Reputation System - Its Already Watching You! - 6News - Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
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  • Nathan Phillips
    Nathan Phillips

    Will I get lowered because I’ve left un ranked games due to my mom always knowing I’m doing something important and making me quit immediately. I always get back to the matches but I wonder if I will still get put down in the reputation

  • DetroitCompany

    I guess no more "can you t'k me i gotta go afk"

  • tarrayne gee
    tarrayne gee

    Guess I can’t TK friends due to them being afk anymore

  • Doge Gaming
    Doge Gaming

    Ubi to fuze mains:imma end your hole career

  • Crusade Knight
    Crusade Knight


  • Mark


  • Jake Ashton
    Jake Ashton

    What about squads? I’m the least toxic of my squad and every match I always get FF on because of my one buddy and sometimes the other TKing

  • Icy Hot
    Icy Hot

    What if you accidentally TK teammate because you're legally blind, but your teammate put you as intentional TK?

    • Dark Knight
      Dark Knight

      Exactly my question

  • Facts Over Opinions
    Facts Over Opinions

    Uh oh the guy who didn't run recruit contacted ubisoft Seriously how TF does muting people affect reputation like huh

  • Lil Bappo
    Lil Bappo

    I can already see a bunch of people faking their reputation just for free stuff

  • angelic sugar daddy
    angelic sugar daddy

    This is dumb, just dividing the little player base the game barely has. All toxic players are just going to leave the game completely.

  • Chaotic Joker
    Chaotic Joker

    I’m on discord with my friends. So now I can’t mute them in game?

  • Ancient Pro
    Ancient Pro

    they are fucking everywhere toxic,teamkill,abuse everything Hope they will get ban


    Will u get positive if u tk a dude who reinforce next to a Mira? Or reinforce ur Rotation?

  • Punkie Funkie
    Punkie Funkie

    so there was a guy afk boting in my team once, and surprise-surprise he had the defu, i had to kill him to get the thing... how will that effect my reputation?:D

  • Johann Møller
    Johann Møller

    Does it Judge me if I kill a cheating player or more precisely kill a grieffing player who is using a software to continually shoot up and down while afk to gather points?

  • Alex Bachynsky
    Alex Bachynsky

    1984 be like

  • Alex Bachynsky
    Alex Bachynsky

    This is so gay

  • Alex Bachynsky
    Alex Bachynsky

    So I’ll probably be level zero bc siege boots me off xbl every second game and gives me fucking sanctions

  • Denim_Dino

    Sometimes I tk cause it’s ranked and the dude is afk

  • Ya Boi KungPow FuckFinger
    Ya Boi KungPow FuckFinger

    My issue is that I like to solo queue a lot and I’ve had numerous tks as I tend to get the dimmer bulbs in the box. I’ll be holding an angle or firing and someone will just kinda moonwalk into my sight line and proceed to call it an intentional tk when they obviously just though I’d magically know to stop shooting as they felt me unloading on someone with an lmg is the perfect time to run in front of me... I like to sound whore and I’ve flicked on teammates because they ran up on me and it’s hard as hell to differentiate between fapkan running up the stairs to shit on me and a friendly Glaz tryna quick scope and ball out on some kids... There are times when I’m so fed up with people being selfish and oblivious that I’ll just shoot through them after they didn’t realize I’m out here holding a long angle to cover my mate planting. I enjoy laying monty and I usually run with my friends as a team but we sometimes get a random that thinks holding the defuser isn’t a big deal... I’ll have to run over, pop em in the head, pick it up, and plant because I and the rest of my team are on sight but an idiot Zofia is just kinda holding an angle on absolutely nothing..

  • Kentum

    Idk bout you but I destroy a lot of friendly gadgets when I play bandit/kaid unintentionally. Also nitros and names destroy a lot of friendly stuff.

  • Green Machine
    Green Machine

    But some assholes just make me want to team kill 🙃

  • Enderzone 2002
    Enderzone 2002

    what if you're muting an abusive person

  • Enderzone 2002
    Enderzone 2002

    another branch could be match abandonment without reason like

  • Enderzone 2002
    Enderzone 2002

    I would like to know how the system would work on console due to the chat being mostly voice

  • Enderzone 2002
    Enderzone 2002

    Maybe they can also focus on dealing with Mouse and Keyboard players on console. It is 100% unfair for players who just want to play ranked and yet have to deal with these players. They have better recoil control and better response times today I ran into at least 9 M & K players 3 in one of my ranked games. It's hard to rank up when you have to deal with people cheating have the time and we can tell if someone is cheating.

