Everything You Need To Know About Crimson Heist - Rainbow Six Siege
The first season of a new year, we've got lots to cover.
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Intro: 0:00
Flores: 0:59
Operator Balancing: 4:29
Gonne-6: 6:56
Loadout Changes: 8:40
Defuser Priority: 11:06
Gadget Unleaning: 12:01
Streamer Mode: 12:45
Match Replay: 13:59
Border Rework: 14:35
Rainbow Six Siege Crimson Heist recorded on PC in 1080p60fps
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  • VarsityGaming


    • Sk3tch-45

      I wanted CROSSPLAY I want to play with a friend on Ps4 im on pc bro

    • Fenn

      @BFORTHEV that's rude and uncalled for with I would never say that about the lower life forms that are console players As I would just point out the fact that playing on console is truly a worse experience than playing on PC with anuses to make up for terrible controls while playing with God awful terrible players to make it require even less skill who are also prepubescent children who constantly are toxic as fuck and are terrible to boot making it require even less skilled kill people and even more skill to win and overcome a shity team


      I hate pc players but nice video I love the way you went by everything

    • Fenn

      Personally I only ever use a deagle whenever I play Blackbeard and even back when he was Op I wouldn't even put on his shield and I would just use the deagle because it's such a good pistol

    • Fenn

      I want Flores to get access to the revolver

  • Obi-wan Kenobi
    Obi-wan Kenobi

    I have a idea for a new defender. His name could be "chill"and have a gadget called endothermic charges. The endothermic charge will lower the temperature of a wall for 20 seconds during which the attackers can't place any hard-breaching gadget to the wall. He could start with 2 and have a total of 7. His primary weapon could be the ump-45. For the lore he could be the first Christian operator. Like if you agree. :) 😇

  • Obi-wan Kenobi
    Obi-wan Kenobi

    If this new operator wasn't gay I would have loved him.

  • Gary Wray
    Gary Wray

    I have a better solution for the gonne-6... just removing it



  • Sprutzy

    Replace Blackbeard with recruit option in ranked. Way more useful at this point.

  • Glacier _
    Glacier _

    "Operator balancing" We all know what ubisoft really means is nerfing the shit out of characters they already fixed literal *years ago*

  • jocobi bradshaw
    jocobi bradshaw

    Load out changes kinda suck give people more side arm choices man come on

  • LSG Hoodie
    LSG Hoodie

    As a lion main I hate not having the p9


    i hate battle passes

  • Ateeq 1144
    Ateeq 1144

    I can’t wait for replay there’s gotta be some really entertaining content that’s gonna be made

  • SR__21

    Didn't they said you can change ops during drone phase and you can move your drones after you die?

  • TheGreat1

    But why does ps4 not have replay mode i cant find it, or is it not for all platforms. Can someone please explain, Thanks👍🏻✌🏻

  • Demomute

    I like how its sponsored but still criticized the devs I like VG for being real !

  • tal ion
    tal ion

    What's wrong with your mic

  • Kenneth Robert
    Kenneth Robert

    Imagine if we could bet real cash on video games, I would be rich, madden, rainbow six 3, call of duty, Texas hold em poker, somebody please make it happen so we can wager matches on video games, I see billions of dollars to be had.

  • Gerihun 102
    Gerihun 102

    I mean in higher elo ppl use Fuze to Love defenders and its very effective with the drone aswell

  • mic eatah
    mic eatah

    1st Thing u need to know :nothing changed

  • AmazingMan5982

    Im pretty sure iq has a high rate too, cause whenever i play her i get it

  • JG7

    Does any one know the mmr difference ?

  • valor _
    valor _

    Not sure if it's possible but how would you feel if console had their own recoil? Aka smg11 and 12, f2 and just a few other are seriously difficult to manage for most players

  • Boroko Boranko
    Boroko Boranko

    You forgot to mention that you can't reset allies now, I was 9 hp and told my friend to shoot my feet to reset, and I just died, I didn't get downed before that

  • lil remedy
    lil remedy

    what happened to nokks detection around defender gadgets?

  • Xavier Minner
    Xavier Minner

    So who decided to put Matt Murdock in r6??

