A Deadly OUTBREAK Is Spreading Within My Ant Colony
A deadly outbreak is spreading in my ant farm, and I don't know what to do. My yellow crazy ant colony, named the 'Golden Empire', has just moved into their brand new terrarium (the 'Crystal Catacombs') but as I was observing them living their lives in their new territories, I noticed signs of a deadly pathogen, a pathogen they've actually dealt with before. I'll need your help, ant lovers! We can solve this crisis together, as we have in the past. Let's hope our ants recover from this! Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution.
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Directed/Written by AntsCanada
Executive Producer RJ Garcia
DOP/Editing by Heinrich Domingo
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  • AntsCanada

    Greetings Ant Lovers/AC Family, I am just so sad and don't know what to do. 😭😭😭

    • gamerbros

      I feel you I was taking care of black ants in last summer and they were wiped out by a beetle that I feed them and it had the mites

    • Sälis Sälis
      Sälis Sälis

      @Antonio Rojas I like this idea as well

    • Sälis Sälis
      Sälis Sälis

      I suggest change name of channel to MitesCanada

    • Brahmantha Wiryananda
      Brahmantha Wiryananda


    • Kasumi Rose
      Kasumi Rose

      Extra food, pop boom

  • M M
    M M

    The smaller ants

  • M M
    M M

    They should be called Pandavas

  • Weerawatch Suriyo
    Weerawatch Suriyo

    Please just kill the roach first before putting it in the sacrificial stone, I can't bare seeing it suffer

  • Miguel Giron
    Miguel Giron

    Let the hunt begin

  • Lory_ Luna
    Lory_ Luna

    little opa

  • BecauseNo


  • Dave Alan
    Dave Alan

    Why not collect a whole bunch of hypoaspis mites and put them in a test tube with honey water (so you know they’ll come in contact the ants) and put the test tube in the terrarium, maybe close to a mound entrance. That and feeding infected ants to the fish, while feeding more to boost population, should do the trick, wouldn’t you think?

  • Sean Eusuya
    Sean Eusuya

    This channel makes ants less terifying

  • Ragmatical Rachel
    Ragmatical Rachel

    This is the first (of what I guess to be many) videos of this channel I have seen and my first impression is a renewed appreciation for how small insects are because the close ups were somewhat terrifying. I'm anthralled already ;)

  • TheFoxandTheRabbit

    Aww, poor roach really... 😢

  • TheFoxandTheRabbit

    Too much moisture from the get go I thought, sad.

  • BrettLexine World
    BrettLexine World

    This is like CoronAntvirus

  • MelloKabooom

    wow its like the golden empire has been through sooo much.... :(


    Go online and BUY some predatory mites. (it doesn't mean they attack the ants it ACTUALLY means that its the kind of mite that eats other mites so don't worry google it to find confirmation if you want to see proof)

  • alma daquil
    alma daquil

    i think i know what is going on but this is just a guest since im just 9 maybe its the food that is making them sick!!!

  • alma daquil
    alma daquil

    Little workers pls. Pick this name.😊

  • Robert Beliveau
    Robert Beliveau

    Update we need

  • martin chen
    martin chen

    Are the crystals real

  • Grant Erickson
    Grant Erickson

    Just use lemons

  • Slime King2000
    Slime King2000

    The wanderers

  • Slime King2000
    Slime King2000

    The wanderers

  • Santiago Briseno
    Santiago Briseno


  • Santiago Briseno
    Santiago Briseno

    Not the pants! I knew they would get revenge from wearing them

  • ice cream
    ice cream

    5 cockroach a dose, 3 times a daymight sound a good way to boost their population

  • Man With A Hat
    Man With A Hat

    Those demon termites are back

  • Hunter Calverley
    Hunter Calverley


  • Yuchen Shi
    Yuchen Shi

    I know quartile the infected so it will not spread anymore

  • Dank_Boi1987

    Name the white ants "Crystal Guardians" since they have the same color with the crystals

  • Isabella Mejia
    Isabella Mejia

    Oh no! Not the mights

  • phumbleina

    Can you just add the predatory mites to the enclosure? We do it with tarantulas, however I would not assume it would work the same. They can now be purchased on Amazon.com. so you know.

  • Daniel Ducommun
    Daniel Ducommun

    Vampire notes aka parasitic mites

  • GlitchyFrog

    Isn't a Lemon a choice? I thought Lemonjuice helps them.

  • frogonAKA505 gamers
    frogonAKA505 gamers

    Crystal nymps

  • Aldrich Mappala
    Aldrich Mappala

    Maybe if u can manage to quarantine a few of the ants that you see with the mite

  • Ryan Cook
    Ryan Cook

    If it's early enough I would agree you should try to gather the infected ants and feed them to your fish. An average life span of a worker in the wild is a week right? It's for the good of the colony.

  • Laurel

    the golden empire cant catch a break

  • Darren Pask
    Darren Pask

    Pull out all the ones you can find and keep the rest healthy and happy maybe that will do 👍

  • Starlin Vander
    Starlin Vander

    pick out infected mites and feed to the fish..

