GODZILLA vs KONG 2021 | Battle FACE OFF | In Depth Combat Analysis!
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This video takes into account the hard stats when making a prediction on who is most likely to be the winner! If you were a fan of the Animal Face off Season on Discovery Channel, you will definitely love this. We take into account several battle attributes and discuss how these skills might affect each titan in battle! Sit back , relax, and watch as the two most powerful titans are put to the test as we discover who will most likely be the next true King of the Monsters!
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Intelligence: 0:33
Intimidation: 2:30
Aggressiveness: 3:47
Bite Effectiveness: 5:05
Arm Strength: 6:16
Battle Dexterity: 7:37
Leg Strength: 8:40
Agility: 9:47
Speed: 10:46
Terrain Compatibility: 11:34
Special Abilities: 12:33
X Factor: 13:39
Final Verdict: 14:20
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Music Composed by Alec Koff: Acquired from his exclusive Paetron
Disclaimer: This video will discuss hypothetical statistics between the two titans that will be featured in Legendary’s next Monsterverse installment Godzilla vs Kong. These stats are derived from known evidence from the films, novels, and observations from extant/extinct animal species. Please note that this is an unbiased approach to these statistics and we acknowledge that not everyone will agree to these stats. This video is presented for recreational and educational purposes only and do not assume any ownership of the creatures discussed neither do we claim that the information presented in this mini documentary should be considered official.

  • Goji Center
    Goji Center

    Looks like this Documentary was right after all...

    • A Google User
      A Google User

      @you've yee'd your last haw whats obviously not??

    • you've yee'd your last haw
      you've yee'd your last haw

      @A Google User lol it is obviously not

    • A Google User
      A Google User

      @you've yee'd your last haw any other excuses??

    • A Google User
      A Google User

      @you've yee'd your last haw the axe is useless af without godzilla's AB.

    • you've yee'd your last haw
      you've yee'd your last haw

      @A Google User Lol no it wouldn't and his name isnt furcheeks

  • S h a K
    S h a K

    When people say Kong can beat a ancient reptile that has millions of years of battle experience, with a nuclear ray, atomic pulse, claws, tail, strength, durability, armor. I assume that their idiots. Godzilla has survived nukes, asteroids and falling from the atmosphere, meanwhile Kong is crying over getting cut by helicopter blades.

    • Zaion games
      Zaion games

      btw kong did win the original battle sooooooooooooooooooo

  • Lorenzo Chamberland-Desforges
    Lorenzo Chamberland-Desforges

    what what her what about kongs battle axe i now i am a zilla fan but it has to be fair

  • DaftThe GachaWolf
    DaftThe GachaWolf

    Who will win a giant lizard that can shoot death beams out of his mouth that beat the ruler of hell or monkey?

  • The Meme Guy
    The Meme Guy

    Wonder if he will make a Mechagodzilla vs King Ghidorah video. Kevin vs his brother

  • Cruz.N

    I agree

  • emilio 79
    emilio 79

    I still like kong more than Godzilla

  • LAMZEE m
    LAMZEE m

    This guy really likes Godzilla even on the most obvious Kong wins he got a tie or Godzilla. For exzample Kong can climb and have advantages on almost all terrain and Kong is related to humans he is obviously smarter. Also Kong is so much faster and swimming does not count. Also special abilities isn’t fair because Kong doesn’t have any. I don’t agree but it was still a good video.

    • charlie smith
      charlie smith


    • هيتمان - ببجي
      هيتمان - ببجي

      Ummm godzilla won already soooo he was right

  • Flaming plays
    Flaming plays

    Kong won he killed mech

    • Subhasish Ghosh
      Subhasish Ghosh

      no. Godzilla won

  • Fath Draw
    Fath Draw

    yeah yuur teoriesis right I've has seen the movie

  • Dhruv Bhattathiripad
    Dhruv Bhattathiripad

    Kong will win he has his axe used in the movie

    • Subhasish Ghosh
      Subhasish Ghosh

      did you watch the movie?

  • RandomYouTube Name
    RandomYouTube Name

    Gorillas also do it to say “hey follow me” it’s just to get attention the roar is intimidation

  • Wahoo Man
    Wahoo Man

    Kong kind of did end up under Godzilla's foot.

  • Gita Armia
    Gita Armia


  • Rock Hash
    Rock Hash

    Anyone notice in the movie they did the Avengers scene where Kongs Axe clashes with Godzillas beam. Reminded me of when Thor flew into the air and slammed Mjolnir into Caps shield lol

  • Ayden Fleck
    Ayden Fleck

    No wrong godzilla or kong don't win mech godzilla dose

    • Subhasish Ghosh
      Subhasish Ghosh


  • Mr. McNerdo
    Mr. McNerdo

    Don’t forget Godzilla’s hilarious physics defying kick.

