Swainoh - Glocky (Directed by: Emilio Cuevas)
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Record Label: Royal House Recording
Produced by: Royal House Recording
Directed by: Emilio Cuevas

  • Nathan Robinson
    Nathan Robinson

    This guys flow and switch ups are dope. Def feelin his music.

  • Sam McEwen
    Sam McEwen

    Can’t believe this man still being slept on... “Pop a perc and slap the silly out em”

  • Riley Mcgrath
    Riley Mcgrath

    Keep it up swainoh

  • JosIah Gaasszzzo
    JosIah Gaasszzzo


  • Sid McQueen
    Sid McQueen

    Remembering this dude from the vine days! Proud he made a name for himself!! 🔥✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻❤️

  • k8toe lee
    k8toe lee

    This ones my fav one so far!


    He goes hardest on this song...straight bars the whole track. 🔥🔥🔥

  • iron tanker
    iron tanker

    1:18 on god

  • Meta

    Swagg looking ass lol

  • Charles Godsey
    Charles Godsey

    “Put sum socks on dude “😂😂😂😂

  • Xenya LadyX
    Xenya LadyX

    i like it

  • seth shaw
    seth shaw

    Tell that bitch get a job

  • niya renee
    niya renee

    "man dawg bruh cuz... im hot" LMFAO

  • Anthony L
    Anthony L


  • iron tanker
    iron tanker

    On god I be blasting this down the road

  • Joe Moskalow
    Joe Moskalow

    I'm tryna see you make it no cap..you've got it

  • chad ghotti87
    chad ghotti87

    I pulled up wit gotti💯💯🔥🔫

  • Atomic Forever
    Atomic Forever

    Oops wrong room. Walks out 🏃

  • Isaac Escobar
    Isaac Escobar

    My shit right here 💥💥💥 I used to plot on my plugs 💥💥💰😎😎

  • Matthew Mendez
    Matthew Mendez

    Swainoh on Fuccin top I don’t care

  • Rosanova Productions RickXVI
    Rosanova Productions RickXVI

    Callmetho 3133486909 #hollerthenhomie

  • Kole Stout
    Kole Stout

    7764 mafucka

  • Gary Greenfield
    Gary Greenfield

    Swainoh needs some good exposure like a interview with Adam22 / No Jumper or anyone to be honest that has a decently large fan base. Even get his songs or videos played on the No Jumper Live stream, its huge and can make a rapper. Its 100$ for a play whether its a video or song, and another 100$ for a repost on his soundcloud. If i were him i'd hit up the next stream line up 3 of your biggest bangers and get them all played and re posted on No Jumpers Sound Cloud playlist. I can guarantee he gets a shit ton of exposure if he does that, or someone does it for him. If i knew him personally or told me to do it and he'd pay me if it works out. I would pay 600$ of my own money to get 3 of his best vids played then reposted on his soundcloud, also with link to his Instagram and any other social media platform. That's how confident in that i can make him blow up same with Rooga. Ill possibly hit them up somehow and see what they have to say. 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    • Spooky 666
      Spooky 666

      Imma keep it 100, nobody is gunna read all that. So STFU

    • Gary Greenfield
      Gary Greenfield

      @all good YOu just hate cause you aint checking bags everyday. your bank accounts prob 23.75.

    • Gary Greenfield
      Gary Greenfield

      @all good lmao over swainoh lmao i know swainoh in real life he's my sisters bf cousin. I thought you were commenting on a RE or SH game but obviously you don't have any education. Surprised you know how to spell and type. Probably use a voice to text LMAO :'-)

    • Gary Greenfield
      Gary Greenfield

      @all good have you even played a RE game or SH and read all the files or do you not understand the game. All those documents are alot of reading but you wont understand shit if u skip through.

    • all good
      all good

      u really think anyone is gonna read all that???? dafaq

  • MiloSellHi

    One of the hardest tracks, almost frustrating seeing he ain’t really blown big yet, and then seeing some of the trash that “hot”

  • Thomas Fitzpatrick
    Thomas Fitzpatrick

    Can't really listen to anyone else now.

