I Let My Friends Buy My New £1000 Daily
This week, Ethan and Jack surprise Alex with his new £1000 daily driver!
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  • some small stuff
    some small stuff

    Wait do you earn 1k daily???

  • Amanda B
    Amanda B

    My car is an automatic with a small engine and it's fabulous. Actually offended at the comment that they're shit 😂

  • Maaka Tipa
    Maaka Tipa

    Just saw the rust on the arches, Maybe not!

  • Maaka Tipa
    Maaka Tipa

    Go for the Suzuki.

  • C M
    C M

    There is no way that passed a legitimate MOT 8 months ago....someone's been taking it to their uncles garage for the last couple of years atleast. 😂

  • Murathan toklucu
    Murathan toklucu

    how about u make the crhis fix fixes your new daily itl be pretty amazing

  • sebafer2

    lol my grandpa has one just like this in venezuela

  • Ashley Griffiths
    Ashley Griffiths

    Regarding the coolant, that bottle is the over flow bottle, it shouldn't be filled, always check the water level on the cap on top of the radiator

  • Clobi Rml
    Clobi Rml

    “ Yh mate I’ve got a quarter of a million pounds worth of stock and this is the only car people are ringing about “ stock >>>> an old focus estate and some old containers

  • Rob. 043
    Rob. 043

    Surely there is milage in a 'Car Throttle welder' being bought to attempt some function over form repairs. Also, 'Battery looks new'....? I'd say original, when did you see a Panasonic battery for sale in the UK?

  • Randi Sallah
    Randi Sallah

    Good video. But I do just want to point out, that "coolant tank" isn't a coolant tank. It's an called an expansion tank, basically it just houses the overflow from the system. Hence why it's bottle top is just a pop off cap, instead of the standard pressurised system where a pop off cap wouldn't be much use. These systems are very common in most, if not all, Japanese/Korean cars in both petrol and diesel engines. The coolant actually goes in the radiator under that metal cap, which you also should push down an twist to open and to check the level there just has to be coolant visible. Good luck with it though.

  • TreeSlayer

    "how are we just finding cars with rust" Boi you live in England land😂😂 what a question

  • Scott Lawson
    Scott Lawson

    guarantees in life: death taxes terminal rust on a ford or suzuki

  • ConradY2K

    Is car covered in Alex's drive the 944?

    • Iain MacRae
      Iain MacRae

      'Phil' the MX5

  • John Grieve
    John Grieve

    wow - you poor UK people. I have NEVER seen a car that rusty here in Oz.

  • YourAverageJoe

    5:48 how they put completely unrelated “Audi golf Astra corsa” in the title of the Subaru listing to rank higher in searches 😂😂

  • Robert`s Channel
    Robert`s Channel

    15:28 reveal

  • RWoody1995

    *it has a V6!* "oooh, 2.5L? 3.0L???" ..."2.0L" ...why so many cylinders for only 2.0L? :o what's the advantage of having more cylinders for a smaller displacement than some 4 cylinder engines of the same era? ...I'm guessing it was just so suzuki could put "V6" in big letters on the advert :P

    • Iain MacRae
      Iain MacRae

      low down torque?

  • Ashish Bavlekar
    Ashish Bavlekar

    Daily for what?? Where will you be going in lockdown?

  • Tomo Adji 95
    Tomo Adji 95

    That's car becoming so expensive in my country

  • Trü Ter
    Trü Ter

    Alex! Do a video where you stuff chicken wire into the rust hole and putty & paint over it to "fix" the rust bucket

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi

    “Facebook is the end of the world” could not have put it better myself

  • Connor McNicol-Day
    Connor McNicol-Day

    Jack: “Ford Escort 1.6 Fy-neice? Finesse?” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Marios Nikolaidis
    Marios Nikolaidis

    what happened to miles ??????? @carthtrottle

    • eioshen boboi
      eioshen boboi

      I love how the ad that came up was the AA repair ad.

  • J Joule Kelvin
    J Joule Kelvin

    you guys are so lucky. for that price in india you can get only Maturi 800 - _ -.

  • Puzuzu

    Hello John gotta new motor!

    • Iain MacRae
      Iain MacRae

      yes lad

  • SlowRs

    Is this not built on a ladder chassis type design? If so that rust would pass a mot as its not structural for that type of frame.

  • potxman

    You could have gotten a hyundai tucson from 2004, its amazing!

  • Info Botosani
    Info Botosani

    How on earth is he watching ww2 documentaries being half german, half english?!?

  • gin

    "gumtree is fancier", yeah I know british gumtree is different, but it cant be that different.

  • GM28

    Me watching this video AFTER watching the Vitara video

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy

    13:03 That's the downside of having clip-on OEM fender flares. The wet debris are clogged inside those flares and eats its way out of the wheel arches.

