20 Scenes Where ACTORS SURPRISINGLY WEREN'T ACTING - REACTION!! (Stranger Things, Spider-Man, Joker)
WHOA! Some of these are SHOCKING! Here's our Reaction to 20 SCENES WHERE ACTORS WEREN'T ACTING from The Things, featuring Tom Holland (Spider-Man), Joaquin Phoenix (Joker), Pennywise from IT, Harry Potter, Angelina Jolie, and MORE!
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    The Reel Rejects

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    • Icymi

      Tom cruise broke his ankle in mission impossible.

    • Miguel Messina
      Miguel Messina

      @PFU Plushie Fantasy Universe ok

    • PFU Plushie Fantasy Universe
      PFU Plushie Fantasy Universe

      @Miguel Messina Ok let’s be chill already🥶🥶🥶

    • Miguel Messina
      Miguel Messina

      @PFU Plushie Fantasy Universe I don’t mean you I mean what Greg and John are watching is clickbait

    • PFU Plushie Fantasy Universe
      PFU Plushie Fantasy Universe

      @Miguel Messina Bra your clickbait

  • C Thomas
    C Thomas

    There are a few examples of where this kind of thing goes really wrong, with directors who are later outed as complete psychos by actors who had to endure some really crappy things. There are stories out there about certain directors using seriously abusive methods to get a certain response from their actors and it's really messed up. I don't have a problem when it's consensual and everyone is on the same page creatively, but that's not always the case. Tarantino is one of those people I think a lot of actors end up having serious problems with because of his notions about what's justified in order to get what he wants.

  • Peachy

    So Millie Bobby Brown, a *child,* had an actual breakdown on camera and the directors just kept filming instead of, you know, stopping and asking if she was okay or needed a break? And everyone is applauding her?

    • AwkwardGeekTalk

      the opposite, actually! she herself said in an inverview taht she really wanted to finish that bit on that day, even though she war extremely tired. The directors had told her multiple times that she had to take a break, but she didnt want to.

  • RonitSegev

    You are two nice young men, but why are you talking on the scenes???

  • Leoff DaGrate
    Leoff DaGrate

    One famous scene is from the TV show M.A.S.H. Lt. Col Henry Blake's Death and how Radar O'Reilly informs the rest of the cast. Look it up.

  • Amber Howard
    Amber Howard

    Ahahaha "Go Kevin!" That was awesome!

  • Princess Lia
    Princess Lia

    "She was actually drowning" Me: 😳they didn't try to save her

    • [ L ] Empty Thoughts
      [ L ] Empty Thoughts

      No one realized it because, in the movie, the character fakes to be blocked underwater and eaten by piranhas as part of her show. So everyone thought the actress was just acting her scene.

  • Coyote

    Whoever believes half of this shit ... It's all promotion.

  • IloveJesus

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  • Ashlyn Martin
    Ashlyn Martin

    Isla fisher actually got stuck and almost died, that's why she did not come back for the sequel

  • Ro Korlov
    Ro Korlov

    From an obssessed Supernatural fan: you've got no idea the amount of scenes that were unscripted, that's just how well Jared and Jensen know their characters and they make it work beautifully.

  • Kayla Williams Avery
    Kayla Williams Avery

    the supernatural part wasnt a spoiler if you have season season 3 lol

  • Lady Haha
    Lady Haha

    Isla's stunt was that she was supposed to act like she couldn't get her chains off so the piranhas come to eat her but it turned out that she actually couldn't get out of her chains and began to panic and slowly running out of breath. Eventually she got out in time and her lines after she got out was improvise because she was pissed

  • Iwona Zawadzka
    Iwona Zawadzka

    Lana and Noah never dated. Lana is with her boyfriend Anthony de La Torre for 6 years(this year is their 6 year anniversary). Whole time she filmed movie she was in relationship and after they finished they together.

  • Johnny Multitasking
    Johnny Multitasking

    Damn Archie

  • Andrea Dcosta
    Andrea Dcosta

    Joaquin and Millie 😻😻❤️ And on a complete different note will you guys ever react to The Vampire Diaries? Pls do so if ul can it will be the best thing ever for me you’re my favourite you tubers out there ❤️❤️

  • Jayda Sallis
    Jayda Sallis

    Can you guys react to strangers things bloopers 💖💖

  • Samuel Sarracino
    Samuel Sarracino

    This was hilarious and awesome. Great job Greg

  • Jay Millie
    Jay Millie

    You see for the stranger things on i thought Finn was just looking at the whole in the wall that El throw Billy out of so either way its works.m.