  • Bruh moment
    Bruh moment


  • Nelson Ekka
    Nelson Ekka

    What about that battle axe ? Din saw in the trailer that what amout of damage it did to godzilla ??!!!

  • Devin Millican
    Devin Millican

    I just found out Godzilla won, thanks to the comments lol. I'm pretty surprised. Did Kong fight like a idiot, or is Godzilla far more intelligent than I'm giving him credit for? Does Godzilla not have a literal lizard brain? Lol

    • Sulthan Arya
      Sulthan Arya

      Kong isn't fight like idiot or whatsoever. Thats is how primate fight. Both Kong and Godzilla are intelegent, but Kong win in agility while Godzilla at brute strenght.

  • Devin Millican
    Devin Millican

    You guys botched the intelligence factor. Kong is significantly more intelligent. In fact, it's not even close. Even the films have demonstrated as much. That's why I don't understand why they made Kong nearly as tall/big as Godzilla in this film. Kong was MUCH smaller than Godzilla leading up to this film, but since he is so much smarter, that's why this would have been a close fight had they stayed true to the size difference. Now that Kong is nearly as big as Godzilla, Kong shouldn't have much trouble. Which sucks because I'm actually a bigger fan of Godzilla.

    • Subhasish Ghosh
      Subhasish Ghosh

      @Sulthan Arya also, kong was an adolescent in 2017

    • Sulthan Arya
      Sulthan Arya

      You clearly didn't read the comic or novel lmao. The reason why Kong got so big its because the hollow earth energy who reside in Skull Island. If you compare to 2017 Kong to 2021 Kong then you just blantantly wrong lmao

    • Arcad1010

      kong shouldn’t have much trouble. bruhhh 😂😂 too funny! good thing this is only true in your lalaland.

    • Subhasish Ghosh
      Subhasish Ghosh

      @Subhasish GhoshI am agreeing to my second account

    • Subhasish Ghosh
      Subhasish Ghosh

      Bro, you are so wrong, it's actually hilarious

  • Livealkit

    I like kong ,but godzilla kicked his ass.

  • arth 554
    arth 554

    Execpt that the trailer showed that it was on land and water was far

  • Darran Walton
    Darran Walton

    im learning a ton from this.

  • Marc Duffer
    Marc Duffer

    I like both

  • Marc Duffer
    Marc Duffer

    I don’t really care who wins

  • chakir TEM dino Chakir abouelfaraj
    chakir TEM dino Chakir abouelfaraj

    Godzilla 100 % kong 72%

  • Everfree Brumby
    Everfree Brumby

    Godzilla coughed on the monkey. The end.

  • Remy’s Youtube Gaming
    Remy’s Youtube Gaming

    Yea I think that it’s a tie because they want to keep using the fight for more movies

    • Arcad1010

      it wasn’t though. i dunno why you would think that. godzilla was the clear winner.

    • Remy’s Youtube Gaming
      Remy’s Youtube Gaming

      @Subhasish Ghosh yea mechagodzilla

    • Subhasish Ghosh
      Subhasish Ghosh

      but one did fight

  • Sharkjira Chan
    Sharkjira Chan

    No one wins

    • Subhasish Ghosh
      Subhasish Ghosh

      @Sharkjira Chan obviously godzilla, idiot

    • Sharkjira Chan
      Sharkjira Chan

      @Subhasish Ghosh who wins then?

    • Subhasish Ghosh
      Subhasish Ghosh


  • David Ivaškovič
    David Ivaškovič

    That's what happened.

  • Oben Mokonchu
    Oben Mokonchu

    Kong: pounds chest Godzilla: is u done🤦

  • Midnight

    I like how this video predicted some things that happened in the movie

  • Erica Rayner
    Erica Rayner

    to me i would think that both of them would be the same because godzilla vs king kong god zilla started it and kong finished the battle

  • Henry Stickman
    Henry Stickman

    Nope doesn’t matter now Godzilla let long live as long is the god of the underworld now and Godzilla is the god of the above water

  • Rurger Gaming
    Rurger Gaming

    Hear me out h What if we thought kong martial arts imagine how much better he would ne

  • Better Gaming
    Better Gaming

    Hello there. I love your analysis ❤️

  • Julian Gunnell
    Julian Gunnell

    3:16 we've seen kong roar before

  • Frostyboi100

    All Hail The King Godzilla!