  • Keith Waters
    Keith Waters

    If you from the dirty mitten like this shit up rep rep


    bro heat

  • Zeelow95

    I see you swainoh. 👀

  • Jacob Pratt
    Jacob Pratt


  • Randy Luang
    Randy Luang

    He gone blow who wanna bet money on it?

  • Colton Hertzog
    Colton Hertzog

    instrumental songs like that 21 savage joint. really haven't checked though. swain legit nice coming out Dtown. bang!



  • bigpeni32ent

    Boa i aint never seen a gangsta barefoot in a video before ... camera man like okay boss lets see them feet

  • mojoelite

    Nigga seem real pussy. Gun flashing juug trying to compensate! Lol!

  • CutThroat Rondo
    CutThroat Rondo

    This white boy go more hard than yo favorite rappers.💯 to real for this industry.

    • CutThroat Rondo
      CutThroat Rondo



    1:30 to 1:46 the hardest bars I've heard in a minute sheeeeesh

  • coral hyatt
    coral hyatt

    Billy da kid (rip) brought me here

    • Jacinto Acebedo
      Jacinto Acebedo

      @Collin Alexander Damn! Took like 10 mins but it worked!!

    • Jacob Swartz
      Jacob Swartz

      same rip billy

    • Simon Oxholm K
      Simon Oxholm K


    • James Cooke
      James Cooke


    • Fahlyne R
      Fahlyne R

      R.i.p Bandz

  • Jordan Harris
    Jordan Harris

    How much for a feature

  • Stanley Johnson
    Stanley Johnson

    Put tee grizzley and payroll on this.... remix!!!!



  • Breana Bailey
    Breana Bailey

    baby momma cockblock, i’m still mackin 😛

    • ??

      Breana Bailey check my songs

    • ??

      Breana Bailey


    2019 mO0DS〽️. ITS A 〽️ICHIGAN THING

  • Todd K
    Todd K

    I cannot fuck with somebody who fuck with somebody who shot at my shooters 🔥🔥🔥

  • Sup3r She3p
    Sup3r She3p

    "I used to live in the trap" Love that part man haha


      Sup3r She3p ITS A 〽️ ICHIGAN THING It is hard to when he say it too😅😅

  • BornA HawkEye
    BornA HawkEye

    Why hasn't this fucking man blown up yet! The fuck you people waitin for?!

  • Nostalgic Juan
    Nostalgic Juan


  • K G
    K G

    Great White Hype

  • d kupferfeld
    d kupferfeld

    Those hugged his momma bars are so cold and hot at the same time gpd damnit

  • Jullian Menchaca
    Jullian Menchaca

    fucking talented .

  • d kupferfeld
    d kupferfeld

    This is it 🔥🔥💯💯

  • K G
    K G

    The White Voice

  • K G
    K G

    This is pretty dope

  • TTT 5454
    TTT 5454

    This is my brothers friend

  • Lilconnox600


  • Charles Roberts
    Charles Roberts

    🔥 🔥

  • Jay Sexyness
    Jay Sexyness

    A bra hotest shit out of d town frfr

  • Jason Williams
    Jason Williams

    Was never in to vine so I didn’t know vine swainoh but I’m sure as fuck glad that I found this swainoh. Haven’t heard a bad one yet. Dude goes hard. And the shit he did with bandz... Fuckin nasty.

  • Nazty


  • Brent Hughes
    Brent Hughes

    " and i know somebody who caught him a body and hugged on they mom at the funeral"

    • Myco Psycho_Tron
      Myco Psycho_Tron

      @Brandon Maloney I can’t even trust the homies cus we all shady 🤐 🤫

    • Traww 95
      Traww 95

      Colton Hertzog lame as hell

    • Colton Hertzog
      Colton Hertzog

      colder than when I first open my freezer to get ice.

    • Brandon Maloney
      Brandon Maloney

      That’s why I trust nobody 🐍

  • Kyro Youtube
    Kyro Youtube

    is no one questioning how he got those guns into that hotel room?

    • MiloSellHi

      🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ Vegas shooter gets what? Like 30 firearms into his room with the valet helping him set it down lmfao. It’s VERY VERY easy

    • g3neriik

      no cause that’s a dumb ass question

    • Owen Landry
      Owen Landry

      Kyro UZload probably a bag

  • Thug Gangster
    Thug Gangster

    hell yeah ..