  • bel410la

    I checked out the video and the supernatural one was fine for you guys to react to, I think you already know that one anyways. It was about the time when Jared Broke Character to Jensen yelling Son of a Bitch. The scene was in the episode with Bella getting attacked by the ghost ship.

  • josh joseph
    josh joseph

    Jon reaction is kinda cringey ngl 😬

  • Will Williams
    Will Williams

    I wish they wouldn’t talk over the video I can’t here what I’m looking at

  • kRaZy kArL
    kRaZy kArL

    Love this reaction. But the real question is.......where did you find that hat/beanie Greg?!? 👀

  • JJ_Kimmy

    My favorite unscripted moment with real fear, will always be ten chest burster scene in Alien

  • yasmine mixon
    yasmine mixon

    Do yall take recommendations?

  • Nergalsama01

    How about Alan Rickman's death scene in Die Hard? That look of fear and shock on his face as he falls? All real, because Rickman didn't know what was going to happen.

  • Seann Webb
    Seann Webb

    Ray Charles can actually see, youtube it.

  • Seann Webb
    Seann Webb

    They had to break the glass for her.

  • Chase Haney
    Chase Haney

    I was like bruh when Greg said "Tom Holland decimated away it wasn't acting"

  • Sohrab Chegini
    Sohrab Chegini

    When I saw the greys anatomy one I was like please don't let it be actors actually operating on people :)

  • scrub456

    An older example, but the episode of MASH, when Col. Blake is going home and his plane is shot down... that wasn't in the script the actors got, so the cast reaction to the bulletin was genuine shock.

  • John Morgan
    John Morgan

    Mark did know that Vader was his father. He was told on set, just before the scene. Only Kirshner, Lucas, and Hamill, and eventually Jones knew.

  • Sophie

    Finally something else than trailers, welcome back in my watch list guys

  • The Jaym
    The Jaym


  • Darius S
    Darius S

    They forgot to mention T. Cruise in Mission Impossible

  • Shaik Shafaaq Gulsharjan 20BCHR0322
    Shaik Shafaaq Gulsharjan 20BCHR0322

    🐉Mortal Kombat ! 🔥🔥🔥

  • pongo5000

    Excited for the Cruella trailer reaction!!!

  • Arturo Bardales
    Arturo Bardales

    The scene on The Goonies should be there. When they see the pirate ship should be there. The kids didn’t know about it. They reaction is just pure gold

  • Anita Santana
    Anita Santana

    Im disappointed they didnt include the Mummy on this list. Brendan Fraser was actually strangled when being hanged and passed out.

  • Shaik Shafaaq Gulsharjan 20BCHR0322
    Shaik Shafaaq Gulsharjan 20BCHR0322

    Mortal Kombat Motion Poster reaction

  • Anup C
    Anup C

    Guys there is lot to react from Malayalam industry 1) JANA GANA MANA 2) OPERATION JAVA 3) VELLAM 4) THE GREAT INDIAN KITCHEN please watch it... 💪💪

  • The Finder’s Keep
    The Finder’s Keep

    More of these please... this was awesome

  • Joel Mayberry
    Joel Mayberry

    That How I Met your Mother moment was really intense, and led to one of if not the best acting performance from Jason Segal in the next episode! 😥

  • Monster munchies
    Monster munchies

    Correction! Lucas and the guy who directed empire told Hamil but only Hamil the real line about Vader being the father.. FACTS.. TRUE STORIES... ✌️

  • sunn dayy
    sunn dayy

    That Jamie foxx statement was not true. He had his eyelid glued down through the whole shoot

  • Shaik Shafaaq Gulsharjan 20BCHR0322
    Shaik Shafaaq Gulsharjan 20BCHR0322

    Still waiting on that Mortal Kombat

  • Andrew Lopez
    Andrew Lopez

    It's sometimes hard to know which of these are real but the Stranger Things clip was interesting

  • Andrew Lopez
    Andrew Lopez

    I don't know if it was said in the video, but in Meleficent it was hard to do takes because the kids were all freaked out by Angelina in costume, so they had to get her daughter Shiloh. There's even one of those scenes in the special features.

    • Paloma Vega
      Paloma Vega

      That was actually Vivian. Her youngest.

  • Bernardo De Franceschi
    Bernardo De Franceschi

    Can you watch STRANGER THINGS 4 when it comes out please. Please

  • Felicity Davies
    Felicity Davies

    The supernatural one happened in season 3 so you boys wouldnt get spoiled of it. Its just jensen adding a line in that he wasnt supposed to and in the scene you can see Jared smiling and having to turn away from camera to stop laughing

  • Heathbunny

    Anyone else hella curious what the SPN thing was? Edit: Here’s a hint. Lottery Tickets.