  • Lord Dankchanka
    Lord Dankchanka

    Can’t wait to stop playing with people that tk you cause you died in a 1v5 or won a 1v5 or because I’m playing solo and my teams in a squad of four and their like “funny meme kill the random”

  • C_O_B

    00:40 im fucked

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star

    Goes 1-7. Gets down voted by whole team

  • terryrocksx_


  • l337pwnage

    Well, go ahead, ban kids so they are forced to go outside, play sports, and have uncensored conversations with friends. See how that works out for ya.

  • zombie wolf
    zombie wolf

    Welcome to China

  • It's me Cosmic
    It's me Cosmic

    I'll have to say I'm a chaotic neutral

  • Aland

    What if someone runs into your bullets 🥺

  • DaMattMan 7990
    DaMattMan 7990

    The only thing is destroying gadgets unintentionally will affect this cuz there’s no way to forgive someone for destroying a gadget


    where can you find out if you are good or bad ?

  • Taqiy Elmaadi
    Taqiy Elmaadi

    sounds like overwatch's reputation system

  • MintChoco

    wait does n words in the all chat count?

  • Redclaw

    if commendations are available how does that work for friends who will just try to commend each other edit: I don't know if this was touched on in the vid

  • Mikail Türk
    Mikail Türk

    Whats about tking a m8 who is afk?

  • Oakessi

    get flanked is screwed then oh wait, no hes gonna be rated highly.

  • Wolf Gaming
    Wolf Gaming

    I just TK someone in Ranked and got a Black ice. System is Broke

  • Lewis

    man tking my friends was not a good idea

  • Jacob Simmelsgaard
    Jacob Simmelsgaard

    but what if tour team mate runs in front of you're bullets

  • Tom Halliwell
    Tom Halliwell

    So if we play normally it naturally goes up like a passive climb right

  • Tom Halliwell
    Tom Halliwell

    They need to make it so that explosive destrution of frendly gadgets doesnt sanction you

  • まきまpotato

    Ah yes nothing like an invisible system watching you from behind, reminds me of the old days living back in mainland China, this game should just do it like CSGO, giving us a language filter instead of instant banning someone for saying the n word, it’s rated M for mature and ppl are whining like little bitches

  • burrdawg

    I only get pissed when people complain about me making call outs in quick match cause I'm relearning calls after my like 2 year break.

  • Playboi Cali
    Playboi Cali

    I cant wait to see how bad my rep is after "leaving ranked games"

  • Blue Yoshi Gamer
    Blue Yoshi Gamer


    • Mark


    • Blue Yoshi Gamer
      Blue Yoshi Gamer


    • Aayan Rahman
      Aayan Rahman

      So ash can rush a room with fuse cluster charging it

  • Alex Bachynsky
    Alex Bachynsky

    This is so bull, and i thought rff was bad

  • Ok Cool
    Ok Cool

    the thing with muting for bad reputation seems bad, as some people just mute everyone on their team, like i do because i’m in a party with friends

  • dagelijks te laten videos
    dagelijks te laten videos

    i think this has some great potential

  • Arturs A
    Arturs A

    the muted action is dumb bcs some ppl just straight up mute everyone in the loby

  • DeliDepo

    I think the limited communications sanction might be you can only talk in team chat at first and maybe get worse as your reputation gets worse, like no text chat at all, or only for your party

  • Cameron Pachico
    Cameron Pachico

    7:38 SO YOUR TELLING ME THAT BY GETTING MUTED YOU GET MINUS REPUTATION thats absolute BULLSHIT because what if people just dont want to talk in game chat and mute everyone

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget

    I was fine until you said they were tracking since shifting tides 👀

  • Daniel Bodansky
    Daniel Bodansky

    i think this will do some problem too. There are people who will on purpose will giving abusing or something. I really like this but i'm scared if this will work correct

  • aiden r6
    aiden r6

    So if I sweat in cas do I get a bad reputation

  • Chrono Gaming
    Chrono Gaming

    I got reported for being a noob :(

  • Liquid Splash
    Liquid Splash

    $5000 dollars for good behaviour

  • Hugh Janus
    Hugh Janus

    I do not care. This will not stop me from being toxic. Its the best part of the game/community

  • Edgy Plays0
    Edgy Plays0

    reminds me of santa

  • SnakesWalking

    Theres not a single human being who hasn't team killed at least once.

  • Jacky Kong
    Jacky Kong

    Fuck the reputation system

  • epiczombieslayer 55
    epiczombieslayer 55

    I feel like most people don't say it was a unintentional kill they just automatically say it was a intentional kill so thats gonna be annoying for it to make your reputation worse.

