🔴 ROTTEN ABSCESS? is it INFECTED? lets take a close look..
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Want to see a calf be born?
In this video we fix up the awesome cow 3453 who has an abscess that has blown out the back of her hoof.. She cleans up well and walks great now.. Watch as I take you through the process.

  • Katherine Peace
    Katherine Peace

    i like that you call them mama. You and the cows are so sweet

  • Wayne Rafferty
    Wayne Rafferty

    Do the cows not feel pain when your working on the hoof and cutting away the abscess

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      It's less pain than the pain they were in.. Its similar to removing a splinter.. It kinda hurts but it feels alot better..

  • Lisa Conrad
    Lisa Conrad

    The heel looks like flesh. Does it hurt to cut that?

  • Timberwolf

    Cows: That soothing sound of the grinder just makes the go so smooooth. Pass the TP...

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer


  • Kj Sumner
    Kj Sumner

    They don’t have to keep justifying themselves, We know they aren’t hurting the cows, Only giving them relief 💪🏾

  • Noryam Eric
    Noryam Eric

    Still make sense to wash real quick, regardless of the her group of heifers they are not going anywhere.

  • Tom Miller
    Tom Miller

    What is the purpose of the carving knife, and why don't you use it more. I've watched others do this and it seems like they use that tool more

  • Roxanne Mitchell
    Roxanne Mitchell

    Do you enter each damaged cow claw in computer so farmer can track each damaged corw

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      Absolutely.. We record everything.

  • Mary Jane Keao
    Mary Jane Keao

    Loved this video. Excellent procedure.

  • silverstacks

    The Hoof GP brought me here, great videos and excellent narration. Thank you for sharing with us. Liked and subscribed

  • Faye Kavanagh
    Faye Kavanagh

    Hahaha! Are wearing hoof gp hoodie??? Lol!

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      uzload.info/fun/o4RsZILL2YiG358/video Yeah I've been friends with him since well before he had a UZload channel. Go back to the beginning of his channel you'll see he's wearing a Midwestern Hoof Care shirt in lots of his videos.

  • Brenda McKinsey
    Brenda McKinsey

    So was that stuff by the heal flesh that were trimming

  • snapefan07

    come on, guy. Clean that fucking shit-covered foot ffs

  • Nadia Kali
    Nadia Kali

    New subscriber. Watching from Canada🇨🇦

  • S B
    S B

    I'd wash it but that's just me.

  • Scratch Bashing
    Scratch Bashing

    I thought this was Hoof G P but it's M Hoof T

  • Alex Aguilar
    Alex Aguilar

    What is the reason that you won't wash the hoof before trimming?

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      Wouldn't help us or the cow.. Then theres the factor of time, getting enough water to wash 250 feet in a day and then stand in water using power tools on wet feet..

  • K8 B
    K8 B

    Pink wrap reminds me of ballet slippers, which pictured on a cow gave me giggles.

  • Wendy Hoppenworth
    Wendy Hoppenworth

    What is the yellowish red stuff?

  • Shena

    So cute when she tried to shake the block off! 😂

    • Shena

      @Montgomery Wolf 😂😂😂

    • Montgomery Wolf
      Montgomery Wolf

      You know ladies...Just makin' sure it looks ok for all the bull she has to deal with...☝😂

  • Erich Vonglahn
    Erich Vonglahn

    If you're putting blade to a cows hoof, and it causes a bit of pain, whereby she throws a massive, juicy, fart your way. And a few globules land , say, on back of your head, and you hear what sounds like cow laughing. Would you be mad at her? What if she waited till you were talking, and she let one fly right into your mouth. Would that make you angry at her? Just asking, as it would be something funny for your vids.

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      I try to not stand behind a cow that's going to cough! LOL 🐄🌬💩 however we are not fazed in the least by a poop splatter.. the only goal is to try to not get any more than necessary on your mouth LOL

  • Mary Braasch
    Mary Braasch

    Is the black plate put on to take pressure of other foot

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      Yes exactly! Elevate the problem claw is the wording I use.