  • ItsDKNation

    so what happens if the new op jumps through an aruni whule detenating an what happened to daily challenges

  • Wesley Tomsky
    Wesley Tomsky

    Why do you always pronounce every pperator name wrong "Florrr'Rrez"

  • Brian Torres
    Brian Torres

    It could be possible that streamer mode doesnt work because of r6 tracker

  • Negão Mado
    Negão Mado


  • Squashedapple49

    Don’t care don’t care

  • Mr Everything 70
    Mr Everything 70

    I’ve been noticing since I play Maverick a lot that I get the defuser randomly a lot. I was suspecting the game had implemented a priority system

  • 2005 VincentChui
    2005 VincentChui

    Is SMG-11 easier to do recoil control?

  • _いぬ

    Something that’s questionable is how it’s called “Crimson” meaning a kind of red, yet the colored part of the star on the pass is blue and not a shade of red... interesting

  • L A
    L A

    Can melusi gadget destroyed by a shot ? And isnt r6 said that we can use our drone after we died ?

    • kutvuykvuy utilitieukyvuyiv
      kutvuykvuy utilitieukyvuyiv

      @L A yes

    • L A
      L A

      @kutvuykvuy utilitieukyvuyiv so all of the above isnt there yet ?

    • kutvuykvuy utilitieukyvuyiv
      kutvuykvuy utilitieukyvuyiv

      Yeah, those updates will come out over time

  • Pladamir Vutin
    Pladamir Vutin

    how is nerfing blackbeard into oblivion awesome?

  • fortnite is gay
    fortnite is gay

    they really did black beard dirty

  • Squirrel boi
    Squirrel boi

    I haven't played r6 in a while operator's are so fucking slow

  • Nolan Rozankovich
    Nolan Rozankovich

    Get a sip of water bro I can’t focus on the video

  • Lorenzo Lentini
    Lorenzo Lentini

    Lmao at this point just remove bb shields and rework him entirely

  • Not Keldon Johnson
    Not Keldon Johnson

    This game is so dam wack now bro holy shit

    • um chile anyways so
      um chile anyways so

      not really but ok

  • The Soviet Dog
    The Soviet Dog

    From what I know, Flores ability is a nitro cell that can move around before it's able to explode

  • Woofy Boy
    Woofy Boy

    I guess there is no more year pass ??

  • Acid

    Is the match replay recorded in 30fps? cuz mine is very buggy man and i play at 60 fps locked

  • Zombey Ali
    Zombey Ali

    How big is the update why Do i have a 49 GB Update i play on ps4 this happend befor i think it's because of the Power Cuts in my area

  • Luis Almanza
    Luis Almanza

    Any changes in recoil patterns??

  • GaAdMrEiRan117

    No nokk buff? :(

  • Lehtokurppa Von Fön
    Lehtokurppa Von Fön

    Blackbeard is now a living Tachanka turret without a shield.

  • Taylor Wood
    Taylor Wood

    Mira rework?

  • Anthony Vat
    Anthony Vat

    gone-6? more like, be-gone-r6

  • Smoke r6
    Smoke r6

    When the early access for Flores is over do you still keep it ?

  • Ardie K
    Ardie K


  • Shunned Underdog
    Shunned Underdog

    Just a Idea for anyone doing RB6 content, "Why not dona Review of season 6" it would be nice to just have someone giving there view on the success of a major update maybe?

  • Ghost Echo
    Ghost Echo

    Is anyone else finding that it’s easier to die now in the new update in terms of health to bullets

  • The Marker
    The Marker

    if only people werent pussies about blackbeard i dont even use him but rip to one of the earliest ops

  • Gabe Aguilar
    Gabe Aguilar

    Did they take out daily challenge and if so what did they replace it with?

  • Snoot Boop
    Snoot Boop

    if amarus shotguns gone then her 1 use hatchesis also gone thats a rip

  • Zeusifer

    When Jill?

  • Emerson Hendricks
    Emerson Hendricks

    now we can broad the helicopter

  • Aun Muhammad
    Aun Muhammad

    Is there any changes in buck's gun recoil???

    • Mert Turgut
      Mert Turgut

      It’s a glitch but there is a way to fix it for pc

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper

    Anyone get stuck when playing border and you are a drone?

  • Mr. Sxbs
    Mr. Sxbs

    Ace rekoil ‼️‼️‼️

  • blyat

    Will there be one season where they dont change how the round timer looks?

  • Archangelic

    This game just becomes more and more shit. The idea is just great, but the developers are so bad. Too bad, I liked this game but no this becomes just a great piece of trash. Full of bugs, they nerfed all attackers and the game performance become also shit. It‘s also more buggy now. Bye Siege.