  • EnE aint_exist
    EnE aint_exist

    The Golden Empire has been here for a while we can't lose it like we did with the fire nation

  • Sayde McCormick
    Sayde McCormick

    Name Suggestions: Pyrite Tribe, Wise Carnotite (Carnotite is a yellow ore), The Aurum Warriors

  • Jason Costabile
    Jason Costabile

    stalkers for the ant colony

  • Phwix

    petscop 2 please

  • Chaos Art
    Chaos Art

    Wy not ,,ghost léviathan,,

  • Colin Cunningham
    Colin Cunningham

    maybe the mic stream the ant colony i would trust the ants

  • Thunder child
    Thunder child

    I think the Empire must expand to defeat their enemy outgrow the mites

  • David Clark Seroco
    David Clark Seroco

    the balck rice keepers

  • Ice Ranger
    Ice Ranger

    It's better to transport the queen to make a new colony

  • Bacon hak
    Bacon hak

    Name: black Buffalos

  • AjKool Moon243
    AjKool Moon243


  • Gotta SayIt
    Gotta SayIt

    í wσuld 1ѕt guєѕѕtímαtє thє ѕєvєrítч σf thє mítєѕ, íf nσt tσσ вαd juѕt rєmσvє αѕ mαnч ínfєctєd αntѕ αѕ u cαn, thєn mαчвє chєck σut thє rhínσ вєєtlє ѕítuαtíσn. σr ѕєє íf thσѕє mítє kíllєrѕ lívє σn σthєr вugѕ вєѕídєѕ rhínσ вєєtlєѕ(єαѕíєr tσ αcquírє).

  • Vivian Liu
    Vivian Liu

    thos are mites not ants and ill name them "the stealers"

  • Vivian Liu
    Vivian Liu

    you probaly don't even care about ants

  • James schlueter
    James schlueter

    Why not just find a rhino Beatle with a lot of mites that helped them before and feed it to the ants that might help with the bad mites.

  • Ghost Of Zion
    Ghost Of Zion

    Give them all respirators and tell them to remain 1.5cm from each other at all times

  • sharleen

    Baby boomers ftw...could it be the soil your using that caused it?

  • Despacito

    Ants: * checks if the crystals can be eaten * Ants canada: oh look they are socializing!

  • Nightmare Crimson
    Nightmare Crimson

    L e m o n t I m e

  • Lil Double eye
    Lil Double eye

    the golden empire has been going through rough in the tough

  • gamerbros

    Im getting a gerusalum cricket and my God is that thing big but im only getting it when I move out

  • Michael in Seattle
    Michael in Seattle

    🤔 I think you should look for Hypoaspis mites online if you can, I googled it and it looks like there’s sellers out there. I’d also consider removing heavily infected ants and feeding them to the fish.

  • Tman Moneyman
    Tman Moneyman

    Definitely not plan b, I would be crying to see you kill the golden empire

  • galore sphere
    galore sphere

    mites again!?!?!? Man the golden empire cant get a break!

  • Pac man
    Pac man

    Didn't lemon slices have some success?

  • Mark Cook
    Mark Cook

    Plays so wholesome music as a roach is being devoured 🤣🤣🤣

  • Darla Bradley
    Darla Bradley

    Name the ants “The Rocky Quarry”

  • This Guy
    This Guy


  • Candy the Amàzon bka Mrs. Terrell
    Candy the Amàzon bka Mrs. Terrell

    Is the roach still alive and can it feel pain?

  • Candy the Amàzon bka Mrs. Terrell
    Candy the Amàzon bka Mrs. Terrell

    And I appreciate they don't use too many ads

  • Candy the Amàzon bka Mrs. Terrell
    Candy the Amàzon bka Mrs. Terrell

    I'd love to be an ant just to live here 🤣🤣🤣

  • Candy the Amàzon bka Mrs. Terrell
    Candy the Amàzon bka Mrs. Terrell

    This is some awesome production and it's got me hooked 😄

  • Izafiey Aisya
    Izafiey Aisya

    I love


    Wtf my whole family was watching this on our smart TV.

  • Jayce Aberin
    Jayce Aberin


  • Tha Spud
    Tha Spud

    The pants are fighting back

  • Liam Gavin
    Liam Gavin

    I LOVE ur videos :()

  • Joe york
    Joe york

    I mite have a solution

  • Yabut Joviel Ervin
    Yabut Joviel Ervin

    Bring back 🐞🐞🐞

  • Nika Mikeladze
    Nika Mikeladze

    What music is this ?

  • Kay N
    Kay N

    My only Idea for maximum safty ist medicinal facemasks for every single ant

  • Dahlilah Anderson
    Dahlilah Anderson

    I don't know ants but get rid of the sick one

  • Mr S
    Mr S

    Do bothish ,find the predatory mites and also you find and kill the infected ants AND give them more food

  • Stan Mavin
    Stan Mavin

    how do the AC family feel about the 'hunky lodgers' for the smaller ants

  • martin kullberg
    martin kullberg

    Call the small ants "de kabouters " Dutch for the gnomes"

  • Johnny Cappuccino Jr.
    Johnny Cappuccino Jr.

    Little diamonds

  • roseynick

    How do the mites get into the enclosure?

  • Taavi Vainionpaa
    Taavi Vainionpaa

    "The mountain dwarves"

  • SW33TP Gaming
    SW33TP Gaming

    I watch all your videos, but I never look in the comments but this is the first time


    the hobit tribe

  • Leland Focke
    Leland Focke

    Blood sucking might I meant to say

  • Leland Focke
    Leland Focke

    You know the love sucking might just get the one that's infected and just chop it off

  • Leland Focke
    Leland Focke

    Then just take the one that is infected and then cut the thing off of it

  • Leland Focke
    Leland Focke

    The last Golden Empire I'll call them

  • zeotoo

    I like this ants they dont bite but red ants are auto kill

  • Dah G Man
    Dah G Man

    Population boom! Feed and let grow, they will groom each other plucking off stragglers

  • Kitty Springy
    Kitty Springy

    Why do I feel bad for the cockroach? I think it’s bc the ants were eating him alive.

  • Toms

    Crystal Hobbits?

  • Michael M6M
    Michael M6M

    to be honest it's not that hard to remember.

  • Michael M6M
    Michael M6M

    I would already know it is their social stomach.

  • Joseph g
    Joseph g

    I am thinking a mix of the population boost to give a better chance till the beetles are in season for the good mites to work as a clean up crew.