Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fall Update - Nintendo Switch
Find spooky surprises with the Fall update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, arriving on 9/30! 🕸️🎃🍬
Full details:
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  • Miyuru Eranda
    Miyuru Eranda

    I'm gonna buy lots of candy and give to all the animals in my island.

  • bjorn alexi
    bjorn alexi

    To be honest I just hate fall in animal crossing there I said it

  • gelxt

    aaaaa i got the game this month and I just noticed that the Halloween update well start on the 30th of oct and I'm not ready :sob:

  • • Galaxy •
    • Galaxy •

    I hvnt played acnh for so long And I didn’t let it update about 4 or 5 months ago Now idk how to update to this version And it’s not updating on its own either even with the game inserted into my switch ;-;

  • Zak and Oscars Life
    Zak and Oscars Life


  • Gianfranco's Gaming Eating and More
    Gianfranco's Gaming Eating and More

    Next update is coming LATE NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Emo Blue 971
    Emo Blue 971

    Me knowing I’m broke asf but still knowing I want a switch with this game on it: 😭

  • Sunny

    Cant wait

  • Margherine

    Is there anyone that knows what kk song is the one in the update? 😭

    • Namita Jimmy
      Namita Jimmy

      This not a kk song it's the halloween song which will play on the 31st

  • Sorriso82ev


  • VorticalCA5H

    I’m not getting a nintendo switch until xmas :(

  • The Painter
    The Painter

    I hate to not play On Halloween but I would be trick or treating

  • Psycho Kill streak
    Psycho Kill streak

    Who still doesn’t have a switch 😀😭

  • Bronagh Turton
    Bronagh Turton

    Toby Fox the first notes of the song is the artist secret battle in Undertale

  • Giavanna Mastro
    Giavanna Mastro

    I love it

  • iiDrxmyCharlxtte

    Okay but in what reality would you have the Mages Dress, the Magical dress, AND the Cyber costume in you able sisters all at once. Meanwhile I get the Caveman tank, the Baseball uniform, and the Balmacaan coat.

  • Hey You
    Hey You

    I can’t find nook link on Apple store. I typed just like it’s written in this video.

    • Namita Jimmy
      Namita Jimmy

      Its in the Nintendo switch online app

  • JK Fiesta
    JK Fiesta

    Nov 30! Is my bday i cant wait and helloween duh

  • eightrm

    nintendo i know you won’t see this but i think it would very nice if you guys made another mystery island like tarantula island but instead it’s just fruit trees like all of them because i don’t have nintendo online so all i have are pears, peaches, and coconuts. i am ready to see my first ac apple 😔

  • Mirkus


  • gaming with nicole
    gaming with nicole

    Animal corrosing new horison is one of my fav games

  • Kristen Guzmán
    Kristen Guzmán

    Something Animal Crossing should add is a headless horseman outfit. Like you can press L and R to remove your head and just carry it around. Now that will add some spice to Animal Crossing's halloween update

  • MoonGlow What else?
    MoonGlow What else?

    Pour ceux qui sont intéressé je fais bientôt des vidéos animal crossing! Je vous garanti vous allez rigoler!!

  • ItzSikatcoi925Yt


  • Random Dude
    Random Dude

    Me whose village's face is already covered with excessive blood: Hm

  • Midas

    I can’t buy a costume yet in it :(

  • Spud the bunny
    Spud the bunny

    Mine didn't update 👎

    • Siimply Turnip
      Siimply Turnip

      Have you tried closing and reopening your console? It might not have worked if you were playing while the update came out, or press + on Animal Crossing and it should update. :)

  • Kenmora Shade
    Kenmora Shade


  • broomguy7

    Island transfer being locked and unavailable when multiple people use a single Switch is a scam.

  • Naser Altaee
    Naser Altaee

    I like it a lot also what would be nice is if Nintendo be in the same island without dreaming and dodo code!!

  • MasterMindz

    I am going to cryyy. I order the game and coming on Sunday I can’t waittttt

  • Peni Pelani
    Peni Pelani

    Omg its that trick or treat thing comes in midnight?

  • pansquakes

    My character is now dressed in a sally (nightmare before Christmas) costume, and i’m getting ready for halloween now!

  • Maria Lutsenko
    Maria Lutsenko

    can someone plz help me? So i have put down all 3 housing plots and got only to calls i cant get the call from tom for the last plot. If you know what to do could you please reach out to me via Insta @maria_luts or reply to this comment. plz i really want new villagers on my island

  • Angelina Diarte
    Angelina Diarte


  • Sharidan Carusso
    Sharidan Carusso

    yall better add new hairstyles with the next update

  • giovonni myers
    giovonni myers

    Getting on my Nintendo rn!

