Reactors Reactions To The EPIC First Look At The Godzilla vs Kong Trailer | Mixed Reactions
Reactors reaction to the legendary showdown between Kong and Godzilla in the new trailer for the upcoming movie Godzilla vs Kong. The movie is set for release in both theaters and streaming on HBO Max on March 31
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  • Nostalgia Gaming
    Nostalgia Gaming

    The trailer was epic, and so was the movie, but I feel like they failed in one regard. Most of the people tuning in to watch this movie were Godzilla fans, and we didn't see enough of him kicking ass in the trailer.

  • Cameron Sturm
    Cameron Sturm

    Godzilla really did kick kongs ass tho

  • eivor wolf kissed
    eivor wolf kissed

    I watched the movie last night and I loved it

  • Ruth Singleton
    Ruth Singleton

    it was a good movie, it was

  • Ja3n Namdev
    Ja3n Namdev

    When Kong fans saw the movies 😩 Team Godzilla

  • that was close Holt
    that was close Holt

    I. A

  • Swaggie Ya
    Swaggie Ya

    godzilla and king kong wis

    • Spider-Man

      Finally someone who says they both won

  • yin the umbreon
    yin the umbreon

    Queen godzilla

  • Ralph Jian Dela Cruz
    Ralph Jian Dela Cruz

    lizard vs monke. who will win?

  • Ruby Acosta
    Ruby Acosta

    Godzilla 👎👎👎🌏😭

  • Ruby Acosta
    Ruby Acosta

    Koog kong 👍😀🥰

  • bàĺĺà jèšůš
    bàĺĺà jèšůš

    Kong will beat him he is a king

  • Tiffany Withers
    Tiffany Withers

    not Tokyo its HONG KONG

  • Daniel Esquivias
    Daniel Esquivias

    Am I like the only one who just stood still while watching the trailer emotionless

  • Purple Shy
    Purple Shy

    at lease they make godzilla win making king kong just as big as godzilla make no sense already but hey its fair now that godzilla win the fight. anyway they should never make king kong as big as godzilla in the first pleace every one knows how small kong is. when you look at the older movie see how king kong finger dont completely cover the women in his hands. that proof how small he is and whoever reply dont give that Bs oh king kong was still young crap

  • timothy robinson
    timothy robinson

    Question doesn't lighting make king Kong stronger hmm so what does a blue cave do for him

  • Akatsukileader9

    4:00 are these the SAME guy?

  • Godzilla Lover
    Godzilla Lover

    Team Godzilla 🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🦎🦎🦖🦖🦖🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎉

  • Noblesse Ultimate Judge of the Rose
    Noblesse Ultimate Judge of the Rose

    Mechagodzilla is the enemy

  • Dashy Gaming
    Dashy Gaming

    3:54 BEACH! 4:21 BEACH!

  • Marcus Faze Or J Fizzy With it
    Marcus Faze Or J Fizzy With it

    I’m ready for the Godzilla vs King Kong Press conference

  • Mark Glenn
    Mark Glenn

    That’s not real Godzilla Probably thas Mega Godzilla transform into him self Godzilla

  • Gamer Wolf
    Gamer Wolf

    Who do you think is going to win

  • Syed Qatads
    Syed Qatads


  • Suryashish 25
    Suryashish 25

    12:38-12:41 quite literally

  • Bryan Nene
    Bryan Nene

    Love yo vids

  • phoenix rising
    phoenix rising

    Just hoping Godzilla and Kong team up against some bad ass monster(s) in the end

  • Isaac Castillo
    Isaac Castillo

    Yo this movie this movie is gonna be fuckin sick 😂😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Artyom Agadzhanyan
    Artyom Agadzhanyan

    WB: Godzilla Vs Kong Dana White (UFC): Sign the contract...

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez

    Also godzilla bows to no one

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez

    Godzilla should win godzilla is a legendary titan

  • SagerX XSama
    SagerX XSama

    I wonder how kongs gonna deal with the atomic breath

  • Alafriz Fam VLOG
    Alafriz Fam VLOG

    Kong is the hero dumb poeple

  • Alex Animations
    Alex Animations

    13:05 that guy had a panic attack on camera.

  • Lewis Robertson
    Lewis Robertson

    G man

  • ironfae

    Somebody PLEASE get Angry Joe a girlfriend. 😂

  • Manamal Media
    Manamal Media

    Hey bro, thanks for adding my reaction to your Mashup once again. I like how you did that editing, skillz... RTS!!!

  • Christopher Peguero
    Christopher Peguero

    Das a good movie guys

  • Yandel Rodriguez
    Yandel Rodriguez

    I vote godzilla

  • Midracle

    NOT ANYONE 4:21 : BITCH!!!!