  • The Gibbs Guy
    The Gibbs Guy

    Captain swivel seats should be a series

  • covington race
    covington race

    This channel has become boring

  • Yanick Lange
    Yanick Lange

    5:43 i love how it says audi holf astra corsa in the ad 😂

  • Shubham Balki
    Shubham Balki

    Save the vitara alex

    • nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy

      Those arches may not fail an MOT as they are not structural and you can put tape on them to cover it for the test.....

  • kolim jone
    kolim jone

    The name needs to be "Archie" after the rotten arches

  • narancs5

    Those backlights sticking out reminds me a lot of the group b MG Metro.

  • Ollie Ashton
    Ollie Ashton

    Turn it into an "Escudo" Pikes Peak replica!

    • kolim jone
      kolim jone

      This thing deserves to be saved like the octavia, am i right!! You've got a ton of video material in your hands there!!

  • Huw Pritchard
    Huw Pritchard

    I love how the ad that came up was the AA repair ad.

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl

    "I've got quarter of a million quids worth of cars for sale" Nothing in the yard worth more than a few hundred quid.

  • SilverJig

    Nice little rig, would have loved to see the Forester as well.

  • TricksyTricksy Bovises
    TricksyTricksy Bovises

    There's always a moment in videos where you remember Alex isn't a normal sized human when something relevant is shown for scale. That barbell looks like an 18 wheeler axle compared to him.

  • AnythingGasoline

    Body on frame, rust on the body doesn't affect the MOT? As long as the frame is structurally sound? Or at least that's how it used to be

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl

      Please make a video or series fixing the car! Thanks guys

  • David Roberts
    David Roberts

    Seeing as Alex has a phobia of rust , why don't you use the £300 you saved on the car and enroll Alex on a welding course, I'm sure he'd love it. Keep up the good work.

  • EgyBros

    I've seen that nissan when I was looking for a car

  • Linsey Young
    Linsey Young

    Transit owners be like "call that rust?"... Stop messing about, get a MIG and weld in some new panels.

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu

    I hope everyone who sees this gets rich this year 💜

  • Koda Wolfy
    Koda Wolfy

    I’ve got a sidekick, amazing little truck, automatic 1.6 l 4 door. Amazing what they can do

  • Tringmotion e-bike & Cycle Store
    Tringmotion e-bike & Cycle Store

    Those arches may not fail an MOT as they are not structural and you can put tape on them to cover it for the test.....

    • oiuet souiu
      oiuet souiu

      I don't like cars...but love the channel :D

  • Daniel Kinard
    Daniel Kinard

    why are cars so much cheaper than in the US

  • Auto Guys Custom
    Auto Guys Custom

    PLEASE DO! Cheap van challenge! 😄👍

  • LadyAnuB

    Should've tried for a Pontiac of any stripe.

  • Chris Bailey
    Chris Bailey

    "I'm Ron Burgandy?"....classic reference. Love that film

  • Verneri Virta
    Verneri Virta

    This thing deserves to be saved like the octavia, am i right!! You've got a ton of video material in your hands there!!

  • Folke Johansson
    Folke Johansson

    That forester tho...

  • damian_0174 on insta
    damian_0174 on insta

    This is destiny

  • Jun Kitami
    Jun Kitami

    I used to drive my mother's 3rd gen 2.7L V6 Grand Vitara every time we cross the border (I own a CL7 Accord Euro R at that point) and that car is pretty good when it goes offroad and due to my nature of work at that time (I was a fruit distributor manager), I frequently needed to enter muddy fruit plantation and to look at fruits straight from the farm and the Vitara served me well when my mum doesn't drive it for close to 5 years before we sold it off as we don't need it anymore.

  • ZiLoX

    Please make a video or series fixing the car! Thanks guys

  • Philip Embleton
    Philip Embleton

    Cars in Germany are more expensive than the UK now. Or rather cars in the UK are super cheap. I think just because the market for RHD cars is limited so they're a bit cheaper.

  • Cian 825p
    Cian 825p

    Classic car for £500

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss

    looks so cool

  • Cosmin Calin
    Cosmin Calin

    Exercising cose you short?! No complex there :D

  • Allen Akbar
    Allen Akbar

    U need a fat boy

  • Jose Jimenez
    Jose Jimenez

    Is this what ducking English people thing is too content???

  • sperran

    I don't like cars...but love the channel :D

    • Ask to seduce Miss
      Ask to seduce Miss

      Just wondering, can you guys do a video on which sites is better when looking for private buy ? I've noticed you guys always don't want to go to Facebook. Are there any tips ?

  • jakubgraus13

    Hey guys, can you do something like a cheap rally car challenge ? Cheers :)

  • fouoii gyhh
    fouoii gyhh

    Jack: “SOMEONE ORDER A FINESSE!!!???””” Alex: not now jack....