  • Lisa Lemon
    Lisa Lemon

    I just got an idea, (kind of off topic from this video) you can add Brewsters cafe so the players can buy and eat more stuff, and villagers should have a favorite food that they will tell the player when they reach a certain friendship level!

  • PinkDevilOwO

    Me who has pocket addition:

  • Ava Davis
    Ava Davis

    Give us back Brewster please 😭

  • Zero Horizon AMVs
    Zero Horizon AMVs

    Time to come back i see

  • Chloe Bodine
    Chloe Bodine

    Oh my God oh my gosh 😮 did we forget about Cameron Boyce

  • C Clamp
    C Clamp

    Southern Hemisphere be like: 👁👄👁

  • Lady London
    Lady London

    Hi people I have been struggling with Island theme so let's vote A. Wonderland with my imagnation B. Candy land C.spooky land. D.beach Island E. City F. Winter wonderland G.forrest H. Make ur own idea and reply

    • TheArizott12

      Spooky scary skeletons, I Recommend you that one

  • Darkling Gaming
    Darkling Gaming

    Best update so far. I hope Christmas will be similar as in new reactions.

  • Close Bye
    Close Bye

    When you don't have Nintendo Switch and you sad

  • stubbornness makes a persons personality
    stubbornness makes a persons personality

    Wasting time on over drawn animations and bottles with already given gifts.. This game has turned into an absolute waste of time in a very short while... Lame Nintendo very lame...

  • Yejinli 71
    Yejinli 71

    I’m not going to make my island big enough on time I just bought it almost a week ago :(

  • Chris Alvarado
    Chris Alvarado


  • Justin

    Anyone know what this song playing is?

  • Amélie Andreani
    Amélie Andreani

    DA-4614-4099-9495 ! Welcome ! 🥰

  • Saphina

    I'm kinda hoping that for the winter update maybe we get ice skating since we can make our own ponds and lakes, it could freeze. But I understand that that's never gonna happen lol

  • The Mama D
    The Mama D

    Today is for halloween

  • Noob Gaming
    Noob Gaming

    The music is back YES

  • Heather Sevander
    Heather Sevander

    My birthday is on October 30th

  • ne ssa
    ne ssa

    Me not having animal crossing cause I’m broke be like: :’)

  • Planet Bu
    Planet Bu

    I love this game!! It inspired me to be a content creator and now I love doing island tours!

  • DoomfaceVagabond

    Waiting for "Haunt' reaction.

  • HunkMine

    This game really needs 6 things - quality of life for skipping repetitive dialogue, crafting multiple items at once, hunting and trapping, easier way to get rid of villagers, urban update, consistent updates and events like this

  • erikaluna01

    Animal crossings I don’t really want to do it you’re dummy

  • Casual Oddity
    Casual Oddity


  • Anal Spatula
    Anal Spatula

    I'd bet the soul of my best friend James if I'm not absolutely excited for this

  • Sunya96

    My dad finely bought me animal crossing new horizons!!!,

  • Alesia Caudell
    Alesia Caudell

    mines says that i have the latest version but i dont have none of that stuff all i have is the fall update

  • Donatello Carbonados
    Donatello Carbonados

    It’s perfect got a 5 x 9 pumpkin patch with the spooky fence and a spooky arch 😋

  • Mr Dank Memes
    Mr Dank Memes

    Something we need is a island themed around the pieces of acnh gameplay that Nintendo themselves shows us on their island in these trailers

  • Wakko is cool
    Wakko is cool

    In acnh I'm gonna be a princess but I have to take my glasses off 🤣

  • •_Danoli_•

    Can you play this game on a Wii/Wii U? I don’t have enough money for a Nintendo but I have a Wii and a Wii U and I’d love to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons but I’m not sure if it’s compatible with Wii/Wii U. Can someone please tell me if it is?

  • Myles Wolfe
    Myles Wolfe

    Does this update have the ability to island transfer without needing to call Nintendo?

  • Toallin :v
    Toallin :v

    E girls : WOWWWWWW!!!!!