  • Midracle

    The thing is the OST Here We Go really put a good spice on the trailer. Bows down.

  • Salem Mohammed
    Salem Mohammed

    mate if you see closely you see godzilla blue print so i think that was not godzilla please see this coment because i think the ending was mech godzilla reveals him self

  • Lelouch Lamperouge
    Lelouch Lamperouge

    Fuck Kong. A GOD can't lose to a King. An ape (monkey) doesn't have shit. Godzilla has all the fire power. What does Kong have? Nothing. Cuz Kong is nothing. No power. If this was like the original King Kong vs Godzilla, then I know it's going to suck. Why? Cuz their going to make that monkey win, just like the last time. So, fuck that shit. Godzilla is the real King of Monsters not no god damn ape.

    • Alvin Quilatan
      Alvin Quilatan

      Shut u

  • Mr. Zdo
    Mr. Zdo

    The song is fucking amazing what do u mean?!

  • TheMonsterousIsaac 04
    TheMonsterousIsaac 04

    8:00 Sanca u dead man

  • Nijal Owens
    Nijal Owens

    Everybody if your team Godzilla like

  • Atal Hotak
    Atal Hotak

    OMFG I THINK KONG IS GONNA WIN OMG WHAT THE FREAK?!?!??!?!!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!

  • Kim Orbit Id
    Kim Orbit Id

    09:50 that raptor tshirt 😂😂😂

  • Gaming 911
    Gaming 911

    I will teach you guys but wait it might be a excuse for spoil so that godzilla is fake so the guy comes out after the old man says these are dangerous times he made the mechagodzilla because his dad died because the king of monster movie in there his dad died because he try to make godzilla get ssome energy to kill ghdorha so he is try to kill real godzilla but the people keep helping godzilla so he is trying to kill both and also the movie in old godzilla vs mecha gozilla movies there was a monster who helped godzilla so kong is taking his spot to help real godzilla to kill mechagodzilla also the king of the monster movie there was kingghodora head was taken by the bad guy so he might help making mechagozilla and they might make mecha kingghidora because the old movie was like that I think it is like this.

  • Marian Pinpin
    Marian Pinpin

    But godzill abecome king

  • D.A.V Rmx / Beatz productions
    D.A.V Rmx / Beatz productions

    Dude...your video editing,and chapter arrangement is top notch.I know you must have a Fiverr account.🤣

  • nico ary
    nico ary

    Pacific Rim crossover with Monsterverse movie.... please make it happened Legendary Pictures.....

  • AyKuTRyu

    18:14 actually the movie was released 1962. The English language version came out in 1963.

  • Hawk

    I only have one question where is kongs fucking cocktail

  • AlanProCH Gaming
    AlanProCH Gaming


    • AlanProCH Gaming
      AlanProCH Gaming

      Also I will watch it.

  • Blain Chaney
    Blain Chaney

    Two kings collide Godzilla king of the monsters and Kong king of skull island

  • Matthew Flom
    Matthew Flom

    I waited so long to see King Kong punch Godzilla

  • In The Red Corner Boxing With Polo J
    In The Red Corner Boxing With Polo J


  • Alana Lajefa
    Alana Lajefa

    “why is he hitting him upside his head like it ain’t nothin...” pls 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Mwiza Chihana
    Mwiza Chihana

    Why are people shocked that Godzilla is killing people? He is NOT "pure heroic" or "pure evil", he is just a neutral force of nature.

  • GritUniverse

    holy sh8 he beam axe mjolnir zee's ass haha

  • B L
    B L

    when kong punchs godzilla, out of every other monster hes faced, zilla's never been hit that hard im sure

  • nover_ boi
    nover_ boi

    What I see people complain about is how kong has grown to be as tall as godzilla, and now he has a 'mystical' power axe to help him, saying that's unfair. Now let's keep in mind. This movie will supposedly take place around 40 something years after kong skull Island. And back during that movie, king kong was a teen, so he would have room to grow bigger, hence why he is seemingly an adult in these trailers. And as for the axe, if you take close looks at the images of the weapons, the head of the axe actually looks extremely similar to godzillas dorsal spines. The description and images seem extremely similar, so it is likely that kong will break off a dorsal spine and turn it into an axe, as he was stated by legendary to be a 'Tool user'. Now let's say that the axe is indeed one of godzillas dorsal spines. That would seem to explain why kong was able to block the atomic breath. As we have seen, godzillas dorsal plates/spines glow blue whenever he is powering up to shoot his atomic breath. It could be possible that the dorsal plates actually help harness the atomic breath and absorb it to keep it in check or something. That could be a possibility as to why the axe was able to absorb the atomic breath near the end of the trailer. TLDR; Kong hit puberty and grew up, and he broke one of godzillas dorsal spines before fashioning it into an axe. The dorsal plates can absorb and insulate/protect against godzillas own atomic breath. That is why the axe could absorb godzillas atomic breath at the end of the trailer.