  • DC fan
    DC fan

    I'm kong fan but I know What godzilla will win I'm not blind #RestoreTheSnyderverse

  • 24Ufa

    Godzilla fans: Okay, but gozilla can \-x+sqrt1−x2\-=sqrt2(2x2−1) Kong fans: Monke

  • azahile gebreyesus
    azahile gebreyesus

    Godzilla wins

  • Karim Miller-Green
    Karim Miller-Green

    One stat you didn't consider, Plot Armor

  • UzAMaki NaRUtO
    UzAMaki NaRUtO

    My lil brother said Godzilla do throw thangs hands

  • Charan K 9E
    Charan K 9E

    Thanks for the spoiler alert

  • E̷l̷i̷ ̷P̷e̷n̷a̷ ̷
    E̷l̷i̷ ̷P̷e̷n̷a̷ ̷

    I guess you have predicted the movie. (Spoilers) He won 2-0 againts kong in the two battles 1-battle on the ocean 2- battle in hon kong. The only thing that kong did was knock godzilla out for like 10 or 15 seconds and that was it. Poor monke

    • Sulthan Arya
      Sulthan Arya

      Kong making Godzilla unconcious for a minutes is basically W for him. 2-1 to be precise since Hongkong fight has 2 rounds

  • wendy slack-smith
    wendy slack-smith

    I've already watched it Godzilla sort of wins but at the end kong and Godzilla fight mecha godzilla

    • Arcad1010

      sort of win? lol he left kong on the verge of death. he won clearly.

  • Aiden Eastwind
    Aiden Eastwind

    COMING NEXT: Godzilla vs. Corona! Godzilla: DAMN! Another fight?

  • PhasmaGuy

    Godzila wins

  • Stevie the great
    Stevie the great

    Spoiler alert: theres no winner theres only tie

    • Subhasish Ghosh
      Subhasish Ghosh

      @Stevie the great uhm, no godzilla nearly killed kong. Stop lying


      Godzilla basically killed kong so he won

    • Stevie the great
      Stevie the great

      In the movie

  • Da Lifta
    Da Lifta


  • Samuel Hisle
    Samuel Hisle

    Every fan arguing why Godzilla or Kong is the strongest kaiju Me: favorite kaiju is Rodan 😐


    before anyones gonna complain which i dont see any complaints can we just remember that your comparing a god against a king.

  • DoomSlayeRex

    This is aged well

  • Samantha Manley
    Samantha Manley

    Kong wins

    • Subhasish Ghosh
      Subhasish Ghosh




    • ඞ


  • Muhammed Janaas
    Muhammed Janaas

    After watching the Godzilla vs Kong, I watched this video. Everything you said was true. it's just awesome.

    • Ojide, Louie dee D.
      Ojide, Louie dee D.

      The leg strength he got thaf

  • Giovanni Aguilar-pedro
    Giovanni Aguilar-pedro

    Good job👏

  • Sanic Jr
    Sanic Jr

    SPOILER COMMENT, SPOILER COMMENT, SPOILER COMMENT, IF YOU DID NOT SEE THE MOVIE STOP AND DONT READ MY GODDAM COMMENT!! You predicted who won but Godzilla has more strength. The dude grabs kong with his mouth and launched him. Kong even had a weapon that nullifies Godzilla's atomic breath. Godzilla also had natural weapons which were his claws on his finger and toes. They fought 3 times too. 1st time was on water and Kong lost but it became a draw due to humans helping kong. Round 2 goes to Kong, was actually impressed with Kong's fighting abilities and how good he is when it comes to using his brain. Round 3 Godzilla honestly was tired of his shit and fuck him up clear as day. Kong would've died on the 3rd fight but humans help revive him. Good fight though. King Kong definitely held his own.

    • ඞ

      Godzilla toes🤤

  • Mr. Bub
    Mr. Bub

    Correct ✅

  • caesar bahlaq
    caesar bahlaq

    GODZILLA vs KONG has the same idea as Superman vs Batman , when the movie's title are about a fight between those two and you obviously know who would win but booom ..."lets stop this fight and help each other to stop that third wheel enemy who popped out from nowhere"

    • caesar bahlaq
      caesar bahlaq

      @Mr. Pyromaniac i know but they showed it like Kong has a chance against Godzilla

    • Mr. Pyromaniac
      Mr. Pyromaniac

      godzilla won tho

  • SupremeBoxers

    Godzilla won but nobody died


    Godzilla is the winner

  • Clown Tricky
    Clown Tricky

    Godzilla is better than kong

  • a1ron_yt

    Anyone here after they just watched the movie

  • Eugenia Vartenisian
    Eugenia Vartenisian

    yes Godzilla

  • Adrian McGunerson
    Adrian McGunerson

    Whats a King to a God

  • King Epik
    King Epik

    What is this guy talking about? Godzilla? Nonono monke win

    • Subhasish Ghosh
      Subhasish Ghosh

      Guys, he's being sarcastic

    • Arda Demir
      Arda Demir

      Yeah about that...

    • Ds Production
      Ds Production

      Regret :(

    • ROCKET -
      ROCKET -

      did you even watch the movie? Godzilla won

  • I'm Still Here Alex
    I'm Still Here Alex

    *_Everybody Gangsta until Kong becomes Rajang. [Only few will get this.]_*

  • Garrett Brown
    Garrett Brown

    Lol jake paul fuck funny shit

  • Malka Malove Geonimo
    Malka Malove Geonimo


    • Arda Demir
      Arda Demir


    • ROCKET -
      ROCKET -


  • PastelBlue

    no one wins

    • Arda Demir
      Arda Demir

      Or godzilla becuase he stomped kong

    • ROCKET -
      ROCKET -

      You can look past it all you want but it will not change the fact that Godzilla won

  • enderman

    Did anyone else think that rajiu from pacific rim uprising would absolutely obliterate kong?

    • Subhasish Ghosh
      Subhasish Ghosh

      nah, it would be a close fight with kong winning

  • R U SAD FF
    R U SAD FF

    Like you said godzilla won

  • Showa Big G
    Showa Big G

    After watching the godzilla vs kong movie, you were right godzilla won!

  • PinkDoughnut26 Collin
    PinkDoughnut26 Collin

    We also have to remember that Kong is a monkey while Godzilla is a dinosaur and I personally think a dinosaur would win that but who really knows

    • Ds Production
      Ds Production

      Bro it's been 1 week since the movie released watch it

  • Day RoseGrave
    Day RoseGrave

    Gorilla is as smart or smarter also, hand to hand, Godzilla is physically stronger. Kong is my favorite but, Godzilla hilariously overpower Kong

    • Gnostic28

      Kong can fluently talk in sign language and can use and/or craft basic weapons. He is definitively smarter

  • Joseph1138

    I wouldnt like it if i were kong..

  • Zibo Cheng
    Zibo Cheng

    Godzilla did win in Godzilla vs Kong



  • Anh Dang
    Anh Dang

    Godzilla 2-0 Kong

  • anatomic gaming
    anatomic gaming

    But Godzillas power up takes time and konh is wayyy faster than that time I think long shall win

    • ROCKET -
      ROCKET -

      you didn't watch the movie, Godzilla won

    • Arda Demir
      Arda Demir

      Lmao didn't watch the movie

    • Gnostic28

      Did you even watch the movie?

  • Soviet_Godz

    Godzilla won

  • Sp33dstersup

    Nobody is fucking with Godzilla. Kong didn’t stand a chance

    • Subhasish Ghosh
      Subhasish Ghosh

      @John Sean he should have specified

    • John Sean
      John Sean

      @Subhasish Ghosh l think he want to say nobody can beat nuclear godzilla

    • Subhasish Ghosh
      Subhasish Ghosh

      except mechagodzilla and ghidorah

  • Chad Church
    Chad Church

    Where I agree that Godzilla should beat kong, in the movie kong was about to throw Godzilla off him when he was about to do the Godzilla stomp thing, but his shoulder was dislocated, if it wasn’t, the fight would’ve continued until mechagodzilla showed up

    • Ds Production
      Ds Production

      @Read Later exactly dude what is this guy's logic like ok I destroyed my opponent's legs BUT HE WOULD HAVE WON IF YOU DIDNT 😂

    • Ds Production
      Ds Production

      Wow just never gives up huh

    • ROCKET -
      ROCKET -

      Even with proper shoulder strength, he couldn't have pushed Godzilla off, Godzilla's stomp strength is soooo powerful that he has defeated another titan before by simply stomping on him.

    • Read Later
      Read Later

      Godzilla was the one who dislocated his shoulder in the first place and Kong collapsed from his injuries when Godzilla walked away so the fight ended there with Godzilla the clear victor.

  • kiiba x
    kiiba x

    Oh my god I can’t believe I watched this LMAO

  • Brent Obiado
    Brent Obiado

    I'm just here to say this were accurate

  • Nijole Gvergzdiene
    Nijole Gvergzdiene

    Kong wins big monke

    • Arda Demir
      Arda Demir

      Unless he gets his ass stomped in the movie but that won't happen right? *oh wait*

    • Gnostic28

      He didn't though

  • Detective1310

    Why would King Kong and Godzilla fight each other?

    • GMK 2001
      GMK 2001

      @Detective1310 did you not even watch the movie? Why would you ask for spoilers

    • Detective1310

      @Gnostic28 Oh so that why, wish they were peace though

    • Gnostic28

      @Detective1310 APEX tricked Godzilla into attacking a bunch cities and Monarch got Kong to fight Godzilla and stop him from doing that

    • Detective1310

      @Gnostic28 wat do humans do to them? Do they force them to fight?

    • Gnostic28

      Because humans

  • Melo Minogue
    Melo Minogue

    Yeah well kong got completely destroyed in every fight 😂

  • YesLad 2929
    YesLad 2929

    1v1 on land is a fair fight they both have 50/50 of wining or losing and Godzilla won the fight and had kong on his ass for awhile but if you put Into account that Kong killed mech Godzilla I’d say it’s a tie between kong and Godzilla

    • Arda Demir
      Arda Demir

      No. It wasn't even close. Just accept it.

    • Thanos Gaming
      Thanos Gaming

      Lol kong was about to be killed by mechagodzilla. Godzilla charged his axe that made him beat mecha.. HE NEEDED GODZILLA’s atomic breath and That axe its made from godzilla’s ancestors. Kong was an easier fight for godzilla. King ghidora bring out the best in godzilla

  • JB XP
    JB XP

    I just saw the movie well done to this guy but king Kong won in the end

    • Ds Production
      Ds Production

      Bro are you hallucinating which weed are you on?

    • Gnostic28

      He literally didnt

    • Adrian Uribe
      Adrian Uribe

      Godzilla won

    • Soniczensa69

      no you didnt lol,if you watched it you would know godzilla spared kong and didnt kill him

  • Аркадий Тессерактин
    Аркадий Тессерактин

    Love how Goji Center treat Titans very good, even calling them the right way, with their scientific titles as: Titanus Kong, Titanus Gojira!!!!

  • Angelo Mordini
    Angelo Mordini

    Godzilla defeated kong without the atomic breath in round three, he just went vicious

    • Gnostic28

      @Read Later He literally killed them ain villain, how is that not a win for him?

    • Read Later
      Read Later

      @Gnostic28 At first I want to count Hong Kong fight as one long one too making it 2-0 in Godzilla's favor but after rewatching the movie and seeing how emotional the scenes with Kong was at times, I felt that he needed that one win atleast.

    • Gnostic28

      @Read Later I have nothing against Kong, I'm just saying that he lost both fights, since there were only two. There weren't 3 rounds, Kong just smacked Godzilla, they both were knocked back, immediately got up, and immediately went back to beating each other up. There was no distinction between both half's of the fight, it was just one fight

    • Read Later
      Read Later

      @Gnostic28 So you don't want to give Kong the win in round 2 and just treat it as one long fight? Godzilla is the definitive king but we have to give Kong something at least, while some of Kong's Fans are annoying to try and talk to, Kong himself deserves some respect. Using his Atomic Breath actually put Godzilla at a disadvantage due to Kong's Axe and Godzilla just resorted to good old fashioned ass whooping to get the job done and also proving that he doesn't need his Atomic Breath to get shit done.

    • Gnostic28

      There was literally no round 3. They only fought twice, and both times Godzilla was just firin his lazor

  • Angelo Mordini
    Angelo Mordini

    Well you predicted the final Godzilla stomp being what takes Kong down

  • Timothy Dylan Trinidad
    Timothy Dylan Trinidad

    outcome of the film: Godzilla stomped on kong. kong helplessly trying to lift that leg... cant. But godzilla has had the realization kong is not an enemy. left him live another day

  • Pandayeets

    remember kong is protecting a little girl and the military on his side so its even

    • ROCKET -
      ROCKET -

      No that doesn't make sense, if Kong didn't have military aid then Godzilla would have drowned Kong the first time.

  • Eissa fazal
    Eissa fazal

    Spoiler alert Godzilla wins


    I love godzilla

  • Da Lime
    Da Lime

    i thought godzilla's brain was in his tail?

    • GMK 2001
      GMK 2001

      This is monsterverse godzilla not heisei godzilla

    • Eugene Flores
      Eugene Flores

      Different version

  • Мохаммед Алізі
    Мохаммед Алізі

    Its time for a Death Batt- oh shit wrong channel