  • Spi

    Anyone else having wired dreams about trimming hoofs? Between him and gp I’m watching everyday.

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      Wanna real weird dream? uzload.info/fun/o4RsZILL2YiG358/video

  • Spi

    This isn’t the hoof GP

  • hopeangel1970

    The 3rd cow head is enormous!

  • hopeangel1970

    Poor girl. Hope she healed well.

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      Shes doing great! Well probably take her block off next week!

  • Imraan Jamaloodien
    Imraan Jamaloodien

    Great "foot"age.

    • Imraan Jamaloodien
      Imraan Jamaloodien

      Glad we are on the same wavelength.

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      HAA! I just talked about how were going to call it Foot-age today on the video going up tomorrow!

  • 남이기호

    Would you be cleaned before the treatment(Dung)? ^^~

  • Leah Downs
    Leah Downs

    I like that you showed us some normal trims, it lets people who don't understand farms and farm life that a problem you show on one animal isn't the norm. I grew up on a farm and we took very good care of our animals!

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm actually planning to film a really long video tomorrow let's just normal trims which is 98% of what we do but I've had a few requests for a long video of just normal trimming. We will probably trim close to 70 tomorrow and I will be surprised if there are any wraps or blocks. So stay tuned I'm hoping to have that video up Sunday morning!

  • Texan Online
    Texan Online

    you should randomly make some comments about trimming like 36 cows at this farm and only 2 were lame...many people think all cows always have these issues but most are just touch ups and preventative

    • Texan Online
      Texan Online

      @Midwestern Hoof Trimmer these cows put so much into the milk production that it really saps the rest of the body making it more prone to issues. The worst comments I see are the ones complaining about poo all over everything and seeing the bones on the cows...people can not understand that cows poop when nervous AND at any time no matter what is happening. These gals are making what ? 9 gallons per day ? that is a huge strain on the body

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      I do! I'll make sure to do it more.. We actually have a less than 3% overal lameness which includes DD and less than 1.5% blocking rate on our maintenance herds.. But yes maintaining work is what we do with just a few problems here and there 😊

  • Lauren Page
    Lauren Page

    Cool machine!

  • Paul Railton
    Paul Railton

    There was a a great guy doing this and he's disappeared. Where is he..........

  • Jane Parker
    Jane Parker

    Bless its Heart ♥️

  • Brittany Parker
    Brittany Parker

    Why spray the hoof with iodine before you finish the trim? Doesn’t that just make it harder to see what you’re doing and you still have to spray it again where you trimmed off hoof?

  • Mandy Pavey
    Mandy Pavey

    You put the block over the bandage how are you going to get all bandage off

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      There's no glue touching the wrap. And the farmers cut the wraps off with a special knife.

  • Cole LeeLee
    Cole LeeLee

    They don’t seem to have pain in the hoof. Do they get a shot before you start.

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      They feel pain in the corium which is the living fleshy part.. but the Hoof horn is like fingernail it has no feeling..

  • Jon Thornton
    Jon Thornton

    I would have never known how interesting it is to watch people trim cows feet. Thank you for all the good work.

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      I'm glad you enjoy!

  • Novita W
    Novita W

    What happened to her tail?

    • Novita W
      Novita W

      @Midwestern Hoof Trimmer totally makes sense to do it for that reason. I get asked why I docked my dogs tail and once was yelled at for being mean. They don't understand that some dogs are born that way.

