Eric Andre talks with Hamilton Morris
Eric Andre called me on the phone, this is what happened.
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  • Shael Riley
    Shael Riley

    This video is too good. Please give us Part 2.

  • Davis

    Wow I actually really enjoyed this. For some reason I think I had something against andre but he seems like a good guy. Both were great to listen to. Maybe I saw a clip of him way back and thought he wacky. My bad lol. Find it hard to believe he cant get lsd and stuff. Pretty easy to order online.

  • Can Okan
    Can Okan

    this is way too good. Such a hiper mentality going on. Eric andre's absurd existential vibe and Hamilton's chilling vibe and encyclopedic thinking.. Thank you UZload algorithm👍🏿

  • Kvin McCann
    Kvin McCann

    nice hybrid

  • Barely Fishing
    Barely Fishing

    Eric likes psychadelics and knows how to pronounce "moog", truly a cultured being

  • Sol

    dont think we cant lip read that psilocin prodrug lol

  • T

    It’s too bad Eric got hungry and lost mental power towards the end. Great conversation though

  • Pops Daddy
    Pops Daddy

    Thank u Hamilton u are a pure an great gentleman, where's pt 2!!!!!!!!!!

  • talonmadc

    ive never heard a laugh like that

  • MMOBB [ Official YouTube Channel ] مكتوم
    MMOBB [ Official YouTube Channel ] مكتوم

    Drugs are the best

  • Becoming Smith
    Becoming Smith

    I was waiting for him to mention the Jodorowsky meeting. Eric Wins, I'm sorry

  • Lou

    Oh my goodness. Hamilton's poor friend. had a terrifying trip on synthetic psilocybin because I didn't think it was working properly too! Psychedelics are more powerful than we can even begin to believe. I wish him the best.x

  • Look Who’s Talking
    Look Who’s Talking

    He probably told Eric he could totally make Him LSD afterwards

  • Dean Hunt
    Dean Hunt

    LSZ is great eth lad ok , but AL_LAD is incredible.

  • Kalpana

    Such a great talk

  • BonzaiBob

    MY 2 fucking favorite people with completely opposite personalities i love this shit

  • 深い洞察

    drugs are good

  • thejordanbrooks

    What Eric described around 35:00 happened to me the first time I got REALLY stoned, probably the 3rd time smoking. I was 14. My friend had some purple flower, which was strange at the time in the Midwest in the early 00s. I've never heard someone describe a similar experience until now.

  • Airburst9

    Hamilton, when will you release an AiHKAL?

  • Zee Beam
    Zee Beam

    Most excellent guys. Thank you.

  • Matt Ruetz
    Matt Ruetz

    Hamilton you are so comfortingly bizarre, never change

  • Mads Elir
    Mads Elir

    Hamilton, the work you're doing is inspiring and absolutely fascinating. I knew nothing of you before finding this video, and to see you engaged and openly speaking on things of this nature... You have gained an interested follower, thank you for the work you do.

  • TheMaxthesis

    Kevin Macknamumu from Possumfuck Arkansa approves of this message.

  • TheMaxthesis


  • Wyatt duszynski
    Wyatt duszynski

    is he talking about 4-aco-dmt because thats the only substance i can think of where someone loses their mind and its realted to mushys

  • Jackson McFarland
    Jackson McFarland

    Lol shout out Arkansas

  • hate6crew6death6roll

    hamilton morris is doing the dispersing of drug knowledge that he talked about shulgin did RIGHT NOW but he isnt synthing new drugs, hes saying heres the knowledge the new generation needs to see

  • Star Childr
    Star Childr

    phenomenal conversation

  • Jace Cockrell
    Jace Cockrell

    omg my two favorite people

  • A Stevens
    A Stevens

    Two of my favorite people in a podcast for the first time. Manna from heaven.

  • Kathryn Babin
    Kathryn Babin

    Best conversation. I feel ALIVE.

  • paul Electric
    paul Electric

    Long live sasha!!!!

  • MizzzyMike

    I love Eric dropping the casual Moog reference

  • Potato Face
    Potato Face

    My starting prescription for Adderall was 120mg/day (4x 30mg) for chronic fatigue. Pharmacies won't fill that quantity anymore so im down to 60mg/day. The 1st dose i took was 30mg @ 8pm in the evening. It was mind blowing and life changing.

  • Cole Robbins
    Cole Robbins

    Loved this. If y'all ever made a show/series together it would be a hit. Please please please.

  • jsorro

    Eric looks like he's just finished baking some cookies and is about to drop some profound wisdom on Neo in The Matrix.

  • Simone Russ
    Simone Russ

    Uncle fester lives rent free forever in my head now thx to the the meth episode btw

  • Ogami Birdflu
    Ogami Birdflu

    Haha the Trump supporters who made sure to break into the Capitol before any of the evidence of fraud was presented rite guise. Its crazy too cause after they were asked to leave and the session reconvened, the States with evidence said they decided not to present it because of the events of the day! They were applauded and everything. Halarious! Thank God AOC is safe too. I know she wasnt in the Capitol or in a building that anyone broke into but STILL.

    • Davis

      Are you a bot?