  • mister oliver
    mister oliver

    im not evn gonna front .. swainoh is in my present day top rappers ... this yute have talent... none of his shit sound forced ... i hope he gets his

  • Joshua Fart
    Joshua Fart

    I don't understand how niggas be fuckin with flip flops on, I don't even like socks on my feet.

  • rdothytz

    Wat good bruh ima hit u on ig i got som fire beats ud body!!!gta song droppin feat 2chainz....u fire bruh i go by r_dot_hytzavelli

  • Adrian

    This Shit Go Hard 😈🔥⛽

  • Cody Usner
    Cody Usner

    I would jam his tracks if he was purple

    • Jeremy Dee
      Jeremy Dee

      N that's what makes you lame asf

    • Kloudx2


  • Cody Usner
    Cody Usner

    Wish they quit saying he white lol clearly sum Hispanic or native american in his blood.but color don't matter its music

  • LoverBoy - LBBH
    LoverBoy - LBBH

    everybody. get him to the top. best rapper right now.

  • Kaitlyn Waters
    Kaitlyn Waters


  • tariqo16

    adam22 is really helping me building my playlist

  • taypig

    swainoh next up frfr

  • Kolbbe


  • Deezy Cobain
    Deezy Cobain

    Where he from ?

    • Simone K. Rasmussen
      Simone K. Rasmussen

      313 detroit

  • Tre 3x
    Tre 3x

    I had to come back to hear this again! You doing something! Only a matter of time

    • Spooky 666
      Spooky 666


    • Yo Momma
      Yo Momma

      But you never you this industry is fucked

    • Yo Momma
      Yo Momma

      Tre pat he up next



  • BornA HawkEye
    BornA HawkEye


  • Dylan Petrucelli
    Dylan Petrucelli

    bless adam 22 for puttin me on this

    • kkellymarieeexo


    • LilDickkBandit

      bro been on since vine smh

    • Chrome Llama
      Chrome Llama

      Frs tho


      EpicCow Foreal bro Michigangg🐯

    • EpicCow

      i know right bro, this man is fire

  • Curtis Wells
    Curtis Wells

    Nice a new rapper to follow ,thanks for the music. Always glad to hear awsome new music

  • Eric Field
    Eric Field

    Wow this is straight fire

  • Yo Momma
    Yo Momma

    Fire 🔥

  • Bryan Bowerman
    Bryan Bowerman


  • LightningClipzGameing

    futuresavage100 is my online id on ps4

  • LightningClipzGameing

    yea boy i met him on a video game futuresavage100 dont belive me ask him

    • Devin Smith
      Devin Smith

      LightningClipzGameing xbox or ps



  • كن سعيد
    كن سعيد


  • Zack Irkbeck
    Zack Irkbeck

    Thi just not gonn drop on SoundCloud or what

  • J R
    J R

    "I'm bout to bag me a cougar, she gimme top in the Uber"

  • Tabz Scott
    Tabz Scott

    straight to my playlist

  • Speed Breed
    Speed Breed

    This bitch slap.

  • trvp king
    trvp king

    Nigga this shit 🔥🔥

  • Josh O'Dell
    Josh O'Dell

    My glock is so cocky the chopstick is on me i do not play hockey 😂🔥 DAWG

    • Yorgotch Gee
      Yorgotch Gee

      Gutta100 diss

  • Paul Watts
    Paul Watts

    Coldest song ur got right here

  • malimills

    shout out to the 4 dislikes. smh.

  • Jamie Welch
    Jamie Welch

    I love you but why ya toes so long?

  • Roger Goodman
    Roger Goodman

    🔥🦸‍♂️🔥 stays w fire


    You Got Next My Boi,, Question Is Are They Really Ready💯🔥 #theROUGE🔴 #weRexklusive🐐⚡

  • RogerDodger248


  • Kyle Cherry
    Kyle Cherry


  • Fre Tria
    Fre Tria

    More fake shit from a kid who used to get his ass beat up n down the street lmao heard he was a snitch at one point too. Tryin to sell pills but eating em all

    • Jeremy Dee
      Jeremy Dee

      Lol What street did he use to get his ass beat up and down and on? And who did he snitch on?

  • LouieMadeisaiah

    What happen to vine