Rescuing Two ABANDONED Three Wheelers, Will They Run??
Today we revive a couple clapped out Honda 125M's!
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  • Sled_NeckX99

    Hey yall. Just got a yamaha blaster for free with a blown top end. I am rebuilding it, then she will rip!

  • Alan Gresov
    Alan Gresov

    Do the people you buy these things from ever talk to you, or you to them, about the vehicles after the fact?

  • Craig Palmer
    Craig Palmer

    Two Honda atv needs everything tune up tires air sitting there long time junkyard digs in lowa really love your videos friend bless you 2021

  • D R
    D R

    Don't let any children ride those! Kid killers.

  • Power Electrical & Safety Systems LLC.
    Power Electrical & Safety Systems LLC.

    But no duct tape?

  • Robert sparky
    Robert sparky

    Glad to see them getting saved

  • Blake Craft
    Blake Craft

    That’s a Honda

  • David Perry
    David Perry

    I'd have gotten the ST 90s. They hat Trail 70 frames but bigger wheels!

  • Mr. Antoin
    Mr. Antoin

    Thank you for the Red Green Show Reference. lol loved that show as a kit.

  • MMB Gaming
    MMB Gaming

    28:00 the frame bolt has a mind of its own lmfao

  • Kevin

    Awesome. Its hard to kill a Honda ATC!

  • Jev fot
    Jev fot

    26:04 yea power

  • Jeff Shrewsbury
    Jeff Shrewsbury

    I kept hearing, in my head, "In a big country/ dreams stay with you / like a lover's voice/ 'cross a mountainside" I'm positive Big Country were flogging the Honda 125's across some Scots moors.

  • Carson M
    Carson M

    just wanna say that I've been in a bad way the last few months without a job and stugglin due to the state of things right now and videos like this get me right back into where I should be... thanks for puttin out some funny and educmicational stuff. Much needed right now.

  • Ben R
    Ben R

    Loving that red green reference

  • Chris Clark
    Chris Clark

    Who puts two 3 wheelers up on Facebook market and doesn't bother digging them out of a massive junk pile first? Oh right... Pretty much everyone 👍

  • Linux Jedi aka Big Evil
    Linux Jedi aka Big Evil

    " it won’t leak at all " *starts leaking* ಠ_ಠ

  • Only God Knows Why
    Only God Knows Why

    Honda trail bike yellow gold is saweet

  • NAH Videos
    NAH Videos

    You’ve inspired me to revive an old ATC350 that I acquired about 6 years ago

  • Tory Nilson
    Tory Nilson

    Mass chaos. Happy hunting.

  • Dominick Warner
    Dominick Warner

    Yeah those Honda Mini bikes are worth alot of money if they aren't all beat to hell

  • Nikki Louise
    Nikki Louise

    That looks cool

  • James Janzen
    James Janzen

    The first time you started it it made that bad sound

  • doghearder

    My '86 ATC125M ('86-'87 were redesigned, often called the "little big red" had super low and reverse and unfortunately a gas tank that is unavailable) anyway the carb body screws for the bowl stripped the first couple threads - I filed the ears shorter on the carb bowl so the screws could grab some material. Yeah the carb seeps a bit around the rotted O ring, I had to put an inline shutoff in it as the tank is from an 82 with the two nipples (hahahhahaha...nipples...) and the carb has no shut off built in to it.

  • Bill Taylor
    Bill Taylor

    you didn't mention it so did you notice the missing front engine mount and the spinning nut on another of the front mount

  • chaseme81871

    Hope you seen that engine carriage nut spinning loose at @29:21

  • chaseme81871

    This makes me regret selling my three wheelers.

  • gigasipke

    My dad has the same Honda 125M and a 185cc buried under stuff in his backyard. They haven't seen movement in a long time, maybe i'll send this to him to get him motivated to getting them out and running.

  • Stephen Nyberg
    Stephen Nyberg

    One junkyard insults the other junkyards personality. Junkyard digs.

  • Jim Wilhelmi
    Jim Wilhelmi

    I’m gonna be that guy and ask, “Where is your helmet?”