  • moses 1997
    moses 1997

    Do a video about cycling

  • Sebastian Andersen
    Sebastian Andersen

    14:58 Yikes..

  • Kayl93

    Please make a video on fixing that car! xD

  • Dhruv Sharma
    Dhruv Sharma

    Where the heck do you get the money to buy the cars every week.

    • fouoii gyhh
      fouoii gyhh

      first like, then to watch video :D?

  • Gameranks

    uzload.info/fun/fpWGmIK-mnGC0oE/video thats a good friend that haha ;)

  • Auto-TaT

    Wow, what a croc. Whole thing looks very low-rent before you add in the rust.

  • Asif Arif
    Asif Arif


  • wolfguy2008

    "I want to do some haulin'" - hmmm, I wonder, after Brexit :D Enjoy your island!

  • Chris Pietocha
    Chris Pietocha

    I'll buy it from you in 3 months :)

  • Hamza Mohammedsadeeq
    Hamza Mohammedsadeeq

    Why are cars so cheap in the uk.Is it because of rust or running costs are too high?

  • Lord Sandwich
    Lord Sandwich

    How can you not love the Figaro?! It's adorable! 😭

  • Roland Wong
    Roland Wong

    Just wondering, can you guys do a video on which sites is better when looking for private buy ? I've noticed you guys always don't want to go to Facebook. Are there any tips ?

  • Andrei Zapan
    Andrei Zapan

    Hi, if you don't need it after the MOT expires i give you 100 pounds and i will take it to my country to use it on the hills. I hope you are interested in my "offer" :D . Have a great year. Greetings from Romania.

  • Chris G
    Chris G

    Dodgy salesman who is trying to pass off a car for 1000 when it won't pass a mot

  • عبد الرزاق كلش
    عبد الرزاق كلش


  • Darcy Buckeridge
    Darcy Buckeridge

    wish i could turn back time and save our vitara from being turned into a bushbasher by my step brother

  • Arlen Moulton
    Arlen Moulton

    Ehh get the rust done and that'll go on forever, absolute tank

  • Sam Burrows
    Sam Burrows

    shoulda got the subaru, at least it would last ya longer than 4 months lol! Those foz are kinda the exceptions to subaru average reliability reputation.

  • Chris Piasecki
    Chris Piasecki

    I wouldn't touch a v6 Vitara, the v6 in the Vitara and tracker are listed as throw aways, Ive replaced two that locked up at under 100k miles for customers. The i4s in both are great,last a long time and can be rebuilt easily and cheaply. Also, the rust is most likely a ton worst than what you realize, these tend to have nothing left under all that massive plastic trim. As for your "crunchy" feeling rack, it's most likely not the rack, these have a short steering shaft between the column and rack that has two universals on it, the angle of both universals is around 70° "very tight angle", and any wear whatsoever in those universals cause very "crunchy" feeling steering, same thing, I've replaced quite a few of those too, fairly cheap part" 65 USD" and not hard to get to, to replace.

  • Spencer Christiansen
    Spencer Christiansen

    I think you've gotta save this thing

  • ItsAlexPlayz

    Are you going to fix it up?

  • Suedwestcracks

    Today cars like this one are more expensive in Germany...

  • Edward Hawken
    Edward Hawken

    Missed a trick not getting the Grand Vitara 'Sport'! I have an 02 (next gen from yours) 3 door 1.6 manual and it is the best daily you could ask for. The interior is exactly the same, love 'the import test' every time someone else drives it and turns the wipers on at the first junction they come to...

  • slow bird
    slow bird

    C'mon Britain, you gotta weld these things back together and keep them on the road! Can't go scrapping 'em just for some measly old rust! :D

  • Infamouz

    Will Look like pablo escobar now

  • Ben

    Would be cool video but the emphasis on the gym and working out made it awkward to watch. Dislike from me

  • Michał Lipiński
    Michał Lipiński

    You should get him a audi 80 these cars are not that rusty ;)

    • Michał Lipiński
      Michał Lipiński

      Dont let the ethan choose the car again ! Please :p

  • whydidyoubanmeson

    ''Escorts are cool.''

  • Janson

    Now we need a restoration series like the Skoda Octavia one

    • huttio srreu
      huttio srreu

      My first car was a Rover 200 in metallic red! lovely car!

  • Adam Moore
    Adam Moore

    That "im not selling it and buying it" line is the best thing I've ever heard


    Coulda bought my dads old X5 he sold it like a few weeks ago

    • huttio srreu
      huttio srreu

      It's a gasoline hog. I wouldn't spend money to fuel that thing.

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover

    @8:20 you about the priva, but it's no joke the right van for the job.... I'm the US it's the hipster van