  • Scale DE
    Scale DE

    R6 China system

  • Leighton Lyon real
    Leighton Lyon real

    Did I hear a reputation thing coming to R6 I think I have a mid good and bad reputation

  • ShadowZ Gaming
    ShadowZ Gaming

    im toxic in cas but not in ranked well

  • SirDiglett 556
    SirDiglett 556

    streamer mode won't work because of r6tracker

  • Dyl

    What about just muting a friend if your in a discord call with them and don't want to hear them twice?

  • TheMeatyYeti

    Fuck I’m screwed

  • Adsylrod

    I hope we get points for staying in matches when tons of other players leave, casual has WAAAY to many ppl who just leave when they're down one round

  • Zac shnu
    Zac shnu

    For what ever reason my mic is just awfull in game. Perfect in discord but terrible In game and I get muted because of it. I don't blame anyone, I know its annoying but this could screw me over

  • Hotshotlevi 25
    Hotshotlevi 25

    Uh oh...

  • KamitoRings

    this is not cash money. they should put this in ranked cuz it will be a disaster on unranked and newcomer lol

  • 1ndalst

    I’m concerned so this is the opposite of ranked while still having a point system

  • Artemis Clyde Sunny Paddy
    Artemis Clyde Sunny Paddy

    Agree with me here, Those people who are kapkan mains (like me) are gonna get most affected by unintentionally team damage or gadget destruction. please we need this fixed for people who like kapkan or others who will probably get affected by this.

  • john halterman
    john halterman

    What about people who get themselves intentionally teamkilled like walking in front of bullets or running into your c4 or impacts

  • Klaro Nebulous
    Klaro Nebulous

    It would be nice if you are getting more renowns and xp for beeing a nice guy

  • Ogro Kawaii
    Ogro Kawaii

    Commends will just cause more toxicity, IMO. To me it's obvious that the devs are only doing half-measures against toxicity, which will probably mean the commend vote system will probably be a simple and generic one, leading to situations like Dota 2's toxic commend farmers, as commends there are more often used as a bludgeon to better flame other players with.

  • Tathan

    something something china social credit system...

  • Montex

    I hope they do something about people saying "ez" that shit always pisses me off

  • Snap

    I’m team killing anyone who messes up my Mira strat

  • Nicholas Cruz
    Nicholas Cruz

    most of the players are toxic so its not gonna make a difference and most of the people who are trying or the people who suck will just get bad rep. will be thrown in there with the people who are toxic. the only people with good rep will be the people who carry and thats it.

  • Imminent Fates
    Imminent Fates

    The only thing they should have is a way to dispute something like an accidental tk but I know thats harder said than done

  • Imminent Fates
    Imminent Fates

    I think this is actually really interesting and props to ubisoft for actually adding a notice so you know you were being a douche

  • Stiago Soks
    Stiago Soks

    Im sorry Brazilians, you might get instantly banned when this goes live

  • MRWHITE3535

    So if they don't want people team killing why don't they just take it out of the game 🤔🤔🤔

  • Kevin Espinoza
    Kevin Espinoza

    instead of doing a reputation system for team killing why not just remove it? ??

  • Midnitejmpr

    The only problem I see is the accidental team killing

  • Lunacy

    I’m in the negative cause me and my friends can’t go 2 games without killing each other

  • S W
    S W

    I play on ps4 and I ALWAYS mute people in game chat because I’m in a party with my friends and don’t want to see names blinking on the screen every two seconds for the entire match. I think it’s stupid to assume that being muted means toxic behaviour. There’s already a “report voice abuse” button. Why wouldn’t they just go by that?!

  • Chase Visser
    Chase Visser

    Yeaaaaaa noooooooo. Punishing a play style is a bad idea as long as ur style is killing the enemy team without cheating

  • gd hexonega
    gd hexonega

    What I want to know is how does accidental tk or destroying gadgets work, when I play goyo I realise alot of jagers would place their ads there and then if I want to shoot out the shield it'll destroy the ads, would I get hit for that? I hope not since it wasn't intentional

  • Edgy00

    That midroll ad 20 seconds into the video got me fucked up

  • Leon Russell
    Leon Russell

    I wish we could go back to year 3, this game is dogshit now

  • Cliche Boy
    Cliche Boy

    They should do the system like overwatch where you can endorse teammates, but your level can quickly lower if you abandon matches and team kill

  • Kevin Parra
    Kevin Parra

    So did they fix the trash lobbies or do i have to play with kids that don’t even communicate cause I’m getting fucking tired of that they don’t even fucking try