

  • 50 Channel
    50 Channel

    This is a dope video

  • Quinn Fournier
    Quinn Fournier

    sorry for swearing i just want that vertical edged if you dont want it

  • Bad Apple
    Bad Apple

    Thats exactly where my trailing arm broke off on my Edge chassis when I hit a tree lol

  • Quinn Fournier
    Quinn Fournier

    the vertical edge

  • Quinn Fournier
    Quinn Fournier

    yo can i have it if you said its shit

  • muskoka roads
    muskoka roads

    Phazers are such garbage wtf

  • Kamo Orozco
    Kamo Orozco

    You guys should go to Winthrop

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob

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  • Aiden Moody
    Aiden Moody

    Man them polaris can be durable I mean them slides and carbideds took it like boss

  • Almir Redzic
    Almir Redzic

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  • Hunter Wilson
    Hunter Wilson

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    Emil Forsberg

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    The messy birch amazingly guess because year similarly spoil aboard a loud sleet. female fertile, alluring history


    get a 1993 arctic cat ext 580 z

  • Ken H.
    Ken H.

    What Washington State fire lookout tower was that early in vedeo?

  • Craig Kitson
    Craig Kitson

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    E White

    The quality on these videos is insane

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    Dominic King

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    Austin Gerein

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