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      So it used to be common practice to dock tail.. This was done at a young age and didn't bother them.. But some people who didnt understand livestock made regulations banning tail docking.. And now the cows are so much dirtier and their udders are dirty because of the wet tail slopping around.. The negative impact is was worse than the initial tail docking that bother them less than a little girl getting her ears pierced..🤷

  • Karen McHale
    Karen McHale

    The farms you service are lucky to have a dedicated, educated hoof trimmer! Thank you for your service. Watched this cows follow up first...great job! The Fib. 🙂

    • Karen McHale
      Karen McHale

      No worries...I've got cheeseheads in my family. Makes for lively dinner conversations! 😂🤣

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      Thanks for watching Karen! I wont call you a fib... 😊

  • Jeremee Ritterbeck
    Jeremee Ritterbeck

    Great video,you do great work for these cows I’m hook lol

  • Pippa Kay
    Pippa Kay

    I think putting the seperator of the hoof in from the front seems a better approach than going in from the underneath option. It looks more comfortable for the cow. Good job.👍👌👍

  • Paul David
    Paul David

    Very good commentary excellent job. You are very good at your job

  • Santiago Rodriguez Guillen
    Santiago Rodriguez Guillen

    I don't know in cows but in humans if there is abcess there is infection

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      So this is something in working on in the industry.. You are correct however the term "abscess" in Hoof Trimming has been inappropriately used world wide and the lesion we are referring to in this video is actually a blister! Separation of the corium and outerlying dead cells filled with serum.. Im working to change this terminology but if I throw it out there on my videos id have to explain this to 10,000 people over reply as opposed to 1 😊 good pick up and you are correct but its not really an abscess unless it goes into the tissue and these are outside of it.

  • Angeleyes Fam
    Angeleyes Fam

    Thank you for helping her ❣️

  • newmexicowriter

    No antibiotics?

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      Yeah the farmer treated her.. We dont/can't..

  • refugeeoftumblr

    Loved that little madam checking you out through the barrier while you warmed your hands. Made me smile!

  • carschmn

    Do you have to do anything special to get the adhesive to work in extremely cold or hot weather?

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      We keep it warm when its cold out.. Thanks for watching!

  • Pocket Change
    Pocket Change


  • Reece

    If I was you I would start washing there feet before you do your work on them because although you think it's not worth and it only looks good for the camera when in realoty UZload is all about making things look good on camera.

  • Fazal Abbas
    Fazal Abbas

    Good work dear you and hoof gp look like brothers both are true hardworking honest and knowledgeful boys keep it up

  • Elliot Free
    Elliot Free

    Hey what do you think about this video uzload.info/fun/n318gGHXrYaZq5M/video

    • Aleriv

      God, the knife he uses is blunt as hell and hes practically butchering that cow

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      I'd really rather not comment on that🤷

  • Anoby 117
    Anoby 117

    Heard about you guys from the hoof gp. Sorry you lost the challenge.

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      Ahh it was all in fun.. We can beat that time😉

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous

    Hey Aaron! I'm curious, under what circumstances do you trim the dewclaws? And as always, I request more bull trims. :)

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      The length and whether they are or look to be naturally shedding.. And sorry I dont Trim many bull at all.. Only a few in my area🤷

  • Jacque Caeser
    Jacque Caeser

    You really explain the hoof’s condition so I understand.

  • Coffeeology

    Why am I here? I don't own cows, yet, here I am. Thanks for taking care of those cows, Aaron.

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      I hope you hut the subscribe button and stick around!😁

  • Lakoal Douglas
    Lakoal Douglas

    Well I subscribed because of that ending. I was wondering how you guys did all of that.

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      Funny you say that because the next video in posting shows the setup in the beginning😊

  • Harianto Haranto
    Harianto Haranto

    God Bless U & Succesffull Mr...I Like This Vidio...From Indonesia...

  • Tammy Baker
    Tammy Baker

    I told you Graham Parker would win the shout out. Lol

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      🤷 my Chute has a few more steps to be taken.. we could beat that time😉

  • Kelly EKA Designs Welly
    Kelly EKA Designs Welly

    Good stuff 😏👊

  • Karin Bean
    Karin Bean

    Great Video

  • Brissy Girl
    Brissy Girl

    I watch 3 hoof trimmers here on youtube, you all have a slightly different approach to how you go about a trim but the end result is always the same. Happy cows and happy farmers.

  • irene marie Belanger
    irene marie Belanger

    I enjoyed this video, especially the last bit of no voice over and no music. One thing I am happy for is that I am in my nice warm house. I really like the way you explain things

  • Hepatica Nobilis
    Hepatica Nobilis

    Thanks for a harmonious video with a lot of hoof trimming and just a little talk.

