Chiraq Street Legends Ep.22 : EBE Bandz “Billy The Kidd”
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    Street Newz Tv

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    • Elijah Thompson
      Elijah Thompson

      Wait What Happened To White Bro ?????

    • Elijah Thompson
      Elijah Thompson

      I'm Not Tryna Be Disrespectful Or AnyThing But This Dude Musik Ass 😂😂🗑🗑🗑

    • Icekilla3Hunna

      Love your channel bro keep it up

    • Argo G fly
      Argo G fly

    • Shannon Stewart
      Shannon Stewart

      Can you update us on the case and where these 3 fuckers are at like case wise are they back in jail or what? And why is Dakota’s Facebook says he’s in Italy the day after he was “arrested “?? I really don’t want it to go unsolved or forgotten about I really want to know what happened and if he at least got legal justice. I’m so sorry and I hope and pray you’re doing okay mentally physically and spiritually oksy and healthy, please get back to me when you can ma’m. Thank you sincerely.

  • Elijah Thompson
    Elijah Thompson

    He Ran Off The Plug #LLEBEBandz🖤🕊

  • Cody M
    Cody M

    Will wasn't from Chicago either he's from Texas

  • ras 47
    ras 47

    Its alot of whites in black gangs .. I remember that white blood in this prison doc and he had to prove his self alot because of how it is in prison

  • Jasmine Radford
    Jasmine Radford

    Black folks love celebrating their oppressors. 🙄😒

  • Hector Ramirez
    Hector Ramirez

    These guys had to be working with a cartel to take it as far as they did..they tortured him and set his body on fire..

  • Maurice Rebuck
    Maurice Rebuck

    How can you say he was really a black man? When you don't how he really thinking. Riding the culture and being who u really are. Are two different elements of someone character

  • Knockout Noda
    Knockout Noda

    Hell of a rumor b. Wild story joe💯

  • Tony Taylor
    Tony Taylor

    Man aint no person with no MELANIN is really a BLACK man. I cant belive that was said. He really a black man....smh😠

  • Naithen Foster
    Naithen Foster

    Rip Billy da kid

  • staylifted187

    Its crazy how the white guy pants lower then all the blacks in the pic

  • A w
    A w

    Bro im hoping this shit takes you all the way. Respect from UK

  • Brad Johnson
    Brad Johnson

    What do you think white people who don't hang with you fool's are punks ? That's why you take your rap names from half of us.

  • Micheal gotti
    Micheal gotti

    Hese not from Chicago lol. This nigga was a phoney blk stone from rockford it something. He wasn't from Chicago ever. Why u think he got killed by some lames.

  • Mike Adkins
    Mike Adkins

    Slim Jesus... Did it really even need to be specified that he weren't on his job like that? Come on now lol!

  • J F
    J F

    9:01 lmaooooooooooo

  • Bluto Lucci
    Bluto Lucci

    He judged the book by the cover...Looks like that book was written by Cartel Members 🤦🏾

  • SoFly Win
    SoFly Win

    C'mon i know ya not stupid to think those 3 are the ones that front him that shit... They the muscles the plug is anonymous

  • SoFly Win
    SoFly Win

    Dude was talented and the gang wanted that for money. Why ya think gmebe kick him out when he wasn't successful in the rap game

  • swizzjr89

    I messed wit bandz heavy still shocked he got taken out by the geek squad

  • CHANCE Cayenne
    CHANCE Cayenne


  • Hammonds a bitch
    Hammonds a bitch

    He’s the main reason white people dont do real drill rap

  • Kings County
    Kings County

    Not everyone who picks up a gun and have tats is gangsta.He could never be black.Stop it,my dude.He got murked without putting in pain so he was no street dude.We all got a date but if it is one of you and you got 3 bodies before you get taken out, Thats different

  • America is Mystery Babylon
    America is Mystery Babylon

    Street Newz Tv. What up Fam!!

  • n Villamena
    n Villamena

    LOL theres no need to bring up Slim Jesus in this video. Slim Jesus is a fake 😂😂😂😂

  • Indra Mazhar
    Indra Mazhar

    Is he a muslim 6:22 ???? White ... Muslim .... hangout with African Americanz ??? LoL odd combo

  • Dr Phot
    Dr Phot

    Don'tever ever proclaim white person no matter how down they seem is a Black person... They are not us!

  • 🇵🇸sTriple❤

    That Arabic tattoo that he Got is pure really evil. Giving me the chills and in the worst way possible

    • 🇵🇸sTriple❤

      @Eric S you to my friend. Much blessings to you and yours

    • Eric S
      Eric S

      @🇵🇸sTriple❤ ahhh. Makes sense. Thank you for the elaboration. I don't speak/read Arabic and was curious. Be well

    • 🇵🇸sTriple❤

      @Eric S it's too evil. It means Son of God. You can tell he's wicked in the heart. Not just for that. But that shows what he believes and that's in and it's not Christianity or Islam. It's wicked whatever he believes cause he's mocking God literally and I couldn't even look at it the whole video cause it gave me some of the worst vibes I ever felt

    • Eric S
      Eric S


  • Andrew Bittle
    Andrew Bittle

    He was born and raised in the hood. Nothing special about that and common years ago.