  • Potato Trudeau
    Potato Trudeau


  • Tonyclxmpu _
    Tonyclxmpu _

    i've been hit marked more times than before in this new season

  • Janosch Krummen
    Janosch Krummen

    Bb is gonna not be played now good balancing ubi gj

  • Punkaroo_RL

    When I use Flores I dont try to kill with his drone but when it is a 2 v 1 ill use Flores to flush the enemy out and my team8 kills them

  • Ezra

    Are his drones able to destroy hatches and reinforced walls?

  • YOUniversal ZA
    YOUniversal ZA

    Awesome info TNX for sharing and good video! Be BLESSED & Grow everyONE 🔥💥💯

  • Duo Vandal
    Duo Vandal

    You missed the ventilation units outside of Archives Window is gone and the one by the south side spawn is taller to provide cover for Attackers.

  • John Donovan
    John Donovan

    Seems you'll also need to know the recoil has changed. Sigh.

  • Marster Chief
    Marster Chief

    trust gonne 6 lion with the 50 round mags works

  • Colin Queenan
    Colin Queenan

    And also don’t forget they fucked the recoil over for many operators.... rip

  • JJ Bone
    JJ Bone

    I got gold

  • Dominic Francis
    Dominic Francis

    can we get 10 new guns zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • YFDB

    9:11 yeah, if you’re bad


    Nylons notice he died by coconut brah at 5:06

  • Nomad

    9:20 Finally someone recognizes the console community. We matter too you know

  • Oqcis !
    Oqcis !

    No one is going talk about the Recoil Change I can’t control shit

  • Bozzy !!
    Bozzy !!

    Gonne-6 looks like the annihilator from black ops

  • Joseph Zietz
    Joseph Zietz

    They might as well just get rid of frags altogether it they are going to keep giving and taking them. It's fucking annoying Dok literally just got those damn things back.

  • Nomad

    I'm here cause Rouge 9 hasn't uploaded in a while and Icycat isn't with us anymore...

  • Jack 12
    Jack 12

    did they change the recoil for all guns it feels... different

  • tony guanatos
    tony guanatos

    Ubisoft needs to do something about how the defuser works,on attack you plant and takes about four years to disarm the bomb and when defence disarms the defuser it takes like 5 seconds. It is not fair. Who would give up a gun over the gonne-6 with Glaz,lol?😂😂😂

  • Rex

    Does anyone know when we can change the Elite skins, such as an other headgear or uniform or whatever. Ubisoft said it would come but still nothing..

  • Grant Hatch
    Grant Hatch

    Why is it awesome that blackbeard is borderline useless? He used to be a good op.

  • Sciffyx

    Ubi wants you to send them replays with cheaters but then you cant upload the files because they are too big good job ubi

  • Buopo R6
    Buopo R6

    Dude this season is gonna be so bad for people who aren’t plat-champ. I’m bronze and every game so far I’ve ran into at least a diamond. And they messed up the sensitivity

  • Ivel

    Dude but why is my sens feeling so weird after the update?!

  • hanneswl

    They definitely have to add the Nokk buff mid season... She needs it.

  • Null-5

    Me and my buddies ban Flores on unranked to fuck with people who spent money to play him.

  • LivingTarget

    the issue with losing the frags is that you can actually just clear less gadgets now. Jager aside, you had 2 frags and now only have 1 gonne. Also one change to border I'm really sad about that wasn't mentioned is the skylight wall was raised so you can't pick off careless defenders in 2f long hall with amaru.

  • Sowual

    Siege doing a good rework😀

  • My wife left me
    My wife left me

    How tf you gonna have 1.12 million subscribers but still talking through a potato

  • Faress Covers
    Faress Covers

    I’m really upset about black beard man I was black beard main in ranked btw🌞

  • Youomoples

    So is match replay not coming to Console? What’s up with match replay for console?

  • Youtube Vcd
    Youtube Vcd

    What about nokk, did she get the buff or not?

  • Bubba Cain
    Bubba Cain

    All we need is cross play 🥲

  • diabeticmonkey

    I’m wondering why they even gave Blackbeard any cosmetics for the pass.

  • Eric Peterson
    Eric Peterson

    Its truly a shame for us console r6 players... its not the same as pc... Edit: we deserve our own changes i.e. keeping doks machine pistol, recoil on smg12

  • CallMe Bank
    CallMe Bank

    Why do they keep nerfing him now he a operator no one will use jus take him out at this point