  • bbodinefan11

    Is that Gallagher?

  • Ken Sundstrom
    Ken Sundstrom

    Where's Mook?

  • sam sepicteye
    sam sepicteye

    Remember, if the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy

  • Jerkwad152

    The gas from that tank looks like the urine sample of someone with a bladder infection.

  • jbyrd 420 Michigan
    jbyrd 420 Michigan


  • jbyrd 420 Michigan
    jbyrd 420 Michigan

    I would love to get my hands on them ct70s that were just laying around in mint condition

  • Fred Monroe
    Fred Monroe

    Honda junk yard digging 🤣🤣🤣

  • Aaron schulz
    Aaron schulz

    Oh, so you call them the honda trial? In Germany its the Dax😉 Am also looking for a 3 wheeler but they are very rare in Germany

  • alan4391

    thay all look fucked

  • merican rebelzz
    merican rebelzz

    I keep telling people but they don’t listen. Honda’s are invincible

  • Tinda Mama
    Tinda Mama

    The trite soap architecturally escape because den separately march down a careless half-brother. medical, judicious brass

  • Jesse Hammack
    Jesse Hammack

    Nice nissan 240z

  • Raydens Garage
    Raydens Garage

    i am 2 hours away from Ottumwa

  • Joshua Humphrey
    Joshua Humphrey

    That just proves it Honda’s are un kill a bull I think that’s how you spell it but idk you get it tho right

  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson

    More Bronco less three wheelers.

  • Techrecycle4u

    Smokes like a Honda? I've owned 3 Honda's. Including a 3 wheeler 250. Ran great until I sold them. No smoke.

  • Techrecycle4u

    Somebody is a Honda fan.

  • Josef Mechanic
    Josef Mechanic

    I love that ct70 with the candy orange paint and no motor

  • tanner bennett
    tanner bennett

    Yesssss I missed John, he is such a good compliment to Kevin’s sense of humor! I just wish we could see more of Luke on the channel

  • Roger Fenton
    Roger Fenton

    Long time since I sore a monkey bike

  • Kurt Young
    Kurt Young

    Great buy! By the way, I've cleaned over ten thousand carburetors and have never seen one that cleaned itself by putting your hand over the intake.

  • Randall James
    Randall James

    I like the Rockauto magnets on the garage door. Mine are on the refrigerator.

    • Jim Wilhelmi
      Jim Wilhelmi

      Mine are on my toolbox.

  • adamfyes

    Need a new video guys , make something cool run again please🙏🏻

  • Alfredo Dorado
    Alfredo Dorado

    10:05 Honda is Honda.

  • mr3000gtman

    Luke has a vape?

  • كلمات الرحمن
    كلمات الرحمن

    رائع رائع فيديو جميل جدا

  • M&M Outdoors
    M&M Outdoors

    How much do you want for em

  • Justin LaNoue
    Justin LaNoue

    Honda small engines are like Ford 302s

  • Elijah Kimble
    Elijah Kimble

    If you figure out the transmission can you make a video on how it works.

  • Jon Kastanek
    Jon Kastanek

    You beat me to it I was going to buy it

  • 16driver16

    Should have bought the green st90 too!!! That thing is soo cool and the atc125m engine would be an awesome upgrade for it!!!

  • Stephen Smith
    Stephen Smith

    Is it me, or has John's mullet game got stronger?

  • Todd Richardson
    Todd Richardson

    Have you ever run across any 68-72 Honda mini trail 50's????

  • Darrin Williams
    Darrin Williams

    Wait he drove an hour to pick up another 3 wheeler but he couldn't ride to get a clutch wrench? Lol logic?

  • 59vaughn

    What a corner...!!!...😳🤤

  • Carl Peters
    Carl Peters

    Way back I had an old 1970s Honda 90cc trike. Only once did it not start at -40. The tires were nearly bald but it was still a blast all year around.

  • Dylan Thompson
    Dylan Thompson

    I know the guy you got those from I got 2 started before and I have seen the charger drive

  • Cars with Ed !
    Cars with Ed !

    I love videos from small creators Someday you might be as popular as me!