  • Elaine Hollandshort
    Elaine Hollandshort

    First off, I wanted you to know that I heard about you from the 'Hoof G P' Saw were they were faster setting up their crush than you. He gave you a shout out, so I have subscribed. Will watch more of you videos to watch the different approaches you have to hoof trimming.

  • Allison Laker
    Allison Laker

    And we appreciate the work involved fiddling with the camera.... hope the fingers are ok! ☺️

  • Aurora Borealis
    Aurora Borealis

    Me: EW he doesn't clean the poop of that foot! Me : picks up horse hoof, cleans it, wipes hand on pants, grabs a snack

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer


  • P. Griffith
    P. Griffith

    Spraying iodine is an ingenious way to hide / blend the blood (or bloody liquids) from yt and it's snowflake monitors.

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer


  • Penny Foreman
    Penny Foreman

    I'm terribly confused BTW. As an American, I should be team LaVoy but, as a Southern Belle, I can't support a yankee! 🤪🤣😂🤣😂

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer


  • Mimi

    yay found another good hoof trimmer... how satisfying

  • Penny Foreman
    Penny Foreman

    So, Gramme stepped up to your challenge. He beat your time and did it 1 handed. Youre gonna have to step up your game muh man! 🤣🤣🤣

    • Penny Foreman
      Penny Foreman

      @Midwestern Hoof Trimmer Suuuuurrrrrreeeeee thats it! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      @Penny Foreman it is true though.. We'll beat their time just for fun.. Not to prove anything you know🤷 just for fun😂😂

    • Penny Foreman
      Penny Foreman

      @Midwestern Hoof Trimmer that's a good excuse. Id stick with it. 😜

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      Yeah.. Their machin has a few less steps to to that I wasnt thinking about.. If we eliminated them would would have done the same time or better🤷 besides it was for fun ...

  • Terri Packard
    Terri Packard

    Love the wheels

  • Teresa Petty
    Teresa Petty

    Thanks for suffering in the cold and for sharing your life. I’m sure the cow is very happy with all that pain and her foot infected getting taken care of. Great job.

  • Imca vdB
    Imca vdB

    My hands type faster than my thinking 😳 they know what they'll write before the head does.

    • Imca vdB
      Imca vdB

      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer LOL So you know how it is!! 😂🤣😅 Sometimes my fingers are so fast, I lose where I am. When looking, my hands read the text sooner than my eyes. Imagine my eyes when I see that.

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      Exactly! Thats how my hands trim.. Sometimes I just watch 😂😂

  • Lady RM Perkins-Arnold
    Lady RM Perkins-Arnold

    I have noticed that you don't use the paste that Graeme does in this type of situation. Is the paste not cleared for use in the US? Or is it just your preference???

    • Lady RM Perkins-Arnold
      Lady RM Perkins-Arnold

      @Midwestern Hoof Trimmer truly just wondered. Having been a RVT in the US years ago, I know every vet and tech or trimmer have their own likes and dislikes. 😉

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      I have better results with the strong iodine than the paste.. Ive been offered every product and I'll trial them but the iodine works the fastest in my opinion.

  • Lois Blais
    Lois Blais

    Good analogy with the typewriter . People are so worried to see blood omg. Where there is a wound, there is going to be drainage. Nice work.

  • Robin Johnson
    Robin Johnson

    Great to see the loving care you have given to these animals! Just subscribed!

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      Thank you!

  • derek crymble
    derek crymble

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    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      Lol you just gave me a great idea for a video!

    • derek crymble
      derek crymble

      @Midwestern Hoof Trimmer To go with the hoof trimmings. Gross huh?

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      I'm sorry but I don't get it?