  • Landon Carpenter
    Landon Carpenter

    you guys are awesome. every time i watch something like wandavision i come here right after

  • Ernest Gouker
    Ernest Gouker

    Good videos don't agree with the list though. woman drowning should have been number one because that is just way too dangerous to be doing

  • Jesse man
    Jesse man

    Out of all these top 10 or 20 videos people do on UZload I'm REALLY surprised no one has made a video on top 10 or 20 movie/TV cameo's people forgot about/ no one talks about.

  • Dante F
    Dante F

    Damn if she in fact was stuck and drowning I bet that Isla Fisher refuses to do any stunts from now on!! I MEAN DAMN THAT IS INTENSE!! Because she is literally supposed to act like she is drowning in the scene but actually was...how would they know the difference???? THAT IS SO F’D!!!!

  • Maitlandfrog

    Idk about the friends one because Aniston screams Ross instead of David

  • andrew scott
    andrew scott

    yo that prjector scene was..... alot in theaters.... intense.

  • Shaik Shafaaq Gulsharjan 20BCHR0322
    Shaik Shafaaq Gulsharjan 20BCHR0322

    Mortal Kombat trailer release date confirmed with two new posters , Sub-Zero (mask revealed) and Kano

  • McCy Lee 123
    McCy Lee 123

    can you react to stranger things funniest bloopers?

  • samuel adey
    samuel adey

    From what I heard the first time the kids saw pennywise was the fridge scene. That comes straight from the bonus features of chapter 2

  • Kwincy Brown
    Kwincy Brown

    Mortal kombat offical trailer this Thursday at 9am seriously they post today on Instagram page name mortalkombatmovie.

  • John Dang
    John Dang

    trailer drops Thursday

  • Seth Bledsoe
    Seth Bledsoe

    Yeah, I don't really believe most of these. Sounds like they're just making up a bunch of crap for click bait.

    • Seth Bledsoe
      Seth Bledsoe

      @Jesse man It's material designed to drive traffic to a website or media account. That I had to explain this to you probably means you actually didn't know what it means.

    • Jesse man
      Jesse man

      Do you even know what clickbait is?

  • Tharusha Fernando
    Tharusha Fernando

    Guys... aren't you going to react to New Rockstar's breakdown video on JL trailer ....!?

  • zirath ashe
    zirath ashe

    Lol. Supernatural skip was funny.

  • JaylioHD

    Hey guys, I love your guys' reactions a lot and I was wondering if you can react to the supercarlinbrothers theory about two wanda's. It just came out today and I thought it be super interesting for you guys to react to it. Keep up the awesome work!

  • lumenardens

    We all wanted Lana and Noah to actually be dating, but Lana has a boyfriend 😆


    Please react to bad history joe biden

  • MorsecodeZ

    That first scene, the side shot could have been a pick-up after they decided to keep the shot where Finn looks off to the side.

  • cassie849

    HAY GUYS 🚨🚨🚨 Just so you know the Supernatural one on the list WASN’T a Spoiler 😉 it’s just about a scene where Jared (Sam) laughed a bit at Jensen (Dean) yelling “Son of a Bitch” REALLY Intensely, which was a scene in a very early season that you guys have seen anyway....

  • Eddie Gannon
    Eddie Gannon

    kane in see no evil

  • ItsAblixa

    dude i just watched this yesterday wtf

    • ItsAblixa

      @The Reel Rejects Can you let me in its cold out here

    • The Reel Rejects
      The Reel Rejects

      We've been watching you 😐

  • Acadian Bacon
    Acadian Bacon

    Seeing Greg and John in this video made me think "They're like the Jay & Silent Bob of this generation", also loving that beanie. Looks great!

  • Emma

    Haha The Things does the absolute bare minimum amount of research for their videos, and that's genuinely part of why it's so entertaining 🤣

  • Ryan Burns
    Ryan Burns

    I’m joker the one seen that wasn’t scripted was when he came back and said, “Oh wait. I forgot to punch out.” And he punched the clock in of the wall

  • Marcus

    Yeah, the Supernatural isn't a spoiler AT ALL. It's just a quick story about Jensen giving a line a much more added effect that made Jared break a bit

  • Will S
    Will S

    For the HIMYM scene.. the original script was that she was suppose to tell him that she was pregnant . So Jason was anticipating some good news. So when Alison's character told him that his dad died it caught him off guard.. he was so shocked that when he started crying. He went off script and said "I'm not ready for this"...the directors wanted to capture their genuine emotions so they used that one take

  • Laurence Ptwy
    Laurence Ptwy

    Loving the autumn shirt

  • Fresh Noodles
    Fresh Noodles

    I wonder if u guys are gonna review Judas and the messiah. Almost forgot u guys review movies too.

