Hopefully, after watching the video, you’ll have huge smiles on your faces and only feel love because with everything that’s been happening in the world, that’s all we want, to share the love and spread some joy to everyone. ❤️
To the whole team, we are grateful for each and everyone of you. Thank you for making our wedding day extra special. ❤️
Videography: Bob Nicolas and team
Phototography: Caliber King and team (Pat Dy’s team)
Venue styling: Gideon Hermosa and team
Jessy Mendiola
Glam Team:
Makeup: Kusie Ho
Hair: Anton Papa
Stylist: Patty Yap
Wedding dress: Patricia Santos
Shoes: Jefferson Si
Nails: ExtraOrdinail
Eyelash Extensions: New Lounge

Luis Manzano:
Glam Team:
Grooming: Peps Selvestre
Stylist: Rex Atienza/ Jay Sarmiento
Suit by: Paulo Lazaro
Wedding planner and coordination:
“THE” Joanne Angeles, we LOVE you. Thank you for organizing everything.
Wedding bands and jewelry:
Manila Diamond Studio
Intimate dinner sponsored by Lyka and The Farm (special mention to Gibby, Ms. Jenny, Apple and Mr. Preet Singh)
Wedding cake: Celestially Baked
Special thanks to Ranvel Rufino for helping us out with the venue.
To my sister Meggy, thank you for being by my side the whole time. I love you.
And of course to Mayor Eric Africa for accommodating us despite his busy schedule.
Please do send me your comments after watching the video and don't forget to subscribe! ❤️❤️❤️
Welcome & enjoy!
Live life.
Love life.
Senorita Jessy 🌺💋

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