  • Eshay Brah
    Eshay Brah

    He watches sick puppy 4x4 adventures

  • Stan Davis
    Stan Davis

    Ottumwa Iowa is where the character Radar was from on M*A*S*H

  • Dave Henderson
    Dave Henderson

    Like how ya quoted Red Green 😎

  • lostintime86

    WHAT?? NO MASKS?? I like these normal people.

    • Stephen Nyberg
      Stephen Nyberg

      It's so nice to see people who understand you can't strain a gnat with a chain link fence, isn't it?

  • Polar_nova

    i want that red datsun

  • William Neilssen
    William Neilssen

    Like the Red Green reference

  • A Patterson
    A Patterson

    John, you're a good guy! Nuff said.

  • Lance Washington
    Lance Washington

    Those carbs are actually great


    Gotta love the old Hondas. There a blast to ride and almost impossible to kill.

  • J

    Busted my ass more than once on the Honda trykes....

  • Falney

    They certainly like their Tail 70's

  • Brad Beall
    Brad Beall

    Didn’t read many of the other comments yet, so maybe you already know this, but I can hear that timing chain slapping. Might wanna give that some attention. Just sayin’.

  • cheese doodle
    cheese doodle

    at 29:21 1 of the bolts on moter is moving

  • Cha Leowin
    Cha Leowin

    Grew up on a 185 and 200 Big Red. Great memories.

  • Plebby Pixel
    Plebby Pixel

    I only clicked the like button for John's song.

  • Gabriel 08
    Gabriel 08

    Cara eu sou do Brasil e acho essas Mine motos aí que estão vermelhas e amarelas ali do lado lindas pena que n temos no Brasil (que pena )

  • Sgtcaco

    In Aus they used to call them widow makers.

  • Matt Monteith
    Matt Monteith

    Most of the time they are stuck in gear or gamed in gear Or the fork is broken. Not running push it back and forth shift down . If that doesn't work push it

  • Geo Curtis
    Geo Curtis

    Anyone else drooling at the sight of so many vintage Honda parts at the beginning of the vid?

  • Edd Bayes
    Edd Bayes

    You got them to run, now don’t break them.

  • TheRagingCreeper

    I have one that the rats got to.. ruined the wiring.. how do i rewire the whole thing? Any way anyone could send me a pic of their wiring?

  • drgnslayr72

    I remember when they came out . All my friends has 90 or 110's. everyone was wanting the Honda 185s. I saved and did everything I could , so I could get the new 200x. loved everything about it . It was a big deal for a teenager in Northern Minnesota in the early 80 s to get one

  • josian rodriguez
    josian rodriguez


  • Jose Nieves
    Jose Nieves

    Carsandcamera Would buy those Honda bikes

  • InstrucTube

    Hey, uh. At 28:00 notice the nut randomly spinning next to the gas bottle? I don't think it's supposed to do that.

  • Geeks Games and Gears
    Geeks Games and Gears

    I love three wheelers but man I’d want the ct70s and st90s that were in front more.

  • Graham Bakken
    Graham Bakken

    37:02 what’s that blue hood for

  • Matthew Bourne
    Matthew Bourne

    John and hair need a channel of his own.

    • Alisa Behrens
      Alisa Behrens

      @Matthew Bourne Awesome! Glad you found it!

    • Matthew Bourne
      Matthew Bourne

      @Alisa Behrens silly me would have watched the video right to the end. I found his channel and I'm currently watching him and his mullet repair a motorbike.

    • Alisa Behrens
      Alisa Behrens

      He just started his own channel called Golden Rust or Bust! Check it out:

  • PM in Oregon
    PM in Oregon

    Hey, those Honda ATV carbs work a lot like the ones on an old MG or Volvo!

  • william knight
    william knight

    I see you have been watching the RED GREEN show......LMFAO....good for you buddy.

  • Jim A
    Jim A

    John's Gona Yank The Starter Rope Plum OUT Of UM ....

  • Michael Heiser
    Michael Heiser

    isnt the gas gravity fed?, boiling gas i seen more heat on the head of a match its so coldyoui can see your guys are clueless