  • Dennis Lea
    Dennis Lea

    i love it so much

  • Cat Nimule
    Cat Nimule

    Tbh, no one likes Godzilla Losing

  • Andy Crapo
    Andy Crapo

    Stop calling that city "Tokyo"!!! That is Hong Kong!!!!

  • Ralph Nacouzi
    Ralph Nacouzi

    I think godzilla gonna lose but I don't want to I love godzilla 😭 who do you think gonna win

  • Metal BroJoe 84
    Metal BroJoe 84

    Team Kong here Anyone???

  • slushie

    Godzilla is hurting people because he smells king Ghidorah

  • Tom Lee Tom Lee
    Tom Lee Tom Lee

    No matter what ...I am with Godzilla !

  • Jeffery Perry
    Jeffery Perry

    thats not godzilla!

  • tth715

    I love 💕 them both and I am not a fan of making one the bad guy and having one be the winner.... not a fan! Sucks! Both must live daminit....🤬

  • Callofdanger

    0:03 Mechagodzilla Look In The Sky Where The People Are Running At Mechagodzilla. 1:42 Look Behind The Guy On The Screen There's Arms And Legs Mechagodzilla Is Coming!!!

  • Kelvin McWilliams
    Kelvin McWilliams

    13:08 this man looking like he’s about to bust 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Gabriela Robles
    Gabriela Robles

    Aye Monke got butt burned and he can’t swim

  • James Smith
    James Smith

    Im still team godzilla im sorry but he's part of my childhood love kong to but ive got the big ass lizards back come on the king of monsters

  • Hans Zky
    Hans Zky

    Girl: This is bananas! Kong: *Damn right 😏*

  • Sionne Kayzar
    Sionne Kayzar

    Too many Godzilla fans in these reactors. They're disappointed. LOL..

  • Ryan Pease
    Ryan Pease

    Here is my theory since Godzilla is a bad guy in this movie they are going to make Kong win but if Godzilla wasn't a bad guy Kong will get destroyed

  • Flash Gordon
    Flash Gordon

    Man so many of them don't know nothing about these two and it cringingly shows. Anything for views I guess.

  • Eric ERtives
    Eric ERtives

    Kong will kick Gadzila, and that's probably fair.

  • jayz Playz
    jayz Playz

    Wow I feel yt is a more safe place to discuss kong vs godzilla coz like tiktok is a fucking warzone like them nigga gonna kill each other before the film even comes out 😂 if I'm honest I rlly love both and I want them to team

  • Tuber Ratted
    Tuber Ratted

    The movie is coming September 22 I think Bc it said “FALL” and that’s when it starts

  • sheepishcool

    Thing is godzilla was not hurting people if you look closely its not him its mechagodzilla

    • sheepishcool

      They also made godzilla 200 or 300 feet smaller in king Kong so it could be a fair fight 👌


    It’s bowlshit how no one refers to KONG as king

  • Jhavari Webber
    Jhavari Webber

    King vs king this is going to be overpowered

  • Michael Trujano
    Michael Trujano

    Bro I think everyone lost their sh*t when kong went for the head with the axe

  • Redfalcon

    alter wie sieht der den kacke aus rauch noch einen bevor du live gehst


    Godzilla vs Kong. More like Godzilla+Kong vs. Mecha Godzilla

  • Todd Johnson
    Todd Johnson

    😂😂 13:09 brought tears of joy to my eyes.brothas love godzilla🔥👊👍😊

  • Todd Johnson
    Todd Johnson

    😂😂the brotha at 7:43 had ne rollin.he's throwing haymakers.i had 40 times.lmao Godzilla forever. Kong is american.godzilla is from asia.and loved by brothas.kick his ass Godzilla 👊👍🔥😂

  • Aaron Barlow
    Aaron Barlow

    So Kong got hold of Stormbringer.

  • kwest ejiofor
    kwest ejiofor

    almost the whole video is ppl supporting kong

  • AphmauI

    but love it

  • AphmauI

    i know its too long to upload this video

  • Ashton Disney
    Ashton Disney

    I love you and I really hope you Watch Godzilla versus King Kong in the movie theaters I’ve been a really big fan of Godzilla and King Kong😂😂😃😀😃😀❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Jafet Toxqui
    Jafet Toxqui

    Two of the gods fighting


    why Godzilla becomes smaller

  • Hatim Quilon
    Hatim Quilon

    trailer looks bad.

  • Austin's Awesome Adventures
    Austin's Awesome Adventures

    I have watched that trailer a number of times and never gets old. Years in the making and it's going to be better then all the ones before it