  • Smoke&Gunz 411
    Smoke&Gunz 411

    When you out here doing dirt it don't have to be the GanG to put you down!!!...#smokengunz411

  • Icekilla3Hunna

    Rap does not work out for everybody

  • 6lue Already Dead
    6lue Already Dead

    Always taking the do today charged with his murder were really his connection to the actual plug and they probably vouch for him and the real plug or cartel or whoever was told them that unless they or they're family wanna die they have to kill this dude that owes us money.... Or they just had to do it because they vouched for him & their rep was on it🤔🧐🤔🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️... either way it's a fucced up situation cuz dude was talented & always seemed like he was💯

  • Young Mobb
    Young Mobb

    Do one on ghetto

  • jeremy hershey
    jeremy hershey

    U forgot about chaboki bandz he white and was in it

  • Tahkeem Daniels
    Tahkeem Daniels

    Why y’all always putting these guys in heaven with angels wings. These guys are not in heaven. Read your Bible

  • ochonganokwu

    Bro, why they all gotta be dead. Don’t you have a video about a chiraq legend who isn’t dead? Shit is soo depressing

  • David Williams
    David Williams

    All them dudes gone be the feds next to him. They still ain't learned from 69

  • Argo G fly
    Argo G fly

  • Emcharge-music


  • Mickey Sharpz
    Mickey Sharpz

    P.S. always pay your 🔌

  • Mickey Sharpz
    Mickey Sharpz

    If you don’t make it in this fantasy music shit . How about using your hands ,get a trade and get a real fucking job 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Designer Boy Block
    Designer Boy Block

    Lil flash from the chiraq too but didn’t blow up as he should he got some heat asss songs

  • Mo Dro
    Mo Dro

    Rip ebe bandz

  • 41eazye

    Man we had a lil white boy in our clic and he was certified his moma use to smoke rocks and one day i asked him what u be doing when ur mom partying he told me "walking the streets" i told him u hanging with us from now on i swear when i told him that his whole demeanor changed and got happy all i can say lil robert was loyal asf some judge sentenced my lil nigga to 40 years free lil robert

  • Edward Melendez
    Edward Melendez

    True to the game 👀💦🙌 good show...P,3LEe..B.X..PITO trampa Brook Ave red EYEZ Cru

  • Gary Mcvey
    Gary Mcvey

    Number one rule never fuck with the money. These guys might look like nerds but true bad boys move in silence

  • Young Mobb
    Young Mobb

    He's not really about that neither he slim Jesus too don't be fooled by the tattoos he's not from the city

  • Young Mobb
    Young Mobb

    No he not he not really from Chicago they use him to get a name he's not from over East he's from out of town he's not a real Stone neither

  • r0ck dezzz
    r0ck dezzz

    this was lame cause u think he was acting black . you forget bill cosby and r kelly are black right ? ebe bandz was a gangster

  • BretHitman

    Do billionaire black!

  • BretHitman

    Do billionaire black!

  • dj Jersey
    dj Jersey

    I have a great instinct he was trying to hard

  • Hakeam Lee
    Hakeam Lee

    What’s the name of the song in the beginning?

  • cold hearted
    cold hearted

    8:32 you must not have heard of John Wayne Gacy and Jeffery Dahmer.

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin

    He aint even from the chi he moved there then made music u all dumb asl and he ain't known in the streets, funny how everyone sees this guy on this channel and just assumes everything about him, your all to stupid

  • Silkk Dread
    Silkk Dread

    Thats real shit about not rapping no more. Give up bcuz its not fruitful enough

  • loyalty overmoney
    loyalty overmoney

    They look like they work at game stop

  • Tremaine Brown
    Tremaine Brown

    Love ur content keep it coming.

  • Aaron Hastie
    Aaron Hastie

    I loved ebe bandz he was a real thurro street dude that fed the homeless an cared about his community smh resr. Up

  • Dillyn Armani
    Dillyn Armani

    “...A strong word called consignment/Strictly for live men not for freshman/if u ain’t got the clientele say hell no. Cuz they gone want they money rain sleet hail snow!!!” -Notorious B.I.G. 💎💎💎

  • Austin D
    Austin D

    The two with Glasses look like killers. You can see it in they’re eyes. Bottom dude gonna tell

    • Street Style
      Street Style

      The Latin dude is the ring leader he picks the good serial killers

  • Ryan Rogers
    Ryan Rogers

    man that’s rockford for you lol i remember in high school one of the biggest nerds i knew got pinched for 2lbs of wax and like 250 xanax, you really would never know lmfao

  • Tee Tee
    Tee Tee

    I stay binge watching these videos

  • Chae Jones
    Chae Jones

    Don't care how hood a white guy or white girl is! They will never be one of us! Period!