  • Girl alkaabi Arabstan
    Girl alkaabi Arabstan

    Nice day all friends

  • Mimi Jiang
    Mimi Jiang


  • Xelainx6443

    Actually update ACNL on the 3Ds plz

    • Myles Wolfe
      Myles Wolfe

      They officially aren’t making any more games for the 3ds and I think they are slowly letting the new 2ds off of production/sales. They aren’t pushing for anyone to get it at this point so most likely they won’t be updating any of their games on there. They have been supporting only the switch now and considering animal crossing new horizons came out this year it makes sense for them to update new horizons. I get wanting a company to update their old systems/games but unfortunately it won’t happen unless they make a new console that supports 3ds games, etc. but I don’t see that happening now considering the switch is now a mainstream handheld device as well. It’s built for both purposes, and I have a feeling the next generation will be a switch pro or new switch that is better as a home console(heavier/bigger but maybe better cpu/gpu/ram etc.) as it will round it all out. Switch lite that’s meant to be handheld on the go, normal switch that is meant for both docked console and on the go/play with friends while you’re out, and switch pro/new switch that is primarily meant to be docked but like the others will probably be playable on the go not as designed well for that specific purpose.

  • [バカダ]bakada ch.
    [バカダ]bakada ch.

    Wow good event❤

  • Cj sausing
    Cj sausing

    The updates not happening the candy's here but I think it said halloween night is 10-31 its already October 12. And nothing happening how do I fix this glitch?

  • Rexy Jesus
    Rexy Jesus

    What about the one on phone pocket camp

  • eleanora _
    eleanora _

    y’all already know i’m changing my entire island theme to halloween

  • Kody

    Who Else Likes The Music Or Is It Just Me?

  • jakegus

    not cool nintendo

  • Green crewmate
    Green crewmate

    When I played horizons, now I want to play every animal crossing now

  • Herro Hewwo
    Herro Hewwo

    Thx so much Nintendo now i can cosplay As jack thx!!!!!!!!

  • H00Vin_ MIX
    H00Vin_ MIX

    The fact that people only play this game when it gets updated now because we are all to busy talking about how Steve is op and playing among us scares me

  • A S
    A S

    I'm annoyed by the fact we can only trick or treat on the 31st. What if im busy that day (or evening cause its only in the evening), this is gonna be the reason I time travel

  • Radka Bretova
    Radka Bretova


  • sherbet

    Do I need the online membership for this? I just got the game

  • japankneez

    the perfect time to get a nintendo switch

  • giga the dragon
    giga the dragon


  • Jim Moniz
    Jim Moniz

    I Found out a secret easter Egg! (Time travelers only.) You will have to Time skip to October 31st. At atleast 5PM. That will then Spawn Jack! The Czar of Halloween! He will most Likely Spawn Outside of Resident Services. you give Jack Candy Twice, He'll give you His Head as a Hat, And his clothing as A robe, You will need these on. Now Walk up to your Villagers and They will think you are Jack! They also Give you free candy for that! Just thought that was cool :D. Note: You can Only talk to a Villager Once to Fool them.

  • Pixu Pies
    Pixu Pies

    If only we can get the Halloween music like Ghostbusters

  • Luiz Fariaz
    Luiz Fariaz

    Dude, I never played this game but with those trailers it look so fun to play!!!

    • sunnieflowers

      you definitely should!!

  • Ava-Lynn The Unicorn
    Ava-Lynn The Unicorn

    I wish this game was for free

  • Brittney Carpenter
    Brittney Carpenter

    You need to put the pumpkin recipes in the message bottles

  • Awesome SplatoonTO
    Awesome SplatoonTO

    Nintendo! Make animal crossing city folk for switch please!!! 😮

    • Awesome SplatoonTO
      Awesome SplatoonTO

      And besides, they made super Mario 64 and that game is on nintendo 64 if they make a old game like that and make it for switch, then they should do animal crossing city folk, wich is for Wii but to have for switch without motion control that would be great.

    • Awesome SplatoonTO
      Awesome SplatoonTO

      Uh l no motion control would be much better.

    • A S
      A S

      @Christopher Johann not everyone has a wii fool

    • Christopher Johann
      Christopher Johann

      Why would they do that? Just play that on the Wii, easy.

  • Bee swarm Bro’s
    Bee swarm Bro’s

    When does this come out

  • I'm totally human
    I'm totally human

    how do i update it if its very smiple i will feel like an dum dum pls help

  • Red Butterfly Geannetta
    Red Butterfly Geannetta


  • blue crewmate
    blue crewmate

    * haunts villagers to death *

  • Maritza Merced
    Maritza Merced


  • PlayEviePlayLOL

    Never knew this is my favorite game XD


    What about the 4th layer at 1:21 ??

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