  • Elliott Robinson
    Elliott Robinson

    Anyone remember the book recommendations that came up in the conversation?

  • Conor Watters
    Conor Watters

    if a person becomes psychotic on pcp, do they stay psychotic for days? or, is pcp what is blamed for already psychotic persons being triggered into a meltdown. I saw the craziest dude apparently on pcp get taken to the ED, but then days later, he was just the same crazy, so must not have just been pcp and an organic disease underneath as the problem.

  • Conor Watters
    Conor Watters

    was the drug name censored at 26:30?

  • Conor Watters
    Conor Watters

    “you seem very articulate for just having a bachelors”

  • Sum bhoy
    Sum bhoy

    I love that Eric becomes the interviewer in every interview hes in lol. And he's actually good at it you dont see that in the show surprisingly enough lol

  • Sum bhoy
    Sum bhoy

    Wait so this is a Hamilton Morris youtube channel... his channel. I can't believe I've just found this🤔

  • Pat Turn
    Pat Turn

    26:31 Does anyone know the actual drug that was taken?

    • iMW3BK

      Please do tell, someone.

  • Riley Branam
    Riley Branam

    Tell me Eric isn’t tripping balls rn bro look at his pupils it’s bright ash in there and he got pupils the size of plates

  • S̶X̶D̶ S̶C̶X̶M̶『スカム』
    S̶X̶D̶ S̶C̶X̶M̶『スカム』

    pcp causes rage my guy. coming from personal experience people on that shit go berserk. i have never seen someone not get all physical either with themselfs or someone or something else on pcp. 2 points griffindor!

    • S̶X̶D̶ S̶C̶X̶M̶『スカム』
      S̶X̶D̶ S̶C̶X̶M̶『スカム』

      @Soren Jones read closer i didn't say they always rage i said they always get physical nd ion remeber the one time i smoked a sherm cig so i cant speak on that just people doing a lot of physical shit that is honestly not safe especially when high and i am usually the dude tryna get them to drink some milk and calm down while they rip off clothes saying how hot it is and what's going on in they head while contorting. next time read closer please because that was my main point. it's not safe and it's silly to say to it's completely safe and very irresponsible.

    • Soren Jones
      Soren Jones

      @S̶X̶D̶ S̶C̶X̶M̶『スカム』 Yeah I can totally agree with that, it definitely is a stimulant, theres been times I went running and ended up miles away, always knew where I was. I just have a hard time believing that every single experience you had, somebody got physical and was "raging"

    • S̶X̶D̶ S̶C̶X̶M̶『スカム』
      S̶X̶D̶ S̶C̶X̶M̶『スカム』

      @Soren Jones then aparentally you havnt been around pcp my boy😂 pcp makes you physical. it gets you movin and tweakin. it may not always be rage but it is a common outcome and my homie used to smoke pcp coated cigs all the time and would freak out so i'd shut the fuck up about my experience little one🤣

    • Soren Jones
      Soren Jones

      Ive never seen anyone on PCP rage so I have a hard time beleiving you have any experience

  • Torn ACL Conor
    Torn ACL Conor

    This feels like Eric interviewing Hamilton

  • GreyGreg

    8:13 I've never heard anyone describe Hamilton better

  • GreyGreg

    Two of my favorite people of all time

  • Kiet Henselmans
    Kiet Henselmans

    When is part 2 coming out??

  • DogPotato

    Who's interviewing who?

  • Alexander Supertramp
    Alexander Supertramp

    This is the first interview I've seen Eric Andre be "himself" love it!

  • Todd Howard
    Todd Howard

    Literally 4 minutes in and theyre talking about making a human skinsuit

  • Jeef Jenkins
    Jeef Jenkins

    this whole podcast is just Eric telling Hamilton what kind of drugs he wants when he comes over to visit after Covid. lmao

  • Brian Cardozo
    Brian Cardozo

    This duo is pure gold 🥇 thank you so much, it's a pleasure to hear you guys 💗🤙🏼

  • duckduck go
    duckduck go

    Hey bro Im also from boca i do yopo

    • duckduck go
      duckduck go

      @Edrick Evans Ayyy currently no lol I just ordered yopo seeds online and it didnt seem that sketchy. But if u hear of where to get that or mushis lmk haha

    • Edrick Evans
      Edrick Evans

      Yooo. I’m right by boca. You kno where we can get dmt?

  • skizzarz

    great talk guys

  • skizzarz

    54:14 don't supplement anything, eat a healthy natural diet targeting whichever vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

  • skizzarz

    36:32 with the straight disinfo regarding powdered ghb, it'd clearly be something in liquid form, don't disregard that evil.

  • Hunter Loiselle
    Hunter Loiselle

    who here has the ambien? zolpidem tartrate , let's go

  • Luke White
    Luke White

    At 9:20 absolutely talking about Grimes hahaha

  • Felix King
    Felix King

    56:45 - basic math time

  • Alexander Herlan
    Alexander Herlan

    "you find a way to discriminate against people based on their pharmacological preferences". This is a profound statement (by Hamilton). Everyones body and brain chemistry is different. Everyones pharmacological preference is different. If you discriminate against a subset of drugs you are just being prejudice against a specific subset of people. Drugs have effects on people in very different ways.