  • Marcus Jordan
    Marcus Jordan

    Deep down inside he was really a black man??? Smdh..hearin some of tha shit WE say shows how sleep we are that tha factor of negativity made him acceptable...smdh

  • Young Trajik
    Young Trajik

    Hearing him being a street NIGGA sound hilarious when you say it 😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Marie Aline Sillice
    Marie Aline Sillice

    "...deep down inside he was a black man." What stupidity!

    • 41eazye

      But it really be like that in some cases like a white kid being raised by blacks or vice versa but if u are not familiar with urban areas u wouldnt understand ijs

    • 41eazye


  • UG Luis
    UG Luis

    Wasnt dude from Stirling Illinois, thats not Chicago.

  • london beats
    london beats

    How did he end up in the hood ? Shouldn't he be living in Obama's neighbourhood ?

  • Mason Payne
    Mason Payne

    The one white guy😂 wait is he dead I don’t wanna die

  • tweety11226

    How you gonna take half a brick of heroin and try to hide from the plug. Come on now! Don't ever judge a book by its cover. He got dealt with and thats the code of the streets and I'm not even street at all lol. Da fuck! They lucky they even found his body. Mobsters would have buried him in concrete at a construction site and he would have never been found

  • tweety11226

    I'm glad you found out another outlet to make money one you came out of jail. UZload is more lucrative and you can go far. I can tell you're from Chicago because you sound country lol

  • Adonna Rowe
    Adonna Rowe

    Pay your debts

  • Marcus Toney
    Marcus Toney

    Those dude that's had something to do with his death look like cartel members!

  • James Sherry
    James Sherry

    They say this is the dude that killed FBG DUCK

  • James Sherry
    James Sherry

    Slim jesus... Sumone would actually say hes bout it????... That would be the end of the convo rite thereeee.. Bye

  • shottakid383

    This one was stoopid bro

  • J dubb
    J dubb

    Rip bandz

  • Ayesha-Lul Musa
    Ayesha-Lul Musa

    His got “Son of God” tattooed on his face in Arabic 🤦🏾‍♀️ I wish people would stop tattooing Allah’s name on their body or calling themselves sons of Allah.. They know damn well it’s forbidden in Islam. الله اكبر

  • Lukeman

    Ong he looked at it like they sweet😂 Rip foe still💯💯

  • Allan Williams
    Allan Williams


  • Syria’s Bunny Blog
    Syria’s Bunny Blog

    Burned his body up?

  • Brianna Daniels
    Brianna Daniels

    After I seen the 2 dudes that killed him, I knew for a fact it wasnt no gang shit and it was most likely some tyoe of Cartel, Owe the wrong mfa money type shit

  • kaliforniahustla

    What song is that playing when the video comes on

  • Decent Dude
    Decent Dude

    Ya have to DIE to be "really bout dat?" Asking 4 a friend😀😏 this was the most unnecessary death in your whole series. He had to have known better. 🤷🏿🤦🏿

  • Maurice Watson
    Maurice Watson

    Honestly I feel like this video was straight until we go to the part where dude disrespects his own people by saying pretty much that black men in America are predators just looking for somebody to prey upon. I disagree with that he did not inherit That Nature because he hung around black people we had that nature because he hung around the wrong people. I am in real life from Chicago low end ida b wells extentions , And I did not inherit that nature. If anything I’m one of those guys who don’t look like anything until he on your ass

    • deon johnson
      deon johnson

      Fuck dude bro I hear u I'm from the city I know bro 💯shit

  • queenshia

    I think that's a lot of peoples' mind set is to milk a door mat for everything they got.

  • ML & Wicke
    ML & Wicke

    Sup with all these weirdo azz niccas trying to Holla at his OG RIP BILLY DA KID

  • Sean Quinn
    Sean Quinn

    lol a white dude in chiraq has to be about that action

  • Sampson Mccaa
    Sampson Mccaa

    Showed his ass about playing. Them geeky mfz he tried 2 get over on didnt givva fuck bout tht affiliation

  • 50Lure

    make 1 bout E-Dogg aswell, he white too

  • 96 Bread
    96 Bread



    This shit is 🔥🔥🔥🔥 can't stop watching this shit now

  • Davario Flowers
    Davario Flowers

    His silly ass was on drugs n stole from the plug thats wa u get i dnt feel bad fkr any rapper who rap this stupid shit n then died from.the same lifestyle

  • Postit Randomly
    Postit Randomly

    Seen this white dude in a video years ago. Never knew he was putting in work like that in the streets for him to be featured on this channel....and I’m laughing at him mentioning Slim Jesus.....oh go figured this dude died. Now I see why he was mentioned on this channel

  • Young RapGod
    Young RapGod

    The gangsta rap demon

  • old man with gun
    old man with gun

    Yall out der listening to plies goofys

  • Karneisha Cox
    Karneisha Cox

    R.I.P 🙏

  • Mike Gates
    Mike Gates


  • jsnjns disco
    jsnjns disco

    Deep down inside he's a black man? FOH

    • Fendi

      @Christian Mandigo On god bro got to chill with that 😂

    • Christian Mandigo
      Christian Mandigo

      Lmao goin to far 😂