  • Mexican Alphas
    Mexican Alphas

    You should've kept watching the Supernatural part, it was about a scene in Season 3 but I get the spoiler scare lmao

  • plainOldFool

    I understand how the Nell jumpscare got people shook in the Haunting of Hill House but the framing of the shoot broadcast the scare a mile away. I knew something was going to happen and I did get jolted. But because I knew a scare was coming I ended up laughing my ass off a split moment later. All I could see is Nell telling her sisters to shut the fuck up.

  • clay

    I knew about the How I Met Your Mother scene. Jason was so good in that scene and I bawled my eyes out because I wasn’t ready for it either.

  • ツLiamBTW

    Love ur content

  • Mira Yoon
    Mira Yoon

    Harry potter was shocking :O I thought Crabbe applaud and Malfoy stopped him cause he doesn't want crabbe to applaud for other houses besides slytherin

  • Shaman Carmichael
    Shaman Carmichael

    Fun! More please!

  • Giovanna Araújo
    Giovanna Araújo

    I don't think whoever wrote the content for that video did their research well. In the Grey's anatomy segment, they switch the actresses names and I'm pretty sure the first time the kids in It saw pennywise was the scene Eddie breaks his arm

  • Nevaeh autumn
    Nevaeh autumn

    Y’all should be amazing actors from all the different types of acting you guys watch!!

  • A Turek
    A Turek

    I think thats why Isla Fischer didn't return for the sequel, apparently the stunt nearly killed her

    • Jesse man
      Jesse man

      Actually it was because her and her husband had a kid on the way.

  • micah fuller
    micah fuller

    Yeah Isla really did almost drown. The chain was supposed to be quick release but the release mechanism got caught under the metal grate and she couldn't release it. They really had to save her by busting the glass.

    • Matt Mcandrew
      Matt Mcandrew

      Thank you for explaining better than the friggen video

    • M N
      M N

      @The Reel Rejects the near drowning accident was actually the main reason for Isla Fisher not coming back for the sequel.

    • The Reel Rejects
      The Reel Rejects

      DAMN!!! Glad she's ok!

  • Randall Beem
    Randall Beem

    Bummed not to see the scene where Tony was talking to Peter in his bedroom and had to tell him to move over so he could sit on the bed with him.

    • Randall Beem
      Randall Beem

      @The Reel Rejects I imagine that is where I saw it!

    • The Reel Rejects
      The Reel Rejects

      I think that actually popped up in a similar video we covered of all Spider-Man scenes!

  • Tarik Rath
    Tarik Rath

    I love these type of videos!! Do more of these!

  • Katjya Braga
    Katjya Braga

    Ya'll could've watched the Supernatural one. They used an intro from later seasons but it's a scene from season 2 or 3 I believe. It's pretty funny, wished I could've seen it. Go enjoy it 🤣

    • The Reel Rejects
      The Reel Rejects

      Oh snap haha, good to know!

  • Fred Skull
    Fred Skull

    Pennywise. It’s a metaphor. But that actually happened though.

  • Atari 303
    Atari 303

    The first one is most likely done with stationed camera setups and not handheld. They usually do it that way specifically to get a second vantage point/b-roll (and also so there's no accidental stepping into frame).....this is from what I was told by a few friends/friends of friends who work in movie production

  • Reab4y


  • Lavry Adam
    Lavry Adam

    Your mic is too loud. I can't hear what the lady is saying...

  • Miguel Messina
    Miguel Messina

    You realize what your watching is clickbait right?

    • Miguel Messina
      Miguel Messina

      @Jesse man oh I thought because of the font, as long as it’s not like screen rant, cbr, cinema blend and watchmojo and other stuff then it’s not clickbait

    • Jesse man
      Jesse man

      @Miguel Messina It's not watchmojo it's from a different channel, rewatch the video and turn the volume up.

    • Miguel Messina
      Miguel Messina

      @Jesse man I’m saying it’s clickbait because it’s watchmojo

    • Jesse man
      Jesse man

      Do you ever know what clickbait is?

  • SeekersLegacy

    I’m still hoping you’ll get back to doing scary and ghost video reactions. Those are some of my favorites you’ve ever done.

  • Ismael Ali
    Ismael Ali

    Lol YT says there are no views but 60 comments

  • NJSillaStew

    The Isla Fisher one is true, I don't remember exactly how but I remeber her telling in some interviews that yeah the scene went wrong and she almost did drown