  • Blake Erikson
    Blake Erikson

    LMFAO of course you're from boca raton! my brother & I love your work.

  • Jaime Fuentes
    Jaime Fuentes

    Smooth sailing jinx it

  • PariSitic Pictures
    PariSitic Pictures

    I’m 33 also, Hamilton. :) 1987 Baby!

  • PariSitic Pictures
    PariSitic Pictures

    🎵Drugs are good! They make you do things you know you not should! And when you do em people think that you’re cool! - NOFX

  • PariSitic Pictures
    PariSitic Pictures

    Life is backwards. It’s that simple. Money. Is. The. Root. Of. All. EVIL.

  • PariSitic Pictures
    PariSitic Pictures

    Coke makes me feel great for about 10 minutes. Then I feel extremely depressed. Maybe because I’m Bipolar 2.... It just drains all the happy juices in my brain...

  • PariSitic Pictures
    PariSitic Pictures

    Legalize Weed in Texas. I’ll quit cigs, booze and dirty, dirty Meds.

  • PariSitic Pictures
    PariSitic Pictures



    YES!!! Happy new subscriber! Yo, Eric...what the heck was that? That's not appropriate podcast talk Homie. Reckless. Great job Hamilton, a true consummate professional, of course. Have been wanting to tell you that so much of your content has been key in preparing me for some major experiences in my life these past couple of years. Many thanks brother

  • tripping through life
    tripping through life

    Hamilton , you are such a cool human! this was an Excellent discussion! cant wait for more!!!

  • onehotmeal

    If you cant afford the drug that is bad

  • Aaron Horowitz
    Aaron Horowitz

    Being named Aaron wasn't bad...then Key & Peele came along and ruined it.

  • Oztralian Grown
    Oztralian Grown

    This is raaaad ✔️👍🙌

  • Pretentious Platypus
    Pretentious Platypus

    What a day. I started watching Tom Green, progressed to Nardwaur, moved onto Eric Andre and now I'm onto Hamilton and Eric Andre. What a trip it's been! 🙏

  • TheTaralovesmakeup

    Possum Fcuk Arkansas is actually a really great town. Do we have some Trump people? Sure. But it’s ok.


    Yeah second part would be nice lol

  • uplate derekjames
    uplate derekjames

    Waiting for part 2!!!!!

  • Charlie Tolmen
    Charlie Tolmen

    Cool that Eric let Hamilton onto his podcast

  • Chris Collins
    Chris Collins

    Hamilton should have denied any awareness of the psychedelic distortions and played the same kind of absurd mind trick on eric that he usually employs on his own unsuspecting guests.

  • Evan Thomason
    Evan Thomason

    I know someone that tripped acid with their friend and watched their friend jump off a building and they didn’t survive. Years later the spectator ended up committing suicide. They had acid in their spine and also lost sanity.

  • Salmo Jack
    Salmo Jack

    This was definitely weird, i don't know the black guy and the first bit i almost quit but i stayed and grew to love this whole thing

    • Salmo Jack
      Salmo Jack

      @prod. cormodt no not racist, why are you thinking this way?

    • prod. cormodt
      prod. cormodt

      thats gotta be racist

  • Gavin Oliver
    Gavin Oliver

    Hamilton laughs like he should be spinning on a chair with a gray furry cat.

  • Alec Dover
    Alec Dover

    I hope there is more podcast like these in 2021 w both of you guys + maybe some other people

  • Alec Dover
    Alec Dover

    Pihkal is a great fucking book

  • TwoGunToast

    To answer one of Erics questions, when they add "filler" to cocaine or any drugs ( ecstacy pills for example but that can be cut with other drugs too) its to thin out the product to increase profit margin. No, most of the time they dont care if a customer dies, theres always another one. Only thing that keeps street cocaine sort of clean is the customers would just get it from the guy down tne street who cuts it less for the same price or its cut with something that doesnt cause as much of a downside to the high.

  • Arthur D
    Arthur D

    awesome! Two people I love watching / listening to.

  • Somer Edwards
    Somer Edwards

    Absolutely no one: Me: I have a crush on Hamilton Morris.

    • Michael

      He's hella attractive

  • Van Oliver
    Van Oliver

    I'm from Arkansas (reluctantly admitting this lol) and I've gotta say Possum Fuck Arkansas (@12:26) is not a bad guess from Mr. Andre here. We literally have a town called Possum Grape, and even better a town called Weiner ;)

  • Canaan Herring
    Canaan Herring

    39:38 is a great quote

  • Joshh F
    Joshh F

    Is that a green poop emoji light

  • heavymayn

    Need that part 2 Hamilton!

  • loudshit66

    Audio cut out when he said what drug it was. Anybody get an answer from that?

  • Nicholas George
    Nicholas George

    First time I've seen eric andre as a real person

  • James Witt
    James Witt

    how tf does mr Morris only have 87k subs??????

  • Michael Bishop
    Michael Bishop

    Just seeing two people smile at each other for an hour has been therapeutic

  • Authorise

    What's the name of the book Hamilton recommends ?