  • Harriet Carpenter
    Harriet Carpenter

    Thank u for the simple narration while u worked on that cow. Its interesting watching u work. Enjoyed this video. 😷

  • The Sheep Game
    The Sheep Game

    I’ve been typing for 17 years and still do it with two fingers 😂😂! Not sure why but I really enjoy watching cows feet being trimmed these days 😂

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      LMFAO I'm not sure that I would have admitted to still typing with two fingers after 17 years experience! And likewise for some reason I enjoy watching the Sheep videos but when I get notified the Sheep game posted a video I can't wait to sit down and watch.

  • Janice VanSickle
    Janice VanSickle

    Its so nice to watch a person that takes care and pride in what they do....❤❤❤❤

  • Non sequitur
    Non sequitur

    Does this smell bad??

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      This particular case was very very early stage of infection and did not smell. However had it been let go for a couple more days it would have definitely been putrid..

  • bigsid1984

    What does his trimming cost?

  • mr peanut
    mr peanut

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  • robert shimek
    robert shimek

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    • robert shimek
      robert shimek

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    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      Lol right! Well he won 😐 but there chute is has a few less steps to do than ours..

  • Heather Peters
    Heather Peters

    I love how your videos go into instructor mode. You can tell you not only love what you do, but that you teach it, too. I can see the 17 years of experience in the precision you use with the grinder and the care you show to each momma cow. I also love how you call them momma and talk about each girl's personality and behaviors. Well on her way to recovery, Aaron! Stay warm out there!

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      Thank you Heather!

  • Fred Boom boom
    Fred Boom boom

    What happens when they cross a sheep with a cow? You get an animal in a baaaaaaaad moooooooood!

  • EVOMAN14

    You tube recommended this to me after watching The Hoof GP. Scottish version of this 👍🏼

    • EVOMAN14

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    • Amanda Wainwright
      Amanda Wainwright

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    • Texan Online
      Texan Online

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    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      Oh yeah Graeme is my good friend!

  • oscar ellenius
    oscar ellenius

    Poor girl, god bless bless you Aaron for taking such good care of these kettle

  • Dan

    I always loved watching on the farm when they came to trim the cows and the horses I found it funny when trimming a horse they can cut into the frog to trim it and the horse didn't really move but when i hit it cleaning the foot the horse launched me 5 feet through the air and of course it was the back foot I had to learn not to hit the frog on.

  • Anneta

    It did look cold there.... Its so satisfying and relaxing watching you guys trim cow hooves. 🐮. Great video looking forward to the next one👍🤗

  • Peter Kuyl
    Peter Kuyl

    It's a good thing you challenged Parker to a chute-off and not a chute-on

  • peachpollen

    You have finesse not just with that grinder but also with the blade/hood hook thingy! What is the official name of that tool? Ya know that happy hoof guy still bothers the hell outta me.. he said he’s been doing it for only 3 years.. and you said what.. you’ve been doing it for over triple that... why not listen and learn from your experience! That’s when a person needs to care more about their craft and the cows.. and a lot less about their ego.. smh... he could learn a lot from you..

  • Rebel Without a Clue
    Rebel Without a Clue


  • Tammy Mossholder
    Tammy Mossholder

    Another great Wisconsin video. I hate to give you crap but, I saw GP’s video and 😕. Even with being one hand down. What are we gonna do with ya? 50 lashings with a poop soaked tail???? Lol! GO PACK GO!

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      Yeah I don't know? I think we run a few more safety pins than them?

  • 178jmh

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  • wrinkles & sprinkles
    wrinkles & sprinkles

    It’s been relatively mild as far as winters up here go, OMG It’s gonna get really cold next week! Time for multiple layers Aaron!🥶 Hope you and the family are doing well and staying safe.✌🏻

    • Trim

      I'm in SD and the winter has been awesome although the cold showed up today. 1 degrees this morning but don't worry it's headed to Wisconsin next

  • Trim

    Get in there open that abscess up clean it out and get on to the next cow! Just how I like to do it. When there's 15 or 20 more cows in the pen I'm not gonna take 20 minutes to work on an abscess simply for the video. Good job Aaron!

  • JuTau

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    Scott Worthington

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